Cody Lundin Threatening Legal Action Against Discovery Channel Over His Final ‘Dual Survival’ Episode

dual survival
“I’ll poke your eyes out!”

This week’s episode of Dual Survival was the last to feature barefoot star Cody Lundin. Cody, who claims he was fired from the show back in February over “differences over safety and health concerns on the show,” has been replaced by Dude You’re Screwed star Matt Graham.

Wednesday’s episode of the show was a special episode in which the producers showed what Cody was like behind-the-scenes and the “tension” that caused Cody and the Discovery Channel to part ways. The clips that were shown did not portray Cody in a positive light and Cody is not happy about it! In fact, he is threatening legal action against the Discovery Channel and the show’s production company for defamation.

Cody took to his Facebook page yesterday to discuss the issue.

“Taking the high road does not involve letting disingenuous people dump on you,” he posted. “I have heard that Discovery Communications and Original Media (the production company) tried their best to defame me on last night’s program, even dredging back into season three.”

After comparing his dealings with the channel to having herpes, he went on to explain that he is so upset about how he was portrayed on the last episode, he is seeking legal action.

“A cease and desist letter for defamation was sent to both companies by my attorney weeks ago,” Cody posted. “It seems this was ignored. For executives to purposely pick and edit footage out of context at my and the viewers expense, all the while knowing the real back story, is without conscience. Once again, these actions are uncalled for and have forced my hand to defend my professional reputation.”

Cody also revealed that the “behind-the-scenes” episode was not the Discovery Channel’s preferred way of handling the “Cody is leaving” debacle.

“What ‘Dual Survival’ fans don’t know is that last night’s ‘behind the scenes’ episode was Discovery’s ‘Plan B’ at attempting to explain why I am no longer on the show. ‘Plan A,’ which I refused to participate in, is far more interesting, informative and damning to those involved,” he posted.

Raise your hand is you want to know what “Plan A” was!?

Cody’s former co-star Joe Teti took to his own Facebook page to address Wednesday’s episode.

“I was shocked myself watching last night’s episode as I had no clue as to some of what was shot,” Joe posted. “I saw it for the first time like you did. I learned a lot from Cody and for that I am thankful. I wish him well and I am sure you will see him again on TV if that is what he wishes to do.”

The Ashley has reached out to the Discovery Channel for comment but has yet to hear back. She will update this story when there’s additional news!

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  1. dave made this show entertaining. that worthless hippie cody is living backwards & annoying as hell to watch. Especially when he wouldn’t help dave hunt those pigs & goes barefooted in snow? WTF moron! dave was practical & a logical thinker.

  2. Cody was not the show Joe is just as good just different is doing what he was trained to do. Get home however you can. They both had attitudes & they both think they know it all but I must say cody is a problem waiting to happen with shorts & no shoes he a liability at least mat wears sandals and pants if necessary. Whoever is with cody has to worry about the situation and cody’s legs he was always a liability.

  3. Cody was the heart of the show and had the best chemistry with Dave. Joe is a little too macho and him and Cody didn’t have the same chemistry, but the tension made it interesting. Joe and Matt get along too well and there is no conflict which makes for better drama. It’s hard to take Matt seriously when he talks like one of the Tenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles. I like Cody because he is very knowledgeable, except for two points. The ridiculous decision to wear shorts in frigidly cold snowy weather and walking barefoot in the same cold weather or in places were there are thorns or other foot hazards. He uses some junk science to explain his decision to do this. It’s utterly ridiculous and annoying. Why he would insist on this is beyond me. Look to the natives in cold weather regions to see what you should be wearing. It sure isn’t bare legs and bare feet. And risking getting a foot injury which could totally strand you makes no sense. Plus it slows you down. It’s ok in the desert region he comes from, but anywhere else it makes no sense. But other than that I would like to see him do another survival show.

  4. How could the producers be concerned for Cody’s safety when the show is staged? How could he be in any danger with the camera crew ten feet away?

  5. Cody after he was terminated I stopped watching dual survival they did in fact portray him in awful light he is a very good person and helped save lives with his instructual classes now they showed him in bad light but also showed Joe in bad light taking he was souly responsible for said fight both lost there cool and both apologized to one another.

  6. I agree with many people Cody was the heart and soul of the show he took time and patience 2 figure things out in a more realistic approach he thought things through whereas Joe is all about Mr Gung Ho, the mission the mission you are trying to survive you have to think things out calmly and rationally and watching all the current shows again I see him basically complaining about all I’m not staying here or I’m not staying there and I don’t care what you think it’s what I think Matt like cody has to go with the flow if not for Little Joe will get upset in a survival situation yes he may get out but I honestly think he will also end up getting screwedhe barrels into situations without thinking twice the episode with the cow skin perfect example hours wasted for what he makes no sense half the time and I’ve yet to see him actually make a fire everybody else apparently picks up that load because he sure as heck doesn’t and they spend more time building the cats I’ve seen him do a camp once or twice his partners are always picking up the slack when did the show become it’s Joe I’m the leader show instead of Dual Survival two people working together and thinking things through I’d rather it would have been with Matt and Cody then you really would have learned survival instincts and training Cody and Dave I thought were the best combination and they worked out their differences and work together as a team they were worth watching season 1 & 2 were betterthe new season honestly I’m not all that crazy about and season 4 will probably be the last season I watch hopefully discovery will bring Cody and someone else and that show I will watch take care Cody god bless in all that you do fan of yours for life

    1. For the love of god and for the mercy of other people having to read anything you read in the future, please use periods at the end of your sentences. Good lord……… 0.o

    2. Well said, couldn’t agree more. In fact I never liked Joe and haven’t watched the show since he came onto it. I support Cody in whatever he decides to do.

  7. I hope he returns to TV with his own show (Duo Survival with Cody Ludin?) and maybe select his own team mate.


  9. first 2 seasons were the best dave was the man since daves departure ive lost all interest the show really sux with joe!!!!

  10. I can understand why some people are talking about Joes attitude. The first time he was on the show I’m thinking, he’s a know it all. At times I could tell that Cody disagreed, but he was willing to go for it. I hate Cody left the show, he made the show. As far as Joes attitude goes, I think he’s doing what he’s trained for and offers good opinions. He’s a professional. When you are in a survival situation, you don’t need kindness, a bad attitude and arguing can mess up your decision and possibly could get you killed. As for the new guy Matt, he seems to know his stuff. Let’s give him a chance, I think him and Joe will do well, and we can all still learn from the show. I can almost bet if we were in a survival situation and Cody, Dave, Joe or Matt came along, they would do what they could to help us.

  11. Seems to me it’s more like Cody quit. Not that he got fired. I’m watching a new episode right now and even when they changed to put Joe in the show I lost intetest. Now that Cody is gone it seems they have just run out of ideas and are doing the things that Cody would have flat out disagreed too. I believe the reason he wouldn’t agree to go along with the script is because he teaches REAL survival in real life. And the scenarios presented and the path the actors are told to take have no value in, and may in fact be damaging to an actual survival situation.

    From what I see on TV Cody is the man! Haha, I wish him all things he aspires to. 🙂

  12. Discovery Channel has done a true disservice to its’ viewer’s with their decisions. James Brockey seems to share my view on this. And although I love the new guy Matt and can only imagine how great the show would be with Matt and Cody as a team but as it is now I just can’t stand watching because of Joe’s attitude.

  13. Agreed that Cody was a true survivalist. I think he was pushed into any actions that may have been less than his normal self, by Joe’s know it all macho attitude that cared more about winning a disagreement and how macho he comes off as. And just a little note, it makes him look more like an ass. And he seems to have lost the idea of actually teaching the viewers. Altho Matt seems to be a very good survivalist and easy going soul I can’t help but wonder how long it will take before Joe works his nerves also with his attitude and comments like “where I come from” and “if this was a mission” I don’t think I will be tuning in every week. I can’t help but think what a great team Matt and Cody would be!!! That would be worth watching every week.

  14. Cody and Dave had chemistry, which made for a great show and a show that us older guys could relate to. Joe and Mat also seem to have a certain chemistry, they are younger and show is much more fast paced…..different show, but also a good one.

  15. The show sucks without Cody, period. If the producer’s wanted to make a great show then they would have gotten rid of Joe and put Cody with Matt. Hell both of them can make fire then they would chill at night and fire up a big old dubee and munch on some bugs.. Now that’s a show!

    1. One thing nobody seems to mention is Codys sense of humor. Joe is very dry. Makes a big difference to me as far as entertainment, as well as the ability to get along with your partner.

      As far as how things went down I would reserve judgement since we only see what the producers want us to see.

  16. Discovery put this together because they knew Cody was so liked. They needed something in thier corner ,so they put this piece together; to make discovery look good, and to put discovery/joe on the pedestal.
    It’s run many times now, even the first time I saw it, I knew why it existed. To me it is slanderous. But as I look at discovery line up, I see they are going for more salacious content. Quick thrills & chills. I used to regard discovery more as a science channel, at least based in science. No. Not any more. So I believe they wanted dual survival to go in a direction that was more to the producers liking. I don’t get the feeling they’d care about the truth,or genuine survival techniques.
    I’d be careful if I were joe or Matt . If they dare to challenge the self appointed wise men of discovery channel, I have no doubt the current “stars” will be packing bags and wondering what happened.

  17. I am truly shocked to how they tried to make Cody look bad they will regret losing Cody as to me he was the heart of the show. He didn’t only teach you how to make it In the wild he also showed you to stay calm and collective unlike joe which is more of taking chances he is a good teacher too but would much rather Cody on the show if they weren’t getting along than they should have kicked the least favorite out for the show at least.

  18. Joe in a survival situation where I was being attacked…yea sure I’d choose him. But these were supposedly real life survival situations not a war zone. I’d partner up with cody in a heart beat in a real survival situation. But what I am sickened by is how there was an obvious attempt by the show (and joe?) to make cody look stupid. Just came across to me as a set up and joe is a bully. Watched the first episode with the new guy….was not impressed with joes constant back handed jabs at cody during the show. Thought I was watching a show about mean girls! No class. Lost a viewer…..but I will attend Cody’s school:).

  19. Cody was the show. Even Dave was able to come to an understanding and respect of Cody and his ways. He could see how wise Cody is. Joe can’t see that there is alot he could learn from Cody because he is always on a mission.

    Most of us are not on a mission. And if we ever were lost and needed to make it on our own until help arived to save us, being calm, careful, and mindful of our safty would be the very thing that would save us.

    Cody is a teacher. He knows how to teach people the skills needed to keep them alive. Joe likes to pat himself on the back for what ever manly thing he has thought up. Some of which have gotten him in to real trouble. If Cody and the crew was not there with Joe to save him, he’d already be dead.

    I don’t know what the producers were thinking, but the show is called Duel Survivor not the Joe Show. The format was set up to play up the differeces between the two different men’s styles. Not to convince us that one way is better than the other. My way or the hiway?

    I haven’t seen the last Duel Survivor. But how childish to try and make it all out to be Cody’s fault. I don’t know nearly as much as Cody does about Survival but even I know that when picking out a place to camp you want to pick a place that is out of the wind. Not the top of a mountain. Cody’s actions were the the right ones. You can read this advise in any survival book.

    I’d watch a TV show about Cody and his skills anytime. Joe, not so much. Most of the time I wish he would just shut up. Yes, he is a He Man. He and his buddies have survived lots of missions. But how well would he do on his own? Most of us would be fine if we has an army with us when we got lost. But Cody is about surviving on your own, which is more likely than being lost with an army of Buddies.

    I think the poducers missed the mark this time.

    1. I do agree with you and everyone else that Cody should not have left. Joe, Dave, and Cody are individual in their techniques and training. They are all worth merit, but Cody would be my choice if, say, I were lost in the Rockies or a desert in the U.S. I say save the military tactics for training our service people. Their safety is a must for foreign grounds and the protection of our country. I have gleaned much from Cody’s teachings, for anywhere I would be traveling.

      1. Vette, I agree with you that as a person with primitive survival knowledge Cody is a master and all could learn from his immense encyclopedia of mastered skills he is a person that I would love to meet and listen , and learn from . Yet I think he would be more comfortable in a survival situation by himself , he has the skills. But I’m not sure if he would b the best person in a outright team situation . You have great insight , personality is a biggie when it come to staying alive, number one can b a positive attitude .

        1. JD, Hopefully another network will grab the idea of Cody, by himself, helping to educate people who enjoy the outdoors, travel and could possibly end up in a survival situation right here in the U.S.A.
          Not everyone can avail themselves to attend Cody Lundin’s survival camp. I recently was in a very moderate situation in my own state. Some of Cody’s teachings on Dual Survival truly helped my friend and I find our way out of a situation while hiking in a heavily forested area. His calm demeanor and comforting words of wisdom made a potentially bad situation, good!

          1. Vette I agree . I do believe that discovery should grab Cody up and let him have a shoe teaching aboriginal , primitive survival. He has a lot to offer and as a teacher he is patient and informative . He has a vast amount of information to offer . And I do believe he would be great in the type of show that Les Stoud does. By the way I believe in my opinion Survivorman is the number 1 skills show out there…

          2. I liked them both on the show, and thought the disagreements added a great deal to it. In a pure survival situation, I’d take Cody. With my temperament I’d end up hitting Joe in the back of the head with a stick when his hyper yelling got to be too much. But in any situation facing a threat, I’d take Joe anytime. And, really, who wears just socks and shorts on an ice field? All the callous on the bottom of Cody’s feet wouldn’t prevent frostbite. A fun show would be to pit Dave and Cody versus Joe and Nature Boy. Survivorman was a lot more realistic- no crew or producer to bail him out.

    2. You need to spend some time in the military. Obviously you have no clue as to the type of training that it takes to become the soldier that Joe is. He is trained to survive alone for long periods of time, his skills and mental toughness would leave Cody weeping in a ball in most parts of the world. Unless you have been in the military you should just keep your clueless mind and mouth shut about it. Go enlist then put your mouth in gear. Maybe you would have a more intelligent comment . Of coarse momma prob wouldn’t let you fight for your freedom . Leave that to real men and women.

      1. 1)Joe has NEVER experienced survival by himselfand he admitted that. Along with admitting that, he informed the viewers that he had ONLY the BEST equipment on his “missions”.
        2) I can comment, as former military, as I have my Honorable Discharge, but ANYONE on here has the Rightto comment. If YOU were in the military, as you implied, then you would KNOW that the military defends others RIGHTS to Free Speech.
        3) Joe is a nutcase, in my opinion, and is 1 to 2 short pressure situations away from “going postal” on some innocent people. In reality, he, severely, needs mental counseling.
        4) Last, but not least JD, you sound very much like a military poser, who has no REAL understanding of the military or their training, other than what you think you know from games and the media. Most of the real military isn’t much in training and is run by the pencil pushers who react like Joe and just send people off to a war, without thinking of the consequences, other than thatthey might get a promotion the case of, during a time of fear that they caused.

        1. Get out of my mind Shadow…that’s exactly what I was thinking as well. P.S., oh yeah, by the way I’m also a Gulf war Navy vet. I’m just gonna say one little thing here…any so-called expert tells you it’s a good idea to drink you own piss, you need to back the fuck away from slowly cause they are bat shit crazy. That Bear Grylls wannabe jackhole Joe Teti is about nothing but ratings and exciting T.v. Which I pretty sure why Mr. Lundin is no longer a part of the show. Cody is without any doubt in my mind one of the premiere authorities on keeping ones ass alive when you’re stranded out in the boonies. Ray Mears, Les Stroud and Ron Hood are also definitely in that category. Joe’s your guy if you wanna kick down doors in Afghanistan, not when you need to start a fire with sticks…anything less WILL get you killed out there in a time of need.

    3. Joe had one attribute that stood out from Cody’s, and that was responsibility for your partner. It’s part of the military credo of “no man left behind”. In a truly desperate do or die situation, I’d pick macho Joe because I’d know I could count on him to carry me out, make sacrifices, etc to ensure my survival. I just can’t picture Cody doing much more than bundling me up and going to look for help- which of course was a few feet away in the show thanks to the unseen crew.
      It’s going to be interesting to watch and see how Matt’s mellow nature boy persona mixes with Joe’s high intensity personality. Cody didn’t make his own clothes or use an atlatyl, and Matt will probably come out of the Dr. Mellow attitude and into a primitive Mr. Caveman and get in Joe’s face at some point.
      There will be less pouting and whining with these two, and more direct confrontation than the passive aggressive crap that took place between Cody and Joe.
      If push came to shove, in a pure survival situation complete with threats and no crew to back us up, I’d take Matt over any of them.

  20. How sucks without Cody. Discovery made the wro g choice. Joe is good but like a kindergartener compared to Cody.

  21. I not going to see the show It was no meaning no more Cody was cool person he show how to fire and more other things joe was nothing he act ke know everything they should kick out joe instead of cody

  22. If my life was on the line and I had to choose between the two it would be Cody .His survival skills are amazing. Cody is the one who showed viewers how to stay alive . Joe on the other hand in a real life took some risk I thought was a real danger to Cody and himself. I am not so sure he would have if the camera crew had not been there. The producers of Dual Survival and Discovery Channel need to remember Cody Lundin is the Survivor. Donald.Faulkner .

  23. I will not be watching Dual Survivor . Cody was the one who made the show.

    Joe is a self centered know it all. His arrogance and know it attitude

    1. Why would you let Cody go. He is the one that showed real Survivor skills. Joe was to full of himself. If it came down to who I would trust to keep me alive It would be Cody! I could be wrong but I thing you will fine you have made A Big Mistake Time Will tell. You have lost 2 viewers

  24. the problem is joe is like bear grylls. in situations where you have a crew and supplies to help you when things go wrong, it’s easy to run around doing ridiculous things and over dramatize stupid shit that really isn’t dangerous. military people are goal and mission oriented but in serious missions, they don’t run out into gunfire just because it’s forward progress…joe is trying to get ratings but it obviously isn’t working.

  25. Bring back Cody!
    He was THE level-headed dude of the pair, with none of that impulse macho military BS of his partners.
    Cody was Set Up; made to look like he had some sort of breakdown! Let’s face it, He has his own style, but because it verges more on caution rather than gung ho Action, that’s not particularly spectacular enough for this kind of show. Oh, I’ve seen the frame-up “behind the scenes” videos and they’re Weak. Cody making fun of Joe’s glasses–Big F’ing deal, considering how often Joe made fun of Cody’s bare feet! It’s not fairly portrayed.

  26. Cody taught common sense survival skills which could be implemented by ordinary people. He also taught a mindfulness and respect for nature which was not presented by his co- host. There is a difference in perspective between primitive survival skills and military style survival. Without Cody Lundin, the show will hold very little teaching value for ordinary people and most likely focus more on the sensationalism of adventure. I am thankful for all I learned from Mr. Lundin and wish him well.

  27. Cody was the reason I watched this show. He is intelligent and great at what he does best, survival. I can’t understand what they were thinking. They are going to loose most of their audience. They have definitely lost me.

  28. Gotta say being retired military myself I understand Joe. He is mission oriented, and focused. Those of you who think he’s ” mean and has an attitude ” need to quit being liberal sissy’s. Mission focus keeps u alive . A partner like Cody who puts your life in jeopardy because he won’t adapt to the survival situation , ie: wear shoes in arctic, is a liability not an asset at times. Cody does know skills but in an actual situation I’ll take Joe every time. I’ll keep watching . By the way Cody knew what reality tv could involve , it’s Hollywood ! So Cody buck up, drop the lawsuit and quit whinning!

    1. I agree in part, but I don’t recall any instance where Cody’s means were a threat to Dave or Joe. Cody lives the lifestyle of a true survivalist, daily.

      1. Let me remind u of a couple. With Dave ,walking in the swamps. Dave always has to be on point due to the water moccasins, putting himself in harms way. Also both of the northern episodes one with Dave , one with Joe, Cody was wearing wool socks , not due to necessity but by choice. This may not seam to the average viewer to mean much, but as an avid climber also retired out of the 10th mountain division I will shed some light. If you are roped to another climbing partner and they are on belay ( the person at the back) if you fall they have to dig in and stop your fall. This is an almost impossible task with sox on, even for the best of climbers . So this is two examples . There are more but needless to say he did put his partners at risk, due to arrogance or the willingness not to adapt it always puts undue risk to your partner in a true survival situation . But let’s not forget this is TV…. Thanks for your reply to my comment, JD

    2. I could agree w JD if this was a military show. Its not, and Dual Survival never was. Its about 2 different styles of survival. Cody does things differently, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the wrong way. Cody did this show for years before Joe came along, and Joe should’ve respected Cody’s experience. Cody ALWAYS wore shorts and no shoes and never had a problem before. On the last show,in the freezing cold, I never even saw Cody’s teeth chatter! It wasnt his 1st time! Joe’s always turning the show into a “mission”. Well, this isnt a freaken mission, and cody deserves more respect from joe and the show. After all cody’s gone through for this show and they basically shit on him. Makes me have 2nd thoughts about the discovery channel. Guess I thought they’d have more integrity than that.

      1. Every survival situation is a mission , a mission to survive and a mission to effect rescue . This is the premise of the show. If not they they would call it ” teaching opposing survival styles” . They are given a scenario at the start of each show and the ” mission “is to survive and effect rescue in each and every show . Hence that is a mission….

        1. This is NOT a MILITARY TV SHOW.

          Take you for your service.

          Cody has skills that the military had never heard of until Cody displayed them.

          Both Cody and Joe brought something to the show.

          If I wanted to see how the MILITARY survived in the wild, I would watch the MILITARY CHANNEL.

          I want to see how aboriginals survive in the wild and Cody did that.

    3. Notice no one has seen Joe start a fire from scratch yet…. hooo raaaah. Liberals I guess survive while Idiots shoot everyone?

      1. Liberals lie down and WAIT for somebody to save them.

        I prefer Cody by 100% and he is NO LIBERAL.

        To say, “Liberals I guess survive while Idiots shoot everyone?” just shows how screwed up you are.

        Those “idiots” protect OUR COUNTRY and you are worth even ONE sh*t compared to them.

        Irish huh? You folks kill your own people for how many YEARS?!
        I’ve never seen or heard of an Irish Liberal.
        Maybe because some Irish guy keeps killing them?

      2. Could it be that if the only tool that you have is a hammer, every situation begins to look like a nail… military intelligence 101 ?

    4. @JD The show is not called dual mission, its called dual survival. Mission focus? Like the irritating of a snake for NO reason? Or the time he messed around with a dead carcass for hours… Who built shelters? built fire?

      If I need to invade a country or defend our country… I’ll take Joe, if I want to learn how to SURVIVE in the wilderness… Cody Lundin hands down.

      Btw, cool your liberal crap… If you want to find a sissy… Ask why joe teti left active service and became a private consultant after 9/11.

      Ask mykel hawke a true military man to look up to… what he thinks of joe teti.

  29. Discovery Channel should have rid the show of Joe Teti and begged Dave Canterbury to come back! I have no interest in watching two showboat true survival “hacks”. I guess I’ll be watching another network.

  30. Cody is a true survivalist. Joe is a commando, with a really bad temper. I’m disgusted and disappointed with treatment of Cody. No more “Dual Survival” for me.

  31. Cody is a genuine survivalist, and I enjoyed his tutelage. Dave and Cody had a great give and take relationship, and made a good team. Season 1 and 2 were great!

    Enter, Joe. For me, Joe adds zero to this program. It took about 20 minutes to determine the show was heading towards an adrenaline junkie mentality and that is when I stopped watching (except for the last 2 shows with Cody).

    When I saw the hack job the Producers did on Cody, well, that was the end for me. I’ll stick with Les Stroud and Ray Mears where I can learn Survival craft.

  32. I was totally outraged at the dismissal of Cody Lundin. Though unconventional in some ways, he is an intelligent and down to earth part of the program, who balances the entire effect. I am extremely disappointed with Discovery Channel.

    1. I second that! Joe can’t start a sentence without it beginning “when I was in Special Ops” …he is an angry lil man with a bad attitude. I love the new guy..Discovery should bring Cody back mad partner the two cool guys who are real survivalists!

  33. Cody was the show, and the show started to go down hill when Joe replaced Dave. Who ever is directing is not interested in presenting survival situations, but seems to be trying to make a Hollywood version of a thriller. No Cody, I am done with the show. Cancel it.

  34. Cody has always been the heart and soul of Dual Survival. Which is why I done with the following this show.

    Obviously they are re-branding the brand. Turning it from thoughtful realistic survival to a fast paced action packed superficial survival paradigm aimed at the ADHD crowd.

  35. I liked Cody & thought betweenn Cody and Joe, Cody carried the show…people watch because of Code. Joe is way too mean and dumb to carry the show himself and Cody’s replacement…Yuck. However, maybe Cody now knows how Dave felt when he got fired. Karma is a bitch sometimes.

    1. I was really sick of Cody’s always ‘my way’ attitude when it came to major decisions. A person can never be right 100% of the time and I felt sad for Joe always having to give in to the big cry baby Cody.

      1. Are you sure you’re talking about Dual Survival? The Cody I know is a far cry from a cry baby!

  36. Cody made the show
    Showing the fans that in shorts and in barefooted you still can get out and survive.

  37. Cody gone ???
    He was the show. He and Joe had great chemistry. What a shame. My 11 yr old son and I loved the show. Time to find some other entertainment to watch.);

  38. Cody Lundin is great at what he does, but I see him being more if a survivalist in a nuclear fallout situation. Not having shoes in the some of the scenarios they were in is just plain stupid and does compromise the life of his partner. I didn’t always agree with Joe, but I would rather eat a kill than frickin worms. To me insects is last resort. I think the better man remains. Good luck Cody.

  39. Cody was a true survivalist and his knowledge will be dearly missed and all the more reason not to watch the show anymore. Goodbye discovery and dual survivor.

  40. Shame on you Discovery Channel!! And shame on you Dual Survival Producers!! It’s very distasteful and unprofessional the way you painted Cody in a negative light!! It became more about the show and not about actually surviving. It’s no wonder Cody lost his cool in Hawaii, cause Joe was being a Joe!

    Cody knows when you are in a real life or death survival situation every little bit counts. When he said the lighter needed to stay dry, he meant it! Losing that ignition source could have easily been the difference of staying alive and getting rescued in a real survival situation!! No B.S.! But Joe says just to throw it down and he wants to hurry things along!

    When Cody threw those things down after that, it was because that was his internal self telling him this is wrong! This is not how you survive! I don’t blame him one bit! Way to go Cody!!! I’m right there with you!! I would would have thrown that stuff too!! Hurrying along and being all wound up like Joe is, does NOT demonstrate the proper way to truly survive a life or death situation for the average person.

    As far as showing that clip of Cody reaching down “looking for emeralds” in order to shine him in a negative light, that was very poor taste. From what I can see you guys continually wanted to up the auntie on the show in Joe’s favor. A more extreme, higher paced Dual Survival. I would not be the least bit surprised if the producers and Joe conspired against Cody in order to make him quit.

    The bullying I saw from Joe on Cody’s last episode in Norway, was completely unacceptable. Joe was spouting off with so much rage, anger, and belittlement towards Cody. To get all the way up to the top of the mountain and have Joe act like that..? I would not be surprised if it was all a part of your plan to get Cody to quit. All because you want to speed up the pace of the show, make it more adventurous and more of a Hollywood production. Shame on you!!

    Showing the scene where Cody is laughing at Joe trying to kill the rattlesnake, in order to portray Cody in a negative light, was again, poor taste! So what if he found that funny, that’s Cody and that’s one of the things we love about him!! I was right there laughing along with him, like I’m sure many other fans were too!!

    I have lost a lot of respect for the producers of Dual Survival.
    I hope Discovery launches a full investigation into their actions.
    I can’t say that I will every watch another episode of Dual Survival, or anything else Discovery putts out for that matter. I have been left with a really bad taste from this whole debacle.

    Dual Survival was my favorite show and I don’t even watch t.v. much. The loss of Dave was tough, but Cody made it worth while to continue watching. I am certain the majority of the shows fans feel the same way too! After seeing how he has been treated by the cast and crew, I have nothing but shame for you!! SHAME ON YOU!!!!

    1. I so agree with EVERYTHING you said, James. I too will not ever watch Dual Survivor again. Joe’s arrogance and attitude of blustery self-importance was really annoying but I tolerated it just because I so enjoyed watching Cody. But that’s now history. So long Discovery Channel!

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