“19 Kids & Counting” Star Jill Duggard Is Married–and Finally Got Her First Kiss!

19 kids and counting
“We’re ready to make babies, y’all!”

Jill Duggar is officially a married woman! The 19 Kids & Counting star, who is the first Duggar girl to say “I do”, married her boyfriend, Derick Dillard, yesterday in her hometown of Springdale, Arkansas.

Is it weird that The Ashley can’t stop thinking that there is now a Duggar daughter that’s not a virgin anymore?

Anyway, when you come from a family that has 19 kids in it, you’re obviously not going to have a small, intimate wedding, and Jill was no exception to this rule. Over 1,000 people attended Jill and Derick’s nuptials, including five of her sisters, who served as bridesmaids. Other members of the Duggar clan served as groomsmen, ushers, ring bearers and flower girls.

All 1,000 people were also witness to Jill and Derick’s first kiss! (The Duggars don’t believe in kissing–or any other kind of frisky behavior–until marriage. The couple didn’t even hold hands until after they were engaged!)

“I think it is safer and makes it more special to wait to kiss until your wedding day,” Jill told People magazine earlier this year. “To save the physical side of your marriage for your wedding day and not going further than you should – we want to have no regrets.”

The magazine also got first dibs on the wedding photos and details. People reports that Jill’s mother Michelle had her own wedding dress on display at the reception, as well as the police uniform of Derick’s deceased father. Click here to see some photos of their reception.

Jill and Derick are preparing to leave for their honeymoon, although they have not disclosed where they are going. Now that they are married, they are free to get freaky as much as they want.

I’d expect to see another grandchild by Easter 2015!

We may also see another Duggar wedding in the very near future, as Jill’s little sister Jessa is also in a serious relationship. Although she’s not officially engaged, she has been courting with Ben Seewald for several months. Jill, who is 23, and Jessa, who’s 21, have an older sister, Jana, who does not appear to be currently courting anyone, which must make things a bit uncomfortable for her.

“We’ve always talked about it and always understood that just because there are so many of us, it’s not going to go in order,” Jill said during a recent episode.

Um…easy for you to say, girl! You’re married!

Anyway, congrats to the happy couple! Wanna see Jill and Derick’s wedding registry? Click here!

(Photo: Twitter)


  1. Seriously? Not kiss or even hold hands. Doesn’t sound like much of a relationship. Just a friendship.

  2. You know though, that is how they did it in my grandparents time….. supervised courtship, no physical contact, and their marriages lasted a whole lot longer than the ones today. Maybe not so weird after akl when you really think about it

    1. Those marriages lasted longer because the women were totally financially dependent on the men and there was a massive social stigma to divorce. Daughters were basically sold to sons of friends and business partners. You suffered through any sort of abuse or conditions regardless of your own misery because its what society expected to you as a woman. It wasn’t about a happy, healthy marriage, it was about avoiding becoming some social pariah.

        1. Marriage will almost always last if you are taught the entire time you are growing up that without a man to take care of you and your kids you will be worthless. Teaching women that they are soft delicate things meant to be lead by their husband is not setting them up for any kind of healthy relationship.

          1. What Sylver, Nora, Amber, and Charlotte said!
            Also, could you imagine waiting until you are married to get your first kiss, having your husband plant one, smack on the lips, and then realizing that you’re a lesbian. . .

  3. Does anyone else think it’s wrong to go from barely holding hands to having sex in a matter of hours…?

    1. I know! I applaud them for waiting until marriage for sex, but are really expected to consummate the wedding that night, or can they give it more than twelve hours after the first kiss watched by over 1,000 peopke?

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