Original ‘Teen Mom’ Girls to Join Forces with ‘Teen Mom 2’ Girls At Reunion Taping

Hey, hey the gang's all here!
Hey, hey the gang’s all here!

Yesterday, The Ashley told you that a very good Teen Mom source confirmed to her that the original ‘Teen Mom’ cast is filming another season of the hit reality show. The source told The Ashley that this will not simply be another one-hour special and it is, in fact, a whole new season of the show featuring Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell. (The show’s fourth cast member, Farrah ‘The Fanny’ Abraham was given the boot and MTV is acting like she simply just doesn’t exist! If only!)

As further proof that the original girls are doing a new season, MTV has arranged for Maci, Catelynn and Amber to film an “Ask the Moms” special alongside the Teen Mom 2 girls. The special will tape on August 24 in New York City and will mark the first time that the ladies from both series have all been in the same room together. (Various combinations of girls have gotten together over the years, but both casts have never been all together at once.)

Maci, Amber and Catelynn will join Leah Calvert, Jenelle Evans, Kail Lowry and Chelsea Houska on stage to answer fans’ questions about the show and their lives. (Farrah and her fanny were not asked to attend.)

The day before the “Ask the Moms” special tapes, the ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls will film their Season 5B reunion special. So far, there has been no confirmation that the ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls will continue filming  but one of The Ashley’s very good ‘Teen Mom 2’ sources tells her that there’s a good chance we may see a Season 6.

“Who knows when it will end,” the source tells The Ashley. “We are still waiting to her from the producers [to see if there will be more seasons]. They said the premiere ratings were good, so now we just have to see if the show’s ratings stay consistent. I think most of the cast would be happy with one more season.”

Whether or not the ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls get another season or not, one thing is for sure: We will have something to quench our thirst for ‘Teen Mom’ drama for at least one more year!

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  1. Question: why is Kailyn still referred to as Lowry, given that her last name is Marroquin now? While Leah is referred to as Calvert?

    The last name thing is kind of confusing.

    1. I think Kail’s last name is hyphenated if she changed it at all. Her book was published after she was married and it is under Lowry

  2. I think that is a good idea. I also think that when teen mom and teen mom 2 are coming to an end that they should do a special like a reunion w all the moms and dads to say farewell. I will come to tears when they do a farewell im 22 I been following them since I was 19 and pregnant went through the same struggles if not more worse. omg I was so into this show and jersey shore. well those are my ideas. hope my wish comes true. if not oh well lol cant wait for teen mom to air!!

  3. So MTV can create the monster of famous farah and then drop her when she gets even more monstrous? I dislike Farah as much as anyone but If you want to be real let’s show her too and just how pathetic ones life can be when they turn to p0rn for money. MTV is rediculous only showing what’s convienent for them

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