Jessa Duggar’s Wedding Date Is Reportedly Already Set! See When She’ll Tie the Knot!

“T minus 63 days until baby-makin’!”

Those Duggar gals certainly don’t like to waste any time!

Just a few weeks after announcing their engagement, 19 Kids and Counting stars Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald have already set the date for their wedding! Jessa and Ben, who have been courting for over a year, will be gettin’ hitched on Saturday, November 1, according to a new report by Starcasm and a wedding registry found on Bed Bath and Beyond’s website. No other details are currently available except that Jessa and Ben will tie the knot in Arkansas.

Like her sister Jill, who married Derick Dillard after being engaged for only a few month, Jessa is wasting no time getting to the alter. After all, she and Ben are waiting until their wedding day to have their first kiss. (If she’s anything like Jill, who got pregnant in her first month of wedded bliss, Jessa will be knocked up by Christmas!)

Jessa and Ben’s wedding is only 62 days away but luckily, it doesn’t sound like the couple is planning an extravagant affair.

“We’re gonna go really simple with a lot of our food and even flowers and that type of stuff,” Jessa told ABC News recently. “People spend so much on flowers, it’s outrageous! I’ll go to the grocery and buy flowers! I don’t know how many flowers we’ll have in nature if it’s cold outside but I was like, ‘How about we just go pick [some]?’

In fact, to keep costs down, Jessa said she is considering reusing the decorations and flower girl dresses from Jill’s wedding. They are also planning a smaller affair than Jill and Derick’s thousand-guest celebration.

“The guest list is pretty big, but not as big as my sisters’,” she said.

In fact, the couple is trying to keep the cost of the wedding down so they can splurge on an awesome honeymoon, since that will be the first time they can hang out alone together. (During their courtship, a family member always accompanied them on their dates.)

“We want to have a nice wedding that everyone will enjoy but at the same time, we’d like to push our budget more toward our honeymoon because that’s our time together,” Ben told ABC News, adding that TLC will be filming some of their honeymoon. “That’s our first few weeks together.”

Ben is actually already living at the Duggar family’s house. (He is staying in a guesthouse that’s on their property but not attached to the main house.) While this allows him to spend time with Jessa and be present for wedding planning tasks, Jessa’s father, Jim Bob, had another reason for asking his daughter’s fiance to move in– he needed his lawn mowed! (No, seriously.)

“After Michelle and I were talking about it, we have so many projects to do that we need help for – everything from construction projects to keeping the grass mowed to putting roof on a building, paperwork and things like that – and we asked him if he would be interested in moving up here so that Jessa and his relationship could be really accelerated,” Jim Bob told PEOPLE. “[Ben] was all for it, and his parents were happy about it.”

Of course, the couple still has to have a chaperone when they are near each other and have to be in their separate quarters by midnight every night.

Want to see their registry? Click here!

(Photo: TLC)



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