New Twist Being Introduced for Upcoming 25th Season of ‘The Amazing Race’

Meet your Season 25 cast!
Meet your Season 25 cast!

The 25th season of The Amazing Race will premiere later this month and, though that’s an incredibly long time for a reality show to be on the air, the producers are still trying to keep things fresh. For this season, a new twist will be introduced—a game-changing “Save.”

According to a notice just put out by CBS, the teams will have the opportunity to win “The Save,” which they can use to save themselves from elimination should come in last place on a leg. The Save will be awarded to whichever team comes in first on the first leg. It is not known whether or not a team can give another team The Save if they chose to.

This season will also be different in that the race was kicked off in a very public way. Back in May, the ‘Amazing Race’ teams were seen starting their journey in New York City’s Time Square, while numerous fans (and confused tourists) looked on. Normally, the show’s producers do their best to keep things such as the travel locations and cast members as hush-hush as possible.

As per usual, they have secured some high-profile people to run the race this season. Among the racers are professional surfer Bethany Hamilton (or, as she is better known, “the girl that got her arm bit off by a shark”) and her husband Adam, as well as pro wrestlers Robbie E. Strauss and Brooke Adams.

There also appears to be all of the show’s stereotypical couples: “the blonds”– realtor sisters Lisa and Michelle Thomson; “the gays”–Tim Tsao and Te Jay McGrath, and “the CBS couple,” Whitney Duncan and Keith Tollefson, who met while on Survivor.

The good news? The “twinnies” aren’t coming back. The bad news? They are on a different CBS reality show. (More on that later.)

According to CBS, the ‘Amazing Race’ teams will journey to eight countries, including Scotland, Malta and the Virgin Islands.

The final twist for the season is that the show is moving from its cushy Sunday night spot to Friday night. The Ashley thinks this is a terrible idea, just for the record.

The new season premieres on Friday, September 26th 8/7c on CBS.


  1. Not related but I am hearing talks about a new season of The Challenge being filmed in Panama? Do you have any information on that?

  2. Ugh. I hate that it’s now on Fridays. Even if I did hate how it never started on time on Sundays because of football or college basketball.

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