EXCLUSIVE: ’16 and Pregnant’ Season 5 “Where Are They Now?” Special is in the Works!

where are they now
“We’ve got plenty more drama for ya, MTV!”

It’s been nearly five months since the girls of 16 and Pregnant Season 5 filmed their “Life After Labor” reunion special in New York City. A lot has changed since that weekend–relationships have ended, marriages have busted, and legal drama has ensued. Fans of the show will get to see all the drama play out on TV because The Ashley can exclusively reveal that MTV is in the process of organizing a “Where Are They Now?” special for the Season 5 girls!

While few details are available right now, The Ashley’s sources tell her that many of the Season 5 girls recently received phone calls from their producers about doing a catch-up special. Not all of the girls have signed on to do the special (yet) and filming has not started, but it is definitely happening, according to multiple Season 5 sources, unless a bunch of the girls decline to participate, which is highly unlikely.

As for a ‘Teen Mom 4’ it still appears to be very unlikely. None of the girls have been approached to do a spin-off series (as of now). This is not surprising, being that a new season of the original Teen Mom is coming next year, and, from what The Ashley has heard from multiple sources, a sixth season of Teen Mom 2 is happening. However, The Ashley will keep you posted if she hears anything new about ‘Teen Mom 4.’

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  1. “Just me” Funny part about it is I have absolutely NO state help and am raising my child just fine. Why don’t u talk to to the “normal ages moms” selling there kids for sex bc they do to want to deal with them. So take your judge mental ass some place else

  2. The blondie i did not like , she got to me when her mom was going to kick her out of the house the mom said you had a choice she said no she didnt uh yes she did she could of gotten an abortion or gave the baby up … Who does that keeps a baby after a one night stand ugh

  3. I won’t be watching any of these. Thanks to the Ashley, I don’t have to. I just can’t stand the fact that my viewership is somehow directly involved in any of these s%@t for brains going to the dealership and buying a new Mercedes.

  4. It’s impossible to keep up with them because they are children who are constantly changing boyfriends and trying to get away from their parents. I feel so badly for them, I wish they weren’t so against abortion.

    1. I agree! Theres nothing wrong with abortion. Why should We as americans have to PAY FOR THEM! Cause you know damn well All these girls are on welfare! There moms should have put there butts on birth control! And They should have kept there 15 yr old LEGS CLOSED! Yet we have to pay :/

      1. You are so ignorant. Why are you even reading these articles of that is your opinion. It’s people like you that give people who are pro-choice a bad name. Just because someone personally doesn’t get an abortion does not mean they don’t support it for someone else. Paying taxes isn’t “paying for them”. To say they’re all on welfare is so judgmental and a disgusting thing for an “American” to say. How do you know they don’t now support themselves and their child. To put every single one of them in one group and categorize them based on something one teen parent does or one of them says is just dumb. I’m not glorifying teen pregnancy, but you don’t know their lives and it’s so insulting to judge another parent and their choices.

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