Check Out ‘Teen Mom’ Star Catelynn Lowell’s Baby Shower Invite & Registry!

"We need baby stuff!"
“We need baby stuff!”

Teen Mom star Catelynn Lowell‘s due date is fast approaching! The reality star is currently six months pregnant with her second child, and she and her fiance Tyler Baltierra are doing their best to get ready for their baby’s arrival. Catelynn, who is pregnant with a little girl, is due on January 11. Her friends and family have planned a baby shower for her, which will be held on November 9!

Wanna see her shower invite? Click here!

The Ashley took a peek at one of Catelynn’s baby registries (because, as her readers know, there’s nothing The Ashley loves more than creeping on other people’s registries!) What will Baby Baltierra be wearing when she arrives in January? Judging from the items that Catelynn registered for, a whole lot of pink! From pink ruffle shorts, to pink gowns and onesies, Catelynn is definitely keeping things girlie for her little one!

From her registry, we also learned that Catelynn is planning to breastfeed, as she registered for a breast pump, nursing cover and other breastfeeding supplies. As for the baby’s nursery, it appears that Catelynn and Tyler will be decorating the room in a pink princess and butterfly motif!

This has been a much happier pregnancy for Catelynn than her first one. Back in 2008 when Catelynn, then 16, was pregnant with her and Tyler’s first daughter, Carly, her life was in turmoil, as she and Tyler tried to decide whether or not to place their baby for adoption. (They ended up placing Carly for adoption but still have a close relationship with her.)

Catelynn recently tweeted how excited she gets just being in the baby’s room.

“Sometimes I sit in her nursery all alone & think about how awesome life will b when shes here so excited 4 our little family. Our turn now!” she tweeted.

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  1. I’m pretty sure Their mtv money could buy everything they could ever need for that baby, twice over. I’ll just send them my well wishes thanks.

  2. Is it normal to receive/request presents that are over $50 ? Seems so expensive!

    In my country we don’t throw baby showers. Usually you bring a small present when you go and visit the newborn, like clothes or diapers.
    All the baby items the parents buy themselves.
    I understand the concept of baby registries.. it’s just a little strange to me.

    1. When my husband and I put together our registry we put everything on it, even the things we intended to buy. (We also made sure to tell people we were planning on buying those things.) Babies R Us offers “rewards” for things bought on your registry, like coupons or so much money back. I’m a little foggy on what exactly it was since our daughter is almost two now so I apologize for not being able to be more specific. We didn’t have a shower though so the registry was more for us to organize what we wanted to buy and keep track of everything, not that that stopped our parents from using it. Haha. It’s possible I’m giving C&T too much credit, but maybe that’s why they have more expensive items on their registry.

      1. I am currently expecting a little boy due next month, so far the things on my registry for my shower that are sold are the over $50 gifts such as stroller, car seat, packn’play, björn carrier, an extra base for the cat seat, crib bedding, mattress, ect. Showers in a week.
        I put most things on there I didn’t want to ask for but I figured ‘the hell with it I’ll take the rewards for whatever isn’t gotten for us in the end’. (Plus my mother kept flipping out that I didn’t have enough on there.)

  3. OMG! My birthday is January 12th!! Congratulations on the baby girl. I love you guys, you two are so awesome! I think putting Carly up was amazing. I’m sooo excited about your pregnancy.

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