Why Kim Kardashian’s New Nude Photo Breaks My Heart

It was the picture that was supposed to “Break the Internet,” but Kim Kardashian’s recent naked photo for Paper magazine actually just broke my heart. (I edited the cover shown below because I don’t want her greasy butt on my website.)

My heart does not break for Kim. She is so far past respectable that she’s a lost cause. It does not even break for all of us who have to see her oiled-up ass over and over again as we scroll through our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. (She’s everywhere!)

My heart breaks for my ten-year-old niece…and her friends…and my young readers and every girl that looks at that photo and accepts it as the new normal. Kim is certainly not the first woman to oil up her ass and pose for photos, not by a long shot. She is not even the first celebrity to pose naked for a mainstream magazine; that’s been done over and over. Still, this photo has social significance.

Kim editedScrolling through Instagram last night, I saw that the Kim photos were reposted all over the social media site. However, the one posting that really horrified me was a girl, who looked to be about 12, who reposted it, along with the caption, “#WCW.” (That stands for “Woman Crush Wednesday, for all of the “geriatrics” out there that are reading this that aren’t hip to Instagram slang.)

So, to recap: A 12-year-old girl chose an oiled-up and naked Kim Kardashian as her idol. Upon further scrolling on this girl’s account, I saw photos of her and her friends: posing at the fair, all doing the “duckface.” (Even the “geriatrics” know what that one is!) There was the one of her pouting her lips and leaning over the camera to take her version of the signature Kylie Jenner “sexy selfie.”(Kylie’s 17, by the way!)  This is the new normal, kids, and it’s a damn shame.

Of course, there will be the inevitable comments posted below this, calling me a “hater.”

Well, yes. I am a hater.

I hate that my niece and all of the other young girls out there see this stuff and think that, while they can be all kinds of things, what they really want to be is sexy.

I hate that they are told by scummy people like this that all that matters is their bodies.

I hate that their self worth now at least somewhat depends on how many “likes” their Instagram post gets or how many Twitter followers they have.

I hate that they feel that the best way to increase these things is to dress themselves like a teen (or pre-teen) harlot and take 25 selfies in their bathroom until they find the one that looks the most like Kim or Kylie or some other brain-dead famous person.

I am not a blogger that writes about feminism, or any other political issues. I am simply a comedy writer that makes my living writing and musing about reality TV shows and their stars. But I see it all happening, and I see the way everything is changing in terms of what is normal, acceptable and almost mandatory. And it scares me to death.

I am so thankful I got to grow up in a time before celebrities were trying to “break the Internet” (actually, before the Internet, period.) I got to live my childhood and teen years without the pressure to get followers, or post sexy photos or whatever it is that kids are doing these days to get their rocks off via social media.

Am I overreacting? Probably. It is just a picture, after all. Kim isn’t the first and certainly won’t be the last to do a shoot like this. (I am sure there are countless companies and photographers just gnawing their fingernails, waiting for the day Kylie Jenner turns 18 so they can oil her up, too.) The sad thing is that Kylie is probably expecting it, and most likely already has some sort of deal in place, orchestrated by her own mother.

These are not the people to look up to, girls. Make your #WCW someone that has done something, helped someone or at least helped herself using something other than a can of Crisco and her ass.

Your body will never look like that. Hell, even Kim’s body doesn’t actually look like that.

Strive to be more than just your body, ladies.

(Photo: Paper Magazine Twitter/Instagram)




  1. “I’m not a feminist”.


    Do you know what’s more heartbreaking than a young girl thinking Kim K/Sexuality is the ideal? A young woman who doesn’t know what feminism is, thinks it’s a label used by victimized, finger-pointing, social-justice-warrior-of-tumblr-women who misuse the philosophy, and is therefore a young woman who thinks that “feminism isn’t for her”. God, the people who fought to get us to this place must be so disappointed that there are any young women in 2014 who don’t understand the privileges and freedoms afforded to them because of feminism. Feminism is literally the belief that men and women are equal in the scope of opportunity, access, and agency. You would not be able to blog about your opinions, childhood, or beliefs if it weren’t for feminism. Angry women who call themselves ‘feminists’ or use the label to leverage themselves into a position of MORE power than men and complain about every little thing are not the definition of feminism. Please, don’t banish an entire movement that has allowed you to live the life that you do because of a vocal few. Republicans are not all close-minded, ignorant southern people. Democrats are not all people that have no concept of financial repercussions. Feminism has a dictionary definition. Just because you don’t agree with a few people who label themselves feminist does not mean you disagree with feminism.

  2. “I am so thankful I got to grow up in a time before celebrities were trying to “break the Internet” (actually, before the Internet, period.) I got to live my childhood and teen years without the pressure to get followers, or post sexy photos or whatever it is that kids are doing these days to get their rocks off via social media.” Well said!

  3. Beautifully written and I absolutely agree with you. I thought the photos were disgusting (so much oil!) and I am not surprised that Kim Kardashian has once again proved that despite her money she is trash. I’m all for women loving their bodies but sweetie we do not need to see your photoshopped ass all over the world. What kind of role model is she for her daughter?

  4. “while they can be all kinds of things, what they really want to be is sexy.”

    A to the men, sister.

    I have seen my 16 year old cousin post half nudes on instagram, my 7 year old niece pose provocatively and ask for someone to take her picture, and a 6 year old cheerleading team “drop it like it’s hot”. I’m so glad my husband and I are on the same page about the use of media and internet in our home and what is appropriate for children. I honestly think a lot of it is parents working too much and not having the energy or time to really plug into what their kids are doing. 10 year olds have cell phones simply because so do their friends. And god forbid they have more rules or less freedoms and material possessions than their friends!

    My kids may not be popular, and they may think we are dictators because OF COURSE a 10 year old can’t watch a rated R movie or have a private computer. Oh well, I’d rather them have healthy self esteem than be my best friend and they’ll get it one day.

  5. I agree with you, Ashley. I do hope that at some point these girls or women who place more importance on looks and getting attention have someone in their lives who can help them understand that getting attention for how they look is not the most important thing, because eventually they will grow older and lose their beauty. I think having something to build their self-esteem other than getting attention would be the most beneficial in the long-term, because that is something no one can take away. I’d rather focus on how I can enrich other’s lives than focus on how much attention I could get for showing my behind to the public. I have young cousins who think that sort of thing is cool, and I tell them that it’s way cooler to be intelligent and be known for being a good person than the girl who will show off parts of her body to feel good about herself.

  6. THANK YOU for this. I am appalled by the number of girls who worship this family and any of its members. There is no discerning talent, nothing to say, nothing to emulate. They have money oozing out of their pores, yet choose to do nothing with it to help others. Nudity, terrible “fashion”, sex tapes, underage over sexualizing, uninteresting drama, whirlwind marriages and divorces – THESE are the things they are saturating our lives with. And we watch and listen to them. Why? Girls should be encouraged to be something, to say something, and to think something, not to just flash their goods and be pretty. It is insulting. It is not a feminist issue, it is an issue of sending strong, well-developed and confident human beings into the world to contribute something. The Kardashians as an organism and a phenomenon are just horrible, and I am embarrassed by them.

    1. TheAshley, I gotta admit, I was less than impressed with that statement as well. I LOVE your site. It literally makes me laugh all the time and I recommend it to a lot of folks, but really… you don’t believe that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities?!?! At its base, that’s all feminism is.

      1. Hi guys– I have changed what I initially wrote because that is DEFINITELY not what I meant. What I meant to say is that I am not a blogger that writes about feminism, or any other type of political topic for that matter. But, to be clear to everyone, I am ABSOLUTELY a believer in equal rights and women’s issues (and I vote accordingly to that in every single election)! I should have clarified what I mean with that statement a little better. Please DO NOT think that is what I meant because it certainly is not! -The Ashley

    2. Please read my comment above. That is certainly not what I meant and should have clarified it better! I most certainly DO believe in women’s equal rights!!!!! -The Ashley

  7. “can of Crisco and your ass” so funny, but you know I think the best way for this trash to finally go away is to quit paying attention to them. Attention is attention, bad or good it doesn’t matter, that everyone and anyone is going on and on about her picture is the real problem in my opinion. She doesn’t make this world a better place at all, so who cares about her? I don’t, but Ashley I love your site, Teen Mom is my guilty pleasure, and you have the best 411 on it so I always stop by for your tidbits, keep doing what you’re doing, hopefully one day you can write about the K’s being cancelled!

  8. I find it funny people don’t judge super models like this who do nude photo shoots and actress and actors who do nude sex scenes. I think they just judge her like this because it’s Kim.

    1. The vast majority of professional actresses do not base their entire careers around sex / sex scenes. Kim’s ENTIRE career launched BECAUSE of her choice to publicly release a sex tape. Her entire claim to fame IS being a sex symbol. She is not an actress. She is not a supermodel who spent years climbing up the ladder to walk in NYC, Paris, and Milan for high fashion shows. Her entire image IS sex. I don’t think there’s ANY comparison between a professional actress who does a staged “sex scene” for a movie and Kim Kardashian, who’s entire image IS sexually charged.

  9. you said it perfectly! anyone that says you’re a “hater” (cringe worthy word) is annoying and embarrassing and shouldn’t be allowed to read all of your other hilarious articles!

  10. It’s a woman’s body …. She shouldn’t be ashamed and has the right to pose in which ever way she is comfortable ..who are you to judge ..? So your 10 year old niece sees a woman’s body shock horror …its a body ..get a grip of yourself … Your attitude is why there’s such a stigma regarding the female body !!!!

    1. Your argument may be valid if those pictures are actually what she looked like in real life. Too bad what you are looking at, what you call the “female body”, are more photoshop than they are real. These kids are aspiring to be and comparing their own bodies to something that is completely unattainable in real life.

    2. My daughter isn’t ashamed of her body. She’s seen me naked a million times – a real, healthy woman. There is no stigma against bodies in our house, if anything the opposite. We talk frankly about sex, body image, etc. and answer all questions honestly. It’s how I was raised.

      But I don’t want her to think that being a playtoy for men is the highest calling for a woman. And that is what the media is portraying everywhere. That image would once have been in an x-rated men’s magazine, but now can be accessed by 6 year olds scrolling Yahoo on their dad’s tablet. It isn’t a positive step for women’s rights. For women to be seen as equals to men we have to stop portraying our sole purpose as men’s sexual objects. It’s disgusting.

      Next time your checking out at the grocery store look around at the magazines. Of those that have women on the cover, how many look professional and respected? Far and few between. And other than “men’s health” or the annual “sexiest man alive” editions, the men are mostly in suits and fully clothed. The women are in clingy low cut dresses with wind in their hair. I get it, sex sells. But we need to stop buying into it. It’s not at all empowering for our daughters, and anyone with half a brain can see that.

  11. Im wondering WHY kim would do this? And WHY her husband would let her?! Its not for $, i guess just for attention! Its ridiculous. Its disgusting. Its gross! You would think becoming a mother she’d settle down and Not go nude anymore..The Kardashians WILL do Anything to stay in the spotlight! ! Sad 🙁

    1. Kim is the biggest attention whore there is. Remember how she didn’t leave the house after her baby was born for like half a year because she didn’t lose weight quickly enough? I bet she’s so proud of herself now because of this photo which is clearly photoshopped to high heavens. But hey, her waist is only 13 inches! #wcw #thinspiration #proana

  12. Your are spot on about this entire article thank you for writing this knowing the kardashian clan is not the norm for you to write about. I think it looks disgusting, she did this just to make us talk about it, but it’s more of disgust that were talking about. I think for someone who is under a porn industry it’d be fine for them to do as Farrah Abraham. But someone as kim kardashian she makes her self seem as if she’s above all this but there she goes doing something distasteful like this. My husband gave thumbs up to the body but not the face, and I’m not jealous at all cuz I know her likes large butts but I have to give it a thumbs down it was disgusting all I could think of was her being oiled down with chicken grease. Disgusting.

  13. Thank you so much for writing this post. Normally I never comment on any blogs I read, however I wanted to commend you for writing about this topic. I really appreciate how this was not about bashing the photo, but raising genuine concern for the younger generation. I completely agree, it is sad that society (especially young ladies) sees this as the norm and being totally acceptable. When posing this in this manner, I feel that celebs use the word “artistic” as a cop out to simply create a buzz and stay relevant. It’s the entertainment biz, I get it, it is what it is. I can’t help but to wonder what it will be like in 10 to 20 years from now. Will anything be shocking or scandalous anymore?

    Love your blog Ashley. You make me laugh and you make me think, thanks again. 🙂

  14. I 100% agree with you! Actually, when I first saw this picture, I wondered how Photoshopped it was. I think Kim looks more like a cartoon character than a real person in this. I do not find her backside at all attractive, and in fact I think she looks like crap in this picture!

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