‘Kendra On Top’ Episodes 12 & 13 Recap: Getting Advice From the “Grand Dude” That Ditched You

kendra on top season 3
Nope…this photo wasn’t staged or anything…No way…

By Holly Rasmussen

This week Kendra on Top is coming to you from Costa Rica where Kendra is visiting her millionaire surfer nudist father, Eric. The episode starts out with Kendra meeting her father’s friends at dinner. They are a cast of characters. My favorite is Shlomy, an executive chef. Seriously, his name is Shlomy. During the dinner, Kendra finds out her and Naked Eric have many things in common…such as their penchant for saying the word, “dude.” Eric has decided his grandfather nickname will be “Grand Dude.” [“I’m not a regular grandfather, I’m a cool grandfather!”]

As we saw last week, Eric told Kendra she could invite Hank and Little Hank to come to Costa Rica to visit, as well. They arrive and it’s awkward. Kendra seems as if she’s about to cry at any moment. That’s a change. Usually it’s Hank that’s blubbering.

"If you can make 'Grand Dude' happen, you get the board."
“If you can make ‘Grand Dude’ happen, you get the board.”

Kendra sits down to tell Little Hank he is about to meet his grandpa. She tells him she hasn’t seen her dad in 20 years and the kid just seems confused. I don’t really feel like she needs to go in to that much detail with the kid. She should probably save her daddy issue stories for her on-camera therapy sessions, no?

She introduces him as Grand Dude. This kid has no idea who he’s meeting. He just wants to feed the iguana in the yard and get away from all these creepy people.

They all head to the beach and Kendra seems really excited to have her dad and son together. I can’t help but wonder how she’s not angry. At the beach, they’re bombarded with requests from fans for pictures. Who knew ‘Kendra on Top’ or the ‘Girls Next Door’ was so popular in Costa Rica?

The best moment so far is when Eric is surfing and Kendra is clapping and cheering him on and she just seems so proud of him. Then, Eric takes Little Hank and teaches him to surf. This makes me so sad for the little girl Kendra who never got to have that relationship with her father.

"Seriously bro? YOU'RE giving me advice on saving my family?!"
“Seriously bro? YOU’RE giving me advice on saving my family?!”

After the surf lesson, Eric decides to give Hank some advice on how to save his family. Really Eric, you left Kendra with Party Patti when she was in kindergarten and never looked back. I don’t think you’re exactly in the position to be giving advice on family.

When that heart-to-heart is over, Hank tries to go and spend some time with Kendra. While they’re watching the sunset, he thanks her for letting him come down and be with her. She says, “You know this isn’t about you. So, don’t even try to make this about you.” Burn.

She says there’s no time for romance right now. Hank scurries off with his tail between his legs to take care of Little Hank. Has anyone else noticed that Hank is the caregiver for Little Hank like 90 percent of the time when they’re all together? Kendra seems like the friend, while Hank is the parent. She better make sure she does have some reliable childcare lined up if they do end up divorcing.

kendra on top

While they’re getting ready for dinner that night, Kendra tells Hank that she thought their wedding day was the happiest day of her life, but this day beat it. In.The.Face.

Hank takes it and tries to tell her that he’s happy for her, but she just shuts him down. She doesn’t want to hear anything he has to say unless it’s a confession about what happened with the affair. I’ve almost forgotten about the affair. They’ve never even talked about any of the details. I’m bored with this story line. Either talk about it or move on.

Hank starts crying once again (surprise, surprise) as they talk about her finally forgiving her father and forming a relationship with him. I feel like I’m just watching the same episode over and over again.

Finally Shlomy arrives! Shlomy is an executive chef so apparently WeTV paid him to come cook for them. Oh, Shlomy. Naked Eric, Kendra and Hank sit down for dinner. Eric starts talking about how proud he is of Kendra and Hank is choking back tears. Get it together, Hank! If you worked as much as you cried, you and Kendra wouldn’t have to air all of your dirty laundry on television for money!

Kendra brings up the fact that her younger brother, Colin, isn’t there. Eric seems like he forgot Colin even existed. Of course he doesn’t care about meeting Colin because, well… Colin isn’t famous.

Kendra On Top Season 3
“So…does Patti get paid per episode or what?”

Next, Naked Eric just asked how Party Patti is doing. Maybe he wants to rekindle that old flame. I hope so. That might actually make this show interesting. Eric says he can read people really well and he thinks Hank is a really good person. Really Eric? After being in their lives for five minutes you feel like you can make judgment calls on people’s character. Ok.

They all get ready to head back home and Grand Dude gives Little Hank a surfboard. That’s a good gift for a small child to travel on airplane with.

kendra on top
This was Jessica’s actual reaction when Kendra told her Little Hank calls Eric “Grand Dude.”

They get home and Kendra gets picked up at the airport by her friend Jessica. Kendra is all giddy from her trip and then Jessica drops a bombshell. Party Patti is at it, again. Patti found out that Kendra was in Costa Rica so, of course, she goes to Facebook to air her grievances. Patti posted, “Well I continue to be hurt and disrespected by my daughter. So please don’t mention her or ask me anything about her. Thanks!”

Really, Patti? Was that necessary?

On the preview for next week, we see more drama with Patti and Hank and Kendra go on a date night.

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  1. Since we know the “scandal” was faked, can we stop the Hank bashing? He looks like a sad puppy and crying because his wife needs him to look like a douche bag for money and ratings..

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