Exclusive Details & Air Date of the “16 and Pregnant” Season 5 “Where Are They Now?” Special

Find out who's in and who's out!
Find out who’s in and who’s out!

Get ready to catch up with the girls from the most-recent season of 16 and Pregnant!

The Ashley broke the news in October that MTV was starting to contact the Season 5 girls to film segments for a “Where Are They Now?” special, and now The Ashley can exclusively reveal that the special is set to air sometime this month (or very, very early in January 2015). While we will get to watch catch-up segments on most of the girls (and their babies) a few of the girls didn’t want anything to do with MTV or the catch-up special!

Most of the girls filmed their catch-up segments in late October and early November. We will get to see catch-ups from Savannah, Aleah, Summer, Jordan (who has made some big changes since we last saw her) Savon, Maddy and Autumn.

Arianna decided against filming with the MTV crew for the special. According to one of The Ashley’s tipsters, she did not enjoy her experience on the show, and does not want any more attention from it. Arianna did not want her baby’s father, Maurice, on the show, since he is no longer a part of their son’s life. Since the girls are contractually obligated to do an update (per their contracts), Arianna agreed to do a quick Skype interview for the special.

Karley, the girl with the twin girls, also did not participate in filming. Karley recently revealed on her Ask account that she was asked to film, but “for personal reasons” she declined. She, too, will likely do a quick Skype interview for the special.

where are they now
Savannah is shown filming her catch-up segment in October.

The remaining three girls– Courtney, Jazmin and Millina will also likely appear on the special, although The Ashley has not been able to confirm if they filmed full segments or just quick interviews.

A lot has happened with the Season 5 girls since we last saw them: Jordan has taken an unexpected turn in her life, Courtney’s son had surgery to correct his cleft palate, Summer split with (and then made up with) her husband, Karley and her husband separated (then reconciled), and there have been custody battles and issues involving several of the girls. It will all make for a very exciting “Where Are They Now?” special!

UPDATE: The ’16 and Pregnant’ Season 5 “Where Are They Now?” special will air Sunday, January 4 at 8 p.m. on MTV for U.S. viewers. (The Ashley is trying to track down international air dates!)

UPDATE #2: The Ashley’s Canadian friend tells her that the special will air in Canada on Monday, January 5 on MTV!

 (Photos: MTV, Twitter)




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