“16 and Pregnant” Star Autumn Crittendon Asks Fans To Help Improve Her Family’s Dire Living Conditions

autumn 16 and pregnantA 16 and Pregnant Season 5 star is reaching out to the show’s fans in hopes that they will be able to help her family get through a rough time.

Autumn Crittendon, who starred on the most-recent season of the show, set up a GoFundMe.com page to help raise money to improve the dire living conditions she, as well as her son Drake and the rest of her family, have been living in recently. On the page, Autumn explained that they are currently living in a home with no heat, a leaky roof and other damage.

“I’m trying to raise money to help my family and I afford a heating/Cooling unit,” Autumn wrote. “The cost for a brand new unit is approximately $2000 and around $1000 to put it in. We are having a hard time paying bills and making ends meet and now we found out that the unit is broken. We cannot afford to have a new one put in.”

Autumn went on to explain that her family—which includes her sister Misty, who is also a teen mom—is going through really hard times.

“My family and I are having a lot of financial problems,” Autumn wrote. “If we didn’t need the help we would not be asking for it…We just want to make our house as safe as possible for Drake.”

Autumn, who lives in Virginia, wrote that she is currently trying to warm her very cold house with a small space heater. However, with a blizzard set to hit the East Coast of the United States this evening, that will probably not do much good in warming the house.

After Autumn posted the link to the fundraising page on her Facebook fan page, some people commented that she should use the money she earned from doing  ’16 and Pregnant’ to fix the heater. (The Ashley must interject here—the girls that are featured on ’16 and Pregnant’ do not receive any money after their one-time payment immediately after the show airs. That’s it—they do not get residuals or any other money for doing the show. The amount is trivial, especially compared to what the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise girls make.)

The admin of Autumn’s Facebook fan page responded to the commenters in a recent post.

“For those saying get a job, they have one but the AC unit replacement is a little pricey! They would not ask for help if they didn’t really need it. It’s sad that you all can simply post rude comments about her asking for help. She may have been on TV but I can promise you she didn’t make anywhere near the amount you all think she did and that was last year.”

So far, Autumn has raised very little of the $3,500 she needs to fix her heat.

(Photo: GoFundMe.com)


  1. Everyone needs help sometimes, but you will need help less often if you plan ahead. Babies, houses and life in general are expensive and you have to plan ahead the best you can…this is exactly why this show is on the air, to prove that having babies when you are a baby and cant even take care of basics is a bad idea.
    The best way people can help her long term is not by handing her money or telling her to take from the government, but to teach her skills, or offer means to learn to support herself and care for her child and save and plan ahead. This is what will truly keep her warm at night.

  2. Get a lone, sell some shit, get government assistance, get food stamps, go on a serious budget. How about do what the rest of us do…

    1. I’d much rather someone ask for help than go on government assitance, That way people who want to contribute can rather than everyone being held responsible for others

  3. I feel for her. My husband and I work really hard to be poor, lol. Our plumbing got messed up a few months ago thanks to our kid flushing his toys. It was going to cost us a couple hundred that we didn’t have at all. So, we sold stuff on Craig’s list, did a yard sale, and I posted on FB if anyone needs a night out I’m looking to make a few extra bucks and I’m willing to watch your kids. Granted she has to scrape up a lot more than we did, but you gotta do what ya gotta do. Also it’s tax return season, I’m sure she’ll get a hefty amount back.

  4. Guess what….I’m not a teen mom. I happen to be a 49 yr.old mom of a 17 yr.old and a 22 yr. old who both still live at home. We live on my husbands income which is good but we struggle too. We own our home and there is always something breaking down or in need of repair. Six years ago our furnace blew up. Since we had bad credit we weren’t able to get a loan and we “made too much money” to qualify for heating help from the government. Family couldn’t help either. 5,000.00 for a new furnace. For the past six years we have been heating our home with kerosene heaters. We live in PA and it can get pretty cold here. It’s not safe, healthy or convenient at all but we do what we have to do to stay warm. I feel bad for Autumn especially having a child to worry about. I’m sure she didn’t make money (if any) from the show. Hopefully she’ll get some help but I agree with the other person that said about the Go Fund Me stuff. I personally know someone in my family that started one because of her husband’s health issues. They have insurance but he needed these treatments that the insurance didn’t cover. The treatments are pricey but they went on a week’s vacation in October. We haven’t been on a vacation in over 8 years because we can’t afford it! She has a big zero in her account btw. Don’t ask other people for money if you’re not willing to help yourself first!

  5. sat and read every comment..and I must say that this is why our world is going to hell..there is no compassion or understanding anymore..it takes a lot for someone to swallow their pride and ask for help. We just had to replace our furnace last year,$13,000..i am a single mom, I work my ass off and even though my kids dad is ordered to pay child support, he doesn’t. So, as much as I hated to I had to ask for help..thank God my sister and husband was able to help me because idk what I would have done..you cant sit here and dog on someone cause im sure atleast once in your life you’ve had to ask for help. Maybe not $3,500 worth, but a pack of dipars, dish soap food, ect. And if you think you are so high and mighty why dont you go sit on your f-ing thrown and keep your mouth off ppl. No one asked you to comment or put your selfish ass 2 cents in. She asked for help not your opinion and if your not donating keep your opinion to yourelf..if I had the money id buy the whole damn unit just to shut you smug ass ppl up..

    1. What kind of heating system did you have that it was 13000?? Holy Moly! We had ours replaced along with the chimney and hotwater heater for about 6000. You may have gotten taken.

    2. So much for God is love. No one asked you to put your opinion in either. There are people who struggle and don’t ask for money. When they see someone asking for money, it can rub people the wrong way.

      And it’s throne not thrown.

  6. I can’t wait until the day some of you people are stuck needing help having nowhere to turn and end up having to swallow your pride and ask for help I wonder how people are going to feel about that.. I hope you all get the same rude ass support yall are giving her.. and think to yourself right now as you read this that won’t happen to me yes darling it will it will happen one day.. everybody and I mean everybody needs help at times y’all cant honestly tell me none of you that are leaving these rude comments have never asked anybody for help.. pssh

    1. The point is, she is asking STRANGERS. Yes, we all need a little help sometimes. Normal people would ask close family, maaaaybe very close friends. Or they go to government agencies who deal with this type of stuff IF they really are living in poverty. This girl bought a house she obviously can’t afford. Now she’s asking STRANGERS for money. And before you’re all up in arms about this: no, you cannot afford your house if you do not have an emergency fund for basic repairs like this. Wanted to have your cake and eat it too? Tough luck, it’s called life.

  7. I live in a rental right now and I pay a flat rent each month and if something breaks my landlord has it fixed. Its one of the reasons I still rent, I’m not confident I could afford to fix something expensive if it should break. Does she live with her mom still right now? I can’t imagine her having bought a house already. Is her mom still working?

    1. This story sounds fishy, she isn’t old enough to buy a house. Something not right about this. She gets paid from the show. Very suspicious.

  8. the pothead baby daddy wasn’t involved why would he be now and even if she filed for child support it doesn’t mean she would get it most fathers are on child support but don’t pay i know i deal with it first hand.

  9. I dont understamd why MTV wont step in and help.. i bet they would if it were for any of the otber girls Janelle, katelyn, chelsea etc.. i feel fr her and her family i wish i could help but im a mother of three and struggle myself. everybody needs a little help sometimes and unlike some families some of us have nobody at all to turn to when needed.. Its sad u have to work everyday just to struggle, just to pay bills.. i hope she gets the help she needs.. Open your hearts people im pretty sure she would’nt be asking if she didn’t truely need the help. I don’t see it as begging at all. On a t.v. show or not we all need support and help at times of need especially when there’s kids involved. I’m sure she’s already down as can be I mean obviously a blizzard is about to hit and she has no heat probably no family or friends to really turn to or none that can help anyways. So for those of you that don’t agree with what she’s doing stay out of it keep your rude ass comments to yourself the last thing she needs to see is all you rude ass people leaving negative comments let’s kick somebody when they’re down. Way to go ya’ll should be proud of yourselves!!!!

  10. I completely agree that this is a huge expense, and I feel for her, however I’m noticing a trend that more and more of the 16 and pregnant girls are starting these accounts for various reasons. I personally don’t feel comfortable asking others for money.

  11. Wasn’t she the one with the pot head baby daddy? If he has money for weed then let him help her. Never in my wildest dreams would I ask strangers for hand outs. I see many go fund me pages and for some causes I do make donations but I think if the father of her child who she was still with during the 16 & pregnant where are they now is still smoking pot then perhaps she needs to make him give up that habit and pay her some child support to help pay her bills, not ask for hand outs.

  12. It’s called getting a job, everyone has struggles just because you were on some MTV show don’t mean everyone can give you there hard earned money they work there ass for how about you and your family get jobs ???

  13. wow all of you make me sick except for E. All she is doing is asking for some help with getting a heating unit so her son can be warm for the winter. Let me know how many of you have 3500 just laying around. Im a single mom and i have a job and i sure as hell dont have that kind of money. Who cares if she was on tv that doesnt have anything to do with this. And she isnt asking anyone to help pay her bills..i pray for all of you cold hearted people. God for bid you need help one day and nobody wants to help you. Karma is a bitch

    1. Being on TV does make a difference because she can reach more people to donate. Another mother could be in a similar situation but doesn’t have the fan base that more people can see and possibly donate. It makes a HUGE difference.

      As I said, I feel for her. That is a large expense. But, I can’t imagine begging for money from strangers. I just can’t and that is a personal opinion. You need to put your money where your mouth is and donate.

  14. I saw where she said she is buying the house. I’m assuming she has already bought it and making payments. My question is why buy a house that’s in that kind of shape when you know it’s not suitable to live in? And I think 3,500 is a little much. Maybe try asking for a donation of a bigger heater to put in your house that will hold you over until you can save up to buy your own unit? That’s kinda a ridiculous amount to ask for.

  15. This is just pathetic honestly. I am a teen mom and understand the hard times that come but never would I ask strangers to pay my bills because I was on a tv show and think that’s ok to do… She needs to get a job and do all she can lower other bills get child support whatever is needed to support her child like an adult would,not depend on everyone else! This should not be promoted and the gofundme for her should be taken down!

    1. did you not read this entire thing..she has a job..for someone who is a single mom you should understand more..its not that easy to just shout out 3500 for a new heating unit and pay for your bills and food on top of it..and what if the father of the child doesnt pay his child support? shes not depending on anyone else to pay her BILLS!!!! all she is doing is asking for help.

  16. I’m conflicted with this. It is an expensive household repair. Not a necessity but something I can see as legit concern. I wouldn’t want to be facing a big blizzard without heat. And she is not asking for people to buy her a new house so her family can be “wholesome”. She didn’t get a lot from her one time appearance on MTV (I can imagine it went quickly with having a newborn) and t appears she is working. That is a big expense. But, begging for money seems low. Especially when you are relying on your 15 minutes of fame for people to donate. I don’t know it rubs me the wrong way. I can’t seem to understand how people can ask for money on trivial things.

    1. you must be conflicted bc your comment definitely contradicts itself. i wouldn’t call needing a new heating system for a house trivial, however. even if all three people in the house work, and i don’t see both teen moms being able to work full time and afford daycare and rent, $3500 is a lot of money, even for those working full time without kids. I don’t see her getting the money donated unless MTV steps in. I agree something about this rubs me the wrong way too.

      1. I don’t really mean her need is trivial. I have seen people ask for a lot more petty things. But, there are other ways around it. I’ve seen people say that they had to resort to bundling up. She does have a space heater. It something I don’t see asking people for money.

  17. Maybe she does have a job. Not everyone has $3000 they can just pull out of their ass. She is not expecting anybody to give her money. Im sure she is hoping that someone will find it in their hearts to help a young mother keep her child warm during the winter. It was probably very hard to swallow her pride and ask for help. Even if you are too cold hearted to offer help at the very least you shouldnt mock her. You never know when the tables might be turned, you both better hope nobody treats you like you have this girl.

    1. To the six, so far, who voted me down…please, never ever have children who depend upon YOU, or the taxpayers. You’re not smart enough to be a good parent.

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