Farrah Abraham’s Parents Reveal What they Think of Her Life as an Adult Film Star

debra danielson
“Thanks, Mom and Dad! You’ll get a free blowup doll, don’t worry!”

Yesterday, MTV released four sneak peek videos of the upcoming new season of Teen Mom. A clip was released of each girl– Amber Portwood, Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell and Farrah Abraham. During Farrah’s clip, viewers saw her parents, Debra Danielsen and Michael Abraham, talking to producers about how Farrah felt outcast by the network after her “adult film/private movie/whatever we’re calling her butt video these days” was released.

Since Farrah’s “Backdoor” adult movie was released, the show’s fans have wondered what Farrah’s parents think of Farrah releasing a plethora of adult-themed products. (Who could forget this lovely jewel? Or these?)

In a series of Facebook comments posted earlier this week, Farrah’s mom and dad finally revealed their thoughts about Farrah’s p0rn, her entrepreneurial drive and even the other girls of ‘Teen Mom!’

After a Facebook user commented that Farrah sold her body for money, Michael disagreed.

“I’ll share this FACT with you ….Legally Farrah has NOT sold her body,” Michael wrote. “Yes you have your right to your opinion but you’re wrong. Honestly I can’t wait for you to see how I feel about this topic… You and the world will have to stay tuned and I hope you do!”

When a commenter remarked that Farrah was more concerned about making money and promoting her products than taking care of her daughter, Sophia, Michael had a comeback for that as well.

“Regarding supporting her child but I’ll share this with you ‘it’s not easy money’ the time spent, travel, business management etc. that Farrah puts in is like 12 hours a day working on her projects and education,” Michael wrote. “But she is also able to take time off most parents can’t to be with Sophia during the week etc.” (Clearly Farrah isn’t spending too many of those 12 hours working on this project. Four months after it was supposed to be opened, Farrah has barely mentioned it.)

Farrah’s mom, Debra, said she is proud of her daughter. In fact, she claims, Farrah is good for the economy!

“I am proud of my daughter and family,” Debra commented. “Farrah is a business woman who works some days 12 to 14 hours. She isn’t out of control or doing crazy things, rather she is contributing to the new economy.”

While Michael admitted his daughter has faults, he pointed out that the other girls featured on ‘Teen Mom’ aren’t exactly saints themselves.

“The other ‘Teen Moms’ are not perfect,” Michael wrote. “Currently one just had a child out of wedlock [He’s referring to Catelynn]… Another just got pregnant with a boy friend out of wedlock [Maci]… There is nothing illegal doing a adult video and Farrah is NOT filming any more. Farrah not perfect but she is a successful business woman…”

Sorry ‘Backdoor’ fans…you’ll have to settle for watching one of Farrah’s two adult films if you want to get your Farrah fanny fix.

"Oh boo-hoo. Good one, Mike."
“Oh boo-hoo. Good one, Mike.”

Eventually, Michael’s comments made their way back to Tyler Baltierra, Catelynn’s fiance (and the father of the “child out of wedlock” that Michael was referring to). Needless to say, Tyler was none too thrilled to hear what Michael had said.

“Well clearly you can tell by Michael’s parenting job, marriage does not raise well rounded children lol #Nuffsaid,” Tyler tweeted earlier this week in response to Michael’s comments about him and Catelynn.

According to Lauren Dolgen, the show’s creator, the new season of ‘Teen Mom’ will also feature scenes in which the other girls talk about their unhappiness over Farrah being allowed back on the show. The Ashley is counting the minutes until March 23!

Wanna read The Ashley’s exclusive interview with Farrah’s mom, Debra? Click here!

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17 Responses

  1. Debra and Michael failed to parent Farrah. Michael wants to talk old-fashion? Fine! If you are a true old-fashion parent(s), you would have disciplined Farrah from the beginning. My parents are strict and old-fashioned. They punished me butt whoopings, and not allowing me to do things I wanted to do. If you’re old-fashioned, why are you talking about having children out of wedlock?? What society has failed to teach kids now a days is manner, discipline and character. You point out Catelynn, Maci, and Amber for having children out of wedlock. Guess what? So did Farrah. Businesswoman?? No! Farrah is no “businesswoman”. Businesswoman/men are successful. Creating jobs for other people to represent them. Create companies…making profit… Investing. Farrah is no “businesswoman”. Your money comes from you being in ‘Teen Moms’ and that trashy porn movie. Why hasn’t state taken away your custody of Sophia? You obviously don’t look or spend time with her. Nor from her grandparents! Debra and Michael needs to open their eyes and take matter in their own hands. Farrah isn’t intimidating… No. What she really is a no respect, spoiled, immature and big-mouth girl! Can’t call you lady or woman because you don’t act like one. Reality check please!

  2. These people are absolutely despicable! Farrah’s parents are terrified of her. I bet neither one would speak to Farrah of it wasn’t for Sophia. What if Sophia decides to make a “personal film so she can remember how good looked when she was 16. Is that being a good businesswoman? What about the other sister who has one of two kids out of wedlock? How must she feel hearing her parents say such things and completely uphold every asinine thing Farrah does? I would be so totally humiliated to be related to this bunch of lunatics!

    1. Her parents are just as bat shit crazy as she is. I agree with you though and think that they just go ahead with every CRAZY thing she does for Sophia. I feel so sorry for her. She does not have a stable adult in her life…except maybe the nanny.

  3. It’s not the porn that offends me, it’s the lying about it. I would have respected her more if she was just straightforward, but no. “I didn’t do porn! They leaked my sex tape! I’m the victim here!” Who do you think you’re kidding, Farrah? Same thing with trying to get a fake boyfriend to go on Couples Therapy or whatever it was called. Farrah is completely fake, and that’s what I can’t stand.

    This season should be entertaining.

  4. Farrah is not a “business woman” she is a porn star! No matter how her parents try to sugar coat it to make themselves feel better about it she is still a PORN STAR!!! Everything Farrah does while “working” is centered around that “sex tape” which clearly Michael and Deborah makes your daughter a successful PORN STAR not business woman!!!

  5. because yeah having a child out of wedlock makes you some sort of a loose, immoral person, but having anal sex with someone you dont even know, filming it and selling the video for money is just being a “businesswoman”.

    1. “but having anal sex with someone you dont even know” but trying to make people believe he’s your boyfriend.

      but oh wait! women are having children out of wedlock! someone call 911! quick!

  6. Did Michael somehow, conveniently, forget that Sophia was born to an UNMARRIED lone bird, Farrah?

    Great parenting, all around. Hope the rumors are true and Sophia is really being raised by nannies.

  7. It’s not 1960 Michael, it’s not scandalous to have a baby if you aren’t married anymore. In fact it’s so common and accepted now that there are even TV shows that focus on people who had children out of wedlock. There’s one show called “Teen Mom” and nobody on that show had a kid while married. Even that one girl Farrah. Her kid is a wedlock baby. Don’t forget to criticize her too!

    1. Don’t worry, Michael cleared it all up when he clarified that LEGALLY she did not sell her body. As long as it’s legal, than I guess it’s all good with him.

  8. ^^ Agreed! Farrah and her “Wonderful FAKE ASS family” are a bunch of Hypocrite, j
    Judgemental Fcking Freaks!

    Really?? Making fun of Catelynn and Maci???

    No offense to Derek, nor his family, MICHAEL… But,wasn’t YOUR Granddaughter Sophia born out of wedlock too???

    So shut your perverted, child beating ass!

    Poor Sophia!!!!!!!!

    Debra, you are in such denial! You know damn good and well that you hated Farrah doing a PORN! Oh my! It is SOOOO against your “religion”. Give me a freaking break!

    You won’t EVER publicly speak the truth, because she holds Sophia over yours AND Michael’s heads!!

    You people need eternal help! GTFO of here!

    Praying for Sophia, and that she gets the hell out!

    1. you are so right! They are still afraid of her, as she continues to threaten her parents that she will take Sophia away. That poor child really doesn’t have a chance with that family.

  9. these people are hypocritical lunatics. a narcissistic whore has legal custody of Sophia, while a nanny takes care of her, and sometimes her “boo-hoo i was catfished”, psycho grandma and debra’s mendacious, henpecked ex-husband babysits her.

    they should all be put in a looney bin and Sophia should be placed in Derek’s family legally. she is neglected and the people around her are mentally unstable.

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