‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Arrested (Again)! See Her New Mugshot!

Another mugshot for Babs to hang on her fridge!
Another mugshot for Babs to hang on her fridge!

Adam Lind still holds the record for most driving offenses (and arrests) of any Teen Mom 2 cast member, but it looks like Jenelle Evans is trying to give him a run for his (bond) money! Jenelle was picked up by Horry County cops last night. (Before we move forward, let’s all just take a moment to appreciation that somewhere in South Carolina, there’s a county called “Horry.”)

Anyway, Jenelle was pulled over while driving last night. When the officer discovered that she did not have a valid driver’s license (hers had been suspended), she was arrested and hauled down to the county jail. She was booked, mugshotted and eventually released on her own recognizance, after paying the $237.50 bond.

She is due back in court on March 23 to face the charge.

After she was released from jail, Jenelle took to her Twitter account to explain how she ended up behind bars yet again. (She’s been arrested over a dozen times in her lifetime.) She tweeted that she had no idea that her license had been suspended in North Carolina.

“How r u going to suspended my license becuz a seat belt ticket was paid 3 days late back in 2013 ?!” she tweeted, adding that she likely didn’t get the notice from the North Carolina DMV because it went to her mother, Barbara‘s house. (Perhaps Babs got the letter but didn’t tell Jenelle because, well, Babs likes to have fun too?!)

According to public records, Jenelle was, indeed, issued a seatbelt violation ticket in October 2013.

She stated that she got the ticket fees cleared up yesterday and got her license reinstated.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a new Jenelle mugshot. The last time she was arrested was in December 2013, after she was arrested (while pregnant with her second son, Kaiser) for disturbing the peace, after getting into a fight with her fiance, Nathan Griffith.

Jenelle’s latest arrest certainly won’t help her win the fight against her mother for custody of her oldest son, Jace. Jenelle and Babs are reportedly set to battle it out in court next month to see who will get custody of Jace.

To see a fantastical collection of Jenelle’s mugshots, created by an Instagram parody account of Jenelle’s mother, Barbara, click here. It’s truly magical, and in The Ashley‘s opinion, suitable for framing.

Jenelle is currently filming the sixth season of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ and, since there are cameras placed in the stars’ cars to record what happens while driving, it’s likely that we’ll see the arrest play out in an upcoming episode!

(Photo: Horry County PD)





  1. At least Jace has Barbara the new baby only has Nathan if she goes to jail. A dad who wears what appear to be oversized thongs as shirts and has frosted hair circa 1996 is no good for anyone.

  2. For the record, it’s pronounced OR-EE.

    From Myrtle Beach and Jenelle has been a staple here since before she got pregnant. The “first” time I mean.

  3. Harry County’s name is even better once you realize it’s Myrtle Beach. Every summer when we go to Myrtle Beach, my husband and I crack up at the “Horry County welcomes you” sign bc the first year I thought it said Horn*y County, Lol

  4. Just as a tip; it’s not pronounced like it’s spelled, “Horry”. It’s prnounced “Ory”. Why silent letters exists I’ll never know.

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