‘Teen Mom’ Star Amber Portwood Confirms Engagement, Reveals When She’ll Get Married

They don't look happy in this photo but they swear they are...
They don’t look happy in this photo but they swear they are…

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell aren’t the only Teen Mom stars that will soon be making their way down the wedding chapel aisle!

Amber Portwood has confirmed that she is engaged to her boyfriend, Matt Baier. Fans watched Matt propose in the recently released trailer for the upcoming new season of ‘Teen Mom,’ but didn’t know if Amber had accepted the proposal or not. In a new interview with E! News, Amber confirmed that she said yes when Matt proposed back in November, and that the couple plans to get married sometime in 2015!

“We know it’s gonna be within the year,” she said. “We just moved in together a couple months ago, so we really want to learn everything about each other and live this life right now and just make sure everything’s straight before we jump the gun on something because obviously, we didn’t know each other that long before we got engaged, but we do know we love each other so much.”

This is Amber’s second engagement. She was previously engaged to her daughter, Leah’s father, Gary Shirley. (No word if she still has the $21 engagement ring Gary bought her from Walmart.) He proposed (twice) during earlier seasons of ‘Teen Mom.’ In the interview with E! Amber talks about the moment she realized things could never work with Gary.

“One day I just woke up and I’m like, ‘This has to stop because I’m not getting anything out of it.’ What [fans] are going to see is a complete turnaround right in the middle [of the new season],” Amber said. “It’s drastically different from beginning to end. No one is going to expect what’s going to happen.”

She added that her relationship with Matt, whom she initially had a long-distance relationship with, is nothing like the often violent relationship she had with Gary (who has also moved on and is now expecting a baby with his longtime girlfriend, Kristina Anderson).

“My life now with my new fiancé is amazing and our relationship is completely different than what mine and Gary’s was,” Amber said. “There’s not really fighting or anything like that. It’s not perfect, but we’re so happy together. I never thought I could find another man that could make me feel love again, honestly. I feel more love for him than I ever have for anybody.”

Matt is originally from Boston, according to Starcasm, and, at 43, is much older than 24-year-old Amber.

“It was a friendship that turned into love,” Amber told MTV. “I didn’t think I would be able to love somebody again.”

She has not shared any photos  of her engagement ring on social media because she says that it is a “personal thing” for her.

When Radar Online reported that Amber and Matt’s engagement was only for the cameras and that the couple’s relationship was “tumultuous,” Amber slammed the story, as did Matt, who after the story broke tweeted, “None of that ever happened we could not be happier or closer.”

Click here to watch the “Teen Mom’ trailer!

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20 Responses

    1. why is that creepy? what is it about an age difference that makes people so uncomfortabel? she’s lived a hard life and has had some serious life experiences that probably are not comparable to guys around her own age (early 20s). so maybe she found a connection with this guy maybe he’s had some troubling life experiences too and they can relate. or maybe he’s immature like her… who really knows? but instantly assuming he’s “creep” because he’s in his 40’s shows your lack of life experience and immaturity.

      1. she will be 25 in May! He’s a creep because he was obsessed with teen mom, and had been sending tweets to Janelle long before he started sending tweets to Amber. He has been married before has two kids in Boston. Amber paid for him to move to Indiana. He has a criminal record, creepy is a very charitable word, this won’t end well, she’s a loser that attracted another loser!

      1. why? how?

        Because I see NO change at all. Her impulsive, erratic behaviors are the same as before she went to jail? And, she never cut out MTV? I don’t think drugs were her real problem.

        1. I agree. Her slapping her hands together is just an instigating factor into her anger. I never seen anyone else do that when they’re upset. They speak their peace and move on. No need to slap your hands together.

        2. I don’t think a short “teaser” gives anyone the right to say she hasn’t changed. I could see 1 minute of your day and make assumptions but would that be fair? Change doesn’t mean perfection there are slip ups…..that’s life.

          1. Okay, fair enough. No, I’d not like to be judged by that. Nor do I claim to be perfect, and don’t expect her to be either. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad she’s off drugs, but she has a very long way to go. At least in my opinion. I’m, personally, curious why other think she’s ‘changed’ so much because I just don’t see it.

            I’m referencing her entire ‘relationship’, and with this guy, and MTV. Who were there the second she was released from prison. After watching the OG specials, she STILL doesn’t seem to take responsibility for her own behaviors. Also, the fact she’s yet to WORK, go to school or do anything we would have to do in order to really change. She hasn’t done the work to change(lets face it, jails easy compared to the work it takes to change bad behavior).

            Am I missing something?

            Thank you for answering. I appreciate it.

        3. Being in a tv show is making money so I would say that is work. When Amber was high to me it was plain as day, I don’t see that in interviews and etc. I think she still has some issues but she seems a lot better. I think her choice of men is bad but it always has been. I think she is trying and doing well I guess we will just have to see what the show captures and until then I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt. Thanks for writing back I love when people have different points of view but just having a conversation not belittling each other.

        4. No she is the same loser broad she always was. Same bitch, same skank, same snot. Now she is just shaking up with some guy old enough to be her father so she can continue to act like the self entitled bitch she has always been. She will continue to play the victim too.

    1. If she is sober now for quite a time (after years of addiction) and atayed out of really big trouble then that is a big change and a great accomplishment for an addict – even if it seems little for somebody who’s luckily not prone to develop addictions. I think it is better to encourage people for little steps than constantly bringing them down. be positive for your own happiness 😉

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