‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Briana DeJesus Has Ex Arrested for Posting Lewd Videos of Her to Social Media

Briana and Shoc in happier times...
Briana and Shoc in happier times…

By Holly Rasmussen & The Ashley

Teen Mom 3 star Briana DeJesus is in the middle of a “revenge p0rn” nightmare. Her ex-boyfriend/fiancé/something  Shakiel “Shoc” Brown was arrested on March 24 in Orlando, Florida, after Briana filed a police report against him, claiming he filmed their, um, private moments without her knowledge and then placed them on social media sites to get even with her after they broke up.

Shoc posted a video of Briana doing naughty things to him, as well as them having sex to his Twitter account (the account has since been suspended, but feel lucky if you never got to see the videos. The Ashley did and she will never be able to erase those images from her brain!)

Briana claimed in her police report that she didn’t know Shoc was recording their Farrah-and-James-Deen-esque moments, and Shoc later admitted that Briana did not know he was filming her, according to court documents.

Anyway, Shoc was arrested in Orlando and charged with video voyeurism, a second degree felony. He was granted bond on Wednesday, and is no longer behind bars as of Sunday.

Um...why is he wearing a towel around his neck in his mugshot? Did he just finish a Jazzercise class?
Um…why is he wearing a towel around his neck in his mugshot? Did he just finish a Jazzercise class?

The former ‘Teen Mom 3’ star spoke to Orlando news station WFTV on Wednesday, stating that she’s devastated that her young daughter, Nova, might see the videos one day.

“Why would you post a private moment for the world to see? I trusted you and you would go behind my back and do something so cruel,” Briana told the news station.

(Well Briana, this guy did get arrested with your deadbeat baby daddy back in 2013, so maybe that should have been a red flag that he wasn’t exactly a stellar guy?)

Even worse, Shoc allegedly tried to sell the sexy videos to TMZ (Starcasm reports that they were also approached by someone looking to peddle the video, but they declined to buy it.)

An email to TMZ that was sent from Shoc’s email account has surfaced. In the email, a person claiming to be Shoc says he knows the videos will “be a big hit for both TMZ and I.”)

“That probably hurt the most that he would try to get money off that video,” Briana told WFTV.

Briana’s mother, Roxanne “Throw a Vase” DeJesus, has also gotten involved in the case. Not only did he shoot off a scathing email to Shoc earlier this month (click here to read that), but she has taken to Twitter to express her thoughts on Shoc’s behavior.

“It’s a crime to post out of revenge,” Roxanne tweeted on March 25. “Those who have daughters should take a stand against punks like him. Not encourage his behavior.”

One person that’s been uncharacteristically silent about the whole situation is Briana’s sister, Brittany. She has not defended her sister on Twitter, and actually posted a cryptic message to Twitter on March 9 that seemed to be aimed at Briana.

“I’m glad I have the mind that I have. I’m glad my mom raised ME right. I’m glad I have dreams and goals that I’m chasing. Bless thy lord,” she wrote.

Briana has deactivated her old Twitter account and started a new one, under the oh-so-eloquent handle @effingorgasmic. (As you do.)

As a condition of his release from jail, Shoc is not allowed to have any contact with Briana.

(Photos: Instagram, Orange County PD)

17 Responses

  1. I don’t understand, how could a guy that cares about me enough to buy me a burrito once when I’m in the hospital stoop so low as to publicize our recordings?

  2. brittany you can be gay without hating all men you know. hate this one but not all of them, just come out and stop being so angry

  3. He deserves everything he gets he admitted Briana didn’t know about the filming and Posted them online. Briana may not be perfect but she didn’t deserve that, hopefully she will choose someone better for her and Nova.

  4. She has nobody to blame but herself. It amazes me how stupid people are. Hoe can you record yourself doing sexual acts with someone and not think of the consequences? Then again, this is a girl that had unprotected sex and didn’t think of the consequences so it’s not really surprising coming from her.

    1. Would you say that to your daughter?

      It’s amazing the attitude towards women these days. Women have become so masculine in their roles they fight each other and slut shame over pettiness and men. Ladies should be uniting toward a common goal and stop letting men take advantage of their bodies, mind and their image.

      I’m not saying Briana is innocent or didn’t make a mistake, but it slut shaming her going to solve anything? No, she will see what ignorant people like you have to say and continue to treat herself poorly. If we want to change our society and raise strong, smart, independent women, we need to erradicate people like you.

      1. What the hell? You completely took what I said and turned it into something different. I never said it was because she was a woman. I would say the same thing if she was a guy. And how was I slut shaming her? I never said she was a slut. I just said that recording yourself doing sexual acts and not being prepared for the negative consequences is stupid.

    2. She has no one to blame but herself? You are out of your damn mind! HE ADMITTED SHE DIDNT KNOW HE WAS RECORDING IT! No, she isn’t perfect. Yes, she has made a shit ton of mistakes (being with this loser is one of them). But you can’t blame her for someone else recording her without her knowledge, then sharing the footage with the world. It makes no sense.

      The person that carries the blame her is Shoc…he made the video, he shared the video. HE broke the law. Bri is fucking moron, but that doesn’t mean she is to blame for someone else’s ILLEGAL actions.

      1. Well, obviously if she didn’t know he was recording it, that’s not her fault. I didn’t know that. Now I do.

    3. Um actually he recorded them Without her knowledge ! If she had known that there was a recording and trusted this douche not to release it than – Yes that would be stupid on her part. However this time around all the bad karma should be headed his way.

  5. So I unfortunately saw the blow job video too and I have two things to say:
    1) That was straight up the ugliest penis I’ve ever seen in my life. You might want to see a doctor, there’s something wrong with it homie.
    2) She kept asking if he was snapchatting it because the phone was in her face. I realize that snapchats delete themselves but is that really any better? “I didn’t know he was filming, I just thought he was taking pictures to post online” yeah I don’t feel bad for you, sorry.

  6. Your mom raised you to Hate all men Britney. Hey Roxanne, how bout tell your daughter Not to make pornos and this wouldn’t happen! I don’t think hes right either, but now his life is ruined with a felony. Lose /Lose on both ends.

    1. Honestly regardless of your thoughts about Briana, she is a victim in this situation and it was brave of her to take this matter to the police. I hope it shows other women and men that just because you consent to an act like that does NOT mean you are consenting to the world at large seeing it.

      “His life is ruined by a felony” … that is because he committed a felony. He consciously made the decision not only to film it (if it was done without her consent), but also post it online and try to sell it for money. That is disgusting and he must have known how ethically wrong that was.

      1. Amen! It’s amazing all these negative comments are all coming from WOMEN! Please ladies, let’s stop slut shaming each other. We’ve all made mistakes most of us were just fortunate enough not to be in the public eye. It’s about time women began working on changing their attitudes toward each other, it’s just sad.

  7. i never liked Briana, or her family. Briana acts like a sweet, innocent girl but to me she seems like a sneaky, lying, double-faced twat. always whining about not being treated like an adult (while being a pregnant teen, of course), but she pretty much enjoyed acting like a baby. i bet her mom still to this day wipes her ass.

    on another note: i get that normally an average 20-something boy is not necessarily interested in teen moms so it’s really difficult for them to date normal guys. but please… why is it that almost all baby daddies and new boooooyfriends have a criminal record? i mean come on… these girls must be desperate as hell or dumb as shit, or both, or i don’t know…

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