EXCLUSIVE! Fathers of ‘Teen Mom’ Stars Farrah Abraham & Catelynn Lowell Brawl Over Behind-the-Scenes Drama!

"Ohhh no you did NOT!"
“Ohhh no you did NOT!”

Farrah Abraham recently retweeted her way back into a feud with her Teen Mom OG co-stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra, and now the girls’ fathers are jumping into the brawl! Although Catelynn and Farrah hugged it out and made amends last summer while filming the Couples Therapy “All-Star Reunion,” their feud is back on after Farrah retweeted some mean comments about Cate and Ty, and called Catelynn “white trash” on this week’s aftershow.

The Ashley can reveal that there was additional drama on-set while the ‘Teen Mom OG’ girls were in New York City last weekend filming the Season 5 reunion. It appears that Farrah’s father, Michael Abraham may have made some  not-so-kind remarks to Cate and Tyler while on set.

It is not known (yet) what Michael allegedly said but it certainly angered Catelynn’s father, David Lowell!

In a series of Instagram posts (that have since been deleted) David expressed his unhappiness with Farrah’s father.

“I hear Mr. Abraham likes to run his mouth to my kids!” David wrote in the caption of a photo that showed off his ripped body. “That might just be a huge mistake!”

In another post, David expressed that he may have to get involved if he sees Michael attacking Tyler and Catelynn again.

“He stepped over the line,” David said of Michael. (He also said some other stuff that The Ashley is not going to post here.)

David, who did not attend the reunion taping in NYC, deleted the posts within 24 hours.

"Feud officially back on!"
“Feud officially back on!”

According to one of The Ashley‘s sources, the reunion is going to be incredibly juicy. Catelynn’s mom, April, supposedly got into it with Michael and Farrah’s mother, Debra Danielsen during the reunion taping. Catelynn and Tyler kept it classy, the source said, and did their best to stay out of the drama.

In a series of social media posts made by Deb before she arrived in NYC, she made it clear that she intended to confront Catelynn and Tyler about the negative things they’ve said about Farrah.

In the past, Michael has been less-than-kind on social media to his daughters’ co-stars. In February, he defended Farrah by pointing out the faults of the other ‘Teen Mom’ girls.

“The other ‘Teen Moms’ are not perfect,” Michael wrote. “Currently one just had a child out of wedlock [He’s referring to Catelynn]… Another just got pregnant with a boy friend out of wedlock [Maci]… There is nothing illegal doing a adult video and Farrah is NOT filming any more. Farrah not perfect but she is a successful business woman…”

The Ashley is crossing her fingers that whatever went down between Michael and Catelynn and Tyler was caught on camera so we’ll get to see it all go down!

The ‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 5 reunion is set to air in June.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Michael Abraham is an asshole deluded appeasing moron, hope your reading this mikey!!!! Your a grade a twonk, your ex wife is a hypocritical bitch, your daughter is a mouthy nasty vile ugly fucking whore abs your granddaughter is a satanic spoiled rude little bitch who needs a hard fucking smack or 3
    Your a horrible shameful family hiding behind this Christian religion, your a fucking disgrace very religious ???? Yeah right coz their the worst kind of stupid, you need to be ashamed of what you dragged up! Kids are a reflection of their parents up bringing
    Mtv should be ashamed of having you bunch of misfits on their show, and scary thing is you, den and Farrah are allowed to vote!!!!! Your all including that ugly little C***t Sophia a waste of oxygen

  2. All that really needs to be said is Farrah is an idiot and a huge cry baby who feels sorry for herself. No wonder the other girls don’t like her

  3. farrah really does think she’s perfect. idk why her dad would even want to defend her when she won’t even call him dad and has done nothing but treat him like crap for years. baffled as to why, if she made the porn and paid the guy to be in it, she would Choose to use the backdoor and Name it that! is that her deluded way of justifying it as not actually sex? can’t wait for the poetic justice that will be sophia saying shut the f*** UP FARRAH! esp since she’s all mommy this and mommy that, u’d think she’d get how hurtful that was to her dad

    1. Lol seriously Mykole stop enabling your bratty daughter who has never had an ounce of respect for you

  4. The way Deborah Farrah Mom looks like. She has to be on some kind of drugs. She needs makeup. Farrah needs more plastic surgery on her face lips for sure. I consider Farrah to be white trash she’s the one to make porn movie”s. & Sex toys. To me she is one fine lady. Not Catlin & Tyler gave her baby up for adoption. You might as well say Farrah did to so she could study. I wonder who watch her child when she was making X _ rated movies. I’m sure that you don’t need schooling for that.

  5. I don’t blame the other teen mom’s not wanting Farrah on Teen Mom cause they don’t want to be associated with a Porn Star. Farrah must really not like herself much to think she has to do porn to make money. She’s such a business woman? She can get naked and do disgusting things on camera.

  6. for all we know all of this is staged. I don’t think the ratings are that great for this show. I think most people are over these over aged ‘Teen Moms’ being able to continue to coast. Making zillions of dollars, because they ran around with no supervision when they were teenagers, and really did nothing with their lives since. What has Cate and Ty done since since 2009? That is six years with no child to raise, and all the money in the world to finish college with no outstanding students loans. They are trash, they smoke pot, drink, smoke cigarettes, didn’t finish college, I don’t think either went more than one semester, they are lazy losers, all the money and fans in the world will never change that.

  7. The issue initially wasn’t that she did porn but that she was trying to act like it wasn’t porn, it was a sex tape that unintentionally got out. All that she really needed to do was admit she did it and admit she did it for money!! The part that frustrated me was that she was trying to act all innocent and pretend she didn’t do it intentionally. It’s her own right to do whatever she wants but at least admit it, don’t act like everybody is being so mean!! That’s all! You do what you want but don’t act like you’re better than the other girls!! You’re not! I feel bad for Sophia and how she’ll be judged by her mom or she’ll think she needs plastic surgery like her mom to be beautiful.

  8. its funny how Farrah’s dad talks about the other girls having kids out of wedlock yet his daughter has a kid out of wedlock n filmed herself having premarital sex lmfao they are all fucking stupid her whole family they don’t have a keg to stand on in the argument ! From sex tapes to domestic abuse they need to shut up !

    1. Farrah’s sister Ashley has a kid out of wedlock too.

      So they are talking out both sides of their mouths, they hypocrites.

      A nice Christian family they are NOT.

  9. Why won’t you post what he said? If Michael or Farrah said it, you know it would be plastered here. Catelynns dad annoys me. She admits she he didn’t have much to do with her he shouldn’t act like father of the year.

    1. @Rachel: The only reason I didn’t is that it was threatening in nature, and he obviously regretted posting it since he deleted it. – The Ashley

  10. Who the hell is Farrah to judge anyone. All she ever does is run her mouth and be two faced. Who cares if Tyler and CateLynn had another baby at least they are financially stable. Farrah Is the most disrespectful ungrateful person I’ve ever seen.

  11. I love when Farrah runs her big fake mouth. She’ll never win an argument because she doesn’t have a leg to stand on! She’ll always be the trashiest of them all; everyone should just point and laugh! I cannot wait for the reunion now, thank you The Ashley!

  12. I would really love to know the name of the severe mental illness(es) Farrah and her parents have. None of them make ANY SENSE whatsoever when they talk. Mikuhl points out that two TMOG girls are having children out of wedlock, but that doing porn isn’t illegal. SAME IS TRUE for having children “out of wedlock”, you f-ing dumbass!! These people piss me off so much. Seriously, they all have some sort of mental deficiency but instead of just shutting up and keeping their thoughts to themselves they insist on speaking up and making themselves look more insane with every passing year!

    1. He is a complete hypocrite ………i believe Farrah was not married to Sophia’s father either when she got pregnant nor while he was alive when she was pregnant and she wasn’t with him before he died. Also doing porn is probably the most trashy thing any of them have done ever . I wonder if her parents have seen her adult film and are proud of her taking it up the ass for money? as the saying goes “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stone’s.Caitlin and Tyler just go to show that just because you have a crappy childhood/home life growing up ,you can break that cycle of deprivation and rise above it through hard work and determination making good decisions and learning from their experiences. Farrah on the other hand appears to have been nothing but a spoiled little brat who showed little or no respect to her parents or herself and just goes to show that even if you are brought up with wealth and by married parents it doesn’t prevent you from being a total fuck up and money cannot buy you class. And while i’m at it calling Farrah a business women is the most ridiculous comment yet, because if you have sex for money in my eyes that makes you little more than a prostitute.I really hope her parents engage their brains before opening their mouths and criticizing others in future because non of them are exactly setting a fine example are they.

      1. I absolutely agree! Farrah is the product of “said marriage,” and she is horrible!! I get that porn isn’t illegal, but where did their Christian values go? Where did wanting to go to Heaven go? Her mother talked a lot about their strong faith and being Good Christians… What happened?
        The whole thing is so sad and pathetic. Beauty only runs skin deep, these people have the ugliest of hearts and their little baby Sophia, I hope she grows up nothing like them. Unfortunately, dysfunction breeds dysfunction.

        1. Michael probably watches it often, cheering Farrah on while she takes it in the butbut while chanting ‘get that money!’

  13. Farrah’s whole family is crazy. Catelynn and Tyler’s family has problems too but they didn’t start this war with Farrah and her parents. Farrah is the one that runs her mouth constantly and talks out of her ass (when it doesn’t have James Deen’s d*ck in it). Catelynn and Tyler have done nothing defend themselves against her. Catelynn was actually the one that had enough class to try and end the drama at The Couples Therapy reunion by giving Farrah a hug and telling her that her daughter is beautiful. Farrah needs to get away from her parents and get serious mental help. That woman is seriously very screwed up and I’m at a point where I actually feel sorry for her. I think she is very lonely. She doesn’t have any friends and she can’t stand her family. I think she feels like she needs fame to make herself feel important.

  14. You don’t defend someone by putting others down. With parental examples like Farrah’s, it’s no wonder she is the way she is

    1. So true. The really fucked up part is Sophia is stuck in with these wackos. The poor girl doesn’t have a fighting chance. My only hope is that she has enough of her dad in her that their horrible parenting skills won’t ruin her (assuming he was a decent person). Otherwise, she is screwed and, in 15ish years, people will be saying the same shit about her that they do about Farrah. That poor, poor baby.

      1. Supposedly Sophia’s dad was on drugs and messed up himself, so really Sophia has no chance given her genetic background and her environment. I know this isn’t about him, but I always feel bad for Jace, too. If these kids don’t turn out to be serial killers or giant meth-heads I will be shocked.

  15. I watched the episode where they did their after show chat right after Farrah was announced as returning. Farrah, ON CAMERA, called Catelynn trailer or white trash. I felt it was totally uncalled for.

  16. What is there to be proud of Farrah being a “successful” business woman from doing porn! Her and her family are delusional human beings. Poor Sophia, she may be financially taken care of but her family is filled with some horrible people with no morals other than the view that selling yourself for $$$ is okay. I dont think the other 3 ladies are perfect but i can relate more to them and what they go through as they seem to be much more genuine.

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