Sixth Season of ’16 and Pregnant May Include Girl Pregnant with Quadruplets (Report)

16-and-pregnant-season-6By Holly Rasmussen

The next season of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant may be the craziest one yet!  Starcasm is reporting that the upcoming sixth season will feature an 18-year-old who found out she was expecting quadruplets. The young mom, who hails from Texas, first found out she was expecting triplets in February. Then in March, the teen (who is a twin herself) went to a doctor’s appointment, where a fourth heartbeat was confirmed.

However, tragedy soon struck. Starcasm is reporting that since that time, the girl has lost two or more of the babies. The website reports that she posted on her Facebook page about the tragic loss. On the social media site she said she lost the babies due to “vanishing twin syndrome.” Wikipedia describes a vanishing twin as when, “a fetus in a multi-gestation pregnancy dies in utero and is then partially or completely absorbed by the other twin.”

The girl and her boyfriend have been together for a long time, according to Starcasm, and the girl currently lives at her mom’s house.

If this girl makes it on the show, it will be the first time a girl featured on ’16 and Pregnant’ has ever dealt with the loss of a baby. Several other episodes have dealt with the loss of the baby’s father, but never a baby itself.

As The Ashley previously told you, the new season of ’16 and Pregnant’ will follow a same format to MTV’s Teen Mom.  Instead of each episode focusing on a different girl, the new season will follow the story of only four girls. They will follow them through their pregnancies, births, and a few months post-birth.

In January, MTV’s Programming President Susanne Daniels told The TV Page, “We are retooling ’16 and Pregnant.’ We have decided to try something new. We find that the ‘Teen Mom’ ratings build over the course of the season as people get invested. So, we thought, ‘Let’s just look at that with ’16 and Pregnant’ and see how it goes.”

You just keep pulling us back in don’t you, MTV? The air date for the new season has not yet been released by MTV. The Ashley will continue to update you as more info becomes available, including the identity of the other girls.


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  1. Really? Everybody’s all excited for such an “interesting story” and nobody’s stopping to think about what it must be like for the poor girl to not only lose one or more of her babies, but on national television.?! Same thing for Mackenzie, I never really liked her segments that much, but if she did have a miscarriage nobody should be quizzing her about it on tv, it’s her own private business.

  2. @Ashley with all due respect, how would you know if Mackenzie got pregnant again on purpose to just to be on the show?? She is not going to admit to that, so how you can say whether that’s true or not?

    1. @Pat Brown: Mackenzie was not working with MTV at the time of her first pregnancy. While I can not speak for Mackenzie on whether or not she got pregnant again on purpose, I can say that MTV was not working with her before her pregnancy with Gannon, which is what another commenter suggested. From what I hear, MTV did not even know about her first pregnancy. -The Ashley

      1. I think after the first 16 and pregnant aired, all bets are off. No one can say what the real motives were for any of the girls after the first season aired. I would venture to say that most of the girls that were aired, got pregnant on purpose to be on the show. There is no way to prove that’s true OR prove it’s not true. But just going by the fact that MTV has glamorized being pregnant as a teenager it’s a very safe bet!

        1. I’ve always figured that the girls who would get pregnant to be on the show are the same ones who’d get pregnant on purpose to try to make their boyfriend stay with them or because they think that a baby will fill the void in their life and love them or something anyways.

    2. Had she been working with MTV prior to her pregnancy with Gannon it would probably be suspicious. But The Ashley confirmed me earlier that was just a rumour. I think she just simply didn’t use protection as she admitted herself that as a cheerleader she was afraid of gaining weight. And Josh doesn’t seem like the let’s-think-of-the-future kinda guy either 😀

  3. how about Mackenzie? i’ve heard they were filming her for a previous season but tragically her baby died. then she deliberately got pregnant again to be on the show. is that true?

    1. She did have a late term miscarriage before Gannon and she supposedly got pregnant the second time on purpose, but I never heard anything about her filming before.

    2. @Visulenia This is not totally true. News of Mackenzie’s first pregnancy was broken on this site. She did NOT get pregnant again to be on the show. That is a rumor. But she was, indeed, pregnant before Gannon and had a late-term miscarriage. -The Ashley

      1. Thanks for the info Ashley! 🙂 Good to hear she was not one of those girls who only got pregnant to be on the show 😉

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