CONFIRMED! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Corey & Miranda Simms are Expecting a Baby (Updated)

Are congratulations in order for the Simms family?
Are congratulations in order for the Simms family?

UPDATE: The Ashley can confirm that this is  very true!

There’s  yet another Teen Mom baby on the way! Just a few months after Teen Mom 2 stars Jo Rivera and Vee Torres announced that they were expecting their first baby together, In Touch Weekly broke the news that another ‘TM2’ dad, Corey Simms, is also about to become a father again.

The magazine states that Corey and his wife of nearly two years, Miranda, are expecting a baby this winter.

“It’s a dream come true,” the magazine’s source squealed. “They’d been trying to get pregnant for a long time.”

This will be Corey’s third child and Miranda’s first. Corey has five-year-old twins with his ex-wife, Leah Calvert.

Corey, Miranda and the rest of the Simms gang have yet to publicly comment on In Touch’s report. However, on their private (joint) Facebook account, they announced the news last night in an adorable way! The Ashley managed to get her hands on the adorable announcement!

Corey and Miranda posted this on their Facebook page last night.
Corey and Miranda posted this on their Facebook page last night.

For those of you keeping track at home, Corey was one of the last dads from the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise to have another child. Jo Rivera’s girlfriend is currently pregnant, and Adam Lind welcomed his second daughter in 2013. (Jenelle Evans’ first baby daddy, Andrew Lewis, reportedly had another child a few years back as well.)

As for the ‘Teen Mom’ crew, dads Gary Shirley and Tyler Baltierra each recently welcomed their second children. That leaves ‘Teen Mom’ star Ryan Edwards as the only ‘Teen Mom’ franchise dad to only have one child.

This will mark the first time that one of these ‘Teen Mom’ dads has waited to be married to have their second child. (Progress, y’all!)

Corey’s ex, Leah, has yet to comment on the baby news.

Congrats to the Simms gang!

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  1. Corey is the only one out of the whole bunch that isn’t a bonafide loser! Congrats to him and Miranda!

  2. aw this is so great! Corey deserves so much happiness after all that crap lunatic Leah put/is putting him through

  3. This is amazing I wish them luck and to Joe and Vee as well. I already know that Kaylyn will start to freak out because her son will have to go back and forth and be the only one not living with mom and dad and Leah will trip because now she can’t go back to corry and his new child will have the family that she keeps wanting and hers has fell apart. Sad but karma

  4. Corey is a great dad. I’m very happy for them both. I hope he gets that boy he’s always wanted.

  5. I love Corey and Miranda,i wish them the best and hope that everyting go’s well for them.Corey is a great father and Miranda is such a lovely girl,they’ll be great parents.

  6. So happy for Corey and Miranda! They seem like such a great couple and I’m happy for them, and Ali and Gracie! I’m sure Leah is flipping out….

    1. I give it a day before Leah puts out another vague, Corey wants me still, and doesn’t want the baby or its not really is bs comment.

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