‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Mackenzie Douthit Begs Fans to Donate to Her Breast Implant Fund

Mackenzie needs your help to get her boobs!
Mackenzie needs your help to get her boobs!

File this one under: “Now that’s just embarrassing” and “Next stop- sex tape!”

Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie Douthit wants bigger boobs—and she wants her fans to pay for them!

Mackenzie, who we first met on the fourth season of 16 and Pregnant, has set up a fundraising page on the site MyFreeImplants.com. {Who knew there were so many boob-hungry, moochy people that they needed to create a website for this kind of thing?} The site describes itself as “a social networking website that provides a fun, safe, and debt free alternative to expensive breast augmentation loans.” Girls set up profiles and then interact with the people  creepy men who donate toward their “cause.”

Donors receive “photos, videos, messages and everlasting gratitude in exchange” for their money.

Raise your hand if you think this is creepy?

Anyway, TMZ broke the story that Mackenzie was trying to get free boobs. The site claims that Mackenzie, who has recently begun to do fitness modeling, “feels going under the knife will make her body ‘more proportionate’ and help her take home gold at fitness and bikini competitions. She’s looking to upgrade to a full C cup.”

In a recent YouTube video post, 4-foot, 10-inch Mackenzie claimed that she weighs between 94-102 lbs.

The site arranges the girls’ surgeries after the money is raised. TMZ states that Mackenzie has selected Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Dr. Neal Handel to do her surgery once she has the funds. So far, however, she has only raised $20 of the needed $5,000. The Ashley was unable to locate Mackenzie’s profile on the site, so that’s probably why.

In the past, Mackenzie has spoken out about wanting to get breast implants, but stated that her husband, Josh Mckee was against it.

“Josh says he likes them the way they are and NO WAY can I get a boob job,” Mackenzie tweeted last August.

As The Ashley previously told you, Mackenzie and Josh have been having “problems” in their marriage. Mackenzie’s manager (the same woman who was managing Farrah Abraham at the time of her infamous sex tape scandal  is the one behind Mackenzie’s frequent appearances on TMZ. The manager tends to lean toward promotions and gigs in the adult industry (which is why her other client, Mama June from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, recently appeared at a strip club!} It’s not surprise that Mackenzie is seemingly now going down the plastic surgery/sexy time promoting route that Farrah did.

Mackenzie has yet to announce her boob fundraising page on any of her social media accounts.

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  1. Maybe it’s just me, but every picture I see of her, she has no waist. She’s thick around the middle, with a bit of a protruding stomach.

    Anybody else see that?

    Boobs aren’t going to help.

    1. I have taught about it and people should not give any money to her.This is ridicoulus.Give your money to people who really needs money for food or for medical issues,but not for a boobjob.Pay for your own boobs sister!And btw Mc.Kenzie is a beautyful girl,why does she want to change herself?.

  2. Maybe if she let herself gain a teeny bit of weight like maybe 10LBS she might have some boob. She works out too much and is starting to look nasty.

  3. Why do women get boob jobs? I don’t care how small your boobs are. Fake boobs look ridiculous. She could use that money for her kids college fund but she is going to use it to put silicone in her body for selfish reasons. Stupid.

    1. Totally. I try not to judge people who go the plastic surgery route, but I wish we as a society would look from the inside out to be happier.

  4. Um…yuck. That has got to be the creepiest “charity” I have ever heard of. She’s 21-22 years old with two kids, I’m sure there is something better for her to spend her money on. It really seems like her marriage to the concussion king is in trouble too, which is sad but not surprising. He seemed pretty half hearted about marrying her.

  5. So, Mack wants a C you can “see”. Probably could use that money toward, I dunno, a car. Or, better yet, how about auto insurance for a decade.

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