‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans Turns Herself Into Police with Camera Crew in Tow: See Her Mugshot!

Jenelle turns herself in with her lawyer in tow.
Jenelle turns herself in with her lawyer in tow.

Another day, another mugshot for Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans.

The reality star, who had a warrant issued for her arrest yesterday stemming from a (very strange) fight with her ex-fiance/baby daddy Nathan Griffith, turned herself into the Myrtle Beach Police Department around noon on Thursday. Jenelle, an old pro at the book-and-release routine by now, was mugshotted and fingerprinted. She will then be released on bail.

Of course, Jenelle didn’t show up to the jail alone–she had her MTV film crew in tow! She is currently filming the sixth season of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ which will begin airing this summer.

The MTV camera crew is seen standing outside the police department.
The MTV camera crew is seen standing outside the police department.

The Ashley‘s source tells her that news cameras swarmed all over the police station, waiting for Jenelle’s arrival.

This makes at least 15 arrests for Jenelle in her short, 23-year life. (Her mother, Barbara Evans, can now buy one of those picture frames meant to house a kid’s Grade 1-12 school pictures, and fill it with Jenelle’s dozen-plus mugshots!) If you’d like to see the full Jenelle Evans Mugshot Collection, click here. (The Ashley would like to give a shoutout to whoever made this work of art!)

Her last arrest, which also took place in Horry County, was in February for driving without a license.

The Ashley has obtained Jenelle’s latest mugshot:

Strike a pose!
Strike a pose!

UPDATE: Jenelle’s bond hearing has been set for 4 p.m. today!

(Photos: Twitter, MBPD)



  1. Like I didn’t know that Janelle Evans would’ve beat up Nathan Griffith I’m so mad that she went to jail and I didn’t know that Nathan would’ve called the police on her and I didn’t know that Janelle would’ve turned herself in like that but she did the right thing!

  2. Instead of having shame. I guarantee you this girl is wearing “beating up ex” like a badge of honor. “See everyone, I told you I was a badass I beat up my steroid pumping ex” Normal people would feed shamed for having 15 mugshots. Not this narcissist.

    1. I would hate to see what you look like dolled up lol she has like no make up on at all- shes not in the slightest dolled up

  3. Bwhahah, I for one CANNOT wait to watch this crap on TV! Girlfriend is a sociopath of epic proportions!

  4. Wow pathetic lock her up and tie this girls tubes so she can never have kids again. Feel sorry for her mom yet another child she needs to take care of cuz jenelle is a sorry excuse for a parent yet alot a human.

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