Sneak Peek: Leah Calvert’s Alleged Drug Problem Highlighted in First ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 6 Trailer

Leah's alleged drug problem will be discussed.
Leah’s alleged drug problem will be discussed.

The Teen Mom 2 Season 6 premiere is still over a month away, but MTV decided to brighten our Mondays a bit by releasing the very first trailer for the new season!

And…it basically confirms everything that The Ashley has been telling you regarding ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars Jeremy and Leah Calvert and her (alleged) pill-popping habit.

The trailer shows Leah’s ex-husband, Corey Simms, confronting Leah about her problem, and Jeremy telling her that he’s unhappy with who she’s become.

“The girl I fell in love with ain’t the girl I got now,” he tells her.

We also see a very drugged-out-looking Leah looking like she’s about to fall asleep at a dinner table. (As The Ashley has reported before, this is not a one-time thing. ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast and crew members have been seeing this happen for a number of years now, unfortunately.)

“I’ve been accused of being an unfit mother, using drugs…” Leah says in the trailer.

As The Ashley told you last week, Leah is currently in a rehab facility (or she was as of a few days ago– The Ashley can’t confirm yet that she’s still there.) However, it’s likely she is still there, as MTV basically forced her into treatment by using terms of her contract against her.

After Jeremy announced that Leah had cheated on him with her ex, Robbie Kidd back in October, Leah initially refused to sign on for Season 6. She eventually changed her mind, and much of this footage was filmed during a period in which she and Jeremy were trying to make their relationship work. Obviously, this attempt failed, as Jeremy has since filed for divorce.

In addition to Leah’s problems, the new trailer also highlights the problems and struggles of the other three girls. For Kail Lowry, that means showing the escalating troubles in her marriage to Javi Marroquin.

“We are on the edge of divorce,” Kail says in the trailer.

For Chelsea Houska, Season 6 will show her developing relationship with boyfriend Cole DeBoer and her struggle to deal with her daughter Aubree’s father, Adam Lind, who vows to fight for more custody of Aubree.

And, of course, there’s Jenelle Evans and her ongoing saga with on-and-off-again boyfriend/baby daddy/fiance, Nathan Griffith. We’ll get to see ol’ Nate be hauled away by the cops, the terrible screaming fights between Jenelle and Nathan, and so much more!

Whether or not Season 6 will be the last season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ remains to be seen at this point. One of The Ashley’s show sources tells her that the cast members are pretty much “over it” in terms of filming and are ready to move on with their lives. However, nothing has been decided yet!

The cast will film the Season 6 reunion in July, around the time that this season premieres.

‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 6 begins on Thursday, July 9 on MTV.

Watch the full Season 6 trailer here:

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  1. That’s because ambers been in jail. Just give it some time. She is still the same amber.look at her with this new old man. OMG, those cheap ass eye lashes, enough already.

  2. I don’t know where he gets off bit meth is a drug took so he shouldn’t be calling the pot or kettle black


    1. Yeah, she’s certainly changed a lot. It’s not like she has 15 mugshots, still no custody, and was just arrested in the past week for domestic violence.

    2. You’re right. No one is perfect. But not everyone has been arrested 25 million times and had 150 billion boyfriends like Jenelle either.

    3. Of course she’s changed. I mean, she hasn’t been arrested in at least a few days now. And look how far she’s come with regaining custody of Jace. And she’s getting it done so quickly too. Yup, she’s definitely a different person now than she was a few years ago.

    4. True, she has changed. She has even more arrests, mugshots, ex boyfriends/fiance/husband/whatever, and kids she doesn’t raise than she did years ago.

      There is a difference in “not being perfect” and making the same damn mistakes over and over again. If you have a least an eighth of a brain, you know which one describes Jenelle.. (Hint….it’s not the first one.)

  4. Is there anyone else who has seen exactly zero chemistry between Javi and Kail at any point ever? Isaac and Javi, sure (I mean that in a completely appropriate sense) but Kail…not so much.

    1. I never got the feeling that Kail loved Javi. It always seemed like he was really into her, but that she was holding back, waiting for Jo. Then, when she seemed to realize she wasn’t going to be able to get back with Jo, she got with Javi half-heartedly. It seemed like she just thinks she settled for Javi. He does have a weird obsession with Miley Cyrus, but other than that, he seems like a pretty nice guy, and a good catch. She shouldn’t have married him if she didn’t love him.

      1. I don’t what it is but all these girls are getting married and have babies way too fast. Even though Chelsea annoys me, I respect her for not rushing into marriage or having another baby like the rest of these people. Her and Amber are the only ones from the Teen Mom girls that haven’t gotten married and/or gotten pregnant again.

        1. Don’t speak so soon, Amber is taking things pretty fast with that creepy Matt guy. Didn’t they get engaged after knowing each other like 2 months?

        2. but Amber is a real mess, she it she angry loser she always was. Can’t see that weirdo boyfriend purposely sought her out because he was obsessed with Teen Mom, he doesn’t work, doesn’t see his children. She is completely supporting him, she’s still drinking, she hasn’t changed at all!

          1. I disagree. I think Amber is doing a lot better than before. She just has weird taste in men.

  5. Damn! And I thought Maci and Farrah’s argument was dramatic. This season of Teen Mom 2 is drama’s wet dream.

  6. HOLY SH*T!!! That is a TON of drama! Needless to say, I will be watching. I always liked TM2 more than TM. Side note: I’m so so happy for Chelsea! I hope her BF is as good a guy as it sounds like so far. Maybe now she will have more confidence to discipline Aubree (and to forget Adumb of course!) Speaking of, F*CK Adumb. Seriously dude, just go away. You’re a piece of sh*t person and “father”. I sure hope the courts don’t fall for your crap in the custody hearings like they apparently did in your 101 hearings for DUI and reckless driving charges!

    1. Didn’t you read that story a while ago? Adam took Chelsea to court to gain unsupervised visitations. After being denied by the judge, the judge was informed that there was an active warrant out for Adam’s arrest and they hauled him from the court room right to jail. Not sure how he has any hope of ever gaining more custody of either of his kids.

      1. Oh yeah!! I forgot about that! Ok North Dakota (or was it South Dakota?) courts, more of that please!

  7. YAY, the dumbbells are coming back.

    Leah looks horrifically LOADED in every single scene of that trailer.

    1. My thoughts are with these 3 little girls. Their mommy is a druggie. Sad sad. I grew up the same with my mother and aunt being pill poppers. Except my situation wasnt all over television. How embarrassing this is going to be for them as they grow up

      1. Luckily the twins have Corey and his family.

        The one I feel sorry for is Addie. She, literally, was born because Leah knew she’d eventually bring in the big dollars in child support. If she’s with Victoria (Leah’s sister), Jeremy ignoring her for a some girl, and his family not really involved, she’s not in a good place, and I see a lot of trouble ahead for her. Even Jace is better off than Addie.

  8. I cannot imagine what these kids are going to think when their older and watch Teen Mom 2. I feel the worst for Jace who will see all of the other Moms worry about their kids while Jenelle only worries about herself. She makes her own struggles and continues to be a thoughtless when it comes to him.

    1. My hope for Jace is that he realizes the person who loves and cares for him the most has ALWAYS been their for him…


      1. You’re right. Even though I think Barbara is nuts sometimes, she has always been a good caregiver for Jace. Jenelle still has a lot of growing up to do. She is just too selfish and immature to be a mother. Her children should be her #1 priority and they aren’t. Her boyfriends are.

      2. yeah babs has always been there for him, but babs is a messed up parent too. she seems to provide some stability and not much else. all three of her children have major issues. she yells A LOT. i wouldnt be surprised if she gets physical. jenelle didnt just come out of the womb the way she is.

        i hope somehow jace escapes the miserable life every evans family member seems to live

        1. I agree with you Liz. Given his options, Barbara is Jace’s best bet. Doesn’t mean she’s perfect. The whole situation is incredibly sad.

        2. Barbara handles situations by screaming and that’s her biggest problem. She’s very high strung when it comes to Jenelle. I can’t say I blame her though. Jenelle has put Barbara through a lot of crap like ditching Jace to be with her boyfriends, doing drugs and stealing Barbara’s credit cards.

          1. Dude, if I were Babs I would have murdered Jenelle by now. The fact that she can even look at her daughter in the eyes without punching her in the face is a testament to Babs’ good character.

    2. Jace is always the one I thought would have benefited most from adoption. Janelle clearly never wanted to be a mom and it should have been explored more. He’s such a cutie and I always think how much better off he would be in a home where two parents really wanted him

      1. I think Jace is in good hands. Barbara takes good care of him. He’s probably going to grow up resenting his mother and father though. That’s sad.

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