‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Mackenzie McKee Reveals She Had Another Secret Miscarriage

Mackenzie is quite the Fertile Myrtle...Mackenzie McKee has come forward with some heartbreaking news. The former Teen Mom 3 star recently admitted to WetPaint that she suffered a miscarriage following the February 2014 birth of her daughter, Jaxie. Mackenzie, who is also mom to three-year-old Gannon, suffers from Type 1 diabetes and has had difficulties in all of her pregnancies.

“After Jaxie, I got pregnant again and lost the baby,” Mackenzie told Wetpaint. “That has been really emotionally hard on me because I felt like it was my fault … but my doctor said it wasn’t my fault. It’s hard not to blame myself, but if I could take away this pain, then I think we would have more.”

Mackenzie recently wrote a blog post about the depression she felt over the last few years, but up until now didn’t mention the miscarriage that took place during this time.

“I feel like it makes me stronger to talk about things instead of keeping it [in],” she added.

This was not the first time Mackenzie suffered a miscarriage. As The Ashley told you previously, Mackenzie had a pregnancy before she appeared on 16 and Pregnant and gave birth to Gannon. The 2010 pregnancy, unfortunately, ended in a late-term miscarriage. Mackenzie once revealed on her private Facebook page that she and her now-husband Josh had planned to name the baby boy Oakley.

MTV made no mention during Mackenzie’s ’16 and Pregnant’ episode that she had been pregnant once before.

Now 20 years old and having gone through two full-term pregnancies and two miscarriages, Mackenzie is not sure her body can handle the stress of another pregnancy. She has said that she and Josh would like to have more children, though.

“I’m just so scared to try and get pregnant again and lose another baby,” Mackenzie told WetPaint. “It’s really emotionally bad.”

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  1. Why don’t you work on fixing your marriage and raising your two kids you already have and I dunno…. Get a job?

  2. There sure are a lot of mean comments on an article about her having a miscarriage. That’s pretty sad.

  3. Wasn’t one of her biggest things when she was pregnant with Jaxie, that her doctor had told her she needed to have another baby right the or she may never have another? I don’t remember the specifics, but I know when she announced yet another pregnancy so young she had some kind of excuse like that. I guess that’s not an issue anymore since she’s saying they want to have a lot of kids.

  4. wow her publicist is working OVERTIME. First the divorce thing, the song she recorded, the boob job and now the miscarriage (which i dont believe, sounds like a publicity stunt)? Trying her hardest to stay relevant.

    This welfare case has had 4 pregnancies, and my 28 yr old married butt with a job has been trying 2 yrs for a pregnancy. Screw you Mackenzie. Throw your pity party else ware.

    1. Agree! If she really wanted to share her story with people,she would have posted it on Twitter or Facebook for free…she Sold this story to the tabloids. She’s been selling Alot of stories lately..makes ya wonder! 😉

    2. Don’t know if this is true or not, maybe the Ashely can clarify, but I read that she has the same publicist as Farrah had when she got the Back Door “gig.” I know this girl gets a lot of negative judgement passed on to her but I can see why somewould judge her negatively. In a short time frame she’s done interviews about her boobs, divorce, fitness modeling, depression and miscarriage. It’s kind of like a “boy that cried wolf” situation. The fluff stories make you skeptical of the serious topics such as this one. I do hope that she gets whatever help and comfort she needs or is looking for.

  5. Miscarriages are ever easy but at least she has two healthy children. I feel bad for women that can’t carry a child to full term. Mackenzie was successful twice. Considering she has diabetes, she’s lucky she was able to have two children.

  6. I wonder how soon after she had Jaxie because she is only a year old. They just need to chill and Mackenzie needs to focus on keeping good health

    1. Seriously!! Get your health in order, Mack! How many kids do you want and do you want them to grow up without a mom?

    2. Agreed she is young and has been pregnant FOUR TIMES. She really needs to get it together. She’s terrible at managing everything surrounding her health

  7. you’ve got a good 15-20 years left to reproduce, maybe find another hobby for awhile! there’s more to life you know!

    1. Wasn’t Mackenzie the one who pulled out her IUD by herself? I might be getting this mixed up, but one of the teen moms did.

      1. She was. (Although Chelsea stated that she “peed out [her] Mirena.) While that isn’t something I’d recommend doing, ever, she said it was because the hormones were messing with her blood sugar levels. Leaving her to then get pregnant again. Which also messed up her blood sugar levels.

  8. What kind of name is Jaxie? Some of these names that these girls are giving their kids are straight off the stripper pole. “Jaxie” (and “Nova”) aren’t going to look great on a resume in 22 years.

      1. And i don’t like the names Jenna,Julie….come on people,a name is a personal thing en it’s her prerogative to choose the name they like for there child.

        1. Yes, it is. But names are also the one thing about the child’s future life (at least until they can legally change their name) that the parent has complete control over. The lifetime of clerical errors for giving a boy a ‘unisex’ name when it’s on its last legs of being a boys’ name at all (a ‘Claire’ I knew born in the late forties); the frustration of a ‘unique’ spelling like “Aydynne” or trying to be clever with the “traditional” spelling of a non-English
          language (think people using the “Trjgve” spelling of the Norwegian “Trygve”, ‘correcting’ people that the ‘right’ pronunciation of ‘Caitlyn’ is ‘Kathleen’, etc.) or names that are just plain awful (My great-grandmother was named Melba. One of the first things she said after my mother said she was pregnant was “Don’t name her Melba”.) At first I thought people were overeacting to the whole “Jaxie” thing, then I realized that the combination of kids can be awful/the internet/anus about guarantees she’ll beg to use whatever her (hopefully less teasable) middle name is.

          1. Sorry, I have kind of a ‘thing’ about names. I’d say that some of by best friends named their son “Fenix”, but…yeah. No.

          2. Yes i understand your point.In the Netherlands we have “Melba toast”that are little crackers,and we eat them with different flavour spreads or creamcheese.But Melba is a pretty nice name for a girl imo.Mackenzie likes the name Jaxie,and it is painful when people say all these things about her child.

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