Drama Erupts at ‘Teen Mom 2’ Press Day: Jenelle Evans Complains About Co-Stars on Social Media

Jenelle tried to start an online catfight with her co-stars.
Jenelle tried to start an online catfight with her co-stars.

Jenelle Evans wants us to know that the cast of Teen Mom 2 is not one, big reality TV family.

Jenelle, along with Kail Lowry and Chelsea Houska headed to New York City earlier this week to do press and film after-show interviews for the upcoming sixth season of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ While the girls seemed to be getting along, with Jenelle posting photos of her and her co-stars having dinner together and appearing at a red carpet event, things seemed to take a sour turn today, according to Jenelle’s social media postings.

In a series of tweet-and-deletes, Jenelle hinted that her friendships with Kail and Chelsea are apparently for the cameras only.

Jenelle TweetThere was also this lovely tweet, which was also deleted.

jenelle evans tweetJenelle seemed to be upset that Kail and Chelsea posted a series of Instagram photos today that didn’t include her. (Yes, there are people who actually get upset about things like that.) Jenelle was also hosting an event at a night club in Long Island last night. Her co-stars did not come to that event, which may have added to Jenelle’s sour feelings toward Kail and Chelsea.

It appears that Jenelle left the press day early today, leaving Kail and Chelsea to do a photo shoot and interviews without her.

The press day (which is different from the reunion taping, which will take place next month) already had an awkward vibe to it, given that the show’s fourth girl, Leah Calvert, did not attend. A source tells The Ashley that the show’s producers OK’d Leah’s absence, due to her just having been released from rehab. (Oddly, though, Jenelle was made to do a press day shortly after she was released from rehab several years ago.)

“The network and the show’s producers are sensitive to Leah’s current situation, and know that bringing her to New York wouldn’t have been good for her right now,” a show insider tells The Ashley.

The new season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ premieres on Thursday, July 9! Watch some of the trailers that have been released for the season by clicking here and here!

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  1. I actually feel really sorry for Jenelle, and always have. I see her mental illness, poor upbringing, and addiction issues being exploited. She does try and fail most times. She admits to her wrongdoings and allows us into her real life.

    The real train wreck is Leah. She refers to rehab as therapy. She tries to hide all of her faults. She blames MTV edits for her mistakes when 90% of them are not even allowed to be aired. Her continued infidelity, drug problem, and poor parenting is often editted out to appease her. Jenelle was shown to be using heroin, smoking marijuana, getting in fights, and more. She is completely messed up, but she shows us the real her and attempts to improve herself. She does not look like a heroin user anymore which is a huge step.

  2. Of all of these girls, Kailyn is my least fave. Shes boring and downright HATEFUL. I fastforward thru her segments. Thats one mean chick.

  3. they are all losers all of them! They don’t live anywhere near each other, why would they even know each other let alone be friends? Just because they are on this train wreck show, doesn’t mean that instantly they would all be bosom buddies. Cancel all these teen mom shows, they accomplish nothing but making trailer trash famous!

  4. Jenelle, is let’s say, a bit unstable & volatile. She needs real rehab, sober living and 2 get her Meds adjusted. Her choices in men and decision making skills are still ” Addict Decisions “.
    I, 4 one, think Amber from the OG’s has taken her Sobriety seriously and she is amazing.. Janelle? Dry Addict drama.Yuck!

    1. Oh yes, Amber has taken her sobriety very seriously….let’s see….she hooked up with a guy from the internet who is 20 years older than her, had him move in with her after dating only a couple of months, he is also a “fomer” addict, but he still drinks, he has gotten her to think it’s okay to drink (so can she even really say that she’s sober??), he has an anger problem (since he seems to punch through walls), and he’s cheated on her at least once that she knows about. Oh…and I forget, has she been able to get joint custody of her daughter yet? No? How shocking. You would think that would be the first thing she would focus on instead of trying to marry the first dude that shows any interest in her after getting out of prison. Yes, she is soooo amazing and is taking her sobriety soooo seriously.

  5. An adult might get their feelings hurt but they let it go or move on. Jenelle on the other hand gets her feelings hurt, blows things way out of proportion, feels like everyone is out to get her or against her and then burns bridges faster than the speed of light. (Light from the computers and phones)

  6. Even though Jenelle is crazy as hell, no one can deny that she doesn’t look ten times better than she did from like the first season. She’s still crazy but she looks so much healthier

    1. I think Jenelle is healthier. She’s not (as) huge of a train wreck. I’ve always wanted to see her grow up and do well, which I don’t know if it will ever happen but I don’t get why people hate these girls so much and seem happy to see them do badly. She has a loooonnnggg way to go, but she does get arrested less 🙂 and doesn’t seem to be on opiates so that’s a step!

      1. Wait…how does she get arrested less? She just got arrested a couple of months ago. Is going 2 months between arrests supposed to be an achievment?

      2. Looking better on the outside has nothing to do with how rotten she is on the inside. She will never “get better” because being a vile, selfish, cruel human being is part of her DNA. So she is “hosting” parties at tacky strip joints..this makes her a better person/mother how??? She is a low rent (I know..how can you get lower??) version of Farrah now.

  7. I may be one of the few, but I don’t think MTV nor her PR had anything to do with it. If Jenelle’s patterned behavior has shown us anything in the last 5 years, she doesn’t need any prodding from anyone to act impulsively and a fool on twitter over something petty, delete it a few hours later, and then act like everyone is crazy if they bring it up with a smug comment like “if you only knew” or “lol you would know better than me right?”

  8. This all seems eerily similar to the cast drama from TM OG. They used to all get along fine and tweet each other, etc in previous seasons, now all of a sudden there’s drama? Yes things could have changed but this kind of reeks of publicity scheme. And Jenelle’s PR person is now the same as Farrah’s (which just happened in the last few months I think), so… guess we’ll see what happens!

    1. This was my same thought…she is basically turning into Farrah 2.0 and her skeezy looking pr guys is behind it. I am 99.9% sure the rumors of her and Sling Blade reuniting is to set up a sex tape being “stolen” from JE’s phone. I can see Nate going along w/it…he was an underwear model after all!!!!

      1. I’d LOVE to see what company he “modeled” for. Funny how now that he’s somewhat famous, no one has found it or posted any of his “ads”. What BS.

  9. This could be true but why is there all of a sudden drama with the Teen Mom 2 girls right before season 6 starts??

    1. It’s difficult for the moms to have “in person” drama when they all live in different states. TM2 promos, post show commentary shows/recaps, voice overs, and reunion shows are typically done with all of the girls in the same place at the same time, and fairly close to the season’s start date. Which means they are together in NYC…like right now, which is why it is happening so close to the start date.

      The timing is clearly suspicious, but it’s Jenelle. Drama follows her like a lost puppy (but not a really puppy….remember, she usually goes through those pretty quickly). I can’t imagine that the drama needed to be manufactured….she is Jenelle

      1. Yeah, I know Jenelle is prone to drama. I just wouldn’t be surprised if Mtv played a part in trying to instigate drama between those girls just like they did with Maci and Farrah on TMOG.

  10. But really, does anyone actually truly want to be friends with her?? They are co-workers and they’re just keeping it professional when they need to…..

  11. Aww when I saw the picture I was thinking the three of them look so grown up! Really healthy and pretty. Like young ladies, so different from when we first “met” them on 16&P.

    Then I read the article and remembered who we’re talking about here haha! No Jenelle without some drama!

  12. Jenelle, if you are in a different fight every day with everyone you know then YOU’RE the problem!

    1. in my opinion Kail may be crazy sometimes but she’s honestly my “favourite” if you can call it that. She has 2 kids, is going to school & seems like a really good mom(Isaac is no spoiled brat meaning she actually friggen disciplines him). She had no mom or dad or any real family member for support & still has done good for her kids. I hate how everyone praises Chelsea. She’s had so much support she could of done so much more but good for her for finishing school. Let’s be real though that lady if she still works for her seemed like a suck up to Chelsea. She say Chelaea could make her own schedule, so I wouldn’t be surprise if she never works weekends & gets all these perks she wouldn’t if she wasn’t on tv.

      1. I’m not a fan on Kail’s segments (I think they’re boring, not that that’s a bad thing), but I agree with you comment. It’s actually very rare to grow up without any decent parental figure and be a good, caring parent. Statistically, odds are not on your side as we generally mimic the behavior we knew growing up….our parents are the only people we’ve seen parenting! I think she has a lot of chaos with relationships (a trait she very well could have taken from her mom) but she seems to be an awesome mother to the kids!

  13. Not that I doubt that anyone would want to admit they are friends with Jenelle but I can’t help but think this is a strategic ploy by MTV for ratings, a la Macy leaving the show when Farrah came on for “drama”

    1. I completely agree. I was reading this and thinking it seemed like a ‘take 2’ of the press day on Teen Mom OG, with them seeing the preview clips for the first time and drama ensuing. I’m not saying MTV is staging stuff…but I’m not saying that they aren’t either…

      1. Either MTV is creating it or Jenelle’s PR people are telling her to start things via Twitter (similar to how Farrah, who has the same PR people, did with her cast) which gets her in the media more and more attention on her… just a thought!

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