EXCLUSIVE! Only Some ‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Were Invited to the MTV VMAs: See Who Was Left Out!

"Only some of these folks made the cut. I didn't even get an invitation and I'm Dr. Drew!"
“Only some of these folks made the cut. I didn’t even get an invitation and I’m Dr. Drew!”

MTV has extended an invitation to its Teen Mom 2 stars to attend the upcoming Video Music Awards– well, some of them anyway.

The Ashley has learned that not all of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast members were invited to the awards show, which is the network’s biggest of the year. While all of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls– Leah MesserKail Lowry, Chelsea Houska and Jenelle Evans— were invited, many of the other cast members were not.

The girls were informed last month that they were getting an invitation to the awards show, which takes place in September. They were also informed that the invitation was for them and them only– that means no boyfriends or husbands are allowed to attend. Many of the girls’ ex-boyfriends/ex-husbands were invited, however! 

All of the guys who originally started on the show– Jo RiveraCorey Simms and Adam Lind— were invited to attend the award show, but the invitations for show regulars like Javi Marroquin, Jeremy Calvert and Nathan Griffith seemed to have been “lost in the mail.”

The girls' faces when they found out they'd be attending with their ex-boyfriends...
The girls’ faces when they found out they’d be attending with their ex-boyfriends…

A few months ago, the Teen Mom OG girls were invited to attend the MTV Movie Awards. Three out of the four girls attended, and were permitted to bring their beaus (at least to the red carpet portion of the show). For whatever the reason, the ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls weren’t given the same luxury.

While attending the VMAs would be exciting, most of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls are saying “no thanks” to the invite. From what The Ashley hears, only Jenelle Evans is planning to attend so far.

Chelsea Houska is not going, and Kail Lowry and Leah Messer are still undecided, but considering that they’d be forced to attend an award show with their ex-boyfriends, it seems unlikely that they’ll make the trip. (MTV is not covering the cost of traveling to Los Angeles for the show, by the way.)

As for the guys, The Ashley hears that Adam Lind and Jo Rivera plan to attend as of right now! They will not be allowed to bring a date, however.

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  1. Nathan is going to get back with Janelle right before so she can at least take him to the after parties.

  2. Of course Jenelle is going. She hasn’t taken a trip/vacation in almost 4 whole weeks, she needs to relieve that stress and have some kid-free time.

    1. Haha, so true! Although I tried and was able to come up with a badly photoshopped-looking mental image of him superimposed over a red carpet crowd.

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