‘Teen Mom 2′ Season 6 Episode 5 Recap: California Dreamin’ & Custody Schemin’

Meanwhile, it the backseat...
Meanwhile, in the backseat…

The Ashley wasn’t going to recap this episode of Teen Mom 2, as she had gotten so behind in her recapping. (You can thank the two-days-a-week Bachelor in Paradise for that— well, that and The Ashley’s laziness.) However, once she saw the plot description of the episode, she decided that it would be a disservice not to capture this moment in time with a recap.

Anyway, the episode starts off in whatever house Adam seems to be crashing at for the time being. (It’s hard to find a place to live in between jail sentences, you know.) It appears that he’s living with his sketchy-looking friend Justin, and somehow he has Aubree with him, even though he’s not supposed to be with her without his parents present.

Aubree is clearly embarrassed by her dad's douche goggles.
Aubree is clearly embarrassed by her dad’s douche goggles.

Adam is wearing his aviator glasses (in the house, naturally) and using Aubree as a pawn in his game of custody cat and mouse with Taylor. He has Aubree leave Taylor a message stating that she wants to see Paislee. Since Taylor isn’t answering, Adam decides to take Aubree (and Justin) skating. They pile into their Monster Douche Truck and head to the rink.

Just wondering– what does this Justin character do all day? He seems to always be readily available to chauffer Adam around to various court dates, restaurants and, likely, pickle tickle meetings with random hoebags. Is he secretly Adam’s parole officer or something and MTV just puts a cap and some fake tattoos on him to make him look like one of Adam’s degenerate street youth friends?

"Seriously, what happened to my life?"
“Seriously, what happened to my life?”

Anyway, they go roller skating and Aubree throws a fit because she doesn’t want to be there. Adam seems angry that Aubree is messing up his attempt to look like Father of the Year, but he finally relents and lets Aubree leave the rink.

To kill time, he decides to once again have Aubree call Taylor to try to get her to let them see Paislee. Adam is basically feeding Aubree lines and you can tell that Taylor is none too thrilled that Adam’s using the kid to try to manipulate her.

Meanwhile, Leah‘s only stuck with one of the girlses, so she heads down to talk to her lawyer about the damn custody situation with Corey.

Is anyone going to explain this hat or...no?
Is anyone going to explain this hat or…no?

For some reason, Addy is all dressed up like the lady that makes funnel cakes at the fair. She’s wearing some sort of hairnet/bonnet thing that no one is explaining.

They go to a restaurant and Addy looks completley confused. (She keeps wondering where her can of raviolis is.) She starts having a complete meltdown for no apparent reason.

Funnel Cake Addy barely manages to escape going to time out and gets to stay while Leah and her KoolAid-streaked-hair pal talk about Corey and the custody situation. Leah claims that she wants no drama with Corey.

Did you ever notice that the girls who claim to hate drama are always the ones that are causing drama?

In Delaware, Kail is preparing for yet another girls-only adventure with her pal Sterling. Javi has agreed to watch Lincoln so that Kail can go have a “la dee dah time” in California and escape her marital trouble. Kail’s excited to leave but is worried that Javi’s gonna be a big ol’ baby as soon as she leaves. Javi claims that he only gets mad because he feels left out.

She heads to the airport and is determined not to allow Javi to ruin her time in California.

Um...did Trashbag Tori get thrown in the clink or something?
Um…did Trashbag Tori get thrown in the clink or something?

Finally, we check in with Jenelle, who is playing with Kaiser when some random chick named Krista comes over. Um…I don’t remember ever seeing this chick appear on ‘Teen Mom 2’ before. Was she recently hired by MTV? Did they do the appropriate background check for her to play Jenelle’s friend? (And by that I mean, does she have at least one to two criminal misdemeanor and/or felonies? Otherwise, it just isn’t believable.)

Jenelle tells Krista that Barbara has scheduled Jace’s parent/teacher conference at a time when Jenelle is in school and she’s angry. Jenelle says it’s imperative that she go to the conference and learn what a hellion her son has become. (Can’t the teacher just fax Jenelle an updated list each week of all the kids that Jace has stabbed/permanently maimed?)

Jenelle says she wants to be involved, but Babs is purposely trying to keep Jenelle out of the loop. Krista suggests that Jenelle be “conferenced in” during the talk with the teacher via Facetime. However, Jenelle is unsure if that will work. (After all, that would mean having to use her phone for something other than posting photos of her half-naked body on Instagram, and hawking weird teeth whiteners and waist cinchers.)

"I wanna be a real mom...and stuff."
“I wanna be a real mom…and stuff.”

Krista then asks about Jenelle’s relationship with Nathan which, shockingly, isn’t doing that well. Ever since the St. Thomas trip (when they, you know, got engaged), they haven’t been getting along.

Meanwhile Babs is going through her mail (“Ya know, just flippin’ through the latest Waaahlmart ads!”) when she discovers (conveniently while the cameras are rolling) a letter from the court.

“Juh-nelle’s takin’ me to chhhourt?!” she exclaims. The scene ends with a weird cartoon of a judge’s gavel splitting Babs’ skull open…or something.

MTV, you’re getting really weird. And I like it.

Meanwhile, in The WV, Leah is off to see her “laaaawyer” at the Little House on the Prarie cottage. She leaves Addy with her pal and heads up to talk about the custody case. Lynne, the lawyer, asks to be caught up. (At this point we aren’t sure if she’s talking about being caught up on how Leah’s hair keeps changing, or on the custody mess with Corey. Perhaps both?)

"I don't even understand why them youngins need schoolin'...what they need is more eyeshadow."
“I don’t even understand why them youngins need schoolin’…what they need is more eyeshadow.”

Lynne is confused as to why Corey wants the twins during the school week. Leah says it’s because she has been “tardy, or whatever” getting the kids to school but she has a real good reason for that, y’all.

“I do have trouble hearing an alarm to wake up, but I’m tryin’ to fix that issue!” Leah tells Lynne.

Um…perhaps stop taking drugs that knock you out for 15 hours on the regular? That could help with the alarm clock situation.

No joke, this was legit Leah's lawyer's face when Leah mentioned the alarm clock.
No joke, this was legit Leah’s lawyer’s face when Leah mentioned the alarm clock.

Leah’s lawyer tries her best to act like Leah’s alarm clock excuse actually makes sense. She explains that the custody judge wants the girlses to have a constant, stable presence during the school week. (They need to know when and where they’ll be gettin’ their Lunchables, y’all!) Leah says that the reason she’s being a sh*tcan mother is because that dern Corey Tyler is always breathin’ down her dern neck!

Back in South Dakota, Chelsea’s meeting with Aubree’s teacher to see if Aubree will be able to hack it in kindergarten. The teacher (who looks so young that she may actually be eligible to star on 16 and Pregnant herself) tells Chelsea that, while Aubree’s pretty smart, she still acts like a mini hooligan on the regular, which could be a problem.

However, she’s apparently much better behavior-wise than she was when she started at the preschool. (She must have been Jace-level bad back then.)

Chelsea’s pleased to hear that, but soon her happiness fades. Later, Taylor texts Chelsea to let her know that Adam used Aubree in an attempt to see Paislee.

The next day is Taylor’s court hearing with Adam, so Chelsea calls up Taylor to find out what happened. Taylor tells Chelsea that Adam took the stand, got caught telling lies, and told the judge that he never had Aubree call Taylor.

“Who knows what’s going to come out of his dumb mouth!?” Chelsea cries.

Terah kinda looks like Stifler's mom a bit, no?
Terah kinda looks like Stifler’s mom a bit, no?

Back in Delaware, Javi is playing Mr. Mom while Kail is in Beverly Hills. She, Sterling and Sterling’s mom Terah (not “Tara” cause she’s fannncy) are taking a private tour of LA to see all the sites. They hit Rodeo Drive, the Hollywood sign and all of the other LA haunts. The tour guide is putting on his best narrator voice during the tour. (He’s 100 percent going to be putting his appearance on this episode on his resume.)

Unfortunately, Kail’s fun is being ruined by Javi’s constantly texting. The amount of texts from Javi in Kail’s inbox is astronomical (and comparable to the amount of filler in the lips of Sterling’s mom.)

"Smile like you're husband's not blowing up your phone!"
“Smile like you’re husband’s not blowing up your phone!”

The next day, Kail and Sterling discuss how Javi ruined their “big night out” (i.e. going to the Grammys) by constantly texting Kail. This caused a huge fight between Javi and Kail. Sterling took Kail’s phone away because she didn’t want Kail to keep texting, but Kail explains that Javi is her husband and she can’t just ignore him. Apparently, Javi has been accusing Kail of being a bad mom and wife, and Kail declares that she doesn’t need a man.

MTV missed the boat here. This scene really needed some Destiny’s Child “Independent Women” filtering into the background.

Sterling tells Kail that soon enough people aren’t going to want to hang out with any of them because they’re tired of this story line.

Meanwhile, Nathan's busy diagnosing mental disorders...
Meanwhile, Nathan’s busy diagnosing mental disorders…

Meanwhile, Jenelle calls Babs to find out if she can call into Jace’s parent/teacher conference.  Babs couldn’t schedule the conference to fit Jenelle’s schedule and she tells her “daughta” that she had to schedule the conference on her day off from slinging deli meat at Walmart. Jenelle doesn’t seem to understand that concept. (After all, it’s been several engagements and a kid ago since Jenelle had a non-MTV job.)

Babs then brings up the “chhhhourt” papers that Jenelle recently served her. She tells Jenelle that she can’t see Jace because she doesn’t want him to “get upset” by it all. (Re: burn down the house in an act of confused rage).

Jenelle accuses Barb of holding Jace hostage when she gets angry. That spurs a nasty screaming match between the Evans gals, ending with Jenelle calling her mother “sweetheart.” (That just made me feel icky inside.)

Babs tells Jenelle that she’s not going to be involved in the conference because, well, she’s acting crazy. Babs hangs up on her “bitch of a daughta” and Jenelle continues to scream into her car phone. (She does not, however, cry in her car, making this the first episode this season–and possibly ever–that this doesn’t happen.)

"The baby's got the cough-and-cold and we're out of Mountain Dew!"
“The baby’s got the cough-and-cold and we’re out of Mountain Dew!”

Down in the holler, one of the youngin’ is hackin’ so Leah’s fixin’ to take her to the doctor. (And by “doctor” I mean the lady in the trailer park down the street who keeps aspirin in her cupboard.)

Leah’s sucking down an extra-large can of Mountain Dew while driving her sick youngin’ home. Aleeah’s cold has prevented Leah from taking Ali to her physical therapy. (Question: Someone had to stay with Ali and Addy while Leah took Aleeah to the doctor. Why couldn’t that person stay with Aleeah while Leah picked up Ali and took her to therapy?)

Aleeah, who is supposedly one cough from her grave, seems to be getting around just fine. She’s painting her fingers with nail polish with her sisters and running around. This gives Leah time to call up Corey to talk about the custody. Leah tells him that she is no longer considering giving him custody during the week.

Leah then brings the LOLs by stating that her home is just as stable as Corey’s. Corey, in turn, brings up the fact that the kids are late to school every day, and that Ali went without therapy today. Leah, of course, is tired of Corey Tyler bringing up these tiny details and accuses him of “judging her.”

Leah explains that she didn’t take Ali to therapy because Aleeah was sick. Corey says that poor Miranda trekked down to the school to pick up Aleeah, only to find her missing. Leah is gettin’ angry, and starts yelling that she’s tired of being judged.

"I'll get you for this, Corey Tyler!"
“I’ll get you for this, Corey Tyler!”

Corey accuses Leah of being “a fake ass mom” and Leah seems confused. She screams into the phone, which makes Corey bring up that Leah drops more F-bombs than Jenelle on a bender. He also brings up that the girls tell him that they hide in Leah’s laundry room because she and Jeremy fight so bad. Of course, Leah accuses Corey of lyin’.

Um…we can solve this by simply checking Leah’s laundry room. If we find any empty snack meat trays or grenade juice containers, we know that the girlses have been there.

The next day, Leah’s looking a bit rough, and she’s got her trusty pal Amber in the car with her and an assortment of kids. At Corey’s house, he and Miranda are discussing the phone call with Leah. Corey’s fed up with Leah’s excuses and inability to take responsibility for her actions. Corey vows to keep fighting for custody of the twins.

Back in South Carolina, Babs has finally allowed Jenelle to call into Jace’s conference. Babs answers Jenelle’s call and tells her that she was “late callin'” and that the conference is almost over. Jenelle makes the teacher repeat everything she and Babs have already discussed.

Jenelle, however, brings up the fact that Jace may have ADHD. How does she know that, you ask? Well, because Nathan, King of the Wetsuits, has diagnosed him, of course.

"Ya are all nuts!"
“Ya are all nuts!”

Babs says that Jace is not suffering from ADHD. His problem is being shuffled between Casa de Babs and Jenelle’s Madhouse. Suddenly, the conference turns into a screaming match between Jenelle and Babs. They seem to forget that Jace’s poor teacher is still part of this call.

Jace’s teacher has recommended that Jace stay in “charta” school (as Babs calls it) instead of attending public school. Jenelle pledges to find a “charta” school in Myrtle Beach for Jace, should he move down there with her.

Later, Jenelle talks to Nathan about the conference call. These knuckleheads are both shocked that the teacher didn’t agree with their ADHD diagnosis. Jenelle declares that Babs won’t have visitation of Jace once Jenelle gets custody, but Nathan actually talks some reason into her. He says it’s not right to withhold Jace from Babs just to get back at her.

I'm not really sure how I feel about a reasonable and well-dressed Nathan...
I’m not really sure how I feel about a reasonable and well-dressed Nathan…

Wait…Nathan’s being reasonable…and wearing a shirt with sleeves?! Is this Freaky Friday or something?

Meanwhile, it’s time for Kail to return to Delaware. She is angry that Javi ruined her trip. Sterling calls her to basically just bum her out and tell her that her mom is mad that Text Crazy Javi “ruined” everything for everyone. (Gee, thanks.) Kail is embarrassed that her marital issues are causing problems with other people. Sterling keeps making Kail feel bad.

“My mom put all this effort into making this trip great,” she tells Kail.

Kail’s on the verge of tears after hearing how crappy she made everyone’s vacation. She basically hangs up on Sterling before she’s able to say anything else. She immediately calls to bitch out Javi for driving a wedge between her and her friends (and their moms).

To read The Ashley’s recap of the previous episode of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ click here!

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  1. Has anyone dug up any info on this justin guy?? I’m dying to know who he is and why he’s suddenly always around…

  2. I can’t believe no one mentioned Chelsea dragging Cole outside to ‘practise our jumps’. It was so awkward and cringey, he looked like he wanted to run away and never come back. You can tell she’s picturing them doing that at their wedding.

  3. When Nathan talks in his weird soft voice, I always think of Marky Mark’s character in that movie Fear. I’m like, uh oh, he seems nice, but as soon as he’s alone, you know he’s doing some crazy sh*t!

  4. I’m typing about the new episode…

    I think this episode truly showcased how bad off Leah has gotten – we’ve seen it on FB, Twitter, etc. how nothing is ever Leah’s fault (defended by herself, family and friends), but this episode, especially the part where she’s talking to herself (MTV) in the car regarding how Jeremy just doesn’t get it, shows how little she is in touch with reality. I liked how Jeremy was supportive of her regarding treatment, but stood firm regarding getting back together with her. She needs this tough love from someone!

    Nathan is a sociopath – while Jenelle has never been a fav for me, Nathan is flat out creepy. In the next episode when he is laughing for no reason – would have grabbed my baby and run!

    1. I noticed how she said “he was never there, he doesn’t know” to herself in the car and was thinking about how she said pretty much the same thing about Corey when their marriage was ending. And in the sneak peak for next week’s episode she’s calling jeremy and you can tell she expects him to call the divorce off now that she’s going to rehab. When he says he wont, it’s instant tears and whiny voice. It’s like she honestly doesn’t think she does anything wrong and even when she’s caught she thinks she can get out of the consequences. I don’t know when to take her crying seriously anymore because it seems like half the time it’s not sinere, just a tactic to get her way.

      1. she just doesn’t understand the whole concept of working! it’s like she just doesn’t get that they weren’t out partying, they were working! she’ll admit something then dismiss it, saying, i need to work on it. ok, so what are u working on? she thought she was going to get him to put money in the account and come back, as if no one is ever going to really be done with her?

    2. Also I think Nathan was on something in that scene. Which is another reason any good mother would grab her kid and run, but Jenelle isn’t a good mother.

  5. What is Leah spending all that $$$ on if not drugs? I thought Jeremy made over 200 grand. Combine that with her Teen Mom $$$ and Cory’s child support. That is an enormous amount of $$$ to blow through. I don’t blame Jeremy for getting a divorce – cheating aside, I wouldn’t put up with that kind of reckless spending. They do seem to always be driving new vehicles.

    1. Did you see Mama Dawn’s new cherry red Mustang in the first or second episode. I wonder if Jeremy was paying on that too since he made the comment before about paying on all these vehicles. If he had two cars you’d think he’d say paying on two cars, not all these cars unless he’s paying on a fleet!

    2. With that kind of income, Jeremy could work for a couple of years and (if Leah didn’t spend through it) save it and then get a different job close to home. They could pay everything off, put some into rental property or other investments, and have a pretty good setup for the rest of their lives. Jeremy could get a job making an average living and be home more and she would have what she’s been complaining about since they got married. I imagine that even if Jeremy’s been working a lot, it’s only because he feels like he is on an endless earn-spend treadmill because of Leah and he can’t afford to work less.

      1. I think someone else said it here. Leah says she doesn’t get support, but how much does she think other ppl get? I work nights and my SO works days. A lot of ppl only get a few hours together at the end of the day or some other random time. It’s like she is stuck in high school and think ppl just hang out all the time. Nice thought but not realistic for most. Also what does she think military wives go through? Their husbands are deployed for God knows how long and many of those women are strong, raising multiple children on their own and working. And I would bet a lot of them don’t have a Momma Dawn around the corner.

        1. Yes, she has so much family around her not to mention an ex husband who would love any extra opportunities to watch his daughters. In addition she doesn’t work, doesn’t go to school, yet could still afford childcare if needed.

        2. exactly. I live in South Africa and my husband works in the DR Congo for 7 weeks at a time. I am alone with a 2 year old and have zero family or friends really in my town. He does it to pay our car, house, bills and support us. Leah doesn’t get that Jeremy is doing what he does to give them the best and she just blows through money, cries, whines and leaves her kids to fend for themselves.
          Completely true about her being stuck in highschool, she has o grasp of what being an adult is about. I am only 25, but I understand that we have to make sacrifces (ie him working away) to have a better life in the long run.

          Leah needs serious help

  6. Who’s the random friend Leah always has with her? Her supervisor to make sure the girlses are safe and not crushed in her hoarded mess?

  7. Kailyn’s friend was trying to tell her that she was part of the problem. But of course as soon as she gets off the phone with her, she calls Javi and puts 100% of the blame on him for “ruining her time” and “interfering with her friendships”. The way Kailyn and Javi fight reminds me how I fought with my high school boyfriend, when I was about 16. They both need to grow up and she needs to accept responsibility for herself and stop blaming Javi for everything.

    1. I agree. Like ya, Javi was being an ass and just kept texting and texting and texting. But Kail kept answering. She could’ve shut off her phone and just have fun.. or at least put her phone on vibrate or silent so she wouldn’t hear it! So, it’s not a problem that she’s mad at Javi, but she has to realize that she’s at fault as well by answering all the time.

      1. Kailyn is very aggressive and selfish. She wants to spend the weekends with her friends- what are her children and husband suppose to do? Sit at home? Being a wife & mother is not a 5 day a week job, it’s 24/7, 365. Maybe have girl’s night once a month or so.
        Also, why does Kailyn want Sterling & Co to go to Florida with them? I think she and Sterling are having an affair or something. Sterling is up in their business way too much.
        Leah is a mess. She needs intense, inpatient therapy. Corey wants to be there and help so she should let him.

  8. When Leah said she’s tardy for school because she doesn’t hear the alarm made me cringe. Girl, it’s because you stay up all night! Your girls don’t even eat dinner until 11 o’clock!

  9. Ok somebody help me out here. I’m waaay behind with TM2. Have them recorded, but have only watched til ep. 3 of this season.
    The picture or the girlses in the backseat, is that when stuff was falling on them and Leah was trying to defend herself by saying nobody can see out of their rear windows? Or is this a separate time? o__O
    This is separate, right? Jeasus god, Leah!!

    1. Pretty sure that’s a screencap of this particular episode…so different than the one where they wen to the cheerleading comp.

    2. Thanks all! Yeah that’s what I thought. So I guess it’s a common occurrence that the girlses live through mortal fear while in the backseat of their mom’s car… That’s terrible 🙁
      Oh and I swear I know how to spell Jesus lol

  10. Years ago on one of the reunion shows after Leah suffered the miscarriage Dr. Drew encouraged her and Jeremy to wait before bringing another kid into this world. Oh No!!! They were not about all that!! Jeremy had to impregnate this unstable thing immediately even though they were goin through all the medical issues with Ali. Welllllll…….. You get what u deserve Jeremy!!! Shes guna rob you blind in child support for the next 16 yrs!!!!!!!!! Sucks to be you! FOOL u should have known better. Sucks for your future family also bc they are going to have to deal with this pillpopping nutcase also. Goodbye paycheck! Hello empty bank account! Ps: get a cash paying job asap

    1. This is not what Jeremy deserves,he was notting but good for his wife and steph childeren.He is a hard working man and all he gets was crap when he comes home.I can’t blame him for running away from Leah.She acts always so innocent but she’s absolutly not.She’s sneaky and a liar and a druggie.
      I whis that Corey can have full custody beacuase he is stable and a good provider and he’s definitly the better parent.

      1. That’s what you get when you barely know a person….what person with a brain runs out meets someone, immediately proposes to her and decides within months they want to procreate?

        Same thing goes with Nathan and Jenelle.

        1. Genie my thoughts exactly. These guys were opportunists and they deserve what they get. Shoulda took it wayyyyy slower.

    2. i can’t even begin to understand your logic, or actually lack thereof. he’s not going to get what he ‘deserves’ – that poor baby is going to suffer and no amount of child support that she will ‘rob’ him from will ever make up for that. he definitely did not come off as NEEDING to impregnate her – it was actually the other way around. he is a hard working man who loves his child and loved his wife.. leah totally messed that up and he was beyond undeserving of that. you must still be in middle school – that’s the only way your comment and logic is almost understandable. almost.

      1. It takes 2 people to get pregnant. If you remember he proposed to her within months of dating and immediately jumped on board to start a family.

        who does that?

        this isn’t about him being a hard worker,this has to do with neither of them having brain cells.

      2. I’ve taken up enough space on this message board and I’m sorry:( i don’t mean to sound like a harsh bit&h with my comments(even tho I do) but their decision making just drives me nuts. I’m truly sorry for whom I offended:)

        1. Yeah, no one is arguing that they’re even check-minus level decision makers. You’re good there.
          Also, cue the people who flip out (dare I even say it-get offended) whenever the word “offended” is used. My facebook feed is full of people getting red-faced over people who get offended over unspecified things….and exactly zero people who are actually offended. You know, besides the woman from high school who heard her son referred to as a ‘n**let’ in Target. DRAMA QUEEN, AM I RIGHT?

  11. nothing’s ever leah’s fault. the one last night just added more “issues”. every time she’s confronted with something, leah says, and i have an issue with that: i have an issue with hearing an alarm, with spending, with being tardy, with depression and anxiety. i tell u what, if what jermemy was saying last night, that the account is $500 in the hole cuz his check goes in and it’s just “poof, gone!” leah would damn sure have a REAL ISSUE on her hands! she just doesn’t get his and corey’s jobs are back-breaking work, in freezing cold and 100 degree heat, and for her to just “poof” it is something no man, let alone a no-bs country boy, is going to tolerate. nor should they. and nathan needs to go straight to hell, as bad as jenelle is, he’s an evil POS!

    1. I did LOL when Nathan told Janelle shes just trailer trailer who hit the lottery!! So true!!! She should thank mtv big time!! But hes a pos too and has no room to talk!

      1. When I heard Nathan call Jenelle a sociopath my first thought was that he has been reading twitter. No way Nathan knows a big word like that and what it means 🙂

      2. he’s just jealous. he knows he’s no better and he’s saying all the things to her about himself. so jealous that she got this break and that for him to have any of it he’d have to be with her lol. he acts like he’s accomplished So much. like, u went to iraq ok, bonus points, but working for less than 5 years does not mean you’ve done your bit so u can retire now. he’s insane and she should RUN

    2. All I have to say is that when you get to a certain number of issues it becomes a subscription!

  12. Did anyone else notice during the Leah lunch scene that the reason why Addy was screaming was she didn’t want to sit next to her mother. Poor crazy hat child, I wouldn’t either! I also wonder where Leah found the Little House on the Prairie lawyer (definitely LOLed at that Ashley thank youu!!!)
    Also, Adam and his “friend” creep me out immensely.

  13. Please don’t stop recapping Teen Mom 2! They are so funny, and I like them way better than Bachelor in Paradise.
    Keep them coming, even though they come late – late is better than never.

    1. Right!!
      I don’t live in the States and we are beyond behind.
      I constantly stalk the Ashley’s TL for her recaps. Best!

  14. Betcha ol Chels wishes she woulda took Adam up on his offer yrs ago to terminate his rights! Oops!!! BACKFIRE

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