Exclusive Interview: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Talks About Her New Kids Book “Love Is Bubblegum”

Kail's new children's book was inspired by her son Isaac.
Kail’s new children’s book was inspired by her son Isaac.

UPDATE (November 17): Kail’s book has been released! Click the link at the bottom of this post to purchase Love Is Bubblegum on Amazon!

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry is about to release her second book. While her first book, Pride Over Pity, was an autobiography of her turbulent childhood and life before and during her stint on MTV, her latest book, Love is Bubblegum, is meant for the kids. Kail gave The Ashley the details of her new book, and talked about the backlash she’s been getting from some ‘Teen Mom 2′ fans because of it.

“It’s a concept book for kids describing love– what it is, what it looks like, how it feels,” Kail told The Ashley exclusively. “I got the idea from [my son] Isaac when he asked me what love was. I didn’t know how to explain in simple words for him.”

Realizing that she was having a hard time explaining the concept of love to her son, Kail recognized that other parents may be having the same problem.

“I started asking kids in my life what they thought about love,” she said, adding that the kids’ answers inspired her to put together a book.

“I thought it would be so sweet to hear the definition of love from kids and let the different perspectives come through for them to read in a picture book,” she said.

The hardcover book contains quotes from kids aged four to nine talking about what love means to them. Their ideas are illustrated by artist Fuuji Takashi. (Kail’s son Isaac is quoted in the book.)

The book is currently available for pre-order on Amazon and the Barnes & Noble website. It will be released on November 17. Kail plans to do a book tour to promote it, likely with Teen Mom OG stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra, who are promoting their book, Conquering Chaos.

Of course, no ‘Teen Mom’-related product release could be without controversy. Kail stated that she has gotten some negative feedback from fans already.

“I’ve gotten so much hate from the way I come off on this season [of ‘Teen Mom 2’],” she said. “Some people say it’s ‘ironic’ that I would do a children’s book on love.”

Despite this, Kail said she would love to release more books for kids in the future. (Don’t expect her to write any “erotic romance novels” a la Farrah Abraham any time soon, though!)

“I’m really excited about Love is Bubblegum,” she said. “I hope the kids are excited to see their vision of love in the book!”

Click below to order Love is Bubblegum!


  1. I wouldn’t criticize kailyn In til you lived her life. She has always been the most independent, and head strong, and every thing she sets her mind out to do, she acomplishes.

  2. I would buy it. And I’m very proud of for writing this book. It’s sweet, and love can mean so many things, beyond the true meaning of love. Love is seeing a child smile.. Best wishes Kali. Remember, haters are bullies who have issues of their own..

  3. Kail is coming along and I agree with the ACOA characteristics. She maintains OK when things are going her way but spins to wacky when things don’t go her way. Reminds me too much of myself at that age!

  4. I have no doubt she loves her kids, and seems like a great mother…its her relationship skills she seems to be lacking. Too bad her Mother didn’t read her this book as a child…hopefully she and Javi can come to some sort of resolution in their marriage and start modelling healthy relationship behavior for their boys.

  5. Kail is sort of the ‘reverse Chelsea’ to me. Fortunately, neither of them seems to have had any substance abuse problems, and seem to be good parents, although Chelsea has that awful baby voice (not a huge fan of Kail’s either, come to think of it). Chelsea had one of the best support systems of any ’16 & Pregnant’ girl, is bubbly (sometimes gratingly so), friendly, superficially likable-but spent *years* dragging her feet through GED practice tests and dropping out of cosmetology school while a frustrated Randy enabled her. You wanted to strangle Kail half the time, but after she burned her bridges with Jo’s family she had no real support system but was always working and making her way through school. And occasionally dating 7 ft-tall infants, but we can all just forget that Halloween.

    1. Kailyn is a classic “Child of an Alcoholic”. Fear of losing control, trouble with intimacy, denial, victim mentality and most of all Most Comfortable living in Chaos or Drama than in Peace. She needs to join Adult Children of Alcoholics Anonymous to get help or she will continue to seek chaos in her relationships and her life.

  6. Kudos to her for doing a children’s book. I love the picture on the cover and the title it’s adorable ! It’s very child friendly so far. I hope she gets lots of success from this book it looks adorable so far!

  7. I don’t like Kail but I will give her tremendous credit. She is the only woman who is going after her Bachelors Degree and if I’m not mistaken – she would like to obtain her Masters.

    I pride myself on education and a career, and think it’s very important for all woman to be independent.

    I’m curious how this book will do since the Author is a “Teen Mom.” But at least she is using her name to become an entrepreneur and using her success in a positive manner.

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