‘Teen Mom’ Star Butch Baltierra Gets a Major Post-Prison Makeover

R.I.P. Butch's Mullet
R.I.P. Butch’s Mullet

It’s been almost two weeks since Butch Baltierra, father of Teen Mom OG star Tyler Baltierra, was released from prison, but he’s already made a major life change. Last week Butch, who appeared on every ‘Teen Mom’ season except for the most-recent “OG” version, decided to cut off his trademark salt-and-pepper-colored mullet!

Yes kids, you read that correctly: Butch has cut off his mullet!

The Ashley will give you all a moment to regain your composure.

On August 13, Butch posted his plan to cut his infamous locks to his private Facebook account. He stated that it was part of his post-prison rejuvenation.

“It’s going down today, the big hair cut day,” Butch wrote. “Out with the old in with the new.”

Pre-makeover Butch
Pre-makeover Butch

If you’re wondering what happened to Butch’s long locks, he stated that he gave them to his daughter Amber Baltierra.

After shedding his mane, Butch posted to Facebook that he is now a changed man, inside and out.

“You’re lookin at a new and improved man,” he wrote. “Feeling like a million bucks.”

Butch’s makeover comes just in time to make him look extra-spiffy at his son Tyler’s wedding to Catelynn Lowell, which will take place this weekend. Tyler recently posted photos to his Instagram account showing Butch getting fitted for his wedding tuxedo.

Before his release on August 6, Butch had been serving a lengthy prison sentence for violating his parole a few years ago. He seems to be enjoying his freedom: he recently met his granddaughter, Nova, for the first time, and has joined Twitter. He appears to finally be trying to go down the right path for his family, and according to his tweets, is clean and sober.

“Living this new clean & sober life is the best decision I have ever made! No more distorted perceptions,” he wrote. “It’s been a long tough journey but it’s prepared me for the fight. I am not defined by my sickness.”

Tyler seems to be thrilled to have his dad back in his life.

“Dad I couldn’t be happier for you!” Tyler tweeted. “I love you & can’t wait for you to see the life you have been missing.”

“Thanks son, I love you & my new grandbaby,” Butch replied to Tyler. “Thanks for everything you have done for me. I know what real love feels like now.”

While The Ashley was quite the fan of the salt-and-pepper mullet, she must say that Butch is looking great! Keep up the good work!

(Photos: Facebook, MTV)



  1. Sure hope this sticks. He’s missed enough of his kids life, would be so great to see him stay out of the clink from here out. Proud of him!

    1. Don’t forget the neck tattoo. It might be a bit more difficult to remove than the mullet and stache, but it can be done.

      I’m so jealous of his daughter Amber since he gave his cut off mullet to her.

    1. I can only imagine one of those picture frames for k-12 school photos, his mug shots circling his senior portrait of sobriety and his rat tail gracefully trailing through the collage.
      Also Tyler’s sister sitting there holding the tip of it between two fingers like, “What the hell, Butch? Could you have at least washed it first?”

  2. Happy that Butch is going to be there for Ty and his family. Keep yourself clean and sober now. You have a second shot at life

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