Exclusive Info! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Arrested for Assault on Nathan Griffith’s New Girlfriend!

Did Jenelle commit a glass attack!?
Did Jenelle commit a glass attack?!

UPDATE #2: Jenelle was released from jail on Friday afternoon on a $500 bond. The charges against her have not been dropped, however.

UPDATE: The Ashley spoke to Jenelle’s rep, Johnny Donovan, who provided some more insight as to what happened. Johnny tells The Ashley that Jenelle is still behind bars and will be until tomorrow morning.

The incident between Jenelle, Nathan and his girlfriend went down at about 2:30 p.m. (EST) today, so it’s very fresh! It took place at the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, home that Jenelle and Nathan used to share. Jenelle was moving out of the house today, according to a source.

See below for Johnny’s statement on the so-called glass attack!

Well Juh-nelle! We see ya in jail– AGAIN!

It’s a story that The Ashley has written many a time: Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has been arrested (again) for assault (again).

TMZ just broke the story that Jenelle was arrested after allegedly attacking the new girlfriend of Jenelle’s ex, Nathan Griffith, with  a glass. (As you do.)

The site reports that Nathan returned to the home he used to share with Jenelle in South Carolina and brought his new galpal, Jessica Henry, with him. That, of course, angered Jenelle and she “came charging out of the house and threw a glass at the girl, striking her in the head,” according to TMZ.

The police were called after the glass attack and Jenelle was reportedly arrested for assault.

The Ashley hears that Jessica may have first poured water on Jenelle before Jenelle picked up the glass and hit Jessica with it, but that has not been confirmed yet.

According to Jenelle’s rep, Johnny, Nathan got exactly the response he was hoping to get out of Jenelle.

“Nathan provoked her,” Johnny told The Ashley. “That’s what he does, he tries to make her look bad and he succeeded today. That’s pretty much it.”

Johnny stated that Jenelle has been working really hard to avoid more drama.

“She’s been really focused. She just got a new house in Wilmington, North Carolina,” he said. “She’s trying to move away from the drama, trying to move away from Nathan. She’s been really focused and really positive, and then this happened today.”

Johnny couldn’t confirm or deny whether Jenelle really did hit Jessica with a glass, as TMZ states.

“I wasn’t there,” he said. “But I’m sure they had an argument and when you provoke someone, they’re not going to hold back and that’s it.”

The assault was not captured by MTV, as the ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls have completed filming for Season 6 and are not currently being followed by a camera crew.

For those of you counting at home, this marks approximately 16 arrests for Jenelle in her short adulthood. She’s been in jail twice already this year: once in February for driving without a valid license, and again in May for criminal domestic violence stemming from a fight with Nathan. (Both charges were eventually dropped.)

This time, Jenelle is charged with assault in the third degree and is being transported to the Horry County Detention Center where she will have a bond hearing, Horry County’s Lt. Raul Denis told local news station WBTW.

No mugshot is available for this arrest yet. The Ashley will post it when it is up!


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  1. This girl is pure trash. And entertainment had deemed this kind of SCUM to be role models. They pay for this kind of behavior. She needs prison time. With the people she’s accustomed to.

  2. But she’s CHANGEEEEED yall! Sorry but a tiger doesn’t change its stripes. I will give her credit, she’s SLIGHTLY gotten her shit together but not much. She still loves drama & still puts the dick of the week over her kids. She should focus on being a mother to her children instead of getting in Twitter fights, trying to make Nathan jealous, going out, getting arrested ect. Hopefully these charges stick, it’s about time Janelle face the consequences for her rediculous behavior.

    Also, who the hell is taking care of The Roll [aka Kaiser]?!?! Last I heard Nathan’s Mom has him constantly. So now that’s TWO of Jenelle’s kids being raised by their Grandmas.

  3. Jenelle will NEVER be able to escape drama because SHE IS the drama. So no matter where she moves it will always be there, she can’t escape from herself. This woman needs major psychiatric help, not enablers and mtv cash handed to her for being a train wreck. END TEEN MOM2

  4. Where was little Kaiser roll when all of this was going on?? Both of these 2 people are absolutley nuts. Normal people do not behave this way. As big of a douche is nathan is, he did not make her look bad. She made herself look bad by allowing him to get exactly what he wanted. End of story. She should have been the bigger person and walked away, that is what a normal adult would do.

  5. Remember when Gary provoked Amber? No one had any sympathy for her nor did they make any excuses or blame him.

    This is not jenelle’s first assault, both in front of her child/children or in general. She’s beaten other people by going to their front doors and attacking them. She needs real prison time. End of story.

  6. Well something in this article shocks me – she is moving back to North Carolina?!

    That’s actually a great decision. And then she goes and does this. That’s really, really unfortunate for Jace.

  7. “I wasn’t there,” he said. “But I’m sure they had an argument and when you provoke someone, they’re not going to hold back and that’s it.”

    I bet her lawyer is CRINGING at that. There is a reason they tell you to stay silent! But with Jenelle it’s drama first, common sense second (or not at all).

  8. Hey Johnny Donovan-if you’re going to work with Jenelle you need to brush up on the law, “when you provoke someone they’re not going to hold back and that’s it” even the the most casual Judge Judy aficionado knows that is not a valid excuse.
    But then again, the law has never caught up with Jenelle despite double digit mugshots in a single digit number of years, so maybe it doesn’t matter anyway.

  9. Nathan is a bad guy. He instigates, provokes, and is just a shitty person. Im not defending Jenelle in anyway at all, because we all already know how bat shit crazy she is. That being said…since we all know how bat shit crazy she is, why would Nathan bring over this new broad unless he was trying to provoke her. Why did the girlfriend have to come over there with Nathan? Why didn’t she just stay her ass at home? Why did they both just have to go over there when they knew Jenelle was home? There were ways to avoid any interaction or drama with Jenelle. Looks to me Nathans pissed his arrest episode is airing tonight, and he tried his hardest to make Jenelle look bad….and succeeded

    1. Nathan is very calculating. He knew she would freak out. That’s why he did this. Anything to get himself publicity. He makes me want to puke. He’s a disgrace. Especially having been a Marine. What a dishonor he has done to the Corps.

    2. Ooooo- that’s really interesting that his arrest episode is airing tonight, I didn’t even think of that. It definitely would appear he’s trying to get his revenge and get the headlines shifted to her bad behavior. I’m not excusing her actions either– they are both quite obviously dealing with mental health issues, but bringing his girlfriend over is absolutely an act of revenge. He could have brought anyone else with him if he needed help moving or wanted a 3rd party there in case Jenelle got out of control. He knew what he was doing, clearly.

    3. I agree. Nathan is a terrible manipulative person. Jenelle is emotionally unstable, although she does appear to be trying, but he was definitely trying to provoke her and she probably made it easy for him to succeed. What’s the deal with her current woman anyway? Why would she agree to being his prop in his messed up games? She needs to get away from him too!

    4. Yes, Nathan is a bad dude. Really though, he’s treating Jenelle the way Jenelle treats people. It’s not healthy, but my sympathy for her just isn’t there. She’s been so horrible to everyone around her, and it’s caught up with her. My only sympathy is for those little boys she’s popping out and putting in such toxic situations.

  10. Nathan just wants custody of the baby and fame of teen mom.u can see he is fake as f#ck..
    I would have done the same i think. :pp
    Out of all the teen mom dads i cant staand him and Gary.he aleays trys to make Amber look bad too like Nathan does with Janelle.

  11. Nothing is ever Jenelle’s fault. Keiffer injected her with heroin, she gets arrested for domestic violence because she’s defending herself, and now she’s being provoked. Must be hard being a victim all the time.

  12. I know Jenelle just graduated but I hope that isn’t a work uniform in the above pic? Who would hire her for ANYTHING medical?!? That scares me to think people hire others just like Jenelle and I’m putting my life and/or health in harm’s way if I get one of those types! Even if she never aired her life on tv her arrest history should be enough to never be hired in the medical field! I wouldn’t even want her cleaning my teeth!

    1. I’m really hoping those are her uniform scrubs. I have no idea if this is a standard practice, but at my school (I’m a nursing student in the PNW) the MA students have to wear their purple uniform scrubs to class every day. It’s worth finishing out the nursing prereqs just to score the navy ones you only have to break out for clinicals, lol.

  13. Yep, this is the Jenelle we all know and hate. She did a decent job trying to fool us that she’s actually a responsible adult/mother now but she’s not fooling anyone. Throwing glass at someone’s head is pure insanity. I don’t care how much someone “provokes” you. That girl could of died.

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