‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Released from Jail: See Her Newest Mugshot!

Orange is the New Jenelle!
Orange is the New Jenelle!


Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans Jenelle has been released from jail on a $500 bond after spending the night in a South Carolina jail cell following an arrest yesterday for assaulting Jessica Henry, the girlfriend of Jenelle’s ex-fiance, Nathan Griffith..

According to Starcasm, it was Jenelle’s ex-boss (and former mortal enemy) James Duffy who got Jenelle out of jail! (Yes, this is the same guy who, years ago, released nude photos he had taken of Jenelle.) James documented his “Jenelle jail break” on his Twitter account and even posted a photo of Jenelle and Nathan‘s son Kaiser, who apparently came to the courthouse. He had been staying with a friend of Jenelle’s while his mom was in jail.

“Yes, [Jenelle] has custody of Kaiser at the moment. There’s going to be issues with the exchange now for visitation,” James tweeted. “The judge told Jenelle no digital, verbal or physical contact with Jessica.”

Jenelle’s lawyer, Amy S. Lawrence, spoke to Us Weekly regarding the actual glass-throwing altercation. It was simply a matter of momentum, y’all! 

“It’s my understanding that Nathan was asked to come get some of his things and that [Jenelle] would leave them at the end of the driveway so that there would be no need to have interaction between the two of them,” Amy told Us. “And Jenelle had requested that he not bring his new girlfriend and he said that’s fine.”

According to Amy, Jenelle saw Nathan and his girlfriend approaching the house anyway.

“[Jenelle] called him and asked him to please leave and he hung up on her,” Amy said. “And then he pulled in the driveway and so she walked out and she had a glass of ice water in her hand, and it’s my understanding that he got out and …. had a verbal altercation [with Jenelle].”

Nathan’s girlfriend, Jessica, then started to get out of the car which Amy says made Jenelle feel “threatened.” Jenelle tossed her ice water at Jessica (as you do), but “the momentum” caused Jenelle to also throw the glass at Jessica.

Following her arrest, Jenelle was taken to Surfside Jail in Myrtle Beach. (Unrelated but, if The Ashley had to go to jail, she’d want to go to Surfside Jail. It sounds so pleasant, no?) Jenelle was later transferred to the J. Reuben Long Detention Center. 

Anyway, Jenelle took a separate mugshot there before taking another one at J. Reuben. In the mugshot (above) from J. Reuben, Jenelle is looking rather, um, rough, with suspicious blotches on her face. (Well, she was recently seen “wif Kieffa” who was her former partner in drug use….)

Anyway, a dispatch officer told Radar Online that Jenelle was “cooperative” throughout her arrest. (She is, of course, an old pro at this stuff, given that this was her 16th arrest!)

Jenelle's intake photo at Surfside Jail
Jenelle’s intake photo at Surfside Jail

According to the Horry County Sherriff’s website, Jenelle was charged with Assault, as well as 3rd Degree Assault & Battery.

Earlier today, Nathan spoke out in an interview with Radar Online, stating that he did not “intentionally provoke” Jenelle.  Nathan also provided the site with the text messages that he and Jenelle exchanged right before Nathan showed up to the show where the incident took place.

(Photos: Horry County)


  1. I hope they locked her up till Jace is 18 years old.She is nothing but trubble for her kids and her mother.I she don’t want to better her life,than she should step aside and leave her kids to others who are capable to give a child a happy and stable life.I feel so sorry for these childeren.I feel really no sympathie for her at all.

    1. Anyone know how to make those quilts that are made with screen printed photographs on the squares? Because I would pay good money for a quilt with every single one of Jenelle’s mugshots on it! I think you can actually order them online, personalized photo quilts where you send them the photos you want used and they make the quilt and send it to you. Someone should totally order one with all her mugshots and send it to her! Can you imagine?! She’d be like “Dude, WTF, dude?” LMAO!

  2. This is all so sad. Kaiser hearing day after day of yelling and craziness, Jenelle not being able to say “this isn’t working out I need to find a different relationship” and Nathan being conflicted about his need for some peace and quiet and living the high life with Jenelle. Sad all around without vultures like Gary jumping back into the picture.

    1. I agree, except I think rather than saying “I need to find a different relationship”, she should be saying “maybe I need to take a long break(like at LEAST 2-3 years) from relationships altogether and continue to work on myself and focus on my children”

  3. “Unrelated but, if The Ashley had to go to jail, she’d want to go to Surfside Jail. It sounds so pleasant, no?” hahaha I was thinking the same thing!

  4. Her eyes… They’re just so… dead…

    Girlfriend needs to go checkout the place Leah went to. She has serious problems (so does Nate) and I don’t feel sorry for them but it is really sad. Kaiser deserves better than this.

  5. This is all so sad. I don’t sympathize with her but it is awful how troubled she is as a young mother. She looks like she’s on hard drugs again. She’s lost so much weight I wouldn’t be surprised.

  6. Didn’t yalls parents ever teach u if u don’t have notthing nice to say don’t say notthing at all
    Maybe one day ppl will grow up

    1. So, you don’t judge anyone, Ciara? You don’t judge child molesters, for instance? You’re an idiot.

      1. She is judging us for judging Jenelle…Christian logic- “you pieces of crap, how dare you judge others, you must be awful people for doing that! Only God can judge people!”

  7. AHHH last comment

    theashley- is nate not under the same MTV contract as jenelle regarding interviews? he gives on record exclusives a lot?

  8. btw gary head is such a gem on twitter. today he was talking about how people arent born gay it’s how youre raised and that is a FACT its been proven yall!

    1. Huh. Must be that every environment has the same chance of inducing homosexuality then, Gary? *facepalm* He was the guy she was engaged to before she eloped with the Cold Sore King, correct? I’ve legit lost track.

      1. meep!! that’s the most valid genius thing anyone has ever said to shut up these idiots like Gary when they’re talking about how “kids are raised to be gay” perfect! I gotta steal that from you and use it next time someone starts running their mouth about that nonsense.. thanks!

  9. i dont believe anything james duffy says. he probably went to the court house and took those pictures and jenelle got into someone elses car. he is just so skeevy

  10. I still crack up at “Horry County”. lol. I’m suspicious about the blotches on Jenelle’s face too. That second photo looks like a meth mug shot.

    1. if she IS on drugs again I’m sure she will blame it on Nathan, since blamed her heroin use of Keiffer & Courtland.

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