‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 6 Finale Recap: Shacking Up & Slacking Off on Child Support

A WHAT?!?!?!?!
Um…I don’t think you can say the “J” word on this show.

We’ve made it to the end, kids. We have waded through plenty of deep-fried hair-dos, petty fights and, of course, enough “crying in the car” scenes to last us a lifetime. Teen Mom 2 Season 6 has given us many memorable moments, however. From Leah serving up midnight raviolis to Nathan‘s call-out to “Jeneeeeeeeelle!” from the back of a police car, this may have been the best season we’ve had yet! We’ve met new friends (Hey, Krista!) and lost old ones (RIP Nathan’s shirt sleeves.) And now it’s time to say goodbye (until the next season, that is.)

"Unless they've got a dern magician over at the rehab, she ain't gonna change in 30 days!"
“Unless they’ve got a dern magician over at the rehab, she ain’t gonna change in 30 days!”

The finale episode kicks off somewhere above the skies of West Virginia, where a rehabbed and therapied Leah is heading home to her girlseses. She spent 30 days in rehab therapy and is now ready to fight that dingdang Corey Tyler for custody of those twin babies!

Speaking of Corey, he’s been taking care of the twins while Leah tended to her headaches/stress/depression/back problems/non-drug problems. He is worried about giving the twins back to Leah, since life in her trashpit has been less-than-stable for the girls. He’s skeptical that Leah’s magical 30-day therapy program will cure her of all of her ailments.

Meanwhile, Mama Dawn meets up with Addie and Jeremy (who has had the title on his ripped-up paper thing changed from “Leah’s husband” to “Leah’s ex-husband”) at the airport. Leah deplanes looking fresh-faced. She’s even brushed her hair! Addie rushes to greet her mom, who is thrilled to see her.

They really should start identifying the ex-husbands by number at some point.
They really should start identifying the ex-husbands by number at some point.

Leah is grateful to Jeremy for bringing Addie to the airport, and she thanks him. (Also…how cute was Addie in this scene? We always forget how adorable she is…probably because she’s always covered in jackets.)

In South Dakota, Cole and Chelsea are about to be officially shacking up. Unfortunately, Aubree has a nasty cold. She’s got a 102-degree fever and Cole seems a little overwhelmed by the sick kid.

Well...at least their shirts still have the sleeves on them, so there's that...
Well…at least their shirts still have the sleeves on them, so there’s that…

Let’s stop for a moment here to discuss the ‘Teen Mom 2’ fashion happening here. Cole is once wearing his “Wisconsin Grandpa” T-shirt, while Chelsea has pulled a pair of denim overalls out of 1995. (Perhaps they’re from her mother, South Dee-ko-tah Mary‘s closet. Can’t ya just see Mary sporting overalls on top of her “Single. Sassy. Single” tee?! She would have been on the cover of Delia’s catalog circa 1996 for sure!)

Anyway, Chelsea basically creeps Cole out by telling him that once he moves in, he will be living with her forever. Faced with the prospect of permanently cohabiting with Chelsea and her overalls, Cole kind of stutters in his response.

“Yeah…it’s weird…I mean, cool,” he tells her.

Next up, we check in with Jenelle who tells us that, as per usual, there is a warrant out for her arrest. We don’t even bother to do any small-talk scenes with Krista at Jenelle’s madhouse. Instead, we start off right at the jail, where Jenelle has just been released from the clink. She had to turn herself in due to scratching up Nathan‘s beloved biceps during their (most-recent) brawl.

This basically sums up Jenelle's scenes from the last six seasons...
This basically sums up Jenelle’s scenes from the last six seasons…

Jenelle’s friend Ryan tells Jenelle that Nathan is still in love with her, and that he would be with Jenelle, if they could somehow manage to stop getting each other arrested. Jenelle claims that she is not interested in Nathan anymore, but Ryan doesn’t even want to hear it. He tells her to stop focusing on dick and think about school and her kids for once.

While that’s good advice, we know darn well that Jenelle isn’t going to take it! (I mean, if she did, there really wouldn’t be a reason to have ‘Teen Mom 2.’)

When she gets back to her house, Jenelle calls her motha, Babs, who is happy to hear that Jenelle is over Nathan. Jenelle then requests to talk to her son Jack Jace, who answers the phone, “Yeah?” (As you do when your mother calls you after she gets out of jail.)

"Do you know if they're going to have any free food at the graduation?"
“Do you know if they’re going to have any free food at the graduation?”

Jace’s graduation is coming up, and Jenelle tries to catch up on a year’s worth of Jace’s schooling in a one-minute on-camera phone call. Provided she’s not behind bars, Jenelle says that she plans to attend Jace’s graduation.

Finally, we head to Delaware, where Kail and Javi are celebrating Isaac’s graduation. Isaac tells his mom that he is inspired by her going to college, and wants to grow up to be like her and go to college himself.

Can we take a moment here to celebrate that one of these girls is in actual college, and wants to have a career outside of getting pregnant on MTV? This doesn’t happen very often so we really have to acknowledge it.

Anyway, Isaac is heading to Rappin’ Jo‘s house for a visit, so Kail goes inside to see what was up with Jo missing all of Isaac’s recent events. Of course, Jo is defensive, claiming that he didn’t even know Isaac was graduating. Again, bro…even Adam made it to his kid’s graduation. You’re not going to win here. Jo says that Kail should have told him that Isaac was graduating.

"I don't WANNA pay and you can't make me!!!!"
“I don’t WANNA pay and you can’t make me!!!!”

Jo promises that if he could, he would jump into his time machine and attend Isaac’s graduation and soccer game. (While you’re at it, Jo, perhaps go back a few months and stop eating so many HungryMan XXL frozen dinners and candy bars. Just sayin’…)

Jo starts cussing at Kail, until she brings up the whole child support subject. Jo tells her that eventually she won’t be getting any money from him at all because he won’t have any. If only there were a way where Jo could do something, anything, and someone could give him some money for doing it….

"Do you not know that I'm an international RAP SUPERSTAR?! A job...pssssh!"
“Do you not know that I’m an international RAP SUPERSTAR?! A job…pssssh!”

Oh wait…get a freaking JOB! Barbara probably has two of them, you can get one!

Jo claims that he CAN’T possibly work because Isaac comes over for one week a month. Somewhere in his big bloated head, that makes sense. It doesn’t make sense to Kail, who vows to take Jo to court to get that child support!

In South Dakota, Adam and one of his many street urchin friends are watching Paislee. They talk about Chelsea’s boyfriend, and how the Houskas always pick him apart.

"I hope ya brought some kind of Tussein with you!"
“I hope ya brought some kind of Tussein with you!”

Meanwhile, Cole is moving into Chelsea’s cabin. Aubree is still spraying her germs all over the house, but is excited to greet their new roommate. Cole arrives with one suitcase and about four plaid shirts. (Now we know why he wears that Wisconsin Grandpa T-shirt so much.)

Aubree greets Cole by sitting on his lap and essentially kneeing him in the junk. She demands that he remember to put the toilet seat down and they take a family selfie to celebrate the day.

In West Virginia, Leah’s out of the ‘hab and back on the side of the road, where she’s picking up the twin youngins from Corey. She loads them into her car (which is no longer serving as a storage unit/coat closet for Leah’s family) and takes them to a random park.

This woman has probably spent half of her life on the side of the road exchanging kids, or talking to friends in random parks...
This woman has probably spent half of her life on the side of the road exchanging kids, or talking to friends in random parks…

She meets up with Chasity (who may or may not have just been sitting in that random park the whole time Leah was gone). They’re gabbing over Capri-Suns about Leah’s stay at the therapy/rehab. Leah says that the rehab people made her be on a schedule, made her go to bed at a reasonable time and (probably) made her wash her hair for what may have been the first time in weeks.

Leah is just full of wisdom during this scene. Seriously, everything that is coming out of her mouth sounds like it came from a fortune cookie. Of course, Chasity is gobbling all of the cliches up (in between snack cake bites, of course).

Leah also dishes about her recent divorce. She tells Chasity that “out of everyone,” Jeremy was the easiest to deal with and complied with all of her demands much better than Corey did. It’s sad that at 23, Leah has the ability to compare and contrast her various divorces.

But, hey, it’s all about “livin’ and learnin'” and “being the best you can be,” as Leah tells us!

Chasity is probably gonna go do a needlepoint of that phrase to hang up on the wall. (Let’s face it; Chasity seems like the kind of gal that totally does needlepoint, right?)

A subtle message to Jo...
A subtle message to Jo…

In Delaware, Kail apologizes to Javi for cussing him out in the past. After watching Jo do it to her, she realizes how ridiculous she must have looked. They discuss Jo’s inability to get a job, and decide that Kail should take Jo to court.

Javi says that Jo is just being cheap and lazy and has stated that he doesn’t want to work. Ironically, Javi is wearing a T-shirt that says “We ain’t rich” during this scene. As you do.

Meanwhile, Jo and Vee are chowing down on tacos and talking about how Jo can’t stop cussing at Kail. Jo doesn’t seem to understand why Kail is mad about him missing Isaac’s events. Jo is totally the victim, of course, telling Vee that Kail is putting him in a situation where he’s helpless.

“There’s nutin’ there but greed!” he exclaims.

Vee nods, but you can just tell that she’s worried that she will be having this exact same conversation with Jo in a few years, when they’ve split up and she’s the one he’s calling greedy. Basically, put Vee in Kail’s position (and add massive hoop earrings and the inability to properly pronounce the word “with”) and that will give you a glimpse of the future, i.e. ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 12.

In Carolina, Jenelle is meeting up with Nathan who calls her with a wailing Kaiser in the back of his car. Nathan says that he needs to talk to Jenelle, but Jenelle’s not having it. She refuses to speak to Nathan when he comes in and drops off Kaiser. Maybe she’s taking her friend’s advice and not focusing on having a man for once.

Um...no one is going to watch Season 7 is you guys do that...just sayin'...
Um…no one is going to watch Season 7 is you guys do that…just sayin’…

Haha, just kidding!

Eventually, Jenelle allows Nathan back into the Madhouse so that they can talk.

“We need to stop all the madness and violence and police being involved,” he tells her. Nathan is waving the white flag (which is most likely just the sleeve part of a cut-up T-shirt) and asking for peace with Jenelle. Of course, Jenelle can’t focus on anything but the fact that Nathan is putting his boner up against another girl’s back. That causes Nathan to storm out and Jenelle to start crying.

Hopefully not taking grammar lessons from their mama...
Hopefully not taking grammar lessons from their mama…

Meanwhile, Mama Dawn’s moved all of Leah’s stuff out of the house she shared with Jeremy. (Good Lord, they must have had to use all of the U-Haul trucks in West Virginia for that haul!)

Leah’s found a new place to live (with her new booooyfriend, whom MTV is pretty much just ignoring at this point.) Leah is planning to meet up with Corey to discuss all of custody stuff. She has asked him not to bring his wife, that hussy Miranda, and she hopes that will help her get a better relationship with Corey.

“He was convinced, 100 percent, that I was a drug addict!” Leah says of the last time she met up with Corey.

"Dern that dern Miranda!"
“Dern that dern Miranda!”

Speaking of Corey, he tells Miranda that Leah doesn’t want her there. Miranda and Corey aren’t buying the cliches and fortune cookie sayings that Leah’s selling. He agrees to meet Leah, but Miranda comes along and sits at a different table. Leah arrives with her band of degenerates, but refuses to get out of the car when she spots Miranda inside.

Leah’s enraged and drives off without going inside. She texts Corey and lets him know that she “ain’t comin'” so the Simms leave the restaurant. Miranda is hurt that Leah treats her so poorly, considering that Miranda was the only one brushing the girlseses’ hair when Leah was sleeping off a stupor in the park. Those girls would be wearing wigs now if it weren’t for Miranda! Come on!

Leah insists that it’s Miranda’s fault that she has a bad relationship with Corey and the degens agree with her.

"Well ya know what, Juh-nelle? I'm proud of ya for leaving ya boooooyfriend!"
“Well ya know what, Juh-nelle? I’m proud of ya for leaving ya boooooyfriend!”

Over in Jenelle’s neck of the woods, her domestic violence charges have been dropped (of course), and she’s celebrating Jace’s kindergarten graduation. Babs (who’s wearing quite the sassy dress for the festivities) and Jenelle are getting along splendidly. They talk about the Jace custody situation.

“Ya always think that I neva wanna give ya Jace, but that’s not true!” Babs says, adding that she knows one day Jenelle will take back custody of Jace. They agree to try to work as a team.

That’s all for Season 6, guys! Stay tuned for the Reunion– The Ashley can tell ya that it’s going to be intense. In case you missed it, here’s one thing that went down during the Reunion taping!

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(Photos: MTV)


35 Responses

  1. I feel bad for javi. He works hard, coaches the boys soccer team, and still can’t get any respect. Kail needs to take Jo to court. This would do wonders for her marriage. Javi is supporting Joes kid. He shouldn’t have to deal with Kail & Lazy Joe fighting….let the courts handle it. If sloppy Joes looses his house, oh well. Get a job.

  2. Go all way back when Leah cheated with Robbie nobody even her stepdad said anything to her to correct it. When she cheated again it still was corey’s fault because she didn’t love him or feel loved or whatever. I watched season 1 when she first cheated on corey he cried and I cried because that was a real moment he loved her and would’ve been a good little husband and he would have not divorced her like Jermain and when Leah filed for divorce first nobody told her that she could be separated first legally and wait a second.

    1. thank you! all the corey bashers/leah supporters need to go back and watch 16 & pregnant. if corey had been going out every night and leaving leah crying with a baby in each arm, the way she did him, he’d STILL be the most demonized guy on this show! sick of the double standard. corey was all in, loved leah, loved the girls, was devastated when she cheated. he wasn’t even going to file for divorce, SHE did that because she never loved him. but she made a million excuses, as always, rather than ever say that out loud. never any accountability for leah.

      1. Does Leah think that if she admits her faults we will think she is a bad…person, wife, mom?

        Too late most people already think she is a bad person, wife, mom

        Try telling the truth & drop the victim card & maybe then you can grow & learn to be a better person

        oh yeah & try to stop being a raging ho bag

  3. Anyone noticed they haven’t shown Nathan in the actual drivers seat, but seems to be driving himself around. Am I just behind and he received his license back? ASHLEY???

  4. I laughed so hard at the whole Jace picking up the phone and saying “yeah” to his mom after she got out of jail observation. hilarrrioussss @theAshley!

  5. and another thing…Jo needs to get his act together. seriously. 2 kids and no job??? what the hell?? Maybe hes a drug dealer? We all know hes all about that “rapper” life and lifestyle lol. Maybe thats why he’s so lazy all the time, and was crying as soon as Kailyn mentioned the words court and child support…they find out he’s dealing or not reporting all of his income then hes gonna be in BIGGGGG trouble…seems like anytime someone mentions the words child support or court around either Vee or Jo they start with the water works.

    1. No one really has a job on this show. They all think they are going to live off those MTV checks. But the way they all seem to spend in a few years or so after the show they will be broke. Buying nice cars, constantly moving and shopping. I hope MTV set up some type of funds for the kids to go to school or have when they are 18.

  6. Leah looked good right after leaving rehab….fast forward to the next day, she was back to looking like a pill popping druggie crazy woman. SMH…And the only reason why she didnt want Miranda at that meeting was because she knew Miranda wasn’t going to let her manipulate Corey Tyler. I know everyone saw how dolled up she got with the lipstick, earrings, and combed hair. She thought she was going to be able to go there and charm Corey, and as soon as she saw Miranda she hauled ass right out of there.

  7. if leah really wanted to change her image and actually be an adult, she would’ve picked her chin up, walked straight to miranda, shoook her hand, and said Thank you for taking Good Care of my children for the last month. i guess that’s just ridiculous to think could ever happen. jo, being a part-time parent is no excuse to not work. your reasoning isn’t even worth addressing, you know it’s stupid and you’re full of s**t. vee, you’re going to end up Exactly as kail is now, only it’ll be no one’s fault but you’re own for going ahead and getting pregnant when You Knew Better.

  8. I cant wait to see what Delta Dawn has to say to her daughter next season! I hope they show more of her enabling ass. that Messer family makes for some good entertainment.

  9. The fact that the edit ignored her cheating and ignored the new boyfriend, makes me think the drug problem was actually so much worse that what we saw.

    1. Leah refused to sign on this season if those issues were addressed. that’s the reason why the edits bypassed it…

      1. That’s not actually completely true. Those issues took place during a break from filming so they were not addressed. This is the case with many things that are glossed over on the show. Leah did not have a standoff with MTV over showing these issues, as it was reported somewhere else. It didn’t happen. -The Ashley

        1. Her story line does not make sense without understanding the cheating. It makes it hard to understand why Jeremy is so pisses at her.

    2. I for one really wanted to see Leah’s house when it looked like a homeless shelter (as described by Jeremy).

      Why must MTV leave all the good parts out??!!

  10. Miranda is a lady, had class and is a decent person,she’s everything Leah is not and that is what Lady can’t stand.She try’s to sugercote everything and think Corey will believe her and Miranda see true her.That’s the whole point i think.

    1. Plus Miranda is an ex-cop. On way Leah can snow her with her BS and flights of fantasies.

      I think that’s the real reason Leah hates Miranda.

      1. Plus Miranda is an ex-cop. No way Leah can snow her with her BS and flights of fantasies.

        I think that’s the real reason Leah hates Miranda.

  11. Leah would have lost her mind if Corey even insinuated that she leave Jeremy out of a meeting when they were still married. Miranda is a part of the girlses lives, she is putting in just as much time, effort, and love as anyone else. She has a steady hand in raising those girlses, and I’d think in a case of co-parenting a person would want all parents involved at meetings. Unless she was trying to manipulate Corey and do some shady stuff, there would be no reason Miranda couldn’t be there, considering if it was about the girlses it would all end up back to her anyway.
    Jo is just, I don’t even know. He has a kid and another on the way, how does he think he can support them? He isn’t a stay at home parent, as far as I know, so what is he doing? I think he was irrationally angry at Kailyn for calling him out about missing the events. I think he was embarrassed and his ego was bruised, because even though she can be far from agreeable at points, I don’t think she was out of line for asking what the heck was up with that, and him snapping like that just made him look like a fool.

    1. MTV pays him, and I’m sure, Vee (though likely not near as much as Jo gets) as well, for their appearances, and I believe Vee works.

      1. I remember one season Kail was crying for money that she was so broke but walking around with different Louis Vuitton bags and uggs. They are not broke I am sure they get paid very well from MTV. Look at the Jersey shore they were getting millions per episode. Not saying they get that much but it has to be a good number. Waaay more than someone who busts their as* everyday getting up and going to work to support their household.

  12. Leah complains about keeping things between her and Corey about the girlses yet she brings her entourage with her to the meeting. Then gets upset Corey brought his wife? Seriously? You know that if she was still with Jeremy, he would have been right by her side. And if Corey would have requested a one-on-one meeting, she would counter with “well, he is their stepdad and involved in their lives so he needs to be there”.

    1. Totally agree.

      I think Leah wanted Miranda gone so she could try to either manipulate Cory or cozy up to Corey, maybe both. She has no respect for Miranda or Corey and Miranda’s marriage so Leah would have no problem sleeping with her married ex (again!).

  13. Leah comes back from rehab & you can see it In Her eyes that she’s still using. Her pupils in the car scene are pin point. she got away with passing that drug test for court cause she had prescriptions for oxys & Xanax so they couldn’t use that against her. Little do people know that even though a Doctor rxs these narcotics, abusing them is usually what ends up happening & there is nothing ok with that. But not much can be done cause oh a doc prescribed it so it must be ok. Nope. Not at all

    1. Of course not-look at who raised her. Has Mama Dawn ever called Leah out on her countless bad decisions? Or even questioned her decision making?

      Leah thinks that if she says “I have an issue with – fill in the blank-waking up to an alarm, spending her hubby’s hard earned money on makeup she’ll never sell, fidelity, stress, repeatedly sleeping with Robbie, making her house not look like a homeless shelter, etc., – ” that all is well and should be forgiven.

      Leah and her mom are children.

  14. I can’t believe that MTV totally ignored the fact that Leah has a new boyfriend and is living with him! I cannot understand her edit; it seems like they just want to kiss her a** and give her the edit that will make her look like a “great” mom. Ugh! Leah is still in DENIAL (Don’t Even Know I Am Lying) to people, or she knows and thinks we are stupid enough to believe her!!! Either way she needs to have some sense slapped into her.

  15. It’s hard to feel sorry for Leah. She shoved Jeremy in Corey’s face for the longest time while he was still single. Her poor parenting and cheating caused Miranda to hate her. I wouldn’t be crazy about Leah either if she slept with my husband and went on national television criticizing my marriage. Funny how Corey and Miranda are still happily married while Leah is divorced.

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