Behind the Scenes Drama at the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 6 Reunion: All the Exclusive Details!

"Dingdang it! I done said 'Monkey!'"
“Dingdang it! I done said ‘Monkey!'”

A new clip of the second part of the Teen Mom 2 Season 6 reunion has surfaced in InternetLand, showing Leah Messer sparring with her ex-husband Corey Simms over various things, including his wife Miranda Simms. The first part of the Season 6 reunion aired last night, featuring Jenelle Evans‘ and Kail Lowry‘s segments, and the second part is set to air next Wednesday with Leah’s and Chelsea Houska‘s segments.

The Ashley will, of course, be recapping those episodes, but she has a lot of behind-the-scenes gossip of what went down while the cast was in Los Angeles to tape the reunion in July!

Let’s get to it…

Leah & Corey

The Ashley wanted to explain what was going on in this preview clip of Leah and Corey’s segment.

Leah and Corey start to get into it, and right when Corey is about to bring up some of the questionable stuff that Leah’s done in the past, Leah says “Monkey” and someone from the audience screams, “She said ‘Monkey!'” and everyone stops. Well, just as The Ashley told you back in July, that person screaming from the audience is Leah’s mom, Dawn Spears.

Leah’s mother told the show’s producers that Leah wasn’t fit to attend the reunion, given that she was fresh out of rehab and very delicate at the time of the reunion taping, The Ashley’s on-set source explained.

“She claims that Leah almost died from stress and anxiety before she went to treatment,” the source said. “She said Leah’s blood pressure was sky-high. She didn’t wan’t Leah to go to the reunion, but she has to due to her contract.”

"Dern you, Corey Tyler and Miranda...whatever your middle name is!"
“Dern you, Corey Tyler and Miranda…whatever your middle name is!”

In order to make Dawn and Leah feel more comfortable, the producers allowed them to create a safe word for Leah to shout when she felt things were getting too intense. The on-set orders were for everyone to stop talking and for Dr. Drew to take control of the situation and put an end to whatever conversation was happening. For some dingdang reason, Leah and her mom chose “Monkey” to be the safe word.

When things got intense between Leah and Corey, Leah said “Monkey” but no one seemed to hear her. That’s what caused Dawn to stand up from the audience and start hollerin’ for them to stop. Afterward, Corey and Miranda had a good giggle at Leah’s safe word and Dawn overheard them laughing about it and, of course, came unglued. Multiple sources who were backstage at the reunion have told The Ashley that Dawn was telling people how much she and Leah hate Miranda.

Obviously, the feelings are mutual, given what happened between Leah and Miranda on-set.

Also, as The Ashley told you before, Leah’s new man, T.R. Dues, flew out to Los Angeles with Leah for the reunion. (By this time, they had already been together several months, by the way.) Leah conveniently forgot that she had T.R. in her hotel room just hours before when she filmed this scene for a “Closer Look” special that was shown after episode 8.

When asked (at about the three minute mark of the video) by host Nessa if she planned on dating again any time soon, Leah flat-out lied.

“I just went through a divorce,” Leah said. “Let’s play it smart this time. Let’s not jump into anything.”

Jenelle Evans:

As viewers saw, Jenelle stormed off of the stage twice during the filming of her segment. What viewers may not know is that MTV had a terrible time just getting her to the reunion. Jenelle and her (semi) on-again at the time ex, Nathan Griffith, were scheduled to fly to Los Angeles on Friday (the day before the taping started). From what The Ashley heard (and she can’t confirm this piece 100 percent, just FYI), Jenelle and Nathan got into a big fight and when their plane landed in Atlanta for their layover, Jenelle took a flight back to South Carolina instead of flying to LA!

"I'm done!"
“I’m done!”

This explains why Jenelle was tweeting about being home in Carolina that Friday night when she was supposed to be in LA with the cast. A production source told The Ashley that the show’s producers convinced Jenelle to fly out again the next morning, but they had to shell out over $1,000 for a last-minute cross-country ticket for her!

Once Jenelle arrived on Saturday morning, she was a “terror on set,” the source says, adding that she was upset over her fight with Nathan.

“She held up production for hours and they had to totally change the filming schedule around because of her,” the production source told The Ashley. “She locked herself in a room at the studio and had a complete breakdown and refused to come out and get ready to film.”

Jenelle was so enraged, the production source said she smashed her iPhone and….get this…an MTV production assistant rushed out and bought her a brand-new one that same day!

Chelsea Houska & Kail Lowry:

Chelsea and Kail weren’t nearly as entertaining as Leah and Jenelle this season, and that trend continued on into the reunion. (Of course, that’s a good thing!) A source did tell The Ashley that Chelsea and Kail are growing tired of their co-stars, Jenelle and Leah, getting special treatment from the producers, due to their “issues.” The girls feel like the show’s bigwigs coddle Jenelle and Leah and they feel it’s unfair that MTV has spent a ton of money on rehab trips for the other girls. This came to a head at the reunion, one source says.


“They think that the rehab expenses should come out of the other girls’ paychecks, or they should get the cash equivalent of what MTV spends on rehab for their cast mates,” the source told The Ashley. “They are responsible and don’t cause the producers any problems.”

Jenelle’s phone-smashing and last-minute airline ticket expenses surely added to Chelsea and Kail’s anger over the situation.

Stay tuned for The Ashley’s recaps of the reunion episodes!

(Photos: MTV, OK!)



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  1. Cast members quiting and pulling their kids of the show; I believe when I see it.

    Corey would quit last season, his dad was so glad. But he was on the show. Jenelle always plays hard to get, e-ve-ry season.
    Maci was going to quit, Farrah was, Amber can’t use cameras in her life but in the end they all sign up again.

    I do have a feeling MTV isn’t that interested in the baby daddies anymore.

  2. I can see why Kail & Chelsea get mad that Jenelle & Leah get treated like royalty. I’m sure they would like a new phone but since they are not spoiled brats they don’t go around breaking phones.
    Unfortunately in this society drama sells, the bigger the train wreck the bigger the ratings & we all know ratings = $$$

    I admit I tune in just to watch Jenelle freak out & Leah nod out….will Jenelle cry in the ugly yellow hummer or just the red car, did Leah clean her car today? I guess it was too messy because she now has a white car

    Sad that good moms that try to be drama free don’t get as much.

  3. So, what did Leah mean when she said “What were YOU doin’ in your first few months of marriage”or something like that to Corey? Is she eluding to the rumors about her and Corey still hooking up? And she drops a bomb like that and THEN says Monkey? Good Gawd.

    Seriously though, was she about to spill the beans that she and Corey were still seeing each other after he married Miranda?

    1. That’s the rumor
      they hooked up while Corey was working…nice romantic hook up in Corey’s truck….classy
      she was married too

  4. Wow, Janelle acts all high and mighty for someone who has Never held down a real job…she might have a certificate (or whatever) but the question is….is she actually working? Chasing men and whoring yourself out on Instagram is not a job. Ungrateful BRAT.
    I really hope one day she is forced to be held accountable for her actions…a nice long jail stay. She has gotten away with crap for way too long.

    ….Leah needs to learn to say “Thank you” and “yes, I have a problem.” She is the definition of misery loves company. She seems to make everyone miserable around her.

    Both Leah and Jenelle act like they are the sun and everyone should revolve around them. They both are the common denominator in all the negativity that surrounds them….

  5. I taped this reunion 3 times. The first taping was Are You the One. The second was some old episode of 16 and Pregnant. The third got cut off near the end when Juh-Nelle was stating her mother didn’t deserve love. Did I miss anything? I am not recording this again. Thanks in advance.

  6. Is everyone being so hush hush about the recent cheating allegations between Corey and Leah because it’s going to come out during the reunion episode, or what? Leah seems awfully proud of something in the trailer when she coyly asks Corey, “where were you during your first months of marriage?”

  7. I’m done watching the show. All the coddling, rewarding a drug addict, and Not exposing the real truth about addiction and abusive behavior. I want to watch a show that doesn’t reward these negative behaviors. Done and i am sure others feel like me.

    1. I agree , I can not watch this show anymore. These girls don’t take any responsibility, they all play the victim and no seems to hold them accountable for their actions. They are all entitled brats.

  8. If Dawn keeps enabling her daughter the way she does, she will be standing over her grave someday. Someone needs to get real with her and tell it like it is. Trust me, she does NOT want to know what it feels like to lose a child to addiction.

    1. Dawn babies Leah like she’s a child. She’s a grown ass woman with three kids! My mom would kick me in the ass and say “Quit crying and get your shit together!”

      1. My mother always told me that if I feel I am old enough to take my pants off then I better be old enough to raise my child. She needs to be fixed and she needs to focus on her health. Corey needs to be kicked to the curb,Miranda should throw his ass right out of his nice new house. Janell needs to stay away from Nathan as he is a jerk,and a user. He needs to get a job and stop mooching of janell because his is taking money that should be for her children .Janell please relize you can raise your children without having a man. God made things easier for woman now ,buy a toy for your sexual needs and only thing you need is some batteries. You won’t have to deal with any of the crap you have had in five years. Grow up and stay awY from Nathan !!!!’!

  9. I’d be pissed too if I were Chelsea or Kail that the other two’s bad behavior is being rewarded but the other side is that people are tuning in for the trainwreck that is Leah and Janelle; not Chelsea and Kail. So I see why producers are coddling them but I’d prefer to see them call their bluff. W/o the show Leah and Janelle have no chance at living the cushy lives they are getting with MTV checks and they should be living in fear of one day not getting those checks. They’re just too dumb to realize

    1. Exactly, they would never actually quit, they can’t do anything else, they would never go through with leaving their fame and fortune. I am so tired of watching everyone kiss their butts, especially Dr.Drew. He has lost all credibility, as far as I’m concerned.

      1. I’ve started calling Dr. Drew “Dr. Drewchebag” He is by far the biggest and douchiest fan of the show. He loves Adam a little too much, and hates Corey for whatever reason

  10. What the hell were Juh-nelle and Nathan wearing? It seemed like they just stopped by on their way to the beach or something.

    “Dr. Drew, do you think I should be working?” Puff Daddy Jo needs to cut the (c)rap and get a job!

    1. I ALSO wondered wtf they were wearing! I get that it was Summer when they filmed, but the other girls looked 100% better, even Leah ahah. And when Jo asked Dr. Drew if he should get a job… LOL, what an idiot!

      1. I actually went to the filming. While the taping was during the summer it was actually raining & cold in LA that day. The studio was also freezing. However I only say Chelsea & Kail film so I missed out on most of the drama. I had the opportunity to stay for the 2nd part because apparently a lot of people didn’t show that had audience tickets & they were trying to fill it all in. However there was nowhere to eat at the studio & you couldn’t leave to get food. So I left, which may be a good thing because I would love nothing more than to slap the hell out of Mama Dawn.

    2. Jenelle’s dress made me laugh. It’s looked like a 50’s housewife dress except for the massive cleavage exposure. It’s like she was trying to look classy and skanky at the same time lol.

  11. Jenelle just makes me sick everytime I have to hear her talk. She is seriously putting her mother down for working in a deli?!?! At least Babs has a job and hasn’t been doing drugs and getting arrested the last 6 years. She was too busy taking care of Jenelle’s kid! Jenelle should thank her lucky stars that she had Babs to look after Jace while she was getting high. And she thinks going to school for medical assisting is a big accomplishment? It’s takes less than a year to get certified for that and all you have to do it take people’s blood pressure and write down their medical history! You are hardly saving lives, sweetie!

    1. I thought the same thing. How degrading and awful. Her mom clearly has worked very hard over the years. I bet that Bab’s customers and coworkers LOVE her. Janelle has been “going to school” for a 1 year school for what.. 4-5 years?

    2. I recorded the reunion but didn’t watch yet. But I also recorded AYTO & it taped the last few minutes of the reunion. Listening to her degrade Babs like that & throw a fit about sent me over the edge. Jenelle is such a piece of shit & that will NEVER change. She low blows people & tries putting people down to make herself feel better. Babs might work in the deli at the local WalMart but she’s a better person than Jenelle will EVER be. Also I wish Dr Drew would stop coddling these idiots.

    3. and on top of all of babs sacrifices, as she bravely told the world while filming, she was in a abusive relationship and stayed in it so she could eventually have the house and try to make a better life for her kids. even though that probably wasn’t the healthiest decision for babs to make- at least she admits it and admits she stayed in a bad situation to help janelle. janelle really is the definition of a “bitch of a daughta”

      1. Jenelle treats Babs terribly and her behaviour on the reunion was disgusting, but Babs isn’t that great either. If Babs raised Jenelle in a house with constant fighting and domestic abuse maybe that explains why Jenelle seems to think that is normal and keeps picking such terrible men. Also, in season 1 Jenelle didn’t seem like such a bad parent, a bit neglectful wanting to go out and party but she tried when she was home. I don’t think she was any worse than Farrah. If Babs had been more supportive instead of getting lawyers involved and shutting Jenelle out, Jenelle might not have gone down such a bad path and got involved with drugs at all.

        1. Cps actually forced Janelle to sign custody of jace over to barbara or they were going to put him in foster care. She admited it herself on social media.

  12. Dawn almost angers me more than Leah. She just enables her craziness. I’m so glad Corey and Miranda aren’t backing down to these people.

  13. Omg was it just me that thought dr.drew was trying to stir the pot on kail and jo and vee drama omg! So akward! And omg leah looks ruff! My mind is just turning over her n Miranda drama, I can’t wait to see how bad Miranda goes off on leah, she’s so jealous of Miranda having it all miranda!!!!

  14. I about fell the fuck out when Jenelle started screaming about how she saves lives as a medical assistant. Bitch please, you write down people’s weight and let em know when the doctor will be in, and this is assuming her unstable ass can actually get a job.

    Oh, and by the way Juhnelle, that wal mart deli money was good enough to raise your child while you were high high with Keifah. So I’d probably shut the fuck up about that.

  15. Just finished watching part 1 of the reunion and Janelle is so seriously mentally ill that I can’t believe they continue to put her on TV. It’s frightening and disgusting to watch and it almost seems as if MTV is showing kids these actions are OK because they don’t keep reinforcing just how mentally ill she is. I say it’s time to take her off the show. You can save some people but you can’t save them all and Janelle is not being saved nor is she being helpful to others by being on the show (and getting special treatment for behaving poorly). MTV could have easily used her segment she chose to ditch to reinforce to people that she struggles with a mental illness and suggestef remedies to recognize and help with those type of issues. Janelle will learn that she either handles her responsibilities like an adult or her reasons to not fulfill those will be discussed open late on the air. I think it would be more beneficial to listen to a doctor talk about the situation then to talk with Janelle and just have her act unreasonable the whole time.

  16. boo hoo boo, Chelsea and Kail crying over the other two. All four are lucky they are still getting MTV paychecks. I can’t wait to see what happens to the four of them, once the MTV checks stops, and they will stop, nothing lasts forever!

    1. Hopefully you are wishing the best for them in the future. They were awarded a great opportunity and hopefully they will be successful as they continue to grow.

    2. well Kail and Chelsea are the most likely to be fine without the MTV paychecks — Kail’s in school and she’s got hustle. Chelsea has a job. They’re both pretty stable as far as I can tell and seem to have done good things with their money–bought a house, probably saved, etc. Leah and Jenelle are screwed.

      1. Correction….Jenelle is screwed. Leah has 2 people paying her child support every month. Plus, no one ever mentions this, but I’m guessing there is some kind of alimony payment that also has to be made by Jeremy. After all, Leah got used to living a certain lifestyle and all.

        1. On the for someone making her money, was married briefly, and got caught cheating.

          No way she got a penny in spousle support.

  17. Does Leah nor her family realize how bad it makes her look that she denies the drug issues? No matter what they say Every single person who watched her on tv knows she was high in almost every scene. Yes, part of the rehab may have been due to stress but it was also drug use. The fact that she denies it makes it seem like she isn’t any better. In order to get and stay clean you have to first admit you have a problem, that’s the number one rule to sobriety. Her Mom looks stupid and pathetic for trying to convince everyone Leah didn’t have a drug problem. She’s only hurting her daughter by lying for her.

    1. I agree! I am a Recovering Addict & everything about Leah the last 2 seasons really, really irritates me. If she doesn’t want to admit her real issues then she does NOT need or deserve to be on the show. She makes all drug addicts look bad by not owning her sh!t. Everyone knows she’s an addiction & had to do this season to pay for her habit. She’s a hypocrite & a whore. I seriously can’t believe she has the nerve to try & call Corey, Jeremy or Miranda out for anything. If it weren’t for all of them she’d be broke, and probably on her back with anyone to pay for her drugs and would have lost her “girlses” & would have supervised visits. Girl needs a wake up call bad & should start begging for forgiveness.
      If I were Jenelle or Amber I’d be livid she’s given a safe word & allowed to silence Corey & Jeremy from telling the truth.
      Sorry for my rant but her actions this season are Appalling. If she owned up to even one thing I’d wish her the best but season after season she’s been allowed to manipulate facts to make Corey, Jeremy & Miranda look awful to cover up her nasty trashy a$$. She made it look like her marriage to Corey ended because he wanted to buy a truck and force the twins to live in a condemned hovel. When it was really because she cheated the night before her wedding & when it came out she blamed it on Corey. Now she’s blamed Corey all season for her needing “therapy”. Wow he tried to save his girls from their drug addict, nodding off, too busy screwing every man but her husband mother. And damned that Jeremy for having to work all the time to pay for her kids, extensions, drugs and anything else she felt like buying in between cheating on him. And damned Miranda, what a total wench for taking care of the girls while their mother was doing all the above.
      Again sorry for going off but that girl is a
      c$!*, & until she admits to anything & stops blaming all the people supporting her & covering for her I do NOT wish her well. She is a c@$! & deserves every bad thing that happens to her. I will always wish the innocent children well & pray their stand up, honorable father’s are able to get full custody.

      1. The best response EVER!! I wish Leah would read it

        congrats on overcoming your addiction and keep up the awesomeness…I wish you the best sister.

        1. Haha, thanks! Idk why I let it bug me so bad, I just can’t stand when people like her are never held accountable.

      2. So sad to hear all this negativity towards this young Lady. She was a “teen mom” with not one but 2 kids to raise. Not to mention one with a disability. As a recovering addict yourself you should be aware of the stages, the first being admitting you have a problem. Maybe she’s not ready to share that with a million viewers at this time. These girls lives are an opened book, why are you calling her names. You only get to see a very small portion of their lives on television once per week and from that you feel you can judge her so harshly. If all if your skeletons where put out in the forefront, wouldn’t you become defensive. MTV is showing viewers what the lives of teen mother’s are like, the struggles, success, simply the things they have to endure. I really hate to hear all of the negative things said towards Leah. She’s still so young and I think that going to treatment was the 1st step, whether she let’s the viewers in on her reason for going or not I would really like to see your life aired out for the world to see.

        1. As I stated in my post, I do not have any compassion for Leah because she has caused all the trauma that she is going through. I am very aware of the steps & you are right, admitting you have a problem is the FIRST step, and she has not done that at all. So she is not better, nor trying to get better. If the drug issue was the first time Leah lied, blamed others, etc I would absolutely have compassion & pray for her well being. But we have seen time and again where Leah makes a terrible, selfish choice, it causes problems in her life (& her girls’ lives) & she blames everything on everyone else, throws tantrums, manipulates the situations & forces the people supporting her & covering for her to take the fall & be the bad guy so that she can appear to be the helpless victim, martyr & saint. It’s disgusting.
          People who make mistakes & bad choices and own their behavior & seek forgiveness will always have my sympathy & compassion. Leah will not.
          Leah does not get my compassion & a free pass for being a young mom (it was her decision to have unprotected sex with Corey when she barely knew him). If she were a young mom that put her kids first & worked hard to give them what they deserve I would have compassion, but Leah has not done that. Leah caused the demise of her marriage to Corey by cheating. Then she blamed Corey for her screwing another man. Then she lied on the show & told the world they divorced because Corey wanted to buy a new truck instead of making sure the twins had a good home. At the same time she was shown to have 3 or 4 new cars herself. Yep, Leah does not get my sympathy or compassion when she tarnished the reputation of a good man to deflect from the horrible things she chose to do, especially when she never showed a single sign of remorse & didn’t learn anything because she did the same exact thing to Jeremy. So clearly I don’t have compassion or sympathy for her marriage to Jeremy ending. She also chose to have a 3rd child when she knew her daughter had a disability & was already complaining about her stress & anxiety & wasn’t able to meet the demands she already had. And she does not get my sympathy for being an addiction as she is in denial of it still, has spent the last season trying to blame Corey, Jeremy & Miranda for her current issues & troubles.
          Why would I give someone a pass or have compassion for them when they clearly are putting the blame on others, trying to make themselves look like they are perfect at the expense of others. That girl should be on her knees thanking God for all the help & support she’s been given. That she’s been blessed to be able to not work and stay home with her kids. That she has endless help & support from the very people she has betrayed, screwed over & accused. When she owns up to being a self centered woman who put her pride before the best interest of her children and apologizes to the people she has stabbed in the back repeatedly she will have my compassion. Until then she is a pathetic c@$!
          People like you that enable bad behavior are exactly what is wrong with the world today.

        2. We need to pray for her girls, she is a worthless P.O.S. she shouldn’t be on the show if she wants privacy, no one is forcing her to do reality t.v.

          1. Also she is not trying to get better, she never made the choice to go to rehab, MTV forced her to go.

      3. If I were Amber I’d be mad that she is getting special treatment to cover up her drug addiction. Amber stepped up, went to JAIL to recover when counseling didn’t work and has been working to earn custody back again. Even Janelle didn’t get the opportunity to ruin her child’s life because her mom stepped up. Dawn lives in a dream world, where Leah’s perfect and everyone around her is awful. Janelle got so much special treatment and got babied, she is turning into Farrah but not as batshit weird!

  18. Wow, I stopped watching this cray show years ago, but I love reading the Ashley’s recaps 🙂

    Leah seems to have a lot of issues: self destructive behaviors, selfishness, sociapathic, drugs and god knows what else.

    I understand that she just came out of rehab and I’m sure that she is in a vulnerable state but to me it seems like her and her family hide behind something all the time.

    Instead of dealing with her issues and changing, she makes excuses and her mom enables her.

    It’s nuts how she things she can just do whatever she wants and have no consequences.

    She will never change until she faces those actions and I really do fear for those innocent children caught up in her mess.

  19. i bet chelsea especially is sick of it. they’re right, leah and jenelle have had WAY more spent on them for being bad, why not reward some good too mtv? just the $1000 plane ticket and messing up the schedule would mean they heard my mouth lol. ridiculous for them to kowtow to childish fits, those two will never be able to function in a normal job. they’d both tell the boss they Had to take this call right now, sorry. pathetic. by all means dawn, enable leah some more. not only won’t you demand accountability for her, you won’t let anyone else either!

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