‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Leah Messer Answers Fans’ Questions About Having More Babies, Rehab & Her Ex-Husbands

"Ask me questions, y'all!"
“Ask me questions, y’all!”

Fans finally got their chance to ask Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer questions about her hectic life! Earlier today, Leah took over the official ‘Teen Mom 2’ Facebook page to answer questions on everything from her recent trip to rehab therapy to her ex-husbands!

Over the course of Season 6, cast members have taken turns answering fans’ questions online. (Click here to read what Chelsea Houska had to say during her Q & A session, and here to read what Kail Lowry said during hers.) This marks the first time that Leah agreed to do a session, however.

Fans started peppering her with tough questions as soon as the Q & A session began, and Leah was surprisingly candid when discussing topics she had previously refused to talk about.

On how she gets along with her ex-husband Corey Simms and his current wife Miranda:

“Misery loves company, and I can only control my own actions not hers or anyone else,” Leah said of Miranda.

She added that she, Corey and Miranda are trying to work together for the twins’ sake, and that she wants “Corey to be able to see the girls just as much as I do, as the girls want to.”

She also addressed the fact that Corey and Miranda thought she was on drugs.

“I tried to defend myself without confrontation but no matter what I done or said their minds were set on their own opinions,” Leah said.

On how she is getting along with her second ex-husband Jeremy Calvert:

“Jeremy and I have talked but just remained as friends. As it is best,” Leah said. “We get along great ! He sees Addie anytime he’s in and we just really work together on when she sees him and when she sees me. We let her decide.”

She added that she still has feelings for Jeremy, but is angry that he divorced her.

“I do love Jeremy, but when you say for better or worse you don’t give up easily on that person!” she said. “I’m just thankful we do what is best for our daughter and always have her best interest at HEART!”

On having two failed marriages under her belt by the age of 23:

“It was humiliating … But it’s only a lesson learned,” she said, adding that if she could back and do something over again, she would have chose to go to a treatment facility after her divorce from Corey in 2011.

Leah says her life has gotten better since her return from rehab.
Leah says her life has gotten better since her return from rehab.

On going to rehab:

“[It was the] best experience of my life!” Leah said, adding that she is following through with her treatment and outpatient program.

Leah has continued to deny that she went to the treatment center to address a drug problem, and during her Facebook Q & A, she opened up about why she went.

“Treatment isn’t only for addiction,” Leah said. “Treatment facilities aren’t just for addicts. Jeremy knew where I was going and why, but I could not be open with Corey because anything and everything was tried to be used against me in a negative light even if it was for the better.”

She told another fan that she learned a lot during her 30-day stay.

“I see a positive change, but no one comes back from treatment 100 %  [better]!” she said. “It takes a lot of work and willingness! I will be where I’m destined to be as a mom and being!”

On how her daughters have handled the turbulence in their lives:

Leah’s nearly-six-year-old twins, Ali and Aleeah, and her two-year-old daughter Addie have seen a lot in their short lives. From divorces, to filming a TV show to constant moving, the girls’ lives have been anything but stable. Leah addressed this during her session.

“My girls are very intelligent and know what is going on, but we are taking it day by day,” she said. “They are the happiest most luckiest spoiled girls you’ll ever meet.”

A fan asked Leah if she’s worried that Corey will get full custody of the girls.

“No because my girls know I am their mommy and no matter what happens they will be of age one day and can not be forced to be away from me,” Leah replied.

On filming ‘Teen Mom 2’:

Leah was initially reluctant to sign on for the sixth season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ but she eventually rejoined the cast. She discussed how hard it is to have her life filmed.

“Never would I thought it would be so hard to try and make a difference in young girls’ lives,” Leah said. “My dream is to be a difference.”

On having more children one day:

Leah told her fans that she has no plans to add to her already large brood any time soon.

“Babies are not even on my mind, lol,” she said, adding that getting married for the third time is not something she’s thinking about right now.

“My girls is all I need!” Leah said, adding that she believes she will find love again “when the time is right.”

On why she refused to speak to Corey after he brought Miranda to their meeting during the season finale:

“He had every right to be with his wife, yes. However, There is times where him and I can have a conversation without her,” Leah said. “She was wanting to set at another table and watch Corey and I talk which was very awkward and weird. If there wasn’t so many judgmental comments I would be a lot more comfortable.”

The ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 6 reunion airs tonight! To catch up on the season, check out The Ashley’s Season 6 recaps click here!

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35 Responses

  1. How hard is it Leah for you having to take care of your daugthsr dealing with her issues and not able to walk good?

  2. she can’t even hold her eyes open and head up in the episodes. She had a drug problem why not step up and admit it. She was abusing her prescription drugs rather she wants to admit it or not. God help with all she has on her with her children, divorce, being in the media and eveything else. but just be real and dont lie. It could help so many others. She would not be worried about custody of her kids if it was coping with stress, unless her coping was taking to many xanax. Just don’t lie bout it Leah, several times you was obviously out of it…..

    1. In her little mind she only is takin’ too many of them “nerve pills” because of her “anxiety problems”. Until she manages to find a way to somehow grasp that is drug abuse she will continue on this path. After all they are just dingdang nerve pills and the doctor prescribed them! She is just taking a few more than the doc told her to is all y’all cus she has the stress goin on in her laaaf.

  3. Please give this girl a break! Did u not see last season? She found out her little girl is disabled w a very rare cerebral palsey,her husband was never home and when he was he threatened her all the time! Cory was in denial about ally and wouldnt cooperate! Shes had alot on her plate! Taking care of a disabled child is not easy. Everyday is different and then the other 2 girls,with no help or support, i think she did agreat job,where is ur compassion?

    1. First off Ali has a form of MD, second her husband was out making a paycheck for her to blow on crap and drugs, third maybe Corey was in a little bit of denial but he refused to just rollover and consider his daughter worthless, and lastly she had TONS of support she just wouldn’t take it (at least from Corey). She pawned her kids off on her batshit crazy enabling mother, or any other relative that would watch them. Corey has tried and tried to get more time with them and she refused, so this I’m so stressed and have no help is nothing but BS! She an addict and will continue to be until she stops living in denial and her family quits enabling her behavior.

    2. As a human with compassion, I do feel some what bad for her, her daughter’s disabilities I’m sure are a huge stress. I’m also sure having her life recored for a show is hard. People will slam you left and right and I believe that can also be a source of stress.

      However, she sabotages herself all the time. She cheated on both of her husbands, both! I mean come on, no one made her sleep with other men while being married.

      If she was on drugs and it certainty seems like it, that again is something she chose to do.

      I do believe in people being reformed, so I do believe she can get help and change, but that person has to really want it and fight for it.

      Going to rehab is a good step and I guess we will see if she really makes a difference. Getting involved with a guy and moving in with after rehab however sounds to me like not a good move.

      She needs to focus on herself and her children. Forget men for a while.

      So yeah I do feel for her but at the same time she is making decisions that affect her negativity.

    3. My compassion for Leah is limited. I understand having a child with a disability must be incredibly stressful, but that is where my sympathy stops. She puts herself in all of the poor circumstances she ends up in. She complains she is too stressed out with the twins, yet actively chose to have little sweetcheeks Addie. She complains she has no help, but refuses to allow Corey more time and give him the responsibilities he’s begging for. She also has so many people in her life to help her with the kids, who do help her with the kids, and she barely acknowledges their help. Her behavior obviously indicates a substance abuse problem, but when given opportunities of real help she ignores it and denies it. I’m happy (for the girls’ sake) that she went to treatment, but even to this day she’s still not owning up to her problems, which would suggest treatment wasn’t successful. She’s ruined two marriages with two pretty stand- up guys because she can’t keep her vagina to herself, but then tries to blame her infidelity on them. She’s 100% responsible for her being where she is, regardless of what her or her family would like to say.

  4. Reading most of Leah’s answers gave me a headache…heaven help her when she has to help the girlses with their homework! Anyone else notice that right after the 1st question was asked about how she is getting along with Miranda someone posted that Miranda commented back and they loved her answer?! What was that about????

  5. When discussing hers and Jeremy’s co-parenting relationship, she was obviously taking digs at Corey. She needs Corey and Miranda to be painted in such a negative light and one has to wonder why exactly that is. She comes across as very insecure and bitter while trying to make herself appear stable and happy.

      1. I’m not dogging any sahm…drop the defense. Stay at home moms are great. Working moms are great. Chill sister.

        1. some people are overly sensitive these days lol. she actually quit because during the custody battle, they were trying to appear as an even better home, with a sahm like leah is. only sober lol.

  6. I just don’t understand why she doesn’t admit her drug problems. Everyone makes mistakes and denying them is just another block on the road to recovery. I think people would respect her more if she was honest. Also, Miranda has every right to be part of the conversation since she is a step parent….aaaaand because Leah and Corey can’t seem to keep their bits to themselves.

    1. I was just coming to say that same thing you said about Leah’s and Corey’s sharing of bits. I think you got exactly why Miranda wanted to watch them talk so that it was actually a talk and not a “talk”.

      1. A judge would be more understanding of a woman who admitted she had a problem, got help and is a functional human being. What he wouldn’t understand is lying about your drug issues (when everyone can see through them) especially when children are involved. If she’s lying she’s not really getting the help she needs therefore is not a stable parent.

  7. One of her goals should be to go back to school to get a real education. She needs to be able to carry on a conversation, before she talks about wanting to sit down with Corey to plan out the “girles” futures. How will she ever be able to help them with their homework? I am amazed by what she doesn’t know, and what she doesn’t own up to.

  8. Can someone please teach this girl how to properly speak? She is always using the word “is” when she should be using “are” and she needs to learn when to use the past tense or present tense.

        1. I’m from West Virginia and I know plenty of people that don’t talk like that. Unfortunately, they never put anyone with any sense on television. Instead, we get Mama Dawn and her dern blue Capri Suns and health food lunchables.

          1. Hey now! I live in Morgantown, WV, and I can tell you that my children had better not say “my girls is” etc., or they’ll get their grenade juices taken away from the IMMEADIATELY. Haha.. jk, I can’t imagine how anyone could even stomach one of those sugar bombs. I’m not originally from West Virginia, but I can tell you.. at least in the North and East there are plenty of educated/non drug-addicted parents and decent schools/teachers. =P

      1. Hey now. I’m from West Virginia and it makes my ears bleed every time I hear her talk. My high school English teacher would have had a stroke if I talked like that. I think it might her family. Dawn ain’t exactly settin’ the best ding dang example of good talkin’

  9. The sad about this entire q&a is it clearly shows Leahs’s lack of ambition. Nowhere in this entire thing does it mention goals, education or a career. Leah will never change and Mark my words – Leah will be the next Fatah in some way, shape or form.

      1. She’s got it MADE from child support. My mom and step dad worked 40 hours a week each and I was upset, in hindsight, for a long time that they let me use my dad’s $375.00 a month child support on movies and mall trips with friends instead of saving up for college.

        I now realize that that was literally the only money left over for anything remotely unnecessary for me to survive and appreciate what my mom and step dad and father and step mother have contributed.

        I hope a hefty amount of that $1,700 from Jeremy and God knows how much from Corey is going towards RESPONSIBLE SAVINGS. I doubt it is. I would have ZERO respect for my mom if she just stayed home and bummed off of my dad’s child support instead of actively working to better our lives.

  10. I truly hope the “treatment center” helped for the girlses sake. Otherwise, bitch do you think we’re stupid? She is so delusional.

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