Honey Boo Boo Releases (Horrific) New Rap Song


This is why other countries hate us, people...
This is why other countries hate us, people…

‘Member when Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham released a series of songs a few years back that made you want to take a jackhammer and drill out your eardrums? Well…the new “song” just released by Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star Alana Thompson makes Farrah’s “music” sound like Mozart.

That’s right, kids…Honey Boo Boo has released her first rap song and music video, courtesy of her manager and Adam Barta (the team responsible for Farrah’s musical ventures, as well as the horrific rap song recently released by Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee). 

While it gives The Ashley no great pleasure to make fun of something done by a child, there’s no way to sugarcoat whatever the hell this is.

The song, called “Movin’ Up,” was released earlier this week, along with its music video. In the video, Alana is shown rocking out in the studio while her mom June Thompson, dad Sugar Bear Thompson and sister Pumpkin bop in the background.

Alana proceeds to rap scream into the microphone through multiple verses, telling fans that she’s just a “small town girl, living in my princess world.”

“Started out as a pageant queen/ then on TV doin’ my thing,” she sings, while dancing what is apparently known as the “Honey Boo Boo Bop.” (Watching Alana’s father, Sugar Bear, do “the bop” was, undoubtedly, the highlight of this video.)

If you’re truly masochistic and want to purchase the song on iTunes (perhaps to use to scare the kiddies on Halloween this year?) you can do so using the link below the video:


  1. I mean … I prefer this to whenever children release videos so ridiculously autotuned you don’t even recognize their speaking voice.

  2. I wouldn’t call it horrific.. it’s bad tho! Lol..I kinda miss this dysfunctional family! Where’s poodle!?

  3. I don’t know why people are so hard on this family. Reality TV has brought out the same issues in many other families. The only difference is this family is not “pretty”. Americans believe that only pretty people belong on TV. Take a look at British TV, not everyone is a knock out. Just ordinary every day people.

  4. My 11 year old granddaughter loves to write songs, sing and dance. Waaaaay better than this. Of course, I’m not the best impartial judge on this. Maybe I should upload some of her stuff to YouTube.

    Also, how did this child ever win beauty pageants? Or maybe she didn’t win, just participated in them? I never watched her show.

    1. she didn’t really except in the personality part once. i think she may have won one when she was 3 and still not as big as she started ballooning to. if her mom was such a great mom, she’d invest in music, dancing, acting, singing, SOME kind of lessons! the kid’s got personality but that’s it. this just makes her into the joke her mom already is. feeding her kids pasta drenched in ketchup and butter, Such a great mom smh

    2. When l’il girls are in the toddler stage, it is cute if they are a bit on the plump side — now that she is older, it is not so cute. Alana also was cheeky which was an attraction then – now she is just mouthy. Her family is a wash-out. I am surprised that Mama J is not kicking up a fuss that the Duggar sisters are getting some specials in TLC when Boo Boo was unceremoniously dumped.

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