Following in Farrah’s Footsteps? ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans May Appear on UK Reality Show

"Here I come, UK!"
“Here I come, UK!”

By Holly Rasmussen

Jenelle Evans is looking forward to doing more reality shows! Although she will be coming back to do another season of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle has set her sights on doing other reality shows outside of the MTV.

When Jenelle was in New York in September, she sat down with WetPaint and talked about her “career” aspirations, stating that she was eager to appear in more reality shows. Apparently Jenelle wants to follow in the footsteps of her ‘Teen Mom’ franchise co-star, Farrah Abraham, and make a living out of being filmed doing weird stuff.

“I definitely would [do another reality show],” Jenelle told WetPaint. “It would show me interacting on a different level, like not being a mom and more of, hanging out with Jenelle without kids. I would say [I’d want to do] a competition show.”

Jenelle already has a reality show picked out. The ‘Teen Mom 2’ star said that the extreme competition show American Ninja Warrior is linked to her hometown in North Carolina, and that she would like to try out for it. (Maybe Jace can help her with that one since he always threatens to kick her in the head.

"I'm workin' on my fitness 'cause I wanna be on the ninja show too, Juh-nelle!"
“I’m workin’ on my fitness ’cause I wanna be on the ninja show too, Juh-nelle!”

While appearing on ‘American Ninja Warrior’ may be a long shot (even if she logs major Nathan-esque gym hours), Jenelle has a pretty good chance of getting a role on another reality show, just like Farrah did. One reason Jenelle might be following in Farrah’s footsteps is that they share the same manager. Like Farrah, who recently starred on the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother, Jenelle has ambition to head overseas.

“We’re going to talk to the UK about some stuff about me going over there,” she said.

Jenelle also discussed her other ventures, which includes writing a book about her life. She said the book will everything from her childhood diaries, to her time on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ to the current stuff we haven’t seen. She said she hasn’t been doing much writing lately because of her tumultuous split from fiancé Nathan Griffith, but plans to write more in the future.

“Now that I moved I’m able to focus and put everything together,” she said.

Jenelle said she hopes the book will be done by next spring. Here’s to hoping the book is called Nothing Else Worse Can Happen: The Jenelle Evans Story.

Jenelle also said she is interested in following in co-star Kailyn Lowry’s footsteps by designing her own clothing line.

“I’m actually looking into it,” Jenelle said. “I would start out with a boys’ line first and then probably an adult line…edgy, urban, and kind of hipster.”

No word yet if Jenelle plans to try to recreate Kieffer’s famous green hoodie.

To watch Jenelle’s full interview with WetPaint, click here!

(Photos: WetPaint, Instagram)



  1. What would be really weird would be to see her bonding, even slightly, with any child, anywhere, ever.

  2. She knows she can’t get a job as a medical assistant with her diploma mill “degree” and 15 mug shots. The fact that that school even accepted her into the program goes to show it’s a for profit. No one would hire her anyway. She has BPD just like my mother, except that Jenelle is trailer trash that won the lottery (Thanks Nathan!) and my egg donor is brilliant. And though Jenelle has an addiction and my mother doesn’t, I’ll just say that my egg donor is a hell of a lot scarier because she’s so smart. As a child who survived it, let me say that Jace can overcome it. Once Jenelle is finally off TV, she will drop out of Babs and Jace’s lives for good. Poor Kaiser will be stuck with Nathan’s mom and we all see how that turned out. Pray/send good vibes to Babs, Jace, and Kai, y’all. They are the victims of this trash bag.

  3. “It would show me interacting on a different level, like not being a mom”

    Nope, that’s the same level.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. Don’t we already see Jenelle not being a mom? Hanging at with Jenelle out of mom mode is not that far of a stretch.

  4. Possible titles for Jenelle’s book:

    “Idiot’s Guide To Being A Little Bitch of a Daughtaaah”

    “My Years Living On The Streets With My Booooyyyyfriend”

    “From Grassy Knoll to Fashion Week: The Adventures Of a Teen Mom”

    “Jace? Who’s That?”

    “Toilet Wrestling 101”

    “The Mystery of Nathan’s Disappearing Sleaves”

    “Hiiiiiggghhh! Hiiiiggghhhh! Ya Both HIIIGGHHH: The Life & Times Of Jenelle”

    “From Grassy Knolls to Kaiser Rolls”

    This is fun! Everybody, join in! Lol! What would you like to see Jenelle call her book?

    1. Ok so reading all of these hilarious book titles made me think of a quote Jenelle said on her original 16 & pregnant show which was “I make time for myself.” Don’t know why it reminded me of that but it just did. She certainly did make time for herself; the whole 5 years Jace has been alive.

  5. What the hell is wrong w Mtv ? They see this selfish ungrateful pig named Janelle Evans up close and personal when they’re filming, instead of paying her why not demand intense psychological therapy and pay for that? The meer fact that everyone but Janelle sees the train wreck shes become is proof enough. This girl is a mess.She needs to spend a year ALONE and learn to take better care of self and sons.learn to be grateful for a mother that cares enough to raise HER son instead of the state in which she wouldn’t stand a chance of getting him back in her condition. Please stop rewarding and reinforcing bad and destructive behavior w reality shows.

  6. Well she’s no good for anything else to do,so….I’m still asking myself why do people want to watch her on tv?I watch teenmom but Jenelle is my less favorite person on the show.

    1. Jenelle sucks but the least favorite mom aware goes to Farrah hands down. I’d rather watch Jun-nelle and her antics than listen to 10 seconds of Farrah speak.

  7. LOL @ jenelle thinking she’s perceived as a mom!!! Haha, you’re nothing but an egg donor & you know it!

  8. Well maybe the day I’ve been waiting for has arrived. US starts exporting reality “stars”?

  9. HAHAHHA her lack of self awareness is so freaking amazing. jenelle, all we’ve seen is you hanging without kids!

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