‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 6 Reunion Recap: Jenelle & Kail Face The Doctor

"Are you guys as sick of doing this as I am?"
“Are you guys as sick of doing this as I am?”

Teen Mom 2 Season 6 is over, guys. Gone are the nights of watching Jenelle Evans call the cops on her booooyfriends, witnessing Nathan Griffith‘s gym-sesh tantrums, or seeing Jo Rivera complaining about being broke (before climbing into his brand-new BMW, of course). All that is left is the Season 6 Reunion special, where our birth-control-challenged heroes will be berated by good ol’ Dr. Drew Pinsky, who can barely contain his disdain for these people after six seasons of hosting this crap.

This week’s episode features only Kail and Jenelle’s sessions, so we’ll have to wait until next week to bust out our banjos for Leah‘s turn on the couch. (Oh…and Chelsea will be there too, apparently.)

The Ashley will be recapping only what is shown on screen during this episode. If you want the real juicy gossip of what happened behind-the-scenes of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 6 Reunion taping, you’ll want to click here.

"I can't believe I'm still talking to you people. Seriously."
“I can’t believe I’m still talking to you people. Seriously.”

Anyway, on with the show!

The episode starts off with all four moms on the couch opposite of the “Docta.” We get a quick flashback of this season, including clips of Jo talking about his time machine, Nathan doing his trademark “Jeneeeeeellle!” scream while being shoveled into a cop car, and Leah screaming at Jeremy for making fun of her trashmobile. Aww…memories!

After watching the clips, Dr. Drew basically tells the girls that he can’t believe that their lives are so ridiculous.

“I get emotional when I watch that, and that’s your lives!” he tells them.

Dr. Drew is literally cringing as he talks to Leah about her, um, stress issues. He then congratulates all of the girls for having a direct effect on dropping teen pregnancy. Who would have thought that watching Jenelle scream at her mom, and Chelsea peeing out her IUD would help teens?!

"If you guys will just start crying, we'll all get out of here a lot faster."
“If you guys will just start crying, we’ll all get out of here a lot faster.”

Soon they haul the other three girls off the stage so Dr. Drew can talk to Kail alone. He brings up what a disaster Kail’s marriage to Javi was for a while, and how Rappin’ Jo is giving her a hard time.

We watch clips that illustrate these points, and Kail says that she and Jo have let the whole child support thing go for now. She says it’s not worth going to court since Rappin’ Jo has been rolling his coins to make his child support payments on time. (Surely that CoinStar in Jo’s new ‘hood is getting a lot of use these days! But you know what they say– pennies buy kids tennies! Wait, what? No one says that? Oh, well.)

Kail also reveals that she and Javi had already drawn up divorce papers and they were about to go their separate ways at one point. Of course, they wheel out Javi to talk about all their fights about concerts, hamburgers and cell phone passcodes. Dr. Drew seems determined to prove that Javi’s jealous and Kail’s neglectful, but he keeps getting shut down by both of them.  Drew seems disappointed that he’s unable to stir up unnecessary drama. (Just wait a few minutes, Drew. Jenelle is next and she’ll provide all the “WTF?” moments you desire!)

They next bring up the fact that Rappin’ Jo is unemployed, and Javi seems angry that Jo can’t be bothered to take a job, since he’s more than capable of asking if someone wants to supersize their drive-thru order. Drew seems puzzled as well so he brings out Jo to tell his side of the story.

"The glare from the grease in your hair is literally blinding me, bro."
“The glare from the grease in your hair is literally blinding me, bro.”

Jo is sporting some luscious locks these days. His hair is literally shining bright like a diamond under the stage lights, due to the bucket of gel (or whatever styling product he borrowed from Vee) he has dumped over his head before coming out on stage. Drew is trying not to look at Overgelled Jo’s wet mop, but he’s having a hard time.

Anyway, Drew comes down hard on Jo for missing a bunch of Isaac’s events. Jo says he made a mistake, but Drew keeps drilling him about his leisurely lifestyle.

“I mean…what do you do with your time all day?” Drew asks Jo.

"I will ask you one more time, Dr. Drew. Do.You.Want.To.Buy.My.Mixtape?!"
“I will ask you one more time, Dr. Drew. Do.You.Want.To.Buy.My.Mixtape?!”

Jo claims he goes to school (“School of hard knocks, yo!”) but Drew asks why Jo doesn’t have a job.

“I don’t currently work a 9 to 5 job,” Jo says. (“Because I be rappin’ 24/7, yo!”)

He claims that he doesn’t want to work because Isaac comes over eight nights a month. Um…don’t blame Isaac for your joblessness. At this rate, Isaac will have a part-time job before Jo does! Maybe 16-year-old Isaac can hire his Dear Ol’ Dad down at the McDonald’s? Isaac can be his McBoss!

Drew’s not buying Jo’s excuses.

“Do I need to work?” Jo asks.

Drew then asks how the heck Jo survives without having a job. Um…Drew? You know that piece of paper that comes in your mailbox every so often that says “Viacom” in the lefthand corner? Well, Jo gets one of those too. So, there’s your answer.

Oh, and obviously, his mixtape sales are helping him keep up his balla lifestyle. Obviously.

Kail is actually trying to be kind to Jo and even lets a few of his comments go without calling him out on his ridiculousness. To really stir that pot, Drew brings out Javi and a pregnant Vee to get their opinions on things.

The face you make when the TV doctor won't stop asking you the same question over and over again.
The face you make when the TV doctor won’t stop asking you the same question over and over again.

Javi insists that he’s not worried that Rappin’ Jo is gonna steal his woman. Drew is really trying to stir up trouble, and keeps bringing up the fact that Kail isn’t interested in Jo and Vee’s new baby. Since she’s already addressed this subject about four times in the last 20 minutes, Kail looks livid.

Again, Kail explains that she doesn’t hate Vee’s baby, and Drew still isn’t satisfied. When Vee reveals that she’s having a baby girl, Drew legit leans over to Kail and goes, “Jealous?”

Seriously, Drew, why you gotta be such a seventh grade girl? Let it go, man!

He finally gives up on Kail & Co., hoping that Jenelle will bring the heat in terms of hot mess-ism.

"Should we get a separate couch for your, um, girls, if you're not going to put them away?"
“Should we get a separate couch for your, um, girls, if you’re not going to put them away?”

Jenelle comes out (wearing some sort of dress-like thing that looks like something you’d find in a Halloween costume package emblazoned with “Hottie Naughty Housewife” on the front). Drew isn’t distracted by Jenelle’s blatant cleavage, however. He gets right down to business, confronting Jenelle about the mess she’s made of her life.

We watch some clips (once again getting to see “Jeneeeeeellle!“) which make Jenelle emotional. Is Jenelle crying over the clips about her not having her son, Jace? Nooo. Is Jenelle crying because her relationship with her mom is in turmoil? Nooo. She’s crying, of course, because her nitwit ex-fiance found another girl’s back to hitch his boner to.

Drew brings up that Jenelle and Nathan have been doing this back-and-forth dance (as well as the occasional Horizontal Mambo) for years now. She announces that she and Nathan are giving things another go (mind you this was taped back in July and they have since broken up). Drew questions her decision to get back with a neanderthal who cheated on her and at one point, ran her over with his truck (or something.)

Jenelle states that it’s strictly a medical issue for her; after all, when she wasn’t with Nathan she was having panic attacks while taking patients’ blood pressure. (Maybe don’t put that on your resume, Jenelle…)

Although they are back together, Jenelle admits that things haven’t been all sex romps and strawberry protein shakes in their relationship. Nate’s been “standoffish” and they still argue constantly.

"Go to it's your sex life...blah, blah, whatever. You guys know the drill by now."
“Go to it’s your sex life…blah, blah, whatever. You guys know the drill by now.”

Drew literally says that listening to Jenelle talk is “traumatizing” him. He is just getting started though. He next calls Jenelle out for popping out so many kids.

“So…two kids already? And you’re 23?” Drew asks. (Just wait til ya get to Leah, Doc!)

Jenelle insists that no more spawn will be birthed from her loins for at least three more years.

Next they bring out Nathan, who got all dressed up for his appearance. While he does have sleeves on his shirt, he is wearing red bathing suit trunks, flip flops and a baseball cap. Never before did I think I’d long for Nathan’s lime green wetsuit top, but even that would be more appropriate than this outfit!

Did they literally yank Nathan out of the hotel pool to film this scene?
Did they literally yank Nathan out of the hotel pool to film this scene?

Jenelle and Nathan don’t even get a chance to start filming. Before they even go “on air,” Jenelle gets mad at Nathan because he’s not sitting close enough to her (or something?) and she storms off set. We get to go behind-the-scenes to watch Jenelle throw a tantrum to the producers and refuse to film.

We next get an onscreen message that says Jenelle has refused to return to the stage, after 10 minutes of Drew, Nathan, the crew and the poor shivering audience members waiting around for her. Nathan says that Jenelle is mad because Nathan said she was playing “the victim card.”

Since Jenelle is MIA, the producer comes on stage to beg Nathan to beg Jenelle to come back and fulfill what she’s contractually obligated to do. Nathan agrees (he was probably promised a week’s supply of supplements for his efforts). Finally, Nathan convinces Jenelle to come back out. The audience freaking claps for Jenelle as she walks back on stage. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!

Drew seems to have a hard time understanding why the hell Jenelle is being such a baby.  The doctor encourages them to go to counseling, especially because Jenelle is so insecure about Nathan having the other girl around. Jenelle tells Drew that she’s going to hurl. (By all means, don’t throw up on Nathan’s fancy outfit! That would be a tragedy to lose such fine frocks!)

"This isn't gonna get any better. Can we just call it a day?"
“This isn’t gonna get any better. Can we just call it a day?”

Drew then asks the lovebirds if there has ever been any physical violence between them.


Drew looks like he’s one minute away from throwing up his hands, yelling “Eff this! I’m going back to my HLN show!” and walking off set (Jenelle style). Instead, he presses forward. He encourages them to see a therapist–STAT!

At long last, they finally bring Barbara out! Babs is looking spiffy in her “caaaaareer woman lookin'” sweater set. They bring up the Jace custody situation, and Babs says she’s afraid of putting Jace into Jenelle’s madhouse.  Jenelle insists that Barb kept Jace from her because she didn’t like Nathan.

“Nathan does not like me, Docta Drew!” Barb says.

"No I don't wanna kiss ya! Ya disgusting!"
“No I don’t wanna kiss ya! Ya disgusting!”

Nathan insists that he does like Babs and even offers to lay one on her.

“You wanna kiss right now?” he asks her.

Ew. Also, Ew. Keep your nasty cold-sore-stained lips off our Babs, Nathan!

Nate insists that, because he’s a Christian (?), he doesn’t hate anyone. Babs is quick to point out that His Holiness Nate is very Christian when he is cheatin’, fornicatin’ and drinkin’. Oh, and chokin’ Jenelle when she was pregnant.

Things start to get tense on stage. Dr. Drew tries to straighten things out, but Barb isn’t buying Nathan’s crap.

Barb says that she gave up her own life to raise Jace and keep him out of foster care. Jenelle, of course, takes this as an attack.

"While ya were off gettin' high wif ya boooyfriend, I was slicin' pimento loaf to raise ya son!"
“While ya were off gettin’ high wif ya boooyfriend, I was slicin’ pimento loaf to raise ya son!”

“Look at you!” Jenelle shouts at her mother. “You work at the Walmart deli, while I’m going to be a medical assistant and save people’s lives, while you serve f**king food!”

Oh.No.You.Did.NOT just say that to our Babs!

Honestly, I half expected Dr. Drew’s girthy paw to come swinging out from the side of the TV and smack Jenelle across the face. The Ashley’s blood is a-boilin’ right now!

Jenelle storms out again, screaming that Babs is putting her down. (Um…wasn’t Jenelle the one that was making fun of Barb’s job?)

"I'm done!"
“I’m done!”

Jenelle plows through the stage doors and refuses to come back out. MTV busts out the classic ‘Teen Mom’ line, “I’m done!” and lets her go.

Next week, we get to watch as the Docta takes on Chelsea, Leah and all of their crews!

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(Photos: MTV)





  1. My blood was truly boiling every time Bahhhhbra is insulted for her job. She is on her feet for eight hours a day, trying to put food on the table for her grandson. Then she can’t even come home from work and put those feet *up*, she has to run around after a five-year-old! And yet, she still fights to do it because she’s terrified of the domecile he’ll be subjected to if she doesn’t.

    I wish MTV fired off the clips every time there was radio silence from Jenelle and Nathan when “Dr.” Drew asked questions about the domestic violence. (Clip: Jenelle flashing her torso bruises.) “Dr.” Drew asking about Kaiser being around their fighting, and both of them denying that he is ever there for it, at daycare! (Clip: Kaiser deposited at the foot of the stairs while Jenelle and Nathan go at each other on the second floor.)

    MTV BABIES these girls so much. But when they are in such dangerous situations (Jenelle, Leah), they need to be confronted about the path they are on. And it really will be holding a mirror up to the face of a lot of girls in the audience. I can’t believe Dr. Drew didn’t push the domestic violence issue when he obviously got a dishonest answer about it. Aubree would know that was a lie, Dude. I am sorry to have written such a missive here, but I really fear that Jenelle lives that kind of life that it would not surprise me to wake up one morning to the news of a murder-suicide situation between she and Nathan. They fit the profile to a T. I mean, this is the stuff she’s allowed to be *filmed*, imagine what has happened that she has kept secret.

    Anyway, longtime reader, first time poster. Ashley, you make me double over laughing every week! Brava!

  2. Not gonna lie, at times this season when Nathan was being a complete douche, I kinda felt for Jenelle….but after this reunion I snapped back to reality and saw that she’s truly pathetic. Any thing that came up during her montage about regarding Jace, she was perfectly fine….as soon as Nathan popped up on the screen HERE CAME THE WATER WORKS. its like SERIOUSLY?! This girl was sobbing over a complete shit bag! I mean girl was coming undone. The horror on Dr. Drew’s face was priceless. And when Nathan came out he didnt sit close enough or show effection or whatever, so she threw a pitty party tantrum again! She needs to get her head out of whatever mans ass and worry about herself. It’s truly pathetic that she can’t be independent. And dont you just hate that creepy condescending voice Nathan has when he talks to Jenelle and belittles her? And this chick thinks the sun shines out of his ass. Had he not left her she would still be chasing after him. PATHETIC!

    1. Since Barbara has such a pathetic job I assume big shot Jenelle is paying child support to Barbara?
      yeah right

      Nathan said it best “trailer trash that hit the lottery”

  3. My problem with Dr. Drew (aside from him trying to create drama out of non-issues) is he rarely reprimands the girls, especially Leah and Jenelle. Instead he seems to blow smoke up their butts and go in for those around them (like Babs and Corey). He’s harsher on everyone around them, which just confirms their feelings that it’s everyone else not them.
    Jenelle just needs to shut her mouth. She’s not saving people’s lives, she’s not a stable person, and she doesn’t deserve the title of ‘Mom’. Babs has kept Jace fed, clothed, with a roof over his head and given him an opportunity thrive. If Jace looks at Babs as his mom than he should be able to call her that. All Jenelle has been is a pez dispenser, she has no right to tell Jace or Babs he can’t call Babs what he wants. I have no idea how Jenelle thinks one year of mediocre behavior makes up for six years of really terrible behavior. In my opinion, she still has a long way to go to prove herself able to properly take care of Jace. Poor little Kaiser has been caught up in her wreck of a life, and I’m sad he doesn’t have the same opportunity as Jace to be cared for by Babs. Hopefully, the rumors that Nathan’s mother has him the majority of the time are true, because that little boy is not in a healthy environment, no matter what Jenelle likes to think.

    1. Preach it! I totally agree on all points! Dr. Drew drives me nuts…I’d like to know why he doesn’t ask Jenelle & Nathan why they don’t work?! Surely they could use the time apart, but this point is moot anyway as they’ve broken up. I guarantee if Jenelle would at least work a part time job, she’d have a LOT less time & energy for fvckery. And she is deluded thinking she’s going to work in the medical field with her very public record. She shows no caring, loving emotions to her own children & mother, & that is a big component of working in the medical field. She has no maternal instincts, just obsesses over the peen of the moment & drama.

    2. yeah, why didn’t he say something to Jenelle when Jenelle rip into Barbara about work at Walmart?

      or When Jenelle said she is doing everything she can to get her son. Um No your not, you chose an abusive relationship over your son, ok now as of October 2015 she chose to jump right into a relationship & move in a convicted felon. Best thing she can do is get pregnant again….it worked so well for her before with Nathan (meet a guy move him in immediately & have his baby)

  4. Out of all the girls kail is the only girl that has worked her ass off and does not have help from anyone like her Parents I mean Dr Drew has not liked her for a long time and I think it’s because she doesn’t put up with his crap i and I think it’s because she doesn’t put up with his crap and him causing drama Dr Drew acts very immature and I am sorry I do not like him like I used to now on to Janelle I’m sorry but I cannot stand that girl if it wasn’t for her mom her son would most likely be miss treated I’m sorry I don’t think she should have any kids in her care she should be in mental hospital she is crazy. If I ran in to her working at my drs office I would run to get the hell a way from her I do not want that crazy working on me.when she said she is saving people’s lives I fill sorry for anyone that she is working on lol

  5. I almost reached through the tv when Drew said to Babz that she wasn’t right to say that 6 years later comment. It is in fact 6 years later! Then he said nothing when Jenelle was making fun of babs job. Well that job has paid for her son to survive so clearly its working out pretty well. Never once has never spent a night on a friends couch, in his car, county jail, or what appeared to be a crackhouse with Keiffa.

    1. Me too!!! I really would like to know why Dr. Drew chose to go in on Jo for not working, but never asks Jenelle or Nathan why they don’t have jobs! Dr. Drew sucks IMO!

  6. Drew legit leans over to Kail and goes, “Jealous?”

    lolllllz are we sure Dr. Drew is even qualified to counsel or interview anymore he is not compassionate in the slightest he takes these interviews as a joke.

    1. Anymore? Was he ever, really? I remember listening to him on ‘Loveline’ as a kid. I remember being 12 and listening to him give advice to large breasted women while he and Adam Carolla tried to remember how exactly bra sizes worked.
      Also the sheer number of people who considered it totally normal to just let the smoke alarm keep beeping for weeks after the low battery warning until the battery actually died, but that’s a separate issue.

      1. Seriously, Drew is a hack. He used to outright lie on Loveline and now he just spews out whatever he can get paid the most for. No self-respecting doctor who specializes in addiction would be okay with how this show is allowing Leah to remain in denial about her drug use.

  7. I stopped watching the show because these recaps on The Ashley are soooooo much better.

    Thank you for that pic of Jo. Its better than chocolate.

  8. Gross. Time for these people to get jobs. If I can live on $700 per paycheck (which I am happy with in this economy) then I don’t have sympathy for ppl whining about not enough child support and buying bigger houses.

  9. It is sad that viewers could probably come up with a workable contract for getting Jace back but most of us don’t think it would be worth the time. Never seen any real effort from Jenelle to move in that direction because she is delusional; she is bragging about her accomplishments and feels OK putting her mother down for where she is at. MTV does seem to love a wreck but they need to get rid of Dr Drew and just let her go forward.

  10. Omg I thought I was the only one that thought that about the kail and vee and jo and javi situation. Dr. Drew seem to really try and stir that up

  11. Babs needs to do a Debra Abrahams on Janelle and give her a back hander in the lips. Babs is #1 in my book.

    1. Lmao, I said the same thing on Twitter not long ago! I think when I saw the preview for this episode showing Jenelle putting down Babs. Idk how Babs keeps her cool sometimes dealing with her!

  12. Jenelle terrifies me–it’s not even fun TV anymore. I really hope that her producers (or whoever works with her when they are filming this) force her into rehab/therapy again like they did for Leah.

    1. She doesn’t need rehab. She needs a serious wake up call. Acting like a spoiled child and throwing fits whenever she doesn’t get her way or when someone calls her out isn’t okay. She’s a grown ass woman. She needs to realize that if she wants her son back, she needs to stop putting her boyfriends as her #1 priority.

  13. Also, I suspect Juh-nelle of purposely wearing that dress in hopes of distracting Dr. Drew with her ‘girlses’ and prevent him from asking hard questions.

  14. Jenelle has to much of an nasty attitude,she don’t haven the right to speak to her mom like this.Her mom is maby not perfect,but she’s notting but good to her daughter and her grandchild,and all she get in return is crap and a lot of disrespect.Why is this girl still on tv?Why do we pay people for bad behaviour and treat them like she’s a star?This is al so wrong.

  15. I don’t know who is a bigger loser – Jenelle or Dr. Drew. The way he was stirring drama with Kail was pathetic. And then to tell Barb that what she said to Jenelle wasn’t fair? Um it has been 6 years and she’s still more concerned about her booooyfriends than she is Jace.

    1. I really wish Dr Drew hadn’t said the “not fair” thing. I think that was a big opportunity missed and I was sad.

      What Babs said was that she would “do anything” to get her child back – that is exactly what Jenelle and Babs need to discuss. Their relationship is bad because Jenelle thinks Babs keeps moving the goal posts. Jenelle thinks her life is stable. They need to have a serious discussion about what Babs wants (eg go a year without getting arrested, living with someone who is arrested, having cops out to the house because of arguments etc). If they had clear conditions laid out for transferring custody, Jenelle would stop thinking Babs was out to get her and Babs could be in her life more and help Jenelle actually meet the conditions. Dr Drew could have helped them have that conversation but he just shut it down.

      If they keep not talking about it, then blowing up, threatening each other with court and then shoving it back under the rug they will never get anything resolved. They need to write down and agree the rules, and how the transition will be managed, and then they can work together to get it done.

      1. babs has plenty of times laid out the conditions for jenelle to get jace back and jenelle doesnt follow through. jenelle would pick men over him, hasnt had a job/or keep a job long enough, always in jail for fights. its all on jenelle to want to dowhat is best for jace but she doesnt really care about getting him back cause if she did she would stop with her bs and have him already.

        1. EVERYONE, even Jenelles custody attorney said she needs to choose Nathan or Jace.
          He told her that she probably wont ever get custody of Jace while with Nathan.
          And who does she choose?
          her boyfriend. …. shocker
          so how can she say she is doing everything she can to get her son back

          ok now she is finally rid of Nathan but shacks up with a convicted felon.

          always making those great choices!

  16. What was with Dr. Drew’s shirt being untucked? He was wearing dress pants a dress shirt and a blazer with the shirt untucked. I don’t get it.

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