Maci Bookout Talks ‘Teen Mom OG,’ Marrying Taylor McKinney & Future Plans

"Y'all got questions for me?"
“Y’all got questions for me?”

By Holly Rasmussen

Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout took over WetPaint’s Facebook page yesterday to answer questions from the her fans. Maci, who recently completed filming on the new ‘Teen Mom’ season, filled us in on what’s been happening in her life since we last saw her on our televisions.

In the Facebook Q & A session, Maci tackled questions about her life with longtime boyfriend Taylor McKinney, and revealed what she hopes teen girls learn from her.

(Chelsea Houska recently did one of these Facebook Q& A sessions as well. Click here to read what Chelsea revealed during that session!)

Maci, like Chelsea, was very honest when answering her fans’ burning questions.

"I guess we should finally get hitched, huh?"
“I guess we should finally get hitched, huh?”

On Marrying Taylor McKinney:

It’s rumored that Maci is engaged to Taylor (but not confirmed), so naturally fans wanted to know when the couple is getting hitched.  When asked when she is getting married the mother of two replied, “That’s a question better suited for Taylor! Who knows?!”

On Her Relationship with Baby-Daddy Ryan Edwards:

“Ryan and I are getting along pretty well,” Maci said. “Co-parenting is hard work, but we have definitely come a very long way.”

Luckily, Ryan gets along well with Taylor.

“Taylor and Ryan have a great relationship,” Maci added. “It’s a huge relief.”

On the impact that ‘Teen Mom’ has had on young girls:

“I hope they understand the importance of getting an education and building self-confidence, [as well as] protecting themselves and bettering themselves so that they are ready to have a family when the time comes,” Maci said of her girls who watch the show.

On her recent accomplishments:

Maci informed her fans that she has FINALLY graduated from college. (The Ashley has more details on this, coming soon!)

“[It was a] huge obstacle for me for so long, glad to have finished,” Maci said of her schooling.

She also revealed that she started a new business called Social Hour, LLC.

“It’s an outsourced social media marketing company,” Maci said.

The mom and entrepreneur will be returning to our television set next year (most likely around March, but no premiere date has been confirmed yet). The cast is about to head to New York City to film the Season 6 reunion special.

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17 Responses

  1. As someone who is in Marketing I will assure you that only doing social media marketing won’t get you far in the business. It’s limiting yourself and your business opportunities. I would also like add that most people in this industry succeed with a Bachelors degree. I honestly have a hard time believing this business will get far.

    If she knew the first thing about marketing she would know social media marketing is still not the most reliable way to market a brand, person or company.

  2. that was a pretty weak Q&A! What are her feelings towards Farrah now? Will Jade and Bentley be on this season of teen mom og??

  3. I have an Associate degree. I worked hating put it down, it opened doors for me. Some people cannot afford a 4 year university and have to work FT

    Anyway Maci still sucks but makes adorable kids

    1. i think my comment came off wrong 🙁 i think anyone getting any sort of education/training is great. you are totally right that an AA is the only option for a lot of people and it really helps.

      what annoys me about maci is that she expects a huge pat on the back for basically doing the bare minimum for her situation. she hasnt had a job like…..ever? and has all the money in the world to pay for education and child care. and yet she still acts like it’s the biggest accomplishment that it took her 6 years to get a 2 year degree. mine while she spent most of that 6 years partying and vacationing

  4. also anyone can register an LLC. just find your state website and pay the 100 dollars. it’s extremely easy. “outsourced social media market company” sounds like the biggest load of shit haha. like what does she actually do?

    1. If it’s anything what her book implies, she’s professionally promoting stuff on twitter. There’s literally an entire chapter in her book dedicated to how hard she’s working on that. -_-

  5. i dont think getting your AA is the same thing as graduating from college. it’s good she finally got her certificate but graduating from college implies a bachelors degree

    1. I’m not sure where you got this information but you are wrong lol an associate’s degree is exactly what it says…a degree…

    2. You’re saying she was in school for… 6 years to get a 2 year degree? They made it seem like she spent so much of her time at school! Is Kail the only one getting an actual 4 year degree? Not that there is anything wrong with an associate’s degree, there absolutely isn’t! But if I had tons of disposable money, and rescources to have a baby sitter or day care, I’d sure as hell be working towards at least a 4 year degree! Instagram advertising isn’t a solid form of income to rely on for the future…

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