Amber Portwood Talks Wedding Plans & Farrah Abraham in Q&A Session: ‘I Want to Shake Her!’

"What do you want to know?"
“What do you want to know?”

Earlier this week, it was Amber Portwood‘s turn to answer fans’ questions on the official Teen Mom Facebook page. Like many of her co-stars have done in recent months, Amber took over the Facebook page to discuss her life and the new season of ‘Teen Mom OG.’

Naturally, fans who have watched the new season’s trailers were curious to know about the custody battle going on between Amber and her ex, Gary Shirley, for their daughter Leah. And, of course, everyone wanted to know how Amber really feels about that pesky Farrah Abraham.

As always, The Ashley has pulled out all of “the good stuff” from the Q&A session and placed it here on The Roundup for you to devour…

On how she feels about Farrah Abraham:

A fan asked Amber if she ever just wants to just “smash Farrah in the face,” and Amber gave a relatively mature answer, implying that Farrah needs more love.

“No I don’t ever want to smash her in the face,” Amber wrote. “I want to shake her and give her a bear hug.”

(Just for the record, The Ashley would bet all of her money on Amber should a physical fight ever arise between her and Farrah!)

Amber said she doesn't mind having her life filmed for MTV.
Amber said she doesn’t mind having her life filmed for MTV.

On whether she regrets signing up to have her life filmed for ‘Teen Mom’:

Even though being on ‘Teen Mom’ has caused some major legal problems for Amber over the years, she does not have any regrets for signing up for the show.

“I don’t wish my life was off-screen but it would make my life easier,” Amber wrote. “But I don’t complain because I enjoy what I do. I enjoy helping other people.”

On her plan for getting custody of Leah:

“I don’t think it’s necessary to go for full custody but I am pursing 50/50 custody with Gary,” Amber wrote. “It’s already in the works and should be done soon.” [Click here for more details on that!]

Amber added that her co-parenting relationship with Gary has improved since we last saw her.

“Currently we are getting along pretty well,” Amber wrote. “We are co-parenting very lately! It’s quite shocking!”

On her plans for her upcoming wedding:

Amber has stated that she plans to marry fiance Matt Baier in October, so fans were naturally curious to see how the wedding planning was going. Amber told a fan that she has not purchased a wedding dress– yet.

“I have not found my perfect wedding dress because I still want to lose 15 more pounds. THEN I will go find the perfect dress,” she wrote.

On her future plans:

“Right now I’m focusing more on my business but probably when I’m in my 30s I’ll want to have another kid,” Amber wrote, adding that she and Matt have begun to flip homes locally.

“I’m also a house investor outside of Indiana,” Amber wrote. “I just sold my first home in 5 days!”

Amber also stated what her goals are for 2016.

“[I plan to] move forward with my work and finally get to my goal weight and stay healthy and sober,” Amber wrote. “Try to be better than who I am today.”

The new season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ begins Monday, January 4!

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26 Responses

  1. On how she feels about Farrah Abraham:

    A fan asked Farrah if she ever just wants to just “smash Farrah in the face,” and Amber gave a relatively mature answer, implying that Farrah needs more love.

    I think you mean a fan asked Amber if she ever just wants to…

    1. Farrah is a fucking idiot. Her kid is a spoiled brat and her folks are bat shit crazy. Farrah is the most delusional, self centered person I have seen on tv in years.

      1. Sorry. Farah has played the daddy derrik card for 6 years. She is EFFED up.Her kid will be in the news 6 years from now. Spoiled rotten brat.

    2. Exactly! I say this all the time when she starts her drama. MTV should insert those clips of all the terrible things she said about Derrick. What a miserable person she must be to act so nasty. Why does MTV coddle her? She is so rude and condesending. Putting up with her crap helps feed the monster. Her daddy still has to defend her? Doesn’t he get that people are over her video scam, it’s the fact that she thinks she’s something special that pisses people off.

  2. She sounds like she’s on the right track career wise, but she’s got to get rid of Matt! He’s an awful guy who cheated on her. He’s an opportunist and just someone that needs to go back into whatever gutter he crawled out of. She’s talking more kids (I’m guessing with him. YUCK.) in the future, and he can’t even take care of the SEVEN that he has now! She wants to willingly sign up and be baby mama number 6, and her kid be kid number 8. That’s such a bad decision on her end.

  3. I feel sorry for her….she’s a lost soul and that Matt is just awful….. please amber lose him. Not just for you, but for leah. Show her as a woman you don’t need to settle for a man….

    Ps. Go back to purple hair

    1. I had hope that she was finally on the right track after being released from jail. It seemed like jail was her rock bottom and that she had been working hard to turn her life around, like finally getting her GED, helping other women in jail, wanting to go back to school and get a college degree. It seems like all of that changed when Matt came into the picture. I wish she could just focus on getting her life together and being the best mom she can be for Leah. It’s also worrying that she is drinking. It’s a slippery slope and it’s so common for addicts to replace one drug with another.

      I loved her purple hair too. It was a subtle, gorgeous color.

  4. From day one Amber has been a lost loser. Nothing has changed sadly. MTV has intensified her problems. She wouldn’t change being on TV because she doesn’t have to get along with others while working a legitimate job. In ten years from now, she will have a few kids and be collecting government assistance! Matt will have been long gone.

  5. How can Amber not see Matt for who he truly is?! Seriously Amber, Matt is NOT a good guy and you would be better off with out him. Don’t settle just to have a warm body next to you at night or to be able to say you have a boyfriend. Please don’t rush to marry him!!!

  6. Can’t stand the fact that she’s subjecting herself to someone like Matt. But I will Give her credit with her speaking business and career ambitions/goals. That’s one thing we never hear the other women speak about. She sounds focused – now let’s see if those goals turn into reality.

    1. I agree with you, this Matt shit is driving me insane. Frankly,anything she builds right now, I can 100% see that dental care deficient, child physical and financial support neglecting tip-sucker snatching away faster than he can say, “I have 5 baby momma’s!”

      I’d like to see this young lady do this on her own 2 first. Protect her business (and home finances!)properly then worry about Matt. Clearly, he’ll wait.

  7. Can’t stand the fact that she is subjecting herself to someone like Matt. But at least she’s speaking business and career goals …something we never hear from with the other girls. Now lets see if those goals become reality.

  8. Say what you will, but Amber has not changed an iota. Notice there was nothing said about Matt’s many children, being “sober” (which she is not), or working on a real career.

      1. i·o·ta
        noun: iota; plural noun: iotas

        1. the ninth letter of the Greek alphabet ( Ι, ι ), transliterated as ‘i.’

        the ninth star in a constellation.

        noun: Iota
        “Iota Piscium” extremely small amount.
        “nothing she said seemed to make an iota of difference”

        synonyms: bit, speck, mite, scrap, shred, ounce, scintilla, atom, jot, grain, whit, trace

    1. Maybe you should read the article again. She mentioned her goal to stay healthy and sober as well as flipping houses and having just sold her first home in 5 days. Iota= bit, for the person asking.. You really don’t think she’s changed one bit??

    2. You say house flipping isn’t a real career like it doesn’t take more money than you make to get started and like house flippers don’t make more than you probably do.

      Though I don’t think Amber is a fit mother or reasonable person, you to are wrong.

      1. I’ve got to agree with you, GirlBye. I’m not an Amber fan, but I feel like people don’t see it as a legitamite “job” not only due to the fact it’s not a 9-5 thing…but because it’s Amber. She has never shown true stability, or following through on things. However, there are thousands of people who make a career flipping houses, and it can be VERY lucrative. You need to have the money up front to be able to invest in the homes, supplies, contractors, etc….but if done correctly, the money can be great. Lots of self made millionares in that field, and there will always be houses to buy. The only issue is the amount you make really depends on the current housing market.

    3. It’s about a legitimate career as Farrahs porn career. Probably just as long too. Which is as long as they collect those MTV paychecks.

      None of which requires an actual education.

      1. The reality is they make good money for the show. Whether you think that’s fair or not doesn’t change that she is using the money she makes to invest in her future. It might not require an education, but not every viable career path does. It doesn’t make the money made less valuable.

    4. Yup! Like if you don’t speak of it, it does not exist?

      Not only would I NOT be talking about children in the future.. I’d be asking Matt about his plans for a vasectomy and taking him to all the wonderful doctors you’ve found for him! After all, Matt is likely to go see a urologist and tell you, “sure, I’ve got meds that’ll fix things right up! Let me just take this little blue pill!” While winking at the camera and whispering, “Fix me right up into this here series forever, that is! Bwahaha!”

      Next thing we know.. here comes a newborn who really only stops crying when placed on the couch in a Snuggie, and Matt has up and vanished like a far in the wind, except for his ‘Teen Dad’ cameos in which he bad mouths Amber and shows off the dentures MTV paid for (I’d say man truck, but dentures ARE his man truck).

  9. Before the story about Matt’s 7 kids came out, I didn’t understand all the hate he received. I did some research and I came across all of his old tweets before he met Amber. Now I see why people can’t stand him! He was OBSESSED with Teen Mom. He was particularly obsessed with Jenelle and bashing her in the meanest ways possible. He must of tweeted at least 100 times about Jenelle being a bad mom. Umm….who is he to talk??? He has 7 damn kids from multiple women that he owes child support to!

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