Amy Duggar Wants Her Turn in the Spotlight: Hires Agent & Admits to Having Premarital Sex

"In your face, Jill and Jessa!"
“In your face, Jill and Jessa!”

By Holly

Amy Duggar made guest appearances on her family’s reality show, 19 Kids and Counting, over the years, but now she’s ready to grab the spotlight on her own. Known as the ‘rebellious’ cousin of the conservative Duggar gals, Amy has begun to amp up her quest for stardom. She recently hired herself an agent and (somehow?) snagged herself the cover of this week’s People magazine.

Of course, the Duggar family’s conservative views on premarital sex came up within in the article, and Famey Amy was quick to reveal that, unlike her cousins Jill Dillard and Jessa Duggar, she was not a virgin on her wedding night.

Gasp! Her Uncle Jim Bob may never speak to her again!

“I am religious. However, that doesn’t mean we have to live with so many rules and so many things that hold us back,” she told the magazine.

Amy stated that, while she and her now-husband Dillon King held off on having sex until they were married, she had already lost her virginity by the time she began dating Dillon.

During the People interview, Amy also threw a little shade at her famous cousins (who refrained from even kissing until they were married).

“What if you get married and then that connection isn’t there?” Amy said. “I think that if I was a virgin on my wedding night and had never been kissed, I would end up rocking in the corner! That is so much emotion all it once.”

She did try to soothe that burn though by adding, “It’s not that they’re weird, it’s not that they’re crazy. It’s just really extra conservative to the extreme.”

It’s OK, Amy, we know you can’t bite the hands that feed you.

While the Duggars’ future on television is still up in the air, Amy told Confidenti@l that she doesn’t think the whole family should be punished for Josh’s mistakes.

“I think that you’re responsible for your own decisions and Joshua made the wrong ones, but that doesn’t have to affect the rest of us,” Amy said. “If feel like the whole family feels that way as well.”

To ensure that she stays in the spotlight, Amy and her husband have signed with CEG Talent, an agency that represents celebrities and a plethora of reality TV stars. According to New York Daily News, the talent agency will be helping to book Amy for personal appearances, as well as advertising and social media campaigns.

In other words, get ready to see her Instagram account become overloaded with photos of her drinking some sort of “fitness tea” and using those weird teeth whiteners.

The talent agency that signed on to represent Amy believes that the public is dying to know more about her.

“That show had such a huge fan base, and a very loyal fan base, especially in Middle America,” CEG Talent’s CEO Michael Schweiger told New York Daily News. “Theirs is a big family, it’s a loving family; America fell in love with that. But one small thing, the network, TLC, dropping the show and all the negative press that came with it, it wasn’t fair to lay that press on everybody else in the family.”

TLC may have taken ’19 Kids and Counting’ off the air, but apparently that won’t stop Amy from riding her cousins’ coattails to C-List fame!

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  1. Average people with no talent should stop getting reality television shows. We’ve made the Gosselins famous because she had her uterus stuffed with embryos. The Jersey shore people are famous for drinking and sleeping with any willing partner. I don’t even know what makes the housewives interesting, there’s nothing real about any of them. And the Duggars are famous because they’ve spawned more offspring than your average rabbit. This trend is tired.

  2. Why don’t these people get it? The whole family isn’t being punished for Joshs actions. The show wasn’t cancelled just because of what he did. It was the actions of the parents, Jim Bob and Michelle that got the show cancelled. They covered up the molestation and never got any of their kids proper counseling. Then they went on national television and presented themselves as this wholesome family. It just makes them look worse and makes people more angry that these parents are playing victim and acting like this was all just a witch hunt to destroy them for their beliefs. If they had taken responsibility for their mistakes, then they probably would have gotten to keep their show. Instead they pretended that they did nothing wrong and that people were just out to get them.

  3. Amy is so very desperate to hold onto the modicum of fame she had. She tried to be a country singer and that didn’t pan out. She’s very annoying as well and I hope there’s little interest shown by the Duggar fan base.

    1. I may be generalizing but at this point, I think a majority of the people sticking with the Duggars are the ones who believe that all is forgiven and that we as people make mistakes so why do we criticize Josh, etc. Admitting to pre-marital sex is not going to get those people on your side, even if you are a Duggar. If anything, I think people would watch if she fought against them and their beliefs.

  4. No – just NO. There is nothing special about Amy. She is not a rebel..she is living how many other people live in this world with the added fact that her cousins are uber extreme religious zealots. If it were her parents I could maybe see a show from that, but she is literally shoving herself into this description.

    I’m kinda confused about the shade she is throwing on the Duggars too – like these people are your family. You may not agree with anything they do, but there are other options… like don’t talk to them, cut them out, etc. but if you love them, maybe don’t go on a national publication and condemn them.

    1. Exactly! The only reason we know who Amy is, is because of her riding the coattails of her cousins, who she now is making a “career” of throwing shade at.

    2. I’m no Amy Duggar fan, but I didn’t read it as “throwing shade.” She was probably asked a question that forced her to compare her lifestyle to theirs, and that why she said what she said. It also sounded more observational than making fun of them. Just my two cents!

  5. Why is her name even Duggar, isn’t that her mothers name? Or is it not custom in the US to have your fathers last name?

    1. I’m ashamed that I know this haha but Amy was born out of wed-lock and her mom chose to give her the Duggar name instead. Mom married dad way later in Amy’s life.

      1. But weirdly enough I believe she also uses her father’s last name. I think she uses Duggar for a stage name and for recognition.

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