‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 5B Episode 6 Recap: The One Where Everyone Ditches Their Kids

If someone doesn't put this image on a T-shirt I will be very disappointed...
If someone doesn’t put this image on a T-shirt I will be very disappointed…

Welcome back to TeenMom-ville, where the MTV money is flowin’ and the drama keeps growin’ by the episode! This week’s episode will be a doozie– what with all the court papers, medical issues and baby-daddy drama that MTV has managed to pack into one hour. Let’s get this party started!

The episode starts off in Michigan, where Baby Nova is screaming and Catelynn is searching for someone to deal with it. Catelynn’s mom, April, agrees to watch the kid, much to Catelynn’s relief. Catelynn tells us that April has been watching Nova a lot because Catelynn’s been busy “adjusting to life after her wedding.”

Wait…what? That makes no sense at all, MTV. Whoever is writing these voice-overs is slacking Matt-and-Amber style because this explanation is ridiculous. Catelynn and Tyler already lived together, so it’s not like they are busy moving into their newlywed nest. They already had a baby before getting married so…what is there to adjust to? She’s literally just wearing a new ring. Oh, and she has to put all the loot from her wedding away. That’s about it.

That look you give your recently-released-from-prison father when he gives you parenting advice...
That look you give your recently-released-from-prison father when he gives you parenting advice…

Catelynn and Tyler are in the living room planning their honeymoon when Tyler’s mom, Kim comes over to chat. Butch staggers out of his room to join in the festivities. All of a sudden Kim and Butch realize that Baby Nova is nowhere to be found. Cate informs them that Nova has basically taken up residence in Casa de April.

Kim states that she has noticed that Cate has been dumping Nova off on April a lot lately. Even Butch finds it odd that Nova is gone so much. (Hey– when Butch is noticing that your parenting sucks, you know you should open your eyes!)

"Oh dear God."
“Oh dear God.”

Kim, always the straight-shooter, wants to know what the hell it is that Cate and Ty do all day, given that they are not in school and neither have jobs outside of letting MTV come over and film them in their recliners. Catelynn says she plans to be a stay-at-home mom, so the producer asks Tyler if that makes him feel pressure to be the breadwinner of the family. (That’s a nice way of saying, “You people do realize that someone will have to go get a job after this ‘Teen Mom’ thing goes in the crapper.”)

Tyler says he enjoys telling stories but has no clue what he’d like to do with his life. Kim is totally confused by her son’s lack of motivation to become a productive member of society.

"Like...who even has a real job today anyway? That's so lame!"
“Like…who even has a real job today anyway? That’s so lame!”

“I just don’t see you motivated at all to do anything lately,” she tells Tyler, who can’t even argue with her. He then claims that he’s in an “uninspiring environment.”

Yes…life must be so hard having to live in that big house that you bought with ‘Teen Mom’ money. And it must be just awful to live job-free while other people your age are schlepping away behind the counter of Kentucky Fried Chicken, trying to make enough money to pay the rent for their studio apartment.

Can we get a hashtag on Twitter trending to help Tyler please? #SomeoneInspireTyler

Tyler says facing an endless “nightmare of conformity” (aka getting a real job) is his worst nightmare. Meanwhile, all of this talk of jobs and such is getting to Catelynn. She’s doing her best to stay out of the conversation (all while checking her phone, most likely trying to find backup babysitters for Nova).

W..T..F did we just watch here? Kim looks just as stunned as we are watching this whinefest.

When Farrah's eyes start to bug out, you know shizzz is about to get real...
When Farrah’s eyes start to bug out, you know shizzz is about to get real…

Speaking of whining, we next check in with Farrah, who is just days away from heading to the UK to cause international chaos on Celebrity Big Brother. She has enlisted Michael to watch Sophia and Debra is still sore over being replaced as babysitter, so Farrah calls her. Deb is planning to come to Farrah’s house for a visit, but soon reveals that she’s planning to stay at Farrah’s house even after Farrah leaves.

Now, to be fair, Farrah did tell her mom not to do this and, as much as it pains The Ashley to say this, her wishes should be respected, since it is her house. However, Farrah immediately begins yelling into the Facetime.

Michael’s face during this time is absolute gold. His eyes are popping out of his head in disbelief, his mouth is hanging open and he looks genuinely scared for his life. This may have been the moment that Michael realized that he helped to create a monster.

Farrah is angry that her parents have made plans behind her back(door). Debra acts like she didn’t just get berated by her plastic daughter, and is still calling her baby and pretending nothing is wrong. She’s still planning to come to Farrah’s but Farrah is demanding that Deb leave the same day that she does.

This was legit Bentley's face when Maci said Ryan was coming to the party....
This was legit Bentley’s face when Maci said Ryan was coming to the party….

In Tennessee, it’s the week of Bentley’s birthday, so Maci and Taylor are planning his party. When Maci tells Bentley that Ryan may actually roll himself out of bed to attend the party, Bentley looks less-than-thrilled. (Does anyone else think Bentley looks kind of…scared…every time he’s around Ryan or Ryan is mentioned?)

Maci says that since Ryan is currently single, he may actually come to Bentley’s party and act like a regular human being. Maci reminisces about all the birthday parties that Ryan has attended with girls where he didn’t talk to anyone and basically just put a few pizza slices in his back pocket and split before Bentley blew out the candles. (Hey– that 4pm nap ain’t gonna take itself, y’all!)

"Yeah, Amber, how come?"
“Yeah, Amber, how come?”

Meanwhile, in Indiana, Amber and Cousin Krystle are working that MTV expense account by getting mani-pedis. (You know Krystle wasn’t going to miss a free spa trip!) Amber mentions that she doesn’t usually get mani-pedis anymore (much to Krystle’s dismay, surely), because she has a man now and doesn’t need to.

Um…does Matt have a thing for overgrown toenails and calloused hands or something? It wouldn’t surprise me. Actually, I’m kind of surprised Matt doesn’t have his big ol’ hairy foot propped up in the chair too, trying to get something, anything, for free while filming.

When you want to make a negative comment about your cousin's fiance...but you also want that paraffin wax pedicure to be paid for...
When you want to make a negative comment about your cousin’s fiance…but you also want that paraffin wax pedicure to be paid for…

Anyway, Amber tells the manicurist about how she and Matt fell in love in a few days, despite the fact that he is decades older than her and they literally met on Twitter. The manicurists act like there’s nothing fishy about Amber’s love story, but, hey, their job is to chop her toenails, not give her life advice.

“He had to go through a test because I didn’t want to be with somebody who just wanted me because I was on TV,” Amber says.

The one that looks like Khloe Kardashian is doing a better job of hiding her shock than the other girl...
The one that looks like Khloe Kardashian is doing a better job of hiding her shock than the other girl…

At that moment, Krystle turns to the camera and gives this great big awkward smile, almost like she’s bursting to say something about what Amber just said but…then she’d probably have to pay for her pedicure herself so she just keeps quiet.

Meanwhile, Gary is surfing….the web. He’s swam into some really good gossip, however. It turns out that Matt has court cases pending against him for 7 kids. (Read more about this here.) Gary calls Kristina in to show her what he’s discovered and she’s shocked. The court records show that Matt actually has seven kids (instead of the two he told Amber about), and they are all from different states.

"Just call me Sherlock Shirley!"
“Just call me Sherlock Shirley!”

Gary finds it frightening that Matt just up and moved to Indiana to be with Amber, despite the fact that he has seven kids scattered across the United States. Gary’s debating whether or not to tell Amber about Matt’s litter of children, given that he’s afraid she’ll “kill the messenger.” Or, you know, kick the messenger down the stairs and throw a TV at him…or something…

In Tennessee, Maci wants to talk to Ryan about Bentley’s birthday party. Maci is planning to leave for a wedding and throws a sledgehammer of a hint at Ryan’s mom, Jen.

"If ooooonly there was a way I didn't have to take this dingdang baby to this dingdang wedding..."
“If ooooonly there was a way I didn’t have to take this dingdang baby to this dingdang wedding…”

“I really don’t want to take Jayde to this wedding,” she moans.

Jen says she can watch Jayde for “a little bit” and Maci gets a big grin on her face, obviously pleased that her plan has worked. (Why not drop the kid off at Casa de April? Nova’s already there, what’s one more baby to watch? April can make some extra of whatever type of “Helper” she’s cooking up that night for the kids.)

Ryan is busy being as inappropriate as ever. (Also, it looks like he’s having a hard time keeping himself from slurring and drooling.) He asks Bentley if he plans to “hook up” with Jayde’s friends when he gets older and they’re all “lookin’ all young and stuff.”

Again, W…T…F…am I watching?

Ryan’s mom looks completely mortified that 1) she raised this thing and 2) everything he said was just caught on camera.


Maci just happens to have brought everything Jen would need while watching Jayde…how convenient! She runs off before Jen changes her mind about watching the baby. Ryan calls Jen out for getting tricked into watching the baby, but Jen insists that she likes watching the kid. (Hopefully Ryan will knock another girl up within the next few years and Jen can get another grandkid of her own!)

How can anyone take anything she says seriously when it comes out of those ridiculous lips?
How can anyone take anything she says seriously when it comes out of those ridiculous lips?

In Austin, Farrah is still upset because she thinks there’s a conspiracy being plotted against her by her parents. Farrah kicks Sophia out of the room so she can scream at Michael. Farrah’s adamant that Deb not stay at her house while she’s gone. She continues to berate Michael, and he just stands there and takes it. Sophia watches the whole thing from the window and it’s just plain sad.

During last episode’s recap, I was joking about Producer Heather adopting Farrah. But…can she? For real adopt Sophia? Hell, at this point, Sophia would have a better shot being raised by Butch than Farrah. The kid doesn’t stand a chance if she’s forced to live with Farrah for the next 12 years or so…

"You keep talking but all I hear is blah blah blah, Whatever, Michael!"
“You keep talking but all I hear is blah blah blah, Whatever, Michael!”

A few days later, Debra has arrived at Farrah’s house. Things are tense what with Farrah fighting with Michael and Deb, and Farrah being a generally horrible person. To solve the problem of who is going to watch Sophia, Farrah does what anyone would do: she asks her six-year-old to make the decision for her. When Sophia reveals that she wants both Michael and Deb to watch her, Farrah looks like she’s going to throw up.

Sophia claims that Michael was being boring because he was doing his work instead of spending all his time with her. Farrah starts talking to Sophia in that baby voice (which is usually reserved for conversations you have with newborn babies and/or small animals) and she promises Sophia that she will discipline Michael for daring to do work. (Isn’t spending more than an hour with Farrah punishment enough?)

"If I can't watch your kid, can you at least pay for me to get something lifted while you're gone? It's only right."
“If I can’t watch your kid, can you at least pay for me to get something lifted while you’re gone? It’s only right.”

Farrah still can’t figure out what to do so she calls in her therapist to do a home visit. (Wait– isn’t this therapist from Nebraska? Did she legit fly to Texas to tell Farrah that she’s a terrible person?)

Farrah tells the therapist that she doesn’t trust her parents to watch Sophia. Debra, who is dressed like she’s about to hit up Spring Break 2002, tells the therapist that she feels Farrah doesn’t want her and Michael to watch Sophia together because Farrah feels ganged up on.

(Ironically, that may be the perfect title for Farrah’s next, um…”leaked” sex tape: ‘Ganged Up On.’)

Deb and Michael look completely spent by all of this ridiculous drama over watching Sophia. They should both get up, tell Farrah she’s on her own and leave. Then Farrah would be forced to drop Sophia off at April’s House of Ditched Kids too. She’d be alongside Jayde and Nova.

The therapist reminds Farrah that she’s the one that’s ditching her daughter for a month to go gallivant around London and be on a reality show, so she needs to take it down a few notches when it comes to judging other people’s parenting. Farrah finally agrees to let Mike and Debra watch Sophia together.

"I'm sure Nova's around here somewhere!"
“I’m sure Nova’s around here somewhere!”

Meanwhile in Michigan, Catelynn is taking yet another break from Nova. She can’t understand why Kim thinks it’s weird that she pushes Nova off on her mom on the regular. Let’s look at the picture here, though: Kim was out slaving to raise two kids while their father, Butch, was robbin’, druggin’ and servin’ time in the big house. She fails to see how Catelynn, whose only job is to let producers film her folding laundry, can’t watch her own kid.

Speaking of Kim, Tyler goes out to lunch with her to once again talk about his (lack of) future. Tyler says that he wants to be a writer, but when Kim reminds him that in order to do that, he’d actually have to write, Tyler rethinks that dream. All that typing….all that sitting…ain’t nobody got time for that! (Well, nobody except Tyler because he doesn’t actually have a job or anything to do.)

When Kim tells Tyler that he has to actually get a job eventually.
When Kim tells Tyler that he has to actually get a job eventually.

Next, Kim brings up the fact that Tyler and Catelynn keep dumping their baby off on people. Tyler confirms that Nova is gone at least two nights every week, even though there’s really no reason for her not to be at home with her parents.

Kim suggests that Cate may be suffering from post-partum depression, but Tyler looks like he has no clue what the hell Kim’s talking about. He’s reluctant to mention to Cate that it’s kind of weird that she keeps dumping Nova off.

“Who am I to question Catelynn?” he asks.

Um…her husband. The father of Nova. The SON OF BUTCH! (The last one has nothing to do with the situation, but I just like to mention Butch as much as humanly possible.)

"Hey kid, long time no see!"
“Hey kid, long time no see!”

The next day, Catelynn finally picks up Nova, so Tyler decides to bring up the subject of Nova being gone all the time. Cate denies that she has post-partum depression, and seems angry that anyone has dared to question her parenting methods.

“Sometimes I just need a break,” Catelynn says.

Tyler insists that Catelynn come to therapy with him to talk about whatever’s going on.

"Is it cool if I take a couple of those napkins? And maybe some forks? Also, do you have any food samples?"
“Is it cool if I take a couple of those napkins? And maybe some forks? Also, do you have any food samples?”

In Indiana, Amber has Leah so she and Matt go to look at wedding venues. Amber says she wants a white velvet wedding because, well, apparently she’s going with some sort of Winona Judd theme? Matt doesn’t seem to care what kind of wedding they have, just as long as Amber’s paying for it and he gets to have a lot of free cake samples beforehand.

Meanwhile, Gary and Kristina are going to visit his lawyer. Gary proudly presents the papers he found that reveal that Matt has child support cases pending against him for seven children, filed by five different women. The lawyer seems surprised.

“He’s not even from Indiana, is he?” she asks.

Apparently, this sort of situation is common in the Hooiser state?

"Can you come with me when I give her the papers? Please?"
“Can you come with me when I give her the papers? Please?”

Gary says that this has made him distrust Matt even more, and he’s unsure if he should tell Amber about what he’s found. The lawyer encourages Gary to present the paperwork to Amber and Gary looks downright scared.

Over in Tennessee, it’s Bentley’s birthday, so the whole  gang is headed down to the bowling alley to celebrate. Even ol’ Ryan has to join his son for the festivities.

"Put my baby down, bro. I don't want her to smell like chewing tobaccy!"
“Put my baby down, bro. I don’t want her to smell like chewing tobaccy!”

Ryan picks up Baby Jayde and Taylor is just giving him this death stare. He’s trying to keep his cool but you can just tell that he’s fuming that Ryan dared to touch his daughter. (Of course, MTV zooms right on in on him at that moment, to capture the maximum drama.)

Ryan actually acts like a decent human being. He interacts with Bentley and almost seems interested in being at the party, which is really a first for Ryan. Maci attributes this to Ryan not currently having a girlfriend. Maci says that she needs to find Ryan a girlfriend that’s cool.

"When y'all gonna cut that cake though? For real."
“When y’all gonna cut that cake though? For real.”

“He can’t pick her because he doesn’t pick very good ones,” Maci says.

Um…didn’t he pick you, Mace? Just sayin’….

Over in Indiana, it’s time for Amber and Matt to drop Leah off at Gary’s house. Gary is preparing to give the court case paperwork to Amber, so he goes outside, which is, apparently, something that doesn’t happen very often because Amber is surprised to see Gary in the great outdoors.

He requests that Amber come in so they can talk but Amber refuses. Gary holds up the paperwork to entice her to come out of the car.

Amber can’t help herself so she finally comes over to see what Gary’s dangling in front of her. Gary explains that the paperwork concerns Matt.

Gary hasn't been this excited over a piece of paper since Cracker Barrel introduced their new menu...
Gary hasn’t been this excited over a piece of paper since Cracker Barrel introduced their new menu…

“Do you know how many kids he has?” Gary asks, to which Amber replies two. Gary shows her the court paperwork that clearly shows there are cases for seven kids. Amber looks genuinely shocked, but she denies that five of the seven are his kids. Gary brings up the fact that the court records show that there are cases for seven kids, but Amber seems to be in denial that this could be true. Her denial quickly turns to anger, which she directs at Gary.

She is mad that Gary chose to do this reveal on camera. However, let’s look at the facts: Gary was smart to do it on camera. There’s security present on every shoot. (Let’s face it, while Amber may be a totally changed person, she has a history of physically abusing Gary.) It would not have been smart for Gary to do this in private, as he was unsure how Amber (and Matt) would react.

That moment when you find out that the man you're about to marry actually has a litter of kids...
That moment when you find out that the man you’re about to marry actually has a litter of kids…

Amber storms off (but takes the paperwork with her). She gets back into the car and shoves the papers into Matt’s face. She yells at Gary for presenting the papers on-camera and states that she knows her man! Meanwhile, Matt is pouring over the documents (perhaps Leah can read them to him?) He looks like he knows that the gravy train just wrecked and seems to be scrambling to figure out an explanation.

“I don’t even know what half of this stuff is,” Matt says.


"Who cares about the kids...ya wanna get a burger?"
“Who cares about the kids…ya wanna get a burger?”

On the drive home, Matt is pretty quiet. He doesn’t exactly deny that he has seven kids. His silence is alarming to Amber, who, despite her anger, we can tell she’s starting to at least consider the possibility that what Gary found might be true.

Let’s stop here. Despite the fact that Amber is now claiming that she’s always known Matt has five kids, she clearly did not know about them when this episode was filmed in October. She clearly tells Gary that Matt has two kids…

When Matt and Amber arrive home, Amber announces (wait for it…) “I’M DONE!” She and Matt turn off the cameras in their car, but seem to forget that they are still wearing mics. Producer Heather asks to see Matt, but he immediately gets angry with her and tells her to get her cameras and get the f**k out of his (hahahaha) house.

Seriously though, Producer Heather probably has paid more for that house than Matt has...
Seriously though, Producer Heather probably has paid more for that house than Matt has…

“Don’t come back ever ever ever again!” he tells the producers. “She’s been through enough!”

UM?!?!?! RED FLAG! RED FLAG! The fact that Matt doesn’t want to discuss what Gary found, and that he immediately turned aggressive and angry should be alarming to Amber, but it isn’t.

“I’m about to get medieval on this fat ass!” Matt screams about Gary, as Amber rushes to turn off the final camera in the car so that what takes place is not recorded.

Matt’s mad that Amber was ambushed. Um…then why didn’t you tell her about your extra freaking kids, bro? She was ambushed because of you!

Later, Matt tells Amber (while still mic’d up) that all of this will be going away soon. Amber says it won’t, and that if it is true, Matt is a deadbeat dad. Amber says she thought she knew everything about Matt’s past, but admits to not knowing anything about at least four of the women (and five of the kids) listed in the documents.

“You realize you’re being crazy unfair?” Matt says.


Matt insists that it’s not true, and we end with Amber threatening to cut off Matt’s life of luxury.

This photo has not been edited at all. Just sayin...
This photo has not been edited at all. Just sayin…

The episode should really just end there, but unfortunately, we still have to see what the other girls are up to. It’s time for Farrah to leave for the UK, so she’s stuffing all of her sex toys and whatnot into several suitcases.

Sophia is randomly shrieking around the house (as you do), and finally it’s time for Farrah to say goodbye. Sophia doesn’t seem all that bothered that her mom is leaving. (It’s business as usual at this point.) Farrah, however, busts out a little ugly crying in the limo on the way to the airport.

Meanwhile, Cate and Ty are heading to their counselor to talk about their lack of parenting. Tyler asks the counselor how many nights away from home is too many for Nova. Cate says that Nova is gone an average of two or three nights a week.

Um...does anyone else think that Catelynn's therapist might actually be Matt in a wig? And yes, I know I'm going to hell for saying this...
Um…does anyone else think that Catelynn’s therapist might actually be Matt in a wig? And yes, I know I’m going to hell for saying this…

The counselor states that she thinks Nova is gone too many nights a week, and Catelynn denies it. Later, Tyler admits that he’s been slacking in helping with Nova, and Catelynn doesn’t argue with him. He offers to step up more and Catelynn seems relieved.

"Seven kids?! Are you some sort of machine? Good God, man!"
“Seven kids?! Are you some sort of machine? Good God, man!”

Finally, we get to go back into Amber’s happy home to see how things are going over there. Matt has allowed the camera crew back into “his” home (most likely because Amber explained that she won’t get any money for him to spend if they don’t film with MTV). Matt says that Gary is just attacking him so that he can win the custody battle he’s having with Amber over Leah.

“I want to believe the man who I’ve been with,” Amber says. “But if it’s true, then I’m going to look like a naive little girl…I’m going to feel really stupid.”

She’s breaking down in tears, and Matt doesn’t say anything. Isn’t that your answer right there, Amber?

(To read more about the Matt custody stuff, click here and here.)

To read The Ashley’s recap of the previous episode of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ click here!

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  1. I Really enjoyed looking at da kids because how big they have gotten and I watch da show when it first air because I had a son they age 7 I really like looking at da kids and my son know da kids name I think dats really cool

  2. If Farrah stop acting so fuckn Crazy make he might will marry her crazy ass you trying 2 make ths man marry u Let him Do it at his time if He hurry up And marry up he will b doing it for da wrong reasons dnt get Wrong I like Farrah a little crazy but she okay love her daughter look she lile her dad

  3. I always loved Catelyn and Tyler BUT after watching this episode I saw a couple of things that took them down a few notches.
    1) it seems like Catelyn’s attitude towards Tyler’s Mom and in general has changed since she finally got that marriage certificate signed and sealed! She doesn’t seem to give a crap how his family views her anymore. Hence the baby being dropped off at April’s all the time. Leading me to point #2.
    2) It’s clear to see she loves her daughters but I have lose some respect for her when she needs these frequent breaks. How nice is it to not have to work while you have a baby? She is the one that says she wants her full time job to be a stay at home Mom. Now in my world where I work, if I call of 2-3 times a week because I have to get up everyday at 7:00 am and sometimes can’t sleep through the night entirely, I will be FIRED! So if this is your choice of profession Cate and the hours are too long then here’s an idea: Go get yourself an outside job, even a part time job, and leave Nova with a sitter to get a break yet still contribute to household funds? Perhaps then Tyler will follow suit? You both have a false sense of adulthood reality. Good for you that you have been afforded the things you do have at this age being that neither of you come from money. You do need to realize that this show will one day be over and you will still have the rest of your lives to maintain this lifestyle you have become accustomed to. This is what Kim is trying to tell you guys. You come off as pretty lazy!
    3) Lastly, I hated the way Catelyn reacted to Farrah’s clip when she pushed the Producer. I agree it was BS however Cate turned into Ghetto Girl! Eeewww! I’m sure Brandon and Teresa watch this show and when they see these things they probably can’t help themselves from imagining Carly growing up in that life opposed to the one they are giving her.
    I am betting that now you are going to get negative feedback about all of this, you are going to play the post partum card. I don’t buy it. You will see one day that this money train will finally come to it’s final destination and that you should have planned on it. BTW – I was a teen mom and I had to live much differently then the two of you. I speak from experience not judgement.

  4. I really think Catelynn needs to be in therapy. She has some void which she constantly tries to fill. For a while, she fixated on getting married. Then on having another baby. But she got her wedding and her baby and she’s still obviously not happy. What’s next? Another baby to try to make her feel better?

    It’s time for her and Tyler to get it together and do something.

  5. dear the ashley,

    i cant put that image on a shirt but i could put it on a piece of silk……i work at a paddle company and i press graphics onto silk. anywho, i want to eventually have my own t shirt company so i was thinking maybe i could use you as my test dummy and send you a little sample. i am a long time fan and it would mean alot to me if you wanted it :).

    email me if you’re interested.

  6. Nothing has creeped me out more in any season of this show more than Leah being sick and Amber and Matt still going to that creepy motel

    1. that might also be why she doesnt want to go over there…ewwwwww…does anyone notice how matt looks like an uber creep in EVERY photo of him? sick bastard i swear…

  7. Ever since the first episode of Teen Mom, as dislikeable as Farrah is, she has never been filmed sitting on the sofa all day, she has always been presentable, her and Deborah’s houses have always been clean, and, she has work ethic, albeit not everyone’s choice of employment. However, once the Teen Mom gravy train expires, or as they become less popular, as these types of shows always do, there is always new reality shows that will be more popular and have wider audiences for a time, all these girls will be in for a shock. I’m fed up with these girls and their families, on Teen Mom, and Teen Mom 2, moan about how hard their lives are. They all seem to have it easy, all have families that allow them their down time, Leah’s children, at her moms, or with Jeremy’s mom, or her sister, or her grandma, friends etc, plus many of them have split custody situations. However, most seem to have little or no motivation to take advantage of their situations and get a proper job. Tyler and Catelyn on bums on the sofa, or sleeping in, Amber permantely on the sofa, even on one episode of Teen Mom, Maci told her mother that she wanted another baby as when Bentley was at Ryans, she was bored! as other people have stated, without any trade or qualifications, as well as getting older, life will be hard. None of them have remarkable personalities, most go from partner to partner, arguing in from of their children, especially Farrah, Leah, and Kailyn, Janelle and Tyler and Catelin, is that not emotional abuse? Poeple that have families and hold down full-time jobs do not have their help, or houses, cars, and trips least of all their money. They should at least invest their money.

    1. Farrah may be ‘presentable’ (she looks like a street walker most of the time…) but Sophia looks like a little street urchin. Why can’t she give her kid a FRACTION of the attention she gives her own appearance???

      1. Did you see Disneys the Good Dinosaur. Sophia looks exactly like Spot, the human critter. Go google it hahah

  8. On a positive note, I thought it was sweet seeing Ryan hold baby Jayde even though Mtv tried to make it look like Taylor gave him the death stare. I know that didn’t happen.

    1. He probably did, I heard that the kids are all over 17 but 1 kid who is 13.
      Even though the kids are adults you don’t pay support UNLESS you owe back support. The court cases are probably because he never paid when he was suppose to so he owes all of that back support. The balance will stop going up once the kid turns 18 but the past due amount still needs to be paid

  9. My first child was “high needs” and it turns out now that she’s a toddler, that her nonstop crying and inability to sleep are all due to her being on the autism spectrum. I know from experience what that kind of torture is like–being woken up every couple hours around the clock to breastfeed (and she flat out REFUSED to ever drink my milk from a bottle, so it had to be me getting up with her every single time) and then having to be the only person taking care of her during the day and nothing ever made her happy. So yeah, I descended into depression and anxiety myself.

    I can’t make that judgment about little Nova who seems like she likes to scream a lot, but I think that Cate and Tyler are so immature themselves that having to take care of the constant needs of a baby, especially one that may cry a lot, is too much for them. I agree that Tyler should be switching off with Cate, especially since neither of them work.

    Speaking of which, these kids are what, 22? Why the heck haven’t they started college yet? I’ve seen Teen Mom from the beginning and while I applaud them for their decision to put up Carly for adoption and that they’ve stayed together despite their upbringings and issues, albeit rather codependently, they need to get their act together.

    They both seem low energy, lazy and complacent. Poot Cate has gained so much weight that she has no motivation to get healthy and I doubt either of them cook healthy fresh meals with real ingredients. Sorry, but they just need to grow up.

  10. I love Cate and Tyler, always have. But, I don’t get at all why they don’t want to spend more time with Nova. I am a mother myself, and can’t empathize or understand this no matter how hard I have tried. My son is over two years old. We have spent 4 nights apart his entire life, and three of those nights I was hospitalized due to a chronic disease I deal with on a daily basis. I work part time so I have health benefits, and it kills me being away at work 25 hours per week. You would think after missing everything with Carly, that they wouldn’t want to miss a single moment with Nova. I feel that way with my child who is twice as old. I totally get them soaking up the MTV fame and fortune while they have it. I wouldn’t work if I didn’t have to either. But, surely they know they could do some schooling or investing for a future when the well runs dry. I want nothing for the best for them, and I think Tyler’s moms concerns are valid. I don’t see how they live their life without any sort of goals or structure. How could anyone enjoy laying around the house day in and day out? Sounds like a wasted life to me. Regardless, I hope they listen to what people are saying and get motivated so they don’t end up back in the trailer park.

    Farrah is crazy mean sometimes, but she at least has some financial sense and goals. I watched a few clips of celebrity big brother online, and she certainly made America look bad. This girl needs psychological help. MTV and now other networks, are basically making bank on her mental illness.

    As for Ryan, he is lazy. But, he is a good dad to Bentley. Not perfect, but atleast he shows up sometimes. Better than what my dad did. I would like to see him take Maci to court for some official rights instead of blowing smoke about it for 6 seasons. Maci is too controlling for him to be happy otherwise.

    Amber, Amber, Amber. Does anyone else think that her biggest change (other than getting off opiates) is simply being a diva about what MTV is allowed to film. How many times has she gotten pissed at Gary for saying or doing something on camera? Looked like she was about to go full Ambo on him. She still needs to work on her anger.

    And Matt. What the bleep? Psycho stalker going after someone in the public eye AGAIN. How did his flirty tweets to the other teen moms not raise red flags? His 7 hidden chidlren? His theft? He was never even an addict. The only thing his addicted to is stealing, womanizing, lying, and apparently making spawn. I didn’t think Amber was an idiot until after she found out about those things and decided to “stand by her man.” Get some self-esteem. You’re rich and famous. You got options. Old, dead beat, lying fathers with no jobs or money aren’t exactly in high demand. Gain some self respect and leave that douche. You are embarrassing yourself in front of the entire world. People were proud of you. After last episode they pity you for being a blind fool. The whole world sees Matt for what he is, including your family. You will live through the break up. Everyone will take your side. The next user will bring you breakfast in bed too. If you marry Matt after so many people have shown you the truth, you deserve what happens next.

    1. I get the impression that Tyler believes he’ll be able to be a reality tv star for the rest of his life. Between 16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom/Teen Mom OG, and Couples Therapy, he seems to have gotten a bit cocky

      1. They are the next Sean and Catherine…refusal to stay out of the limelight and will do anything to be on tv

      2. This is exactly right.

        I remember when Nova was first born, Cate said she was breastfeeding. But then she stopped because it didn’t fit in with their “busy” lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, feed your baby however you want. But her reason was ridiculous. They don’t work or volunteer or do anything else. I think they were just filming the reunion show or going on vacation or something. They imagine that they’re much more important than they are.

      1. Granted, Ryan isn’t abusive, but he IS neglectful and dismissive, which is painful (I learned that from MY dad and how he treated me, and now I’m much older and still trying to work through complex feelings regarding that man’s behavior). I like that Ryan seems to have been trying to show interest in this episode, but even then, he bought himself a treat instead of driving an obviously tired child home to mom.

        1. At least Ryan isn’t drinking in every. single. episode.

          I think Maci is a WONDERFUL mum, but seriously, after this week.. they can’t even drink orange juice without alcohol?? normally I hate to be all holier than thou about reality TV people.. but seriously, they can’t even pretend to not consume alcohol daily, in the morning, for their normal routine?

          Maybe they’re all like that, and Ryan drinks on the downlow, and that’s why he’s always passed out…

          1. That’s what I have wondered re: Ryan. He has always – the entire series – seemed half asleep….yawning…sleeping…disinterested. I get what you’re saying about Maci & Tyler and the drinking, but I remind myself that these are really young adults. I’m 40 and I don’t live like that, but they’re young. Maybe that’s it. I don’t know. I raised a disabled child. I did not ever have time to drink, I assure you! LOL So I don’t really know what normal young adults do. I went straight from childhood to responsible mom life. haha

  11. Excellent recap, you made an excellent point about Gary confronting Amber privately. Amber still flies off the handle very quickly, so who knows what would have happened behind closed doors with these two angry loser felons. It was very smart to do it in front of a camera. If Matt were a genuine sincere person, none of this would matter, there would be nothing to confront anyone with. I can’t believe all the dummies that are condemning Gary for the way he confronted her. Who cares, the dirt bag is a sicko that’s the point, the rest matters little!

  12. Why is it people keep talking about CATE dumping Nova. If Tyler is at home all day then Nova is equally his responsibility. The way Tyler sounded in this episode, he is so uninvolved he doesn’t even notice if the baby is at home or not. Of course he doesn’t want to question things, because he’s quite happy having his mother-in-law do 40% of the childcare while having any blame for that decision fall on Cate. If he starts having input then either he has to admit that he likes things the way they are and he is a crappy parent, or he would have to get the baby back and do some actual work.

    1. Tyler strikes me as the kind of guy who thinks old fashioned, such as women cook clean and take care of the kids. Not like that’s an excuse or anything

      1. I agree, very old fashioned and I think he believes Catelynn is supposed to take care of the house hold, do everything, cater to him and the kids and on top of that, she has stay a hot wife and mom.

      2. if that is the case shouldn’t he be out “Working”?
        “Old School” parenting is the woman would cook, clean & care for the kids while the man went to work everyday
        They are both lazy & would be in their pajamas all week if MTV didn’t come to film them

          1. I don’t mean this in a mean way but look at Tyler’s past. His mother worked, cooked, cleaned and raised kids on her own. So a woman to him does do it all. He never really saw a man act like a father and a husband, just a woman do everything.

  13. Great recap! I watch the Sophia/Farrah Instagram accounts and am blown away by the hatred and the support. There is a growing crowd that expresses a real concern for where this is going for Farrah and Sophia and I’m with them. It is easy to focus on the demon persona Sophia has taken on but I’m more concerned with the really off-age behaviors and the many dysfunctional scenes she has witnessed and apparently continues to be part of whether she wants to or not. Hope someone gets them some real help. MTV stepped in to help addicts, they should do the same for Farrah and family before they unravel.

    1. It’s so sad to watch that little girl cover her ears & in 1 episode hit Farrah when she starts yelling.
      The best is that she says she doesn’t want her daughter in a negative environment. I guess yelling is ok but crying in front of her damaging.

  14. Maybe Ryan should talk to Leah about getting an appointment with her narcolepsy doctor.

    All in all though, I think he’s doing better. He picked Bentley up from school in the last episode and was reasonable about it when Maci went nuts at him for being late back. And he did ask for an extra day after the sleepover, so it sounds like he wants to see the kid.

  15. And I agree with the Ashley about Gary, had he shown Amber those documents in private without cameras, there’s no telling what would’ve happened. AMBO might’ve made an appearance.

  16. idk how kim didn’t just slap tyler. she’s sitting there in her postal uniform, it’s getting dark outside, obviously she’s been at work since early that morning. this is what people DO! ty and cate were so blessed to have the time and money to travel, go to school, start a business, figure out what they wanted to do. and they did none of it. only thing i’ve ever agreed with farrah on. ty said nova will be gone one or 2 nights then come home one or 2. who does that with an infant? they’re only going to be that age once, you’re missing it! i just wonder if they truly understand where brandon and teresa have been coming from now. the day in and day out of being a parent, only to have some invalidating you at every turn. i would’ve screamed, you have NO idea what it is to get up every day and all thru the night with this baby, she’s MINE! cate has to get up at 7am every day waahhh! welcome to the real world! kudos to micheal and the therapist for finally growing a small pair. i truly think the best thing that could happen for farrah is for both of her parents to tell her until she learns how to treat them with respect, watch your own kid. you don’t beg someone for Anything. it’s called pride. amber, you didn’t look like a naive little girl falling for the guy, but you do now. if u marry him anyway it’ll be the dumbest thing you ever did. i saw bentley excited about his dad, asking to go home with him. ryan may be lazy but he’s not evil. jen and maci both need to back off and let him spend the time with his son, like it showed. and bentley looked perfectly happy and comfortable just him and ryan at his apartment.

    1. this comment cracked me up! LOL But seriously, you’re right…At that time Amber didn’t look like a naive little girl, but she sure as hell does now! She is still defending this phlegm ball that calls itself Matt, or the Big Mattress, or Grey Baker or WHATEVER…and there’s a 98.9% chance she is going to marry it and call that thing her husband.

  17. Can we just talk about the poster behind Tyler and Cate? The polar bear drinking Coca Cola? I hope that was a wedding gift.
    And as for PPD – it’s a thing and I hope she eventually gets some help.

  18. I’m seriously wondering if it’s tanning lotion on Sophie’s skin or is she suffering from a kidney problem. ..her skin tone is so off

  19. Who wants to bet on how long it will take Amber to kick Matt out? Or do you think she will actually still marry him in 7 months?

    1. I think she is going to marry him.It looks like no one can convince her to walk away from this p.o.s.I feel more sorry for her mother and brother,they were skeptical from the first hour.

      1. I feel sorry for Leah. There’s something about Matt that creeps me out to the point where I would NEVER let him around my child especially alone with my child. Leah even told Gary that all Amber does is sleep and Matt does everything for her. I don’t think Matt should be taking care of Leah or be around her…I don’t trust him.

    2. Amber is going through with that wedding…come hell or high water. This girl is hell bent on proving everyone wrong. Unfortunately. I wouldn’t be surprised if they went down to the justice of the peace today and got married.

    3. This episode was filmed months ago, and clearly Amber is still with this guy and still engaged to him. I think that tells you all you need to know about what she plans to do.

  20. Catelynn and tyler pissed me off so much this episode. I am in my 20’s I have 3 children. My husband works a minimum 38 hours week. I work part time (during school hours) other then school and maybe once every six weeks my mum might watch them they are with us, and GUESS WHAT we do it just like everyone because we have to.And we raise them because we love to. Don’t work -don’t eat. Simple. The do f@$! all yet the cant be bothered to raise their child. Some days I am just so tired but you know what that is what being a parent is having a job, raising your children no matter how tired you are. Poor thing doesn’t want to wake up at 7am LOL give me a break.

    1. I know! It’s like didn’t they know that you don’t get a lot of sleep when you have a baby? lol. If they actually had jobs, I would give them a break but they don’t! They just plant their lazy asses on their couch just like Matt and Amber. At least Maci went to college (even though it took her forever to finish) and Farrah actually works (even though she’s a psycho).

    2. Totally agree. I’m in the uk and we’re lucky to have pretty good maternity and paternity leave. My partner was off work for 5 weeks with me after our baby was born and it was brilliant. Such a luxury to have 2 parents looking after the baby, it was actually pretty easy and a lot of fun. Catelynn and Tyler have this luxury every day? Nova is a year old, it should be a piece of piss for them to care for her between them. I also HATE that Tyler suggested he ‘help out’ more with his own daughter. It’s not helping when it’s your kid! It’s called parenting and you are a lazy f*** if you’re not pulling your weight when you’ve got bugger all else to do all day.

    3. Totally agree. Maybe if Nova were older, they had full time jobs, and needed a sitter, then I would be able to understand them handing Nova off to April more, but we all know that they’re jobless and with Catelynn claiming to be a stay at home mom, she needs to stay home and actually be a stay at home mom! She shouldn’t be handing her infant off to family members.

    4. I LOVED the comment Catelynn made about Nova being a high needs baby that needs a lot of attention. FYI lady, ALL babies need a lot of attention!!! I have a 6 month old and one night a week off would be awesome, but I would probably miss her too much and pick her up after an hour. But a 2 or 3 day stint every week and you have no job, that is cra-cra, it is bad enough I work and she goes to day care, I miss so much.

      1. It would border on making sense if Nova had that sort of pyschological torture-level colic. (I thought I’d been severe at clocking in 12 straight hours a couple of times in my first three months, then a friend told me he’d apparently spent his first year of life ensuring that neither of his parents got more than an hour-and-a-half of sleep at a time. Another woman I knew only slept if her mother was holding her. While standing up. She woke up and cried if the poor woman even leaned against something. ) If Cate was having to get up at seven when she’d gone to bed at four and had only had an additional two hours of cumulative 15 minute naps over the previous day-and-a-half, that’s not healthy for anyone, job or no job, go take advantage of the fact that you have a support system. But Nova seems to border on what my grandmother refers to as ‘doll-babies’. (My cousins were like that, and after me they made mom nervous because she worried they were comatose.)

        1. i just don’t understand why they can’t switch off with each other! if cate’s been up and down all night and needs a nap, hand off to tyler. it’s a big house, she should be able to go upstairs, turn a fan on high, and sleep through the baby. no need to push the child all the way out of the house! she does trip me out talking about how nova wants attention all the time. she’s a baby, they’re selfish individuals, come on.

          1. It’s PPM… My sister in law had the same (although she kept the child at home, but she and my brother fought a lot and she didn’t work or so anything). I don’t think it’s Cate’s ‘choice’ since it’s depression. It is however Tyler’s choice to not do shit for his child… I hope Cate finds help and that Tyler supports her :/ This isn’t good for their baby so I hope it’s fixed soon.

          2. Yes, it seems like post partum to me, and that is not anything any woman can control. There’s such a bad stigma around it, too, right, because woman are valued so highly as mothers that when they become mothers they’re supposed to be nothing but overjoyed to be pushed to their emotional limit with a brand new baby. But hormones and chemicals and brains don’t always allow that! HOWEVER, I hope she steps up and asks for help. Tyler needs to help, her family needs to help. And taking the baby for that many days is not helping, it’s hurting.

            I bet it’s April is trying to make up for not being a great mom to Cate in her life by babying her grandbaby, and Catelynn is feeling guilty for having one baby and not “keeping” the other one. Tyler and Catelynn are both too proud to admit it. And this is all jumbled up into the mess that results in the two of them dumping Nova off 50-75% of their week with other people.

            Whatever it is, they need to realize they’re lucky as hell and get the right help to be more productive! Maci works, Farrah works, and even AMBER has started working. They definitely need to step up. I love them, I really do think they try their best to be good people and I love that. But they can do better!

  21. Matt’s behavior during the whole episode makes it painfully obvious that what Gary found was true. I would have more respect for Amber if she grew up and kicked that creep out! Sophia is a disturbed child (along with a very disturbed family!). And as much as I like Cate and Tyler I say kudos to Kim for pointing out they need to get a job and take care of their baby! Life is not meant to sit on your butt while a tv crew films you. They’re not teens anymore! Thank you the Ashley for another awesome recap!

  22. Obviously this further proves why it was in Carly’s best interest to be adopted. They both have no other jobs and as of now the financial backing to care for the kid yet they still can’t handle parenthood like why have another kid then.

    1. Totally agree and I’m glad someone else has pointed out what I have been thinking! Tyler and Caitlyn were supposed to be going to college and become ‘teachers and stuff’……. Side note… Sitting around whining and gnawing on your fingernails ( ugh so so gross!) isn’t going to pay any bills when this show ends

  23. This whole episode was a hot mess, but Catelynn, Tyler, Amber, Matt, Farrah, Debbie and Michael stole the show! Catelynn and Tyler are some of the laziest people in the entire franchise. They don’t have a trade or anything that’ll help them be productive towards society. When that money runs out they’re in for a HUGE awakening. To get a good job now days you need EXPERIENCE and filming a reality show doesn’t qualify as experience in the real world. Farrah is still being Farrah and just constantly yells LOL, but I did notice Michael finally spoke up and told her not to talk to him like that, of course she didn’t care or listen to him and kept talking to him like the psycho she is. Debbie needs to stop with the baby talk and enabling Farrah….talk about a dysfunctional relationship…sheesh…and Amber and Matt….when he got caught he looked soooo guilty! Plus his reaction about Gary and the entire thing was a dead give away. Nobody innocent bugs out the way he did…and how lame, he got that “medieval” line from pulp fiction. Get more creative slime ball, we all know you’ve got it in you Grey Baker.

  24. You forgot to mention the fact that Catelyn does do something all day… She disgustingly chews at her nails and fingers and when she takes a break from that she is picking away at her skin or scabs. Seriously, I was so disturbed and totally grossed out watching her. She is so close to being a self eating cannibal!

    1. that is exactly one of the reasons I dont watch anymore but just read the recaps. I am so grossed out by Catelyn picking at her nails and her scabs and then chewing on it that I have almost thrown up. Its so disgusting.

  25. Loved this recap Ashley! You are a seriously funny writer. My husband is gone at basic training right and this made laugh out loud several times. Just what I needed!

    1. I also died laughing at a lot of it. I just want to reach through the screen and punch Matt in the nose though. He’s so creepy and disturbing.

  26. Amber is making herself look like a “naive little girl” by believing his scamming, womanizing creepy ass. If she would’ve kicked his ass out when she found out about the kids, people would be applauding her.

  27. Exactly what do Tyler and Caitlin do all week that warrants their child spending 2 nights a week ????? Have they ever held jobs?? All of these girls ( and as much as I dislike Farah , I’ll give the girl her dues, she hustles to get money) are in for a huge reality shock when this MTV gravy train ends!!

    1. Exactly, lots of single parents work 40 hours a week and tend to their children for all the time they are at home with no help whatsoever. Catelynn saying “she needs a break” is ridiculous. She shouldn’t have had a child if she didn’t think she could handle it.

        1. Not to many women would put up with a lazy man, Amber already has her hands full.
          Plus they are worth more as a couple, which means more money & more time on the couch

    2. The only ones in the teen mom franchise that are actually UNDERSTANDING that once this thing ends, they’re not gonna be living the same life style they’ve grown accustom to, are Maci (she just bought that t-shirt line, at least its something, and she finished school), Farrah (even though its morally very strange), Kail, and Chelsea. The rest of them are about to be broke as a joke when all of this ends.

    3. My husband and I work full time and didn’t leave either of our children overnight until they were almost two! And we have grandparents in the same city, too. It’s silly that they dump their infant multiple days PER WEEK!

      1. the crazy part is that Tyler mom seems like a hard worker. Raised atleast 2 kids on her own.
        Maybe Tyler think the mom works hard & the dad is in jail or in Tyler case, in bed or watching TV (Just pretend I’m not here, pretwnd I’m in jail like Butch)

  28. Amber is being so dumb, Matt is creepy. Farrah acts batshit crazy. Ryan skips nap time for Bentleys birthday. Catelynn and Tyler get called out AGAIN for being lazy. *summary of entire episode*

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