Get a Sneak Peek of ‘Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn’ : Watch the First Trailer Here!

"We should've installed a boxing ring in the living room of the house"!
“We should’ve installed a boxing ring in the living room of the house”!

Way back in May 2015, The Ashley broke the news that VH1 was putting together a “Very Special” version of its hit reality show Couples Therapy. The Ashley was the first to tell you that the network was planning to have family members–rather than couples–feuding it out on their couches. Nearly a year later– the show is about to premiere!

Earlier today, VH1 released the first extended trailer for the upcoming first season of Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn. Premiering March 16, ‘Family Therapy’ promises all of the tears, fighting and drama we’re used to getting on ‘Couples Therapy,’ but the participants have even more to lose since they are dealing with members of their own family.

“Blood is thicker than water– but the harsh spotlight of fame can thin it out for some families,” VH1 said in the press release. “While fame and fortune can give you almost everything you desire, it certainly doesn’t buy happiness, heal past wounds or solve deep-rooted family issues.”

The network released the Season 1 cast list back in August, but in the press release (and new trailer), the issues that each family pair are facing are more clearly explained.

Former reality TV star Tiffany “New York” Pollard has brought her overbearing mother, Sister Patterson to the house with her. In the trailer, Tiffany is shown being smacked upside the head by Mommy Dearest, who also expects Tiffany to obey her, regardless of the fact that Tiffany is a grown woman.

Gotta give it to Brittany: She gives a great stink eye.
Gotta give it to Brittany: She gives a great stink eye.

Former Teen Mom 3 star Briana DeJesus and her sister Brittany are also participating. Both girls got knocked up as teens, but only Briana chose to have her child. (Brittany chose to have an abortion.) The girls have struggled to get along since we last saw them on MTV.

“You’re so mean!” Briana wails to her sister.

“You’re so sensitive,” Brittany says.

(The sisters must be getting along a little better these days. After all, they recently got matching butt lifts from Dr. Miami!)

Exes Dina and Michael Lohan, the fame-obsessed parents of actress Lindsay Lohan, will also be there trying to work on their co-parenting relationship. They can’t stop arguing about who did–or didn’t do– drugs with their daughter. As you do. They also disagree on what their marriage was really like. Dina says that Michael mentally and physically abused her, but Michael denies it.

The Dash BrothersDamon, Jeremy and Bobby– will appear as well. Hip hop music mogul Damon no longer speaks to his brothers, and Dr. Jenn is trying to help change that.

Jackass star Bam Margera has brought his mother, April to the house to work on their relationship. Poor April (who was often the victim of Bam’s jokes on ‘Jackass’), fears that her son is now an alcoholic.

“You’re out of control,” April tells Bam in the trailer.

“I just want my kid back,” April later tells Dr. Jenn. “Because I don’t know the guy who turns into a monster.”

Back in May, The Ashley told you that Farrah Abraham and her mother, Debra Danielsen, were going to take part in this series. However, from what The Ashley hears, Farrah’s contract for ‘Teen Mom’ prevented her from taking part in ‘Family Therapy.’

In fact, this is the show that ‘Teen Mom’ producer Larry Mesnik is talking about in the upcoming scene in which Farrah is told that she and her mom can’t do a certain show because its premise is too close to the premise of ‘Teen Mom.’

The Ashley believes that Deb and Farrah may still make an appearance on the show, but she can’t confirm that.

Anyway, you can watch the extended trailer for ‘Family Therapy’ below. The show premieres March 16 on VH1.

(Photos: VH1)


  1. Sorry.. I have to say it.

    You guys know that even if I could get past her (Dr. Jenn’s) smooshed barbie doll head.. her advice is freakin’ wretched.

    She helps no one, ever. She’s Dr Drew, with girl bits. That is all.

  2. Excited to see April and Bam! Farrah and family have to be acting out for pay checks, nobody can be that horrible, can they????

  3. I kind of wish that Farrah and Deb were on this show because I’d love to see Farrah v. New York & Deb v. Sister Patterson. I do not think Farrah would get away with treating New York or her mom the way she treats the rest of the world. If any of you watched NY’s shows, she’s quite delusional herself. Would have been great to see Farrah meet her match.

  4. That part where Farrah flips on Larry, her producer, was seen in the aftershow, but I missed it on last night’s episode of Teen Mom. Did they cut it out? How disappointing.

  5. I’m just excited to see April and Bam Margera. Loved his show viva la bam that used to come on back in the day, but he’s really gone down hill, he looks terrible…I hope he gets his ish together and doesn’t end up like Ryan Dunn…so tragic. I’m also excited to see Dina and Michael…talk about some opportunist train wrecks, no wonder Lindsay Lohan is the way she is…she got stuck with some pretty awful people for parents, and last but not least I really wanna see Brianna and Brittany. Brianna has some screws that are completely loose up in that head of hers…and Brittany is always calling her out and telling her like it is. I think they picked a good, entertaining, crazy cast for this season. But I seriously dunno how much more of Farrah I can take on my TV after this season of Teen Mom…They should’ve casted her for the next season….save that crazy for later, because it might be too much

  6. what did you think was going to happen april? you allowed your son and his friends free rein to get high and play dumb pranks all day, often involving physical harm to your husband! he hasn’t had one reason to grow up. everyone in america knew he’d be a 35 year old drunk and/or druggie, acting exactly the same as he did when he was 17. you’re the only one surprised. brit, just be happy being gay if that’s what you want. your sister is and will be a tramp, she doesn’t have the head on her shoulders you do, and there’s Nothing you can do about that. farrah, you’ve been on ct with your mom and it didn’t do a damn thing. you can have all the therapy and group sessions you can find, but if you don’t put into practice what people are saying to you and Change your Behavior, Nothing will change. don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything.

  7. Would Farrah and her mother really benefit from more fake therapy on a reality show? How about just attending a non televised therapy session?

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