‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Reveals Plans to Market Toddler Urinals: Get the Latest (Strange) Details

Jenelle tweeted this photo, announcing her "Little Kaiser" product...
Jenelle tweeted this photo, announcing her “Little Kaiser” product…

Jenelle Evans has used her massive social media following to market some pretty random products over the last year or so.  The Teen Mom 2 star has hawked everything from butt pads (yes) to fitness teas on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. Earlier this week, however, Jenelle and her publicist Johnny Donovan revealed their plan to market what may be the strangest product yet.

In a now deleted Instagram post, Johnny announced that he and Jenelle were collaborating on a new toddler urinal product. According to Johnny’s post and Jenelle’s tweet, the “Little Kaiser” urinal system, which is made to be installed in a bathroom for use by potty training boys, will launch on March 21, when the new season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ premieres.

Anyway, eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice that the “Little Kaiser” was basically the same as an existing product called the “Lil Marc,” a toddler urinal system that’s been on the market since 1999.

In fact, the photos that Jenelle was using to promote her system looked identical to the ones featured on the Lil Marc website. When this information was presented to Jenelle’s team, Jenelle’s publicist had an explanation.

“We aren’t stealing it [their] company went to s**t and reached out to us for us to rebrand it,” Johnny tweeted to a nay-sayer. “Learn your facts…”

"The next weird urinal you release betta be named the Lil' Barbara, Juh-nelle!"
“The next weird urinal you release betta be named the Lil’ Barbara, Juh-nelle!”

The Ashley was anxious to get more information about the product. (After all, it’s not every day that a ‘Teen Mom’ girl names a toilet product after her kid!) The Ashley contacted the Lil’ Marc company directly to get the full scoop.

While Jenelle’s team claims that they were asked to “rebrand” the Lil’ Marc….the email response that The Ashley received from the company’s president said otherwise.

“We have no relationship with this individual or plan to,” Denis Espinoza, the president of Lil Marc Inc. told The Ashley in an emailed response when asked about working with Jenelle.

Was Jenelle caught in a huge lie? Will the “Little Kaiser” ever see the light of day? The Ashley will keep you posted…

UPDATE: Jenelle’s team told The Ashley that they had no comment about the situation. Jenelle did respond to nay-sayers via Twitter, however.

“That company has been out of business for years and that’s not the company I’m working with. #NiceTry,” Jenelle tweeted this morning.

The Ashley reached out to the Lil Marc company and the company’s president confirmed that Lil Marc is very much still in business, despite what Jenelle had stated. They maintain that they have no business relationship with Jenelle, nor did they ever, and had nothing to do with this product.

On Tuesday afternoon, the company posted the following tweet to its Twitter account:

lil marc

(Photos: Instagram, MTV)


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  1. She is in some serious shit with this product. The orginal creater of this product is pissed!!!!! She even used the same photos as the orginal owner of this product used. Her manager tried to say that they reached out to them to help them market the product. Which the owner firmly denies and now there is no more mention of it. I wonder how much money she put into this for her to just realize that someone else already did this. Wait wasn’t this the same manager that she accused of “leaking” nude photos of her and abusing her?

  2. I could say something about her not even being able to make a toilet without controversy but she’s suffered much already

  3. No wonder the original company went to hell. This is the dumbest idea ever. Why would anyone waste their money on this ridiculous product??

  4. Hahaha she tried to steal someone’s product? Terrible

    Kaiser is a terrible name too. Makes me think of sandwiches. Poor kid has that mom and that name

  5. Thank you teen mom for providing us with everything from baby urinals to cookies ala Gary and even fake lady part molds lol that show is a gift that just keeps on giving. We need a teen mom shopping network so Matt can call in and order himself some Gary condoms to get his Gary on before he had enough kids to start his own school

  6. I am so sick of this horrible b#$ch being treated like she’s a celebrity!! She is literally ‘famous’ for being a nasty selfish junkie deadbeat who lost custody of her first child because of her partying and drug use, and now palms off her second son on anyone she can. She has put more effort into her f$$#ing boyfriends, plastic surgery and drugs than anthing or anyone else she is a horrible human being who continues to be rewarded for her bad behaviors!! I really really HATE Jenelle. There is NOTHING good about her she doesn’t deserve anything good to happen for her. I hope she FINALLY gets thrown in prison for her latest charges, that’s where she belongs!!!! Rant over. And nobody bother to defend her to me as i have no interest in debating and my opinion will never change.

    1. As much as I do enjoy teen mom, I literally cannot wait for the day these shows get cancelled and to sit and watch them have to get an actual job.

      1. Teen Mom needs a spinoff, ‘Narcissist Island’. Send Jenelle, Farrah, Adam and Ryan off Survivor style, and see who prevails.

    2. Never a truer word said. She has the gall to expect people to believe she’s changed but in reality, she is still the type of person who thinks its ok to look down on people who work in lower paid jobs. On the last reunion special she checked her true colours by slating Babs for working in Walmart while she is going to “save lives as a medical assistant”. Bitch, this woman kept your son so he wouldn’t go into care and gave him the love you refused him of, meanwhile you haven’t worked a day in your sorry fuck of a life. I can’t even with her, she is completely delusional.

  7. This is definitely one of the funniest things JE has done since the heroin fueled ustream sessions!
    However, how much of the blame needs to rest squarely on that skeezy “PR” guy she is associated with? Obviously he presented this idea to JE and since she’s too dumb to research anything beyond top rated drug peddlers in whichever city she has slithered off to, she agreed to slap her “Royal” Kaiser’s name on a baby throne… The kicker is that when he was confronted, Johnny Pompadour straight up lied and then later deleted that tweet. Like, really?! That is what passes for proper representation these days?
    TheAshley, can you research this cartoon-looking grammatically defunct production manager for us? I’m sure you could be a fabulous article about his past and current antics with JE & Farrah that we would all love to read.
    X Tay

    1. Seeeeeriously. I feel like ‘there’ instead of they’re is a bad PR move. Also, I’m about 90% sure this dude is just Anna Nicole’s pal Bobby Trendy. Yeah, I’m that old.

  8. There are screens hits floating around by people who have directed emailed and got a response saying that this company is not shut down and still exists being operational. Also that they have no contacts with jenelle and have people looking into this matter.

  9. Seriously? You’re going to name a toddler urinal after your son?! Sick! Where does Jenelle come up with these things? Oh, that’s right she doesn’t, she just steals other people’s ideas and tries to pass them off as her own. Pathetic.

    1. Imagine if it actually gets sold… How will little Kaiser feel about ‘Little Kaiser’ once he’s grown up? Probably very awkward.

      1. It actually might be his greatest accomplishment in his life, in case the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree 🙂

  10. While I can appreciate her trying to make a product for children, this is just.. there are no words.. the urinal isn’t strange to me. I was looking for one for my son. But lying about having a urinal on the way?? Well Juuuuhh-neeelle.. this was a winning idea. Urine a Lotta shit. ?? (Yes. That was a lame joke. Still better than this joke!) This has to be an early April fools lol.

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