‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout Reveals When She’s Getting Married & Discusses Surprise Third Pregnancy

"We're still fixin' to get hitched!"
“We’re still fixin’ to get hitched!”

Maci Bookout shocked the Teen Mom fan world last weekend when she revealed that she is pregnant with her third child, a baby boy due at the end of May. Maci has stated that she and fiance Taylor McKinney just found out about the pregnant at the end of January, despite the fact that Maci is well into her pregnancy.

In a new interview with Us Weekly, Maci explained how shocked she was to learn that she had managed to get pregnant so quickly after giving birth to her daughter, Jayde, who is now eight months old.

“I was at the doctor, ironically, to get my birth control prescription refilled!” Maci told the magazine, adding that it was two days after Taylor proposed to her in Los Angeles.

Maci said that when the doctor told her she was already pregnant, she was shocked.

“I mean, even we were completely speechless, and every time I shared the news with someone, I said, ‘OK, are you sitting down?'” Maci said. “And then I said, ‘Feel free to say ‘holy s**t’ or congratulations because both are fine.’ Because that’s pretty much how I’ve been the whole time!”

"I'm gettin' my baby maker tied up, y'all!"
“I’m gettin’ my baby maker tied up, y’all!”

After three ‘surprise’ pregnancies, Maci told Us that she plans to take precautions to make sure she doesn’t get pregnant again.

“There are going to be some permanent birth control decisions made immediately after birth,” she said.

Maci told MTV News that she and Taylor are still deciding on names for their son. According to Maci, the baby will either be named Maverick Reid (her choice), or Connor Reid (Taylor’s choice).

In the interview with Us Weekly, Maci also discussed her upcoming wedding to Taylor. For the first time ever, she revealed that she and Taylor are planning to tie the knot in October, which, coincidentally, is also the month that Maci’s ‘Teen Mom OG’ co-star Amber Portwood is planning to marry Matt Baier.

(And, don’t forget, The Ashley exclusively revealed that Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska is also getting hitched in October. She will marry her fiance Cole DeBoer in an intimate, off-camera ceremony.)

There’s no word (yet) whether Maci’s wedding to Taylor will be aired on television, but The Ashley will keep you posted!

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  1. She is due the end of May. I’m due mid April. I’ve been feeling tons of movements for MONTHS now, in additon to all the other clear symptoms I would pick up on regardless. And I’m a first time mom. She would have started feeling movements in like November or December since she’s been pregnant before and knows what they are. She’s soooo full of it.

    1. Apparently one unit of alcohol stops a fetus moving or even breathing for 2 hours. So the baby probably wasn’t moving – it was drunk.

  2. I love how she claims to be a role model but then you have three unplanned pregnancies. She is such a hypocrite. You waited 6 months to get on birth control. I hate this chick!!! I hope to God they don’t decide on Maverick. But she obviously wears the pants in the family Maverick it is. I guess MTV wasn’t paying her enough so she had to have another baby to get those high ratings to get that money. That’s how they get paid is certain shows have a special focus on one of the girls and if that show gets more commission for the show. But I hope this time she pays her taxes.

    1. I get what you’re saying-but it was unplanned-then she wasn’t doing it for the MTV money, you can make one argument or the other.

      1. But, if Maci was doing the MTV “we weren’t trying or preventing” thing, it could have been “unplanned” and for MTV

    2. She would have gotten pregnant when jayde was roughly 3 months pregnant so if it’s true she got the depo shot before leaving the hospital with jayde she was careless and didn’t go back 3 months later to get another shot and waited until 5/6 months. Supposedly she’s getting permanent birth control after this baby.
      If mtv didn’t add old scenes in after Bentley’s tonsils which was 11 weeks ago she didn’t have a baby bump when they returned home from her procedure. However as teen mom watchers we know teen mom has horrible editing and I wouldn’t be surprised if they did a quick edit and threw in old footage to show she didn’t have a bump and make her look good and continue to be the good girl. Every other shot in the show was from the waist up or she had something in front of her or a child on her lap. Also they could possibly get in legal trouble if they knew she was drinking while pregnant

  3. Not that I agree with her duping Rhine’s mom into watching her spawn, but she did mention it was a family wedding, if I heard correctly. So her parents could’ve been going as well.

        1. I’m confused. How does that make the names look good together? So reading “Bentley and Jayde” is better than reading “Bentley and Jade”? How does that make any sense?

    1. I know, right? Bentley and Jayde also both have middle names that start with C. It’d be weird to not continue the tradition.

  4. Maybe some of y’all can answer this: why are Maci’s parents no longer filming OG with her? All we ever see is Jen & Larry. It seems to me, when Maci needs a “oh, I don’t wanna have to lug my baby to_______ “babysitter that her parents would be the logical choice over Ryan’s. Just seems weird to me since her mom was the one (supposedly) that talked her into the MTV gig to begin with

      1. So weird because I didn’t think that they made a lot of appearances on the show anyway, and MTV portrayed them in a good light, unlike Jo’s parents. I totally see why Jo’s parents bowed out…but to each their own. If they wanted more privacy then good for them.

  5. Some of you are really ridiculous. Many woman don’t find out about their pregnancies until the second trimester. It seriously happens all the time. If she was on birth control, she probably wasn’t having periods beforehand so that makes it easy not to know. The same thing happened to my sister. If you guys don’t want to believe what she says, that’s your choice but to accuse her of deliberately drinking while knowing she was pregnant is a serious accusation and you should only call people out on that if you know for sure they did it.

    1. There’s a picture of Maci with a friend at a Tennessee football game, and she’s CLEARLY pregnant. College football for the Vols ended over 2 months ago. Long before her engagement.

      1. Just because she was holding that beer doesn’t mean it was hers. Could it have been? Absolutely. But could it have been her friends? Absolutely, too. If there was a picture of her actually drinking out of the can then it would be a different story. I personally just can’t accuse people of serious things like this unless there is hard proof and a picture of her holding a beer, isn’t enough proof to me.

        1. Your head is in the sand. Take a look at her insagram. It’s a selfie, with just her in it sitting in her stadium seat. She has her legs up relaxing, and is holding her drink front and center up to the camera, making it the focal point of the photo (her face isn’t even in it). It clearly was not “a friend’s”. She’s seated. There’s cupholders. There would be NO reason for her to ask a friend to hand her a drink so she could photograph it. The whole photo is obviously meant to imply she’s ‘relaxing at the football game with a drink’.

          1. And if you’re looking for hard proof, you won’t have to wait long. She’s seen drinking on every TM episode, and just the other day she was out to lunch with friend, drinking margaritas and talking about how she’s been having mood swings. It was confirmed based on the filming date that she was pregnant. You’re bound so see many more of these instances. I’m sure the engagement was filmed (or the little celebratory dinner after, which pics show she was drinking at).

          2. Yeah but those photos were taken before she said she found out she was pregnant. I really don’t think she would be stupid enough to post pictures of her drinking if she knew she was pregnant. Maci isn’t perfect but she doesn’t seem like the type that would do that. And those episodes were filmed back in August – December 2015. She said she didn’t find out she was pregnant until the end of January.

          3. Like you said yourself, the photo is meant to imply she’s having a drink. I have to agree with dramastically here, because no matter how you feel about Maci as a person, she has always been a good mom

        2. In her somewhat defense – I didn’t find out I was pregnant with my son until I was 14 weeks – granted it was my first pregnancy so I didn’t know what to expect – I took tests at home a couple weeks apart and both came out negative. I had to physically go to the Dr because I was like okay where’s my Aunt?? But I wasn’t showing, no symptoms, so it does happen!! Hello there’s an entire show dedicated to not knowing you’re pregnant! So I’m with ya. I like beer too, but I wouldn’t blatantly drink and have my photo taken etc if i knew, nor do I think she would, especially with the scrutiny they’re constantly under

          1. Being 3 months pregnant and being 5 months pregnant is very different. She was probably able to feel the baby move at that point and would have noticed something since she’s been pregnant twice already.

        3. Whether she did or didn’t know that she was pregnant, she still drank throughout her first and second trimester. Period. And she needs to be held accountable for her actions.

        4. That’s not my drugs, officer! It’s in my purse, in my car, but I swear, it ain’t, mine!

          I also didn’t know I was pregnant till my 2nd trimester.. with my FIRST child (but I don’t drink period due to family issues with alcoholism so that was never an issue). She is on child number 3 and five months in. That is the stillest fetus known to man then. There is NO way she didn’ty feel anything and not know. I’m not buying it.

          1. I knew someone who didn’t know they were pregnant until they 4/5 months along and it was her third baby. She was overweight though so she never really looked pregnant, but she still didn’t have any other symptoms. The same lady also had to have constant ultrasound of her second baby because she couldn’t feel it moving and they were concerned she had miscarried, but once again the baby was fine.

  6. I work with developmentally disabled individuals. Some have FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) and I would not wish it on anyone…including Maci. They tend not to understand that actions can have negative consequences. I’m just putting that out there…

  7. This right here is the epitome why I am anti Maci. She REALLY is that stupid. How long does she think we will fall for the “good girl, back country” schtick? It took her six years to obtain her associates degree. She made abstinence talks for a living. And she goes on to have two MORE children unplanned. She has no job or goal, she’s just coasting through life. She’s so dumb to play the “I had no idea” card. BS.

    Home girl has serious alcohol issues. I will never forget the “catching up with Maci” episode a couple years ago when she and Bently were living in a party house. There were beer bottles everywhere. Even Ryan’s girlfriend at the time was concerned. Ryan being the “head in the sand” guy he is, shrugged his shoulders.

    1. And in one of the episodes their producer asked how Maci and Taylor met, Maci explained that she was making hersf throw up so that she could sober up and drink more, and Taylor walked in and held her hair or something super romantic like that. Yeah, that’s screams responsible adults in my book.

  8. I’m more confused than ever now. Refilling her birth control? So she was seemingly drinking throughout roughly the first half of her pregnancy and she was taking birth control pills, meaning that baby got allegedly a lot of alcohol and hormones thrown it’s way? This still doesn’t add up (shocker).

    1. Not that it would make her any *less* stupid, but I reaf that as “Not bothering to get birth control until five months after giving birth.”

      1. Ha! You could be right. The wording is tricky…”at the doctor to get her birth control prescription refilled.” It simultaneously could imply she was on them and the prescription was up, or she was reactivating one…which was probably the latter and making you right!

      2. Especially when you go in to the doc one month post partum (as every woman who has a baby does!) the doc specifically asks you what your plans are for birth control and will set you up right there with an option if you choose.

  9. I can’t stress enough just how truely stupid Maci is.

    Hope he’s born healthy. He is already handicapped by have two drunks raising him. He certainly doesn’t need the dumb name “Maverick” to top off his parents poor choices surrounding his conception/birth.

  10. she found out she was pregnant and then he proposed that simple. She is a liar and a drunk, and Amber is not getting married, word on the curb is that she already has thrown him out of the house!

    1. I hope that’s true about Amber throwing Matt out! Amber still doesn’t get how her actions affect Leah. Leah seems to want to spend time with Amber but Amber always has her loser boyfriend with her or having him do everything and taking care of Leah. I feel so bad for Leah, all she wants is some Mommy alone time and it’s so obvious but Amber takes care of her needs first. Her needs being that she needs to have a man right by her side 24/7.

      1. The thing that I don’t get about Amber is that if she really can’t function alone, it would be cheaper for her to hire a live-in sober companion. BOOM. Instant story-line and the perk of genuine sobriety. I’m sure a sober companion service would go gratis or even pay to play to be featured on the show. I know she wanted to present the idea of having a stable “family” to the court, but that totally backfired. A real sober companion can teach you a program and testify on your behalf to the courts.

      1. Yep. Sad but so true. These teen moms seem to think they need a man to create a family feel so they settle for the first person that doesn’t mind they have kids and then want the ring and marriage ASAP. If Amber starts dating someone I hope she keeps him out of her time with Leah for a good 6 months or so. She can’t keep dating losers and then introduce Leah to them 2 weeks later. That’s not a good mom.

    2. Hope that’s true about Amber. I did notice that she posted she spent Valentine’s Day with Leah, with no mention of Matt. Crossing my fingers that was a little hint that Matt’s gone.

      1. I don’t think they’ve broken up. I was looking through what she’s “liked” on Twitter (clearly I need a life lol) and a fan posted a pic of her and Matt from when she met them the other day. Who knows, though!

    3. Not sure I believe that one. I always thought Matt would take off on her before she would ever throw him out. Her very low self esteem doesn’t seem to let her do smart things like that. But in either case, it would mean he was gone.

      But I think if that were the case, it would be plastered all over the place by now.

  11. They had to higher thier chances of getting another season. If the engagement didn’t work like Taylor mentioned on this season, this is totally going to guarantee that they get anoher one.

  12. Maci needs to shut up. Nobody is buying the whole “I didn’t think I could get pregnant” and “I didn’t know I was pregnant, even though I’ve been pregnant numerous times before” bullshit excuse. Unless she’s going to these media outlets saying that she hasn’t drank any alcohol while pregnant, she needs to shut up and go to an AA meeting. By her NOT making it clear that she didn’t drink and was responsible, just shows that she probably did drink majority of this pregnancy and she’s the most irresponsible idiot of teen mom franchise. SHAME ON HER.

  13. 3 surprise pregnancies and she is an advocate of safe sex & birt control? i swear i’ve heard itsyoursexlife.org ads on HER educational reality show like 1000 times. oh the irony.

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