"While ya were off gettin' high wif ya boooyfriend, I was slicin' pimento loaf to raise ya son!"
“Well, Juh-nelle!”
The Teen Mom 2 Season 7 premiere is only a week away! Last month, MTV gave us our first look at the upcoming season when it released the Season 7 trailer. (Click here to watch it and read The Ashley‘s thoughts on it.)

Earlier today, MTV released four more sneak peek clips to get us excited for Season 7. From the four clips we can see that a lot has changed for the ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls but some things remain the same for Chelsea HouskaKail LowryJenelle Evans and Leah Messer. 

Since The Ashley is aware that many of her readers live outside the United States and are not able to view the MTV videos from their country, she had taken the liberty to describe what’s happening in each of the girls’ clips!

In Kail’s sneak peek, we watch as Kail takes photos with her sons Lincoln and Isaac. The photos, which Kail plans to use to promote her children’s book, Love is Bubblegum, come out adorable, and Jo and a pregnant Vee are there to watch the shoot. Kail invites them to go out to eat with her and the boys after the shoot, but Kail’s husband Javi doesn’t want to come. His reluctance to attend the dinner results in an argument between Kail and Javi, and Javi gets mad that Kail won’t bring Lincoln home before going to dinner. The scene ends with Kail hanging up on her husband.

Leah’s sneak peek reminds us of her daughter Ali’s very serious medical issues. This scene shows Leah taking her daughter Ali, who was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy several years ago, to a doctor’s appointment. The doctor is concerned about how much the six-year-old has been falling lately. He informs Leah and her ex, Corey, that they will see Ali’s ability to walk decrease in the coming year. The doctor also tells Leah and Corey that Ali will soon need to use her power wheelchair full-time.

Jenelle’s sneak peek shows us that not much has changed in regard to Jenelle’s relationship with her mother, Barbara. Jenelle and her trusty pal, Tori are sitting on Jenelle’s porch when Barbara arrives to pick up Jace to take him home. After Babs mutters her famous line, (“Oh hi, Juh-nelle!”) Jenelle pounces on her mom for daring to ask how her grandson, Kaiser is doing. When Barb brings up Jenelle’s upcoming court date (one of three, actually), Jenelle again jumps all over her mom, causing Babs to break down in tears.

“There you go, crying again, as usual!” Jenelle hisses to her mother.

Chelsea’s sneak peek is much more fun than the other three girls’. It starts off with Chelsea and her BFF Other Chelsey going in to wake up Aubree. It’s Aubree’s first day of kindergarten. After getting Aubree ready for school, Chelsea tells her daughter how proud of her she is.

To read what else will be featured during the seventh season of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ click here!

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  1. So Jenelle says Kaiser is sick, but then tells Babs that “No, hes not hurting.” It just goes to show how little about kids she’s aware of. What kind of Mother gets aggravated when their child is too sick to sleep?! Bitch.

    1. She doesn’t have a maternal bone in her body. Between what she said and her tone, it sounded like she was blaming Kaiser for the situation.

  2. Corey looked like he was about to leap aout of his chair strangle Dr. Tsao when he said Ali would need to use that wheelchair full. That’s gotta be so hard to hear, but if looks could kill, Dr. Tsao would be dead.

  3. Regarding Javi and Kail, yes Javi may feel a certain way that people don’t necessarily agree with, but why would Kail antagonize the situation by going to lunch with them? I understand that she wants to co-parent well and I think we are seeing that in action by them participating in the photoshoot together. In my opinion when you get married you put that person above all others. If it makes him uncomfortable to have them going to lunch together, then don’t instigate a lunch. Your marriage should be the most important thing and even though you don’t always agree with each other, sometimes you have to bend to make the other person have more confidence in your relationship and trust in you.

  4. Why in the hell is Jenelle so crazy? Why was she getting so aggravated at Babs just for asking how Kaiser is? OMG

    1. The scene looks every edited. I mean they must’ve just got into an argument on the phone before she pulled up because Barbz kinda greeted her rudely.

  5. Not really shocked by Javi’s stance on not being a part of the dinner with Jo.

    Clearly, for me, Kailyn makes it more than obvious that she still loves Jo, no matter how many Javis and Vees are in the picture. So at this point, Javi has probably had enough, to the point of no picture taking, no dinners, no fraternizing, no nothing.

    I also believe that his wanting to bow out of the whole mess has absolutely no reflection on Isaac, who he seems to truly love.

    It’s just Kail.

    1. But here’s the thing…if he doesn’t trust his wife, then why the hell would he stay married to her? We’ve all seen a thousand times that relationships and marriages will not work if you can’t trust the other person, even when they are around their exes. If he really thinks she would go back to Jo, then he shouldn’t have married her in the first place.

      1. If he can’t co-parent, he’s just making everyone’s lives harder. It is a dinner with Jo AND HIS WIFE! Or baby-momma/fiancé etc, regardless, it’s with Jo and his committed partner and their CHILDREN. So dumb. I feel like Javi is a sweet guy, with a really bad control issue. Who doesn’t want their wife going to dinner with a part of her family? If he’s uncomfortable, go with them! Either man up, or leave. Because you only cause more stress by staying and creating tension. He is super controlling IMO. It seems to drive him nuts that Kail is her own person.

        1. Gotta agree with you. Javi needs to get a grip and realize this is what he signed up for, dating and marrying a single mother with a baby daddy that is apart of their child’s life. Kail wasn’t in the wrong here. For whatever reason, Javi felt like throwing a temper tantrum, and made a big deal out of nothing. You’re right, I could see if it were her and Jo by themselves getting dinner, THEN be upset, but V was going to be there…They decided to make this a family dinner for the sake of the kids. Completely understandable, and there should not have been an issue! If Javi doesn’t trust Jo, Kail and V together, then he should’ve gotten up off that couch and met them for pictures and dinner. Kail even offered to pick him up, but he still refused. Javi needs to pull himself together, realize that Jo isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, stop with the jealousy or whatever it is, and man up. He’s lucky that the co-parenting is going as smoothly as it is. It could be a lot worse.

      2. Let us all not forget that Javi married Kail a few seasons ago, even after Kail was clearly overheard slapping him upside his head in one of the bedrooms of the home they shared back then after a minor argument between them. At that very same time, he was also aware of how Kail had cheated on Jo with her then boyfriend Jordan, and THEN later cheated on Jordan with Jo.

        So as far as that goes, yes, I will agree with you 100%. He should have never married her in the first place — especially after the physical abuse happened.

        But then again — he did. And now, for me, it looks as if he might be rethinking the whole situation, while also taking into consideration the child they now share together, etc., in addition to the great love he has for Isaac. Don’t really know, in fact none of us do. Just my own personal guess on this.

  6. I was hoping they would show more of Leah’s trainwreck life. They always try to get the audience to pity her, and don’t show viewers how selfish she really is. She is the real hoe bag, cheating on good men at every opportunity. But, what really makes me dislike her, is the way she does a half ass parenting job. Her toddler escaping for hours. Her drug habit. No healthy limits for the girlses, like car seat safety and bedtime routines. Corey and Miranda should have the girlses. Jeremy should have Addy. The fact that he isn’t fighting for more after the clear signs she isn’t safe baffles me.

    1. Love this!! And she still has fans. When she gets called out, people get all upset (like it’s a personal attack) and defend her. I do feel for her bc of alli, I don’t wish having a sick kid on anybody. But as a person, she sucks.

  7. I don’t like Leah but I have a lot of sympathy for her. It must be really hard to have a sick child who’s only going to get worse. Also, does Janelle’s face look weird or is it just me?

    1. I have sympathy for all of her kids, especially Alli. I also have sympathy for every man who has gotten involved with her. But, other than having a child with a disability, I have 0 sympathy for Leah. My brother was perfectly fine his whole life when at 7 years old, he started losing his ability to walk. That was two years ago. The day my dad called me crying saying he had been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy was one of the saddest in my life. I started watching this show to see Alli. Even with that, the way Leah is as a person sickens me. Having my brother makes my dad an even better person and parent. Leah uses Alli’s illness as an excuse to be a POS. Total opposite of my experience. That’s why I can’t stand her.

      1. I totally meant to thumbs up this but down thumbed it by accident! My best friend has CP, and it greatly influences her ability to walk and her strength, among other things. Her father was super dad basically, he taught her to be independent and do things for herself despite her CP, but she was obviously still his little girl. Her mother, on the other hand, behaved just like Leah, all the way down to drug use and infidelity. She was a lazy parent, but no one could criticize her because she would use my friend’s CP as a shield. Even though her father had full custody and was the one really caring for her, her mother played the sympathy card. We are all grown up now and my friend definitely sees what her father did for her and how her mother was. Honestly, she has pretty much zero respect for her mother and although she loves her, she doesn’t really like her. I feel Alli may be the same way as she grows.

        1. Amen! It is hard to have a special need kiddo. I know, I have one. It is hard to see your child not meeting milestones and being weaker than other kids. That being said, Leah needs to step up. Take her daughter to therapy and school. It is helping her stay strong as long as she can. Put your child in an appropriate car seat…ALL OF HER CHILDREN NEED THIS! Ali needs to be in a 5 point harness longer than most kids. She has different needs. Be an advocate for your child. She needs her to do everything she can for Ali. I just don’t see her doing that.

  8. Not the biggest Kail fan, but Javi is seriously being a little B*tch. Hes so jealous of Jo. Leah makes me mad cause shes gotten so much money for this show which you can see in past seasons has been wasted on shopping and her “cosmetics sales”. Now shes gonna go through make a wish to help out when you have children whose families don’t have close to what Leah has gotten money wise. Jenelle needs a good beating. Sorry but she does. Breaks my heart to see her talk to her mom like that. What example does she set for her kids? Thank God she never had a girl. I just love Chelsea. Shes the Teen Mom example.

    1. You say thank god she never had a girl, but remember that poor Jace has been around Jenelle’s toxic boyfriends pretty much since he was born. And with just Babs, he doesn’t have a positive male role model to counteract this. I’m willing to bet she’s doing just as much damage to Jace and now, Kaiser as she would have done to a daughter.

      Jenelle needs to get her tubes tied and stop bringing innocent kids into her mess of a life.

      1. You’re right. Boy or girl shes messing them up. I just see it as you don’t need a Jenelle Jr. I pray for Jace. There’s nothing but anger and screaming around him.

  9. Who here thinks fruit loops is a good breakfast for a kindergardner on a school day?

    I guess my son is lucky – he gets toast and eggs or something healthy. Cereal is designated for weekends.

    I just think that’s just pure laziness in my opinion – pure sugar and no protein.

    1. Seriously? As long as the kid is fed and dressed who cares? There’s no need to put down someone just because your so special you cook your son’s breakfast. Whoop fucking do

    2. Wow. Judge much? There’s plenty of real criticisms you could make towards this group but cereal choices?

    3. Wow, some people really have to be validated from every possible place. Yes, you are better than everyone at breakfast.

      1. Where is she saying she is better than everybody? Why do you get all bent out of shape over people’s opinions? Dang

        1. Lol its ok…just shows how unhealthy people’s eating habits are. I’d people were educated they realize a bowl of fruit loops is just as bad as a can of ravioli.

          1. One can be educated and still feed their kids fruit loops. But hey, here’s to you Superman for those toast and egg breakfasts! Your child will undoubtedly grow to be so much better than those darn sugar-eatin’ kids. Mission accomplished!

    4. my daughter eats muffins, pop tarts, frozen pancakes, left over pizza . I work Monday through Friday and have a 15 month old. I don’t have time everyday to cook a buffet breakfast and she’s perfectly healthy. That was quite a rude comment

    5. Are frozen waffles okay with the food police? Asking for a friend… I did not serve that for breakfast this Tuesday morning.
      I think fruit loops for breakfast at 7am is better than a can of ravoili at midnight.

    6. You’re getting major downvotes but I’m inclined to agree with you. Giving a young kid a sugar rush/crash on their first day back to school sounds disastrous. But I don’t know if I’d call it “lazy”, since Chelsea took the time to make sure Aubrey looked cute and took pictures. It’s not like she’s not willing to put time into her daughter, I think she’s very willing. She just thinks about nutrition differently – or, well, maybe not at all.

      And I get being a busy overwhelmed mom, I do, but I don’t think that’s what it is. I think that’s just the way Chelsea is.

      And really, there are better kinds of cereal than Fruit Loops. Why don’t you just give her a tablespoon of sugar at the door of the classroom? It’s just as easy to buy a different cereal.

    7. Maybe she gave them to her as a special “first day of school” breakfast. My brother ate fruit loops every day for years, he turned out ok. Maybe she doesn’t like or is allergic to eggs?

    8. Some of us have full time jobs so a home cooked breakfast every morning isn’t feasible. Also, toast isn’t that healthy. Carbs from fruit are way better than toast every morning.

    9. You never know how picky a kid is. My oldest would rather starve than eat an egg. If you make him, he will throw it up. He is really difficult when it comes to eating.

    10. Cereal is designated for weekends? Is this lady serious?? Wow…just from this one post you get the sense that this lady is one of those people where everyone in her neighborhood probably smiles and says hello, but then get together later to talk about what an uppity snobby b*tch she is.

    11. I believe the opposite as a working mom. Cereal (in part) is fine for school days. Big breakfast if for weekends.

  10. I’ve been a long time reader, but I actually created an account to ask a question.

    As I am not living in the US, I often come here just to read The Ashley’s delicious recaps, even when I’ve not seen the episodes yet. But I do have a question about this one.

    It was Aubree’s first day of Kindergarten? Isn’t she supposed to be 6 or 7? Why is she not in “real” school yet? Until what age do American children attend pre-school, kindergarten? And what is the difference anyway?

    Mind you, I am not a troll trying to hate on people, I am just interested. Over here kids start pre-school or kindergarten at 3 or 4, remain there until the year they turn 6. In that school year the start their primary education, first grade as you might call it.

    Soooo anyway, can’t wait for this season to start!

    1. Typically kids enter kindergarten at 5 or 6 in the states. Pre-K is before that.

      Where do you live? It would have been cool to start at 3 or 4 years old, and to have finished high school when I was 15 or 16. How high do your grades go? Ours go to 12th grade.

      1. I’m from Europe, Belgium (not the OP, but it’s very different here) and we don’t really call it ‘grades’ here. There’s pre school from 2,5/3 until 6, then there’s primary school from 6-12 (group 1-6) and then middle/high school from 12-18 (we call them group 1-6 again, and middle and high school are like.. one school here haha :p)

        Okay I hope this made sense because English isn’t my first language!

    2. In the state I live in a your child has to be 5 years old by October 1st to enter kindergarten. That being said the state law does not require you to send your child to kindergarten until they are 7 years old.

      1. I live in the Netherlands, and the system here resembles the Belgian system, I guess. You start primary school at age 6 (you can start “first grade” if you’re still 5 but are turning six that same year) and remain in primary school until age 12. Then you start high school, which ends at age 16, 17 or 18, depending on your level of schooling.

        As I said before, between the ages of 3-5 you can go to kindergarten, which is optional – most of the people do it anyway… At age 5 you start pre-primary school (they call it “toddlerschool” over here). This is most certainly not optional.

        At what age are American children supposed to be in school? Over here, you are absolutely not allowed to keep children out of school after they’ve turned 5.

        1. ” (they call it “toddlerschool” over here). ”

          As I wrote this down, I realize it’s not a good name. We have a special word for children within the ages of 3-5 years old (just as the word “toddlers” refers to 2-3 years-old) but I guess English people just referred to them as “pre-schoolers”…

        2. Most commonly kindergarteners are 5 and turn 6, with some children with late summer birthdays who are already 6 because their parents decided that it would be better for them to be the oldest rather than youngest in their grade (more common with boys).
          The mandatory age varies by state as well, I live in Washington state and I believe we have the highest age at 8, but aside from parents who homeschool their children and then start them with other 8-year-olds (still uncommon) it’s very rare to actually hold a child out of school so long unless the parents intend on homeschooling the child.

    3. Here in Sydney, Australia, a child has to have started school by the time they turn 6. Most kids therefore start at age 5. However, some kids start when they are 4 and turn 5 during that first year of school. Our first year of school is called kindergarten. Anything done before that is either pre-school (optional, and often not at a school) or simply daycare.

      Aubree is six in this clip, I think. Therefore, if she were here in Australia, she would have had to start school one year earlier.

  11. Sweet Ali! So proud of her. She has kept her strength up. Can’t wait to see what she decides for Make-A-Wish. She is such a brave girl.

  12. Ugh jenelle. I dunno who is worse, her or farrah. I know babs isn’t perfect but give her respect. She is raising YOUR child after all.

    1. I can’t imagine talking to my mother the way she talks to Babs in the regular. Sure, get frustrated with her because you’re both people but she’s ya damn mom? She gave birth to you show her some respect!

      1. Giving birth to a kid doesn’t demand respect – after all Jenelle’s given birth twice and she gets NO respect from me! 🙂

        Babs deserves credit because she busts her a$$ raising Jenelle’s kid and working at the same time while Jenelle smokes weed and goes on vacation with her dick-of-the-month. And Jenelle’s given Babs every reason to hate her, but she still clearly cares about Jenelle and worries about her.

        1. My mom and I had problems getting along when I was a teenager and in high school, but as soon as I turned 18 and left home our relationship changed so much and we have a lot of respect for each other, even more so since having my own kid. It’s like Jenelle is stuck as a teenager emotionally and will be forever talking to her mom like a 16 year old. She has Kaiser now and it looks like from this clip she can see how hard it can be at times, and Babs has been the one doing it for Jace all this time and still there’s no respect. Like Babs really didn’t do anything in this clip

          1. Totally agree with you. My mom and I had a horrible relationship when I was a teenage. I moved out at 20 and since then my mom is my bff. Made me realize how much I love and appreciate her. And most of all miss her. Jenelle has no respect what so ever. I ever spoke to my mom like that, no matter how old I am she would slap me across my face.

        2. Jenelle’s got some major control issues when it comes to Babs. Anytime Babs mentions what’s best for Jace, Jenelle flips out. I think she does it because Babs (with excellent reason) won’t let her have Jace whenever she wants, and Jenelle feels like since she is his birth mother, she should have all of the say in what goes on in his life, but she’s too delusional to see that she is an AWFUL influence on Jace. Every single boyfriend she has brought around has turned out to be a physically and mentally abusive jacksass, and Jenelle think’s its perfectly fine to have Jace and Kaiser around these men. Jenelle talks to Barbara like she has completely lost her mind, which is also a terrible influence on Jace. And have you noticed, whenever Babs asks about Kaiser, Jenelle FLIPS OUT and immediately hits Babs with the “I’m his mother” thing. Like she’s throwing it in Babs face that she doesn’t have custody of this one, so she can’t tell her how to parent, or when to see him. With such immature behavior, Jenelle should not be any ones mother.

  13. I think kail is a great mom for sure! I know she seems mean but I think she puts a guard up after what she has been through with her mother. But I do think she is downright nasty some times though

      1. Agree! I think she quickly puts up a guard under pressure which can be perceived as nastiness. I think she genuinely loves Javi & her kiddos though.

        1. “If I’m not there, there’s no reason for Lincoln to be there” – did that strike anyone else as weird and messed up? Kind of selfish, Lincoln isn’t just YOUR son, he’s also KAIL’S son, and he’s also ISAAC’S brother. So wtf does he mean, there’s no reason for Lincoln to be there?

          I understand if Javi hadn’t gotten to see him all weekend, that’s different. It sounds like they have some planning and communication issues. But acting like Lincoln has no reason to be there, that’s effed up in my opinion. Seriously side-eying Javi right now.

          I didn’t watch Leah’s clip, it’s hard for me to watch the parts with Ali’s illness. 🙁

          Aubrey is adorable.

          Jenelle was awful to Barbara, but that’s nothing new. I see good old Tori is there because even when Jenelle is single, she’s not single. Gotta have someone around to parent her child, yall! Jenelle’s new lips look ridiculous, but maybe that’s just her whole face. Poor girl, Kaiser’s been awake since SIX?? That’s like, really early dude! Oh my god dude!

  14. Janelle can’t handle one child being sick? What would she do IF she had two sick children at the same time? Grow up girl and stop being so d#m disrespectful to your mother. Karma will get you

    1. Or if SHE was sick while her kids were sick? The horror!

      Karma will get her after the money runs out. I can’t wait to watch the desperation as she fades into history.

      1. Jenelle doesn’t have what it takes to be a mom, let’s face it. I’m a teenage girl and I’ve babysat (yes it’s different I know) three young kiddos while they were sick and it’s not that hard. Her poor kiddos deserve better.

  15. This seems like an unpopular opinion, but I like Kail. She seems like a sweetie to me who actually works really hard for her kiddos and wants the best for them.

    I’m really sad to her about Alli, Barbara deserves better and why is Chelsea still even on this trainwreck?

    1. EDIT- I hope Kail and Javi are doing better than the trailer hinted at. I hope they aren’t back at the place they are last season

    2. I identify with Kail a lot. We have similar backgrounds. I respect the fact that she is going to school – if she still is. I’m glad she is at least trying to create some kind of backup plan for when the TV money dries up. And I respect that she clearly cares a lot about her children and must be doing something right, since Isaac is one of the most well-behaved kids in the franchise.

      Kail has a lot of flaws though and if I had one suggestion for her it would be to chill. the f*ck. out. It’s hard for me to be as hard on Kail because I feel like I get why she is the way she is.

      1. Yes agreed! I feel like people are really quick to forget she was raised by someone we call Schmirnof (sp) Suzy. Remember the early seasons when she worked at a grocery store while going to school? I have mad respect for her.

    3. I don’t particularly like Kailyn’s personality all the time but I firmly believe her marriage sucks the high hard one and that Javi is a guy with SEVERE control and jealousy issues. I think he is no good for her. He is the source of most of their conflicts, started from pure jealousy.

    4. I actually like Kailyn too. She definitely has her flaws, and sometimes all I can do is shake my head at some of her choices, but I think over all she really is a good mother. To me, that’s reflected with what a good person Issac seems to be. I see a lot of people who are quick to demonize any little thing Kailyn does, almost to the point where there is no ‘right’ thing she can do. I’ve even seen people who are convinced she’s made up the entire miscarriage (that is a whole different discussion) after only that sneak peek. She really had a crap start to life, and while she’s grown and responsible for her own actions now, it does seem like she’s putting in effort to change. She may revert to her old ways, especially when out on guard, and she does need to chill out, but I don’t see all bad when I look at her.

    5. I agree with you. She did a lot of good things for her boys and I do believe she’s a great mom. She has her flaws, she has anger issues, but she grew up with an alcoholic mom and I don’t think a lot of people understand what kind of impact it has on your life and your choices (I grew up with an alcoholic mom myself, but I had my dad, I don’t think Kail had hers?). I hope she goes to counseling to work through her (anger)issues and keeps putting her boys first. (p.s. I don’t watch every episode of the show, so there might’ve been some things I didn’t see that she did)

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