‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Catelynn Lowell Checks Into Arizona Treatment Center to Get Help For Her Anxiety & Depression

Best wishes to Catelynn!
Best wishes to Catelynn!

UPDATE: Although it was initially reported by In Touch that Catelynn had confirmed that she was heading to a rehab facility, it appears that is not the case. On Wednesday night, Catelynn tweeted that she was “not in rehab.” The following story has been amended. 

Breaking Teen Mom OG news: Catelynn Lowell is heading to an Arizona treatment facility to get help with her depression and anxiety issues.

The 24-year-old reality star has been open about her struggles with anxiety and depression, even discussing it during on-camera therapy sessions that were shown last season. However, it appears that Catelynn is in need of more extensive treatment for her mental health problems. On Wednesday, she confirmed to In Touch Weekly that she is heading to an Arizona facility to get treatment.

“Just let [fans] know that I’m just seeking help for my anxiety and depression at the moment,” Catelynn told the magazine in a statement.

Earlier today, Catelynn posted a photo to her Instagram account that was taken from inside of an airplane, along with the caption, “Arizona here I come… I can’t wait to be back to my normal self… this is for me and my family.. Novalee and Tyler I love you both very much!”

In a statement issued to MTV News, Catelynn stressed that she was being for mental health issues and not drug dependency.

“I’m seeking help for myself and my family,” she told the site.

This comes just one day after Catelynn and her husband, Tyler Baltierra, posted some cryptic tweets that caused some fans to become alarmed.

“For everyone that thinks I’m so ‘strong’ I’m really not… one day you will know why. I also can be very weak,” Catelynn wrote. “You guys have NO CLUE on how much you lift me up sometimes…”

“Please just pray for my wife,” Tyler tweeted. “For better or for worse…through sickness & in health…I will NEVER stop fighting for my wife. Keep her in your prayers…thank you.”

It is not yet known if any event prompted Catelynn’s trip.

The ‘Teen Mom OG’ girls are currently filming for the show’s next season. However, it is not yet known whether MTV cameras will follow Catelynn to rehab. Other ‘Teen Mom’ franchise stars, such as Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans have allowed the show’s camera crew to film them while they received rehab treatment, but The Ashley has not found solid proof that Catelynn’s treatment will be filmed.

In 2015, Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer also sought treatment for her anxiety and depression, but did not allow her treatment to be filmed. She, too, went to Arizona, where she spent time at the Sierra Tuscon facility. It is not known if that’s where Catelynn is heading, but that center reportedly specializes in “complex mental issues.”

Either way, it appears that Catelynn has a lot of love and support behind her. Her father-in-law, Butch Baltierra, showed his love for Cate in a tweeted response to a fan.

“She’s doing OK,” Butch wrote of Catelynn. “She [is] going to go and get better… love her so much.”

According to In Touch, Catelynn said that she wasn’t sure how long she will be at the treatment center.

The Ashley will update this story when more information is available.

(Photo: MTV)

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  1. I’m not saying that catelynn and Tyler were lying about catelynn being depressed and such but he was way dramatic with his tweets about it, being all vague and secretive and making it sound like she was dying and asking for prayers and not just coming out and saying what’s wrong, he knew tabloids were going to call him to do interviews $$$ ??????

  2. Does anyone wonder if that has been brought on bc for once everything in her life is perfect? When we first met Cate & Ty, let’s face it Butch & April…wow! There was sooooo, soooo much drama and arguing, cursing and s*** talking. Now,
    Butch is out, acting fine. April is Grandmother of the Year for real, they finally have a baby all their own and she got Ty to finally marry her! They make tons of money & really don’t have to work, and when they started they didn’t have enough to raise Carly.
    What is there to complain about? What is her excuse….there is nothing. Some people literally starve for drama of some type. Has anyone never know someone like this? Maybe a spouse…where if things are going well they’re either in a bad mood or try to get u in one too and then tell u they’re “fine.” Anyway, Cate is more bored then depressed. She has grown up accustomed to drama.

  3. I have always liked Cate and Tyler. Honestly, I wouldn’t work if I had a big MTV paycheck. Kind of pointless with a six figure salary. Should they go to school and do more, sure. The money will run out eventually.

    As for anxiety and depression, Cate gave up a child for adoption due to lack of resources, and then hit the lottery the next day basically. I bawl every time I see an adoption story. That is simply sympathy, but going through it has to be so much worse. I feel like they constantly, even now, are justifying the adoption to themselves.

    Was the adoption a good thing, absolutely. Does it have life long emotional consequences, look at Cate. She is constantly judged every where. She has to talk about the hardest thing she has ever done on a regular basis. She wants adoption to be a positive thing, and is burying those negative feelings. Having Nova brought about post partum hormones, but also showed her what she missed out on with Carly.

    I love Cate and Tyler. I really want Cate to get better. I hope this place helps her deal with her feelings privately. She has a whole lot of fans thinking and praying for her. Get well soon, Catelynn.

  4. I think Catelynn’s depression and anxiety are due to her loss of Carly. Depression and anxiety are not uncommon in women who surrender a child to adoption.

    I don’t think Cate or Ty had any idea that they were losing all rights to Carly. I don’t think she will ever stop missing Carly.

  5. I think Cate should be commended for making a healthy decision to seek professional help for her depression and anxiety. I think some of the negative comments on here are despicable. True Cate and Ty are fortunate to have an MTV paycheck and I do think they had Nova to fill the void that Carly’s adoption left. Yes I think Teen Mom is way run its course but at least she’s finally being honest that she is depressed and she’s moving towards a better future. Depression and anxiety are very hard to deal with, just like any other medical condition, and not everyone can just “get through it”. Maybe finally getting treatment will enable her to be the mother she wants to be and not feel like she can hand her child off to her mother. I hope if you negative people should ever need compassion or help from someone they treat you with respect and not say the horrible things you wrote here. I don’t feel sorry for Cate, I do think despite everything she is very fortunate, but that doesn’t mean her depression isn’t real.

    1. Well said.. I commented on “Come on Dude’s” very judgmental and presumptuous post. It’s sickening how mean some people can be on these social media sites. And the nastiest ones are usually the ones most uninformed. How can someone be angry with or judgmental toward another for suffering from depression??

    2. Why should she be commended for that when she has known for years that she’s depressed? It’s about time she takes responsibility for her life and mental well-being.

      1. chicken lips, anyone with depression and anxiety should be supported and commended for getting help.

        It’s pretty obvious that you have never suffered from a mental illness and I bet you don’t know anyone with a mental illness either.

  6. FINALLY a teen mom taking ownership. Catelynn knew something was wrong, admitted it, and is taking action to help get the help she needs. She’s getting treatment for herself and her family and that’s great. I hope that she gets well soon!

      1. That is very offensive. She was not experiencing depression prior to or during her pregnancy with Nova. In fact, she commented on how happy she has always been growing up. In fact, to her therapist, she stated “Then boom, all of a sudden it just hit me,” questioning where it came from as many afflicted with depression do. She didn’t plan to experience depression or anxiety. These are illnesses that do not discriminate, often have a genetic component and can be devastating. These are not character flaws, but rather diseases in need of treatment. They can be brief and circumstantial or require life long maintenance. So “Come on Dude.” Educate yourself before you spread more ignorance.

          1. Your point? So if someone is on anitdepressants and is depressed/has anxiety they are not allowed to have children?

            Gotta love the social media police.

  7. This just shows how much everyone dislikes Leah. When Caitlyn does to a facility for “anxiety and depression”, everyone is wishing her the best and hopes for success.
    When Leah went to a facility for “anxiety and depression”, everyone called BS, called her a lying drug addict, and basically just gave her lots of sh*t about it.

    Pretty funny to watch.

    1. Catelynn is actually going for anxiety and depression. Never once did you see Catelynn act like an addict or like she was on something. Catelynn just had an infant baby, depression happens more often than not to new moms. Leah on the other hand was constantly slurring her words, dozing off, keeping the girls up at all hours of the night, having her 4 year olds operate toasters and God knows what else while she slept, and she still won’t admit that she is a pill popper, when it was clear as day she was on something. It’s about OWNERSHIP. Catelynn is OWNING up to the fact that she is ill, she doesn’t feel right and she is getting help. Leah won’t OWN the fact that her pill popping got so out of control that she had to be forced into rehab by MTV, and used anxiety and depression as a cop out.

    2. Actually, it’s not funny. Leah used her mental illnesses as an excuse, Catelynn is owning them. Neither situation is funny. Leah’s is sad and sort of pathetic because she is a mom. She is also not covering up a drug habit with idiotic claims of “narcolepsy” (yes, benzos will do that to you!)

      1. This is reality TV, if you don’t want to say it’s funny, you at least have to say it’s entertaining. If it wasn’t entertaining, then nobody would be watching, including you.

    3. Please don’t compare Cate to Leah. Leah is a lying, cheating fake. Catelynn is sweet and an open book with fans. Her depression is obviously real, where as Leah obviously has a drug problem.

  8. of course they went ahead and let people know that she was going and why, as if it could be avoided! if they hadn’t, radar would run a spec piece saying bombshell! teen mom in rehab, her secret drug use exposed! better to be the first to release a statement and do it with the correct info. i do think tyler enjoys all the admiration he gets. i think it’s a huge part of why he’s with cate, hell, he said as much on couples therapy. everyone loves us together, all the girls love him cuz he loves her. then u have cate, when he tried to bring up breaking up, she throws up carly, throws up how she couldn’t go on. i think he’s unhappy and felt stuck, i’m sure he loves her, but he also for sure wanted to date others and be young. both of them have acted for so long as if having a child is the be all to end all, the thing that would help them resolve it all. now they’re finding out it’s not and sinking even further into depression. i do feel for cate, i think she had a very hard time growing up, and all she ever wanted was a peeacful home of her own. now that she has it, she’s hard pressed to ever leave her safe space. and it’s not perfect because she’s not at peace on the inside. i hope counselors can help her work through it all, and motivate her to get out of the house and get active in Something. it’s such a waste for young people to be on the couch all day, both of them.

        1. um, praying to God is a step in that direction. Geez, people pick apart Everything, but usually only retain the first part to comment on. idk if he goes to church regularly or not, but if he prays to God, demonstrates his devotion by speaking on it and wearing a cross (showing he’s not ashamed, i think it’s pretty safe to call him a Christian. not saying he’s a perfect one, but he IS one. JESUS.

    1. I think they probably have always been religious because if they weren’t they wouldn’t have chosen Brandon and Teresa who are *very* religious.

  9. Good for her for getting help! I am just curious as to why she would go to Arizona for it when Grand Rapids MI (Much closer to her home) has one of the foremost programs in the country (ranked in the top 5) for Depression and Anxiety, especially focusing on post partum issues. Their program is 1 of 4 in the country!

      1. Yeah it’s pretty clear MTV has something to gain by choosing this facility. It is an odd choice for someone with anxiety and depression to go away for three weeks. Inpatient for suicide attempt or self-harm is one thing (there are hospitals in Michigan), but a $50,000 3-week stay riding horses and philosophizing about the roots of one’s problems is a waste of time and unfortunately sets Catelynn up for more difficulties when she has to go back home and into the real world. I feel for Catelynn and hope that in the long run she gets proper help, in the form of a professional psychologist or psychiatrist (their offices prohibit camera crews, btw) who is not also working with Butch and Tyler and the whole dang clan. Well-established psychs tend not to take insurance (sadly), but C + T have MORE than enough income to support her treatment.

  10. She’s a selfish cow for getting pregnant with Nova when she knowingly suffers from depression and anxiety.

    1. I was thinking the opposite. Catelynn puts her needs last – for example her need for professional help has been apparent for years but she is just now getting it.

      That’s not to say that Catelynn didn’t want to get pregnant, but I’m sure Tyler was a factor in that decision. I can see Catelynn being on the fence, but deciding to go through with it because Tyler wanted it.

      However I can see your point because I do think Tyler and Catelynn saw having a baby as a “band-aid” for their problems – their relationship problems and their individual problems. Maybe they thought they could finally move on if they had a child of their own to focus on. Maybe they thought a baby would bring them closer, and bring back the love that existed when they were younger. But that IS selfish and horrible. Children shouldn’t be born with jobs to do – jobs they aren’t even qualified to have, no less.

    2. You can’t be serious! I’ve had my anxiety my whole life. I’m a great mother, nor am I selfish. It seems that just like me her pregnancy kept her chemical imbalance at bay she had a happy pregnancy. The issue is when you delever a baby with even the slightest mental issue it can not all the time can become 10x worse. That is why post partum depression or ocd is so common and hard. She can help what her brain chemicals, hormones are doing to her. Ppd is no selfish matter if anything u know this could happen but want a child so bad that you are willing to possibly suffer and trust me pod with both my children it is living hell!!!!!

      1. How is it not selfish to get pregant when you know your child will suffer because of your illness? Ill people shouldn’t have kids.

        1. You’re honestly offending me a lot and I think you probably don’t know it. My depression and anxiety makes me take care of EVERYONE ELSE before myself. Don’t you dare say that people who suffer from mental ILLNESSES like depression or anxiety don’t deserve children. You wouldn’t call a woman with type 1 diabetes irresponsible or a COW for wanting to be a mother. Diabetes in pregnancy is extremely dangerous. That doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be a mom!!! Diabetes causes complications your entire life, it is life threatening. Doesn’t mean you should not be a parent!!! My depression is not life threatening. My anxiety is not life threatening. I seek ongoing therapy and medication that is closely monitored by a psychiatrist. I hold down a great job, have a wonderful family, and generally enjoy life. Some days I need my fiancé to pick up my slack if I’m feeling extra worn down or nervous about something. Some days I have to cancel my plans to visit with family or something because I need to take time to refocus energy on myself. This doesn’t make me a bad person. You obviously don’t know anyone who suffers from a mental illness, if you did you wouldn’t be speaking ao freely about who deserves a child. There are moms who do street or illegal drugs, who live with abusive husbands, who are workaholics and never see their children, who don’t accept their gay or punk or individual teen as a person worthy of love and respect. There are women who have kids with multiple guys and aren’t raising half of them. Never shame a mom who has a good heart and never gives up for battling mental illness so long as she is always open with her family and seeking help. It’s not nice.

          1. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I also suffer from depression and anxiety. I am also a social worker that worked in the mental health field for 13 years before returning to providing therapeutic support services to children and adolescents. I am a wife, a daughter, a sister and a friend. I fight for animal rights. My point in saying this? (I am actually a very humble person), is to point out that like you and Caitlyn and the countless others afflicted with this malady, it is merely one part of who I am. We are not defined by our illnesses any more than diabetics are defined by their diabetes. I love to endulge in these reality shows and enjoy the common joking around about the show participants and some of their antics as much as the next. But they are still real human beings and mental illness isn’t funny. There are lines that should not be crossed and I share your sentiment. To be so bold as to declare one should not have a child if they have a mental health diagnosis is not only offensive but completely ignorant! Thank you for sharing.

          2. I don’t care if I offend you, I speak from experience when I say that no child deserves to grow up with a mentally ill parent. And no, people with physical health problems shouldn’t have kids either.

          3. There is a huge difference between untreated mentally ill parents and parents with mental issues that are treated.
            I grew up with an untreated parent, more like two. But that was what it was like in the old days. People didn’t seek treatment, the shame! I pitty people that still have to live with those ideas.
            I had doubts for many, many years and we talked to a lot of specialists and they all told us they had no idea why we shouldn’t have children together.

        2. Some people suffer from depression their entire lives. A lot of people do. I think Catelynns condition worsened after giving birth. She was diagnosed with PPD. You can dispute that if you want but you’re not a licensed professional. People don’t plan to get PPD, or for their depression to worsen. Catelynn could not have foreseen this.

          1. Actually, she could. Women with a history of depression are at increased risk for PPD. Get your facts straight.

          2. Alright. So any women with history of depression shouldn’t have children and if they do they are being selfish.

            You’re an idiot.

        3. You are ignorant and insensitive. Educate yourself before you make such obscene drivel. Remember, ignorance can be fixed, but stupid is forever. You still have hope.

  11. As a severe anxiety and depression sufferer I want to say I am happy she is getting help. She is followed by millions of people who may need help too and will get help because of her. People are so damn mean with the things they say in the comment area. Until you have dealt with the feeling that you are going to die or go crazy or lose control or are so depressed you can’t function, you have no right to even stop by and say a word about this woman.

    1. I am applauding you. For all the ignorance I’ve read in response to this article, there are quite a few people that actually get it, like really get it. As a person living with depression and anxiety myself, I can say that it has forced me to be a warrior in my own life. The stigma still lives unfortunately and people sometimes associate MH diagnoses with weakness when in fact the word “resilience” is much more fitting 🙂

  12. I sincerely hope the cameras aren’t going with her and that she is able to truly talk about her feelings without putting on the persona of her perfect relationship. She has never had a therapy session without Tyler or the cameras there. She’s never been able to explore her issues or her life without being half of Catelynn and Tyler.

  13. I guess I can’t fully get on board with feeling bad for her. You have 2 people who have the luxury of staying home all day everyday and then cry wolf because they can’t handle their life. All of us at some point have dealt with anxiety and depression in life- juggling life, family, work. School and somehow we all make it through with either outpatient our intensive outpatient therapy, and medication. Trust me, I understand depression and anxiety but for the life of me I just can’t hop on board feeling bad for these 2.

    1. Mental illness doesn’t discriminate. Anyone can have it and although it can coincide with/be triggered by events in life, it definitely doesn’t have to.

      You’ve made me sad, because you reminded me of when I was a teenager going through depression. My parents always told me how I had everything I needed in life, and no real reason to be “sad”. That constant validation is what kept me from seeking help as an adult. I spent years being miserable because I didn’t think I “deserved” to be depressed. 2 solid years of my past just feel like empty space. I don’t even remember them. But the evidence of that time is there, you can see it on my body where I harmed myself and gained weight because food was the only thing that helped and I didn’t care about myself enough to put down the junk food. I wish I’d had a support system that embraced me and provided aid.

      Even if depression was entirely dependent on life experiences, I do not think you are being fair. Catelynn had what I would define as an unstable and traumatic childhood. She had no support network. Nothing to rely on. She was exposed to things children shouldn’t be exposed to and she was forced to grow up quickly.

      She was then catapulted into this bizarre scenario where she placed her daughter for adoption because she didn’t have the means to support her, but was then provided with the means to support her daughter after she’d placed her. It doesn’t matter how much money she makes – the fact that Carly isn’t her daughter will never change. The irony is that Catelynn might not have been on Teen Mom at all had she not placed her daughter for adoption. That’s such a unique situation, and I imagine it must be torture at times, even after these years.

      Then there is the unknown. Things Catelynn hasn’t shared. We know she was mentally and emotionally abused by the way April behaved while on camera. I suspect she was physically abused, either by April or by her many boyfriends. A single, negligent mother with a revolving door of men around also made Catelynn at high risk of being sexually abused. We just don’t know.

      Lastly, you said somehow we all make it, but that’s not true. Depression can be lethal; it can make people kill themselves or engage in deadly behaviors.

      I’m glad Catelynn’s getting help, regardless of her motivation. I hope she realizes that she’s important enough to take this seriously, and that this is an illness that requires thorough treatment. That means time. And I hope she’s strong enough to ditch anyone who doesn’t fully support her goal of becoming healthy again.

      Now Tyler and Butch? They can go step on Legos.

      1. I hate that any of us- or anyone for that matter- ever has to cope with depression or anxiety or the #2 Depression/Anxiety combo meal or whatever. A lot of people face this at some point in their lives, but NOT everyone. Life is hard and everybody struggles from time to time. Depression isn’t a cold. Having an anxiety disorder isn’t the same as feeling anxious. It undermines the severity of these mental health issues when we self diagnose our hard times or shit on somebody else and their struggles because they don’t measure up on some arbitrary Depression-O-Meter scale. I think that sort of judgement is probably human nature and we’re all guilty of it to some degree. Trying to be better is really the only thing we can do there.

        Also, Does anyone else think that staying in all day and handing off the baby so often could be part of the depression? I mean, fatigue and lethargy can be common symptoms, right? Just something I kept thinking. I’m wrong a lot though.

    2. Just because they stay home does not mean that they don’t have stress or anxiety issues. They are real people with real life problems. You probably couldn’t handle half of what they have been through! If you can’t support her and are jealous of the fact that they are able to stay home with their child, don’t watch the show! Your comment was rude and harsh, do everyone a favor and quit watching. Cait and Tyler, I think you are a very strong couple and I respect your decision with Carly. Good luck Cait!

      1. Ihmo, staying at home could cause these kind of feelings. Being occupied with sth else than home/kids/husband etc…

      2. I am so sick of the “you are just jealous” comment when it comes to the moronic TM girls…news flash minions, it is possible to really dislike a person even if they are famous or have money and not be jealous….grow up.

    3. It seems like you are saying Catelyn should be tough enough to get through it without inpatient care because everyone else is, but that isn’t true. Lots of people with severe mental health issues never “get through” – it ruins their whole lives, or they commit suicide.

      Catelyn has the money to get inpatient care that many people could benefit from but can’t afford. Yes, the care she could afford is better than most in her situation but having access to the best treatment doesn’t mean that she doesn’t deserve sympathy for having a horrible illness that she has tried for years to treat at home without success.

      1. If there are treatment options available to her, which she and her family can afford, why would she not pursue that help?

        There is no shame in seeking assistance, whether that be talk-therapy, art-therapy, medication, in-patient therapy, etc.

        Furthermore, why is this woman’s health status a concern to ANY of us?

        1. I forgot to add —

          We seem to romanticize the notion of “struggling through” or “pulling one’s self up by their bootstraps” – but, if there is help available why the heck NOT take it? It would be foolish not to.

          There is no reason for anyone to struggle in silence.

  14. It’s good to hear that Cate is getting professional help and not turning to illegal drugs or alcohol. Smart cookie that Cate!!! Wishing you a positive outcome?

    1. Yes! Maybe she saw what drugs and alcohol did to her family and chose to steer clear, which is great. A lot of times, it’s the opposite

  15. I’m just wondering if its possible from anyone from this franchise to sneeze without making a post of social media about it. Depression is serious, its good shes getting help, BUT I don’t see why she cant just go and get treatment with out posting a picture from the plane, and without a statement from Tyler and Butch. Somethings you don’t need to tell everyone. I’m sorry but this screams, “I want attention,” and “I need a story line for next season.”

    1. I don’t know. Too often, people hide these kinds of problems and keep it secret, like it’s something to be ashamed of.

      For attention or not, this is possibly the best thing Catelynn has done for herself in years and I’m really happy for her.

      I guess I’m just waiting to see how the show handles it. If she goes for a week and says she’s “cured”, I will be very upset. That’s not how depression works.

      Tyler’s the only one who bothered me, and only because he seemed to draw focus to me. “In sickness and in health” – like maybe he meant that in a genuine way but it’s Tyler, so I’m inclined to think it’s his typical martyrdom. “Look at what a devoted husband and dad I am, give me a gold star!” How much you wanna bet he whines constantly on the show about having to “watch” (aka, what parents are supposed to do anyway) Nova?

      1. Meep, can I just say thank you!! When you disagree with someone, you respectfully make your case. It drives me bonkers here when someone says something and people get all offended (like it was directed at them) and become very rude. I guess fighting on the Internet makes some pepole happy….?

        1. You are so right! It’s rare for me to respond at all and ‘internet fighting’ is definitely not my style. However…I did sort of get pissy with “Come on Dude” in my commentary above. Whoops.. But he/she said Cait should have thought about her condition before bringing another innocent child into the world as if she could have possibly predicted or controlled this?! It really irked me.. Come on DUDE! 😀

      2. I don’t really care if she did it for attention or not. I am grateful she discussed why she was going to get help as it’s generated quite the discussion, which I find helpful in drawing attention to mental health issues.

    2. Cate and Tyler turned this into attention seeking the minute Tyler posted, “please pray for my wife”. Posts like that are my biggest pet peeve! If you really want prayers from strangers then explain, if you want privacy then why even write that? I can’t stand it when people post things that are obviously for attention and result in everyone asking what’s wrong. Ahh it’s so annoying and immature!

    3. In regards to the social media posts that she’s seeking treatment, I think that was actually a smart thing to do, and she was most likely advised to do so. Unfortunately, the tabloids pay…well (especially for exclusives). It would be all too easy for a hospital/rehab (or wherever she is) employee to get a whiff, and run to a tabloid, who would twist the headline into something shocking and bizarre for clicks and views. By doing this, she’s staying one step ahead of the game and controlling the narrative.

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