Chelsea Houska Explains Why She Doesn’t Want Her Wedding Filmed for ‘Teen Mom 2’

"Sorry guys're not invited!"
“Sorry guys but…you’re not invited!”

In January, The Ashley broke the news that Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska will not be allowing MTV cameras to film her October wedding to Cole DeBoer. While the news disappointed many of the show’s devoted fans, Chelsea has stuck to her guns and continues to maintain that her nuptials will not be filmed.

In an exclusive interview with WetPaint this week, Chelsea explained her decision to keep her wedding small and private.

“Our wedding is just something so personal and we’re having a small intimate wedding and it just didn’t feel right just for us to have it aired to millions of people,” she told the site.

In January, one of The Ashley’s show sources discussed Chelsea’s reluctance to have her special day filmed.

“Chelsea wants her wedding to be very private and low-key,” one of The Ashley’s show sources told her. “MTV is begging her to let them film it but Chelsea refuses. She usually stands firm on stuff like this, so it’s unlikely that she’ll change her mind. Besides, Cole has never really been comfortable doing things on-camera.”

While we won’t get to see Chelsea walk down the aisle to Cole, Chelsea said that she did allow MTV to film “parts of” Cole’s marriage proposal. We will also get to see “the planning and pictures and stuff like that,” on the upcoming seventh season of ‘Teen Mom 2.’

Chelsea will meet up with her ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast mates tomorrow in New York City to film various things for Season 7, but it’s unlikely that Chelsea will be handing out “Save the Date” cards to everyone in the cast. In fact, from the sound of it, very few people are getting an invite.

“It’s mostly just family and Cole’s friends,” Chelsea said of her wedding guests.

As The Ashley exclusively reported in January, Chelsea is planning to marry Cole at the beginning of October. She basically confirmed this fact to WetPaint in the interview.

“We like the fall. The weather is perfect around that time so that’s what we’re thinking. We’re not really doing a set color scheme, it’s just kind of fall colors,” she said.

After they get hitched, Chelsea and Cole are planning to grow their family, according to Chelsea.

“I think we both want kids right away,” Chelsea told WetPaint. “I love babies and being a mom and it’s great to be able to have Cole who will help and be a good dad and stuff. I can’t wait to see him as a dad, well more of a dad because I’ve seen how he is with Aubree.”

‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 7 premieres March 21. Click here for more info on the new season!

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  1. So maybe Jenelle is the one that did not sign yet?
    Trying to get more money, trying to keep her real reality off camera or she has another offer for something.
    But who would want her for another show?

  2. Coming from someone who rushed two kids, DONT RUSH HAVING KIDS! Enjoy the damn time together, shit. Marriage then babies the next day. SLOW DOWN!

  3. Chelsea is so pretty..she doesn’t need all that drag queen eye makeup…The baby voice she does gives me the chills.. I HATE IT!!!

    1. She does cake on that makeup pretty heavy, and she doesn’t need it…I feel like all of her whites are stained bronze

  4. I wonder if she will say her vows in that annoying baby voice? Will he? The two of them are so annoying.

  5. Well, we surely will get to see a Leah wedding soon enough. She is overdue for a new husband. Another cringe worthy ceremony for posterity.

  6. I love how all of them are like “I want to be private.” But then I am going to be on a reality show about my life!!! But, I want to live a private (very comfortable) life off of the paychecks I get for a TV show, but I want to keep my life private!!! It’s kind of hypocritical.
    I am not defending Adam but I love how people chose to get pregnant with losers and then find a decent one and try to us them as a replacement Daddy. If you didn’t wnat Adam in your life for good then you shouldnt of had a child with him. I like Chelsea but I don’t have respect or sympathy for people that have children with losers then expects a pity party when they are being (surprise) losers. Then they find a decent guy and use them as a replacement daddy for their kids.

    1. Although I agree to a point, it really happened because they were two stupid teenagers who, although they knew about birth control, were too moronic to actually use it when they had sex. And now she has a kid with him. Happens a lot, and not because they are purposely choosing losers to have kids with, but because teenagers are dumb and think nothing bad will ever happen to them.

    2. don’t know why this has so many downvotes. it’s 100% true. You get paid hundreds of thousands to show your life on TV, then demand to continue earning a ridiculous amount of money without showing your life on TV?? when your storyline is already nonexistent?? they need to say bye to her!!

      1. The part about being paid to put your life on TV was fair but the part about having babies with losers was harsh. Teenagers make bad decisions, they are biologically not able to think as well as adults. It’s unlucky for these girls that their bad decisions will follow them around for life, we all make mistakes as teenagers but for most of us the consequences are less serious.

        Anyway, in Chelsea’s case she is choosing one special day that she wants to be private, that’s fair enough. She is not paid to film all the time. It’s others who really abuse it, like Amber and Ryan who never want to talk about anything during their filming time, or Leah pretending not to have a boyfriend/drug habit.

        1. Yes, and I was a teenager at one time and made mistakes. But this is a HUGE one. This is involving another human life and affecting it. They were aware of bith control but again Chelsea always has excuses for everything. When her parents try to have an adult conversation with her about her actions all she does is shove Aubree in their faces literally. Also too how do you think Aubree is going to feel when she see the episode where her father refers to her as “That Mistake”? She was ok having that be filmed. It seems like she is all about only allowing filming of making Adam look bad. I know she coached Aubree into calling her soo to be husband “Dad”.Well if you didn’t want to deal with him then you shouldnt of had a kid with him. She was old enough to know he was a jerk.If she keeps on making Adam look bad a to Aubree growing up and she gets older and she see that yes he was like that but to it was her Mommy holding grudge on him for not wanting her its not going to end pretty. I have seen a few of my friends growing up have this happen to them. Their Moms fed them bullshit about their Dads then they get older and realize that a lot of it wasn’t true she is going to resent her.

  7. Good for her. The last thing she needs is for one of the most important days of her life to be criticized and over-analyzed w/ every detail twisted around and picked apart all over the internet. This way she can always remember it based on how SHE experienced it – hopefully all positive and happy memories. Who wants to read all the negative (omg I sound like Farrah) comments about it and have that warp how you remember your own wedding. Plus I’m sure the guests wouldn’t be able to relax and be themselves if they knew they were being filmed. And probably Cole too. He still doesn’t seem used to the cameras. I think she’ll do future seasons, no reason not to make good money while she can. But good for her for standing her ground on the special occasions. A lot of people wouldn’t turn down that kind of money, but obviously this day means more to her than the money. She’s come so far, I’m proud of her. I feel like a mother hen when I watch her. I couldn’t relax until I was finally convinced she was DONE with that asshole Adam.

      1. Nope… That’s not Jenelle… That’s the douche bag, Matt!! He uses that alias and then trolls the internet, looking for ways to insult and attack the girls from the show. Then again, he also used it so he could try to hit on Farrah and Jenelle, before he finally sucked in Amber. He’s nothing but a money hungry, superfan, man whore, who likes to leech off of women, knock them up and then haul arse for good!! Leaving them with all of these poor babies who never have a father. Piece of shit, dirt bag, he is!! Blurgh!! :p

  8. Happy for her and I understand, but for my own selfish reasons I am disappointed I won’t get to see. 😛

  9. “Chelsea said that she did allow MTV to film “parts of” Cole’s marriage proposal?”

    So Chelsea knew he was going to propose beforehand? huh?

  10. She and Cole are making the right decision for them – and it goes along with what we’ve seen of their relationship on TV and on social media. I think it’s so much better to start their married life together without that added stress.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she has, in fact, decided not to do another season, or will after the next season (because I think they’re currently filming, right?). She’s moving on, getting married, thinking about having more children – a perfect time to step out of the limelight and just enjoy her family.

  11. Props to Chelsea for keeping her relationship so private. Shows that he’s very serious about this relationship, and it’s probably going to last…I’m just a lil bummed because I wanna hear Randy’s speech lol

    1. Maybe she will allow them to show some home video clips of bits like the speeches. That’s not as invasive as having the wedding filmed but would still please fans.

  12. Good for Chelsea! I don’t watch any of the franchises anymore and I’ll be completely honest, I don’t like any of the girls on either franchise, never have but she seems very down to earth in this interview. My baby is due October 4 so i’ll be having a baby and she will be getting married 🙂

    She reminds me of me with my wedding, nothing super fancy, small, laid back and family oriented.

    Now, all i ask is she needs to get rid of her baby voice…

    1. I was due on October 3rd, and my baby came on the 4th! Good luck to you!! It’s so fun having a new baby for the holidays!

    1. Teen Mom 2 has been really good for her. She has managed to flip her increasing privacy into an advantage for producers. They can treat it more like a scheduled segment with a planned storyline, but she doesn’t have to worry about getting dropped because of Adam’s flair for drama. If anything, making Cole’s resistance to filming part of the narrative is a perfect way for her to insist the show focuses on her beauty business.

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