EXCLUSIVE! Nurse Called to ‘Teen Mom 2’ After Show Set, Jenelle Evans Won’t Appear on After Show

"I don't feel good...."
“I don’t feel good….”

The Teen Mom 2 girls are currently in New York City, filming a series of After Shows and Specials for the upcoming seventh season. The gals are due to film the Season 7 After Show today; however, things have not gone as planned on set, thanks to the antics of one cast member.

The Ashley hears from one of her production sources that Jenelle Evans has caused some extra trouble for the production crew today, as she is currently, um, under the weather after a night out on Saturday. According to The Ashley’s source, Jenelle actually asked the production staff to call her an ambulance, but the production staff refused.

“The producers said they weren’t getting Jenelle an ambulance and thought it was ridiculous,” the source tells The Ashley.

Anyway, the After Show taping was set to begin at 3 p.m. today, but filming has been delayed thanks to this hiccup. From what The Ashley hears, Jenelle is at Viacom headquarters but may not make it to the set. The Ashley’s on-set source says it’s unlikely that Jenelle will be part of the After Show taping because of this, and her cast mates are very upset about the hassle she’s caused.

Another on-set source tells The Ashley that MTV did try to help Jenelle. The source tells The Ashley that a nurse is currently on set with an IV to help Jenelle recover from her, um, ailment. It’s not known (yet) if Jenelle has used the service yet though.

This is not the first time that MTV has had to call for medical backup to help the cast get back into tip-top shape for filming. As The Ashley exclusively told you in December, several of the Teen Mom OG girls required an IV to help them fight a hangover they got while partying in New York City before filming their season’s After Shows.

Anyway, the ‘Teen Mom 2’ set has not been a happy one, given the fact that Jenelle got into several spats with her cast mates, Chelsea Houska and Kail Lowry, earlier this month. The Ashley’s on-set source tells her that the show’s producers are doing their best to smooth over the issues between the girls, and they have, to a degree.

The Ashley will keep you posted on all the ‘Teen Mom 2’ hi-jinks! Click here to read one of The Ashley’s latest scoops from on set!

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41 Responses

  1. You know what would actually make me respect Jenelle? If she quit this asinine dog and pony show of “I want Jace back” and admitted that Jace was better off with Babs, then publicly thanked her for stepping up and taking care of him.

    Apparently that’s asking to much of her. Tsk tsk.

  2. I really love and respect Babs but why in gods name does she allow JE unsupervised time with Jace, even sleepovers? She’s a wreck, she should not even be allowed to take care of a goldfish.
    Babs doesn’t have to legally so I really don’t understand.

  3. The live after show was excruciating. They had the girls seated in order of fit mothering, though I would put Leah below Jenelle at this point. At least we have never seen any footage of Jenelle clearly under the influence driving her children while also texting!!! I am no Jenelle fan, but honestly. How can anyone deny Leah’s addiction after that clip?!?

    What is worse is there were people on Twitter expressing how great Leah is after the damn show!!

    Leah looks like an over thirty five year old truck stop waitress. Perfect example of how drugs age people. Why won’t MTV actually help her by making her face it? I wonder if we will get to see Jeremy’s reaction to Addie being brought home by cops after she wandered off and wasn’t missed. ?

    1. If in order of mothering skills, Leah would have been closest to the camera. Say what you want about Jenelle, Kaiser is always dressed nice, clean, and properly restrained in a vehicle. She also never seems intoxicated around him or other children.

  4. Something is not right. Over the past two weeks, it’s been CONSTANT “Jenelle Medical Crisis!”. Then there’s all these “sources” coming out claiming she’s relapsed. This is purely speculation, but after seeing that she has two upcoming court cases this week (for custody and the assault charge), my first thought is that she’s trying to get a legit prescription for the pills she’s been using (if in fact she did relapse as said), so she has a legit excuse for the upcoming court drug tests she will undoubtedly have to pass. Just the flying to see Dr’s in ny, LA, and now this. Something is *not* right.

    1. There is a blind item regarding a teen mom being dragged out of a restaurant drugged out of her mind.

      Of course, it could be Leah or Jenelle…

      “Uncle Dave” (hurk) always, and I mean ALWAYS, looked stoned and /or drunk in his pics. It wouldn’t be any surprise to know Jenelle is using still. She already admitted on a nationally syndicated TV show that she was smoking pot nonstop for years until just this December.

  5. Leah was still f’ed up from last night’s meds when she was driving the kids to school. She never should have driven with her kids like that!!

  6. These clowns are SO unprofessional! They don’t have any other obligations besides filming, and they can’t even handle that?! Imagine any of them ever getting a job. The boss is not going to give a shit if you were out partying too hard and are now too hungover to come to work. She will NEVER hold a steady job. Even fast food places won’t put up with that crap. And she actually thought she’d be a medical assistant. HA!

    1. Preach it sister! These clowns’ (love that!) behavior really offends me as a person who works hard for her cash.

  7. This girl is a disaster already happening god lord take her off TV already she hasn’t done anything good she needs to stop chasing men and focus on her kids.

  8. Not surprised one bit. MTV seems to bend over backwards for the problem child of each cast. With all the talks of cast members leaving Teen Mom 2 and what will happen with the show, of course Jenelle had to make it about her and her “mysterious” medical problems.

  9. Had notifications that Jenelle tweeted the Ashley about this story. Click on tweets in my notification bar “Cannot be retrieved.”
    Why must I SS every post?

      1. To hung over and stupid(/ intoxicated) to make up a good fake story. Even her PR manager’s pictures prove she was still out later at night.
        To hung over to do your dead simple job and fight for custody the next day. Douche.

  10. great diversion jenelle. stirred up all that shit with your castmates and don’t have the balls to face them onstage. as if dr. drew is so scary lol. worked though, which is why she does it. if people didn’t lick her ass so much (they actually bought her a new smartphone last time when she threw a fit and broke it!) maybe she’d learn faster. i’ve taught toddlers that lesson easily enough.

  11. How much you want to bet she had a big fight with her dick-of-the-month that night too? Though that’s probably not that different than every other night.

    1. That’s what my guess is…we all know how full of anxiety and distraught Jenelle gets when she has a fight with the dudes she dates. She’s so dramatic its pathetic.

      1. No shit-bitches says her mom is “overly dramatic”! Why IS she such an ungrateful c_ _ t to her mom anyways?

  12. Do you think she’s on something stronger again? Also why couldn’t Jenelle call herself an ambulance? I mean, if she was well enough to tell other people to call her one. Why didn’t her boyfriend call? It isn’t making sense to me.

    I wonder if the girls get their pay docked for this stuff. The cost of the nurses, and with Jenelle, the fact that she delayed production and might not even be able to fulfill her contract by appearing on the after show.

    But I guess I live in a world where not showing up to work or showing up too hungover to do my job has consequences. 🙂

    1. Exactly! MTV let’s these girls get away with way too much. If there were consequences (docking pay) maybe they would at least attempt to be professional

  13. I’m glad that producers didn’t give into her antics and call 911 for an ambulance that wasn’t needed. Pulling shit like that is not cool. It can end up delaying medical care for people that are actually having real medical emergencies

    1. Right? Although I’d be tempted to fake dial in front of her and be like “they’re on lunch for another forty minutes. Also the entire ER staff is at a meeting.”

      1. Seriously, I hate when dramastic people dramastically call 911 for an ambulance unnecessarily, à la Courtney Stodden and her mother calling for vomiting. Simple vomiting is not a medical emergency. Sure, with severe vomiting you may need to go to the ED for some IV fluids and possibly an anti-emetic, but you don’t need an ambulance to take you there. Leave the ambulances and paramedics for the people they’re intended for: people who are suffering a medical emergency that need immediate medical attention and can’t safely be driven to the ED by someone else. Sometimes I don’t think people fully realize and understand the dangerous effects their antics can have on other people. Sometimes minutes can mean the difference between life and death. Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now. The nurse in me just gets really pissed off when people pull that shit.

        Oh my God, I would love to see how she’d react to that. I’m sure the temper tantrum would be a sight to behold.

        1. Yes!! I’m a nurse and I’ve had to call 911 and got a busy signal…..a friggin busy signal!! It’s for emergencies people!!

  14. She didn’t have a hangover! She was tired, she had a headache, and she felt like she had to throw up.

  15. I’m sure she will claim she was sick and everyone blamed her, then shout “leave me alooooone. It’s always jenelles fault she is sick. It’s never Barbaras or nathans jessicas fault for causing the stress I don’t want to discuss”

  16. And you want your son Jace back when your partying in New York. I hope the judge take a real hard look at both of you. Make you both go through drug testing for a year. My guess you won’t pass. This is no longer about helping young girls deal with issues about pregnancy and going to school. This is a reality show like all the others love and hip hop real housewives little people all drama.

  17. OHHH the IV… tool of choice for dehydrated athletes looking to replenish their precious bodily fluids while masking their drugs of choice… plus the Jenelle’s of the world… if only she had not been forced to party the day before… oh the humanity! that poor poor girl just wants to save lives & stuff, WHO WILL SAVE LIVES NOW???

  18. Why does this not surprise me.. this loser isn’t happy unless she’s getting attention somehow (good or bad). I read she was seen on the streets of NYC stumbling all over the place and screaming obscenities. .and making fun of little kids (calling them fat!) This garbage can needs to be kicked to the f***ING curb, aND MTV needs to STOP GLORIFYING HER! She is a “role model” to some young girls (scary),& they are growing up thinking that this awful behavior is acceptable. It’s sad. GROW UP JENELLE!! U CHOSE TO GET WASTED, DEAL WITH IT LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD OR GO THE HELL HOME!!!

  19. Did we really expect anything less from Jenelle? This girl has always got to be the center of attention.

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