Chelsea Houska Talks About Her Wedding Dress & Reveals Who She’s Not Inviting to Her Wedding

The shirts are cute but Cole & Chelsea are going a bit fancier for their wedding...
The shirts are cute but Cole & Chelsea are going a bit fancier for their wedding…

By Holly

As Teen Mom 2 fans know, Chelsea Houska is getting ready to marry her longtime beau, Cole DeBoer, later this year. Recently, the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star gave some new details about her upcoming nuptials to Life & Style. Chelsea talked about what she’ll be wearing on her big day and who will—and won’t—be attending.

“We’re having a rustic wedding in South Dakota,” Chelsea recently told the magazine, adding that about 100 of their closest friends and family will be in attendance. When asked if Aubree’s dad, Adam Lind, would be one of the 100-or-so people invited, Chelsea responded negatively.

“[Adam] will not be invited, I can guarantee you,” she told the magazine.

Adam may not be invited but at least one of Chelsea’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast mates will be there.  Kail Lowry recently posted a Snapchat in which she is talking to her son Isaac about attending Chelsea’s upcoming wedding. (It is not yet known if Chelsea’s other ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-stars, Leah Messer and Jenelle Evans will be invited.)

"But I was going to lead the wedding guests in the Funky Chicken! Dangit!"
“But I was going to lead the wedding guests in the Funky Chicken! Dangit!”

As for her dress, Chelsea said she will be wearing a simple ivory or nude gown. In an Instagram post on Tuesday afternoon, Chelsea wrote that she purchased her dress from the L’atelier Couture bridal shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a few months ago.

While many of the wedding details are still being ironed out, Chelsea stated that she is sure about one thing: her daughter Aubree, 6, will be a “mini maid of honor.”

As The Ashley previously told you, MTV will not be filming the wedding for ‘Teen Mom 2.’ While Chelsea’s co-stars Kail and Leah had their weddings filmed for the show, Chelsea has opted not to allow cameras to capture her big day.

“Our wedding is just something so personal and we’re having a small intimate wedding and it just didn’t feel right for us to have it aired to millions of people,” she recently told WetPaint.

While we won’t get to see the actual wedding on film, Chelsea said we will get to see “parts” of Cole’s proposal and some of the planning of the nuptials. The Ashley broke the news that the pair plan to get married in October and Chelsea confirmed it to WetPaint.

“We like the fall. The weather is perfect around that time so that’s what we’re thinking.”

Chelsea, the only woman from her season NOT to have a second (or third) child, said she can’t wait to start a family with Cole after their wedding.

“I think we both want kids right away,” she recently said. “I love babies and being a mom and it’s great to be able to have Cole who will help and be a good dad and stuff.”

The new season of “Teen Mom 2” is currently airing on Monday nights on MTV.

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  1. Will they repeat their vows in their annoying baby voices??? Their voices whether forced or real, are the most annoying on or off TV!

    1. More annoying than Leah always acting like a victim? More annoying than Jenelle’s nasty attitude? I highly doubt it!

      1. they have annoying voices, that’s what I’m talking about their voices. Grow the fuck up already with their annoying voices. Non impressive both of them!

        1. I agree their baby voices are kinda annoying but when Chelsea does it she does it because she’s happy. For some reason when I’m happy my toes wiggle. Lol I think it’s ok if this is Chelsea’s one big fault. At least it’s not anywhere near Kail’s, Jenelle’s or Leah’s huge faults. I give her a pass. 🙂

  2. I love how Chelsea handles Adam. It pisses him off so much that he can’t control her anymore, and it’s so entertaining to watch. You can tell that she loves the heck outta her daughter but wishes she could switch out Adam for Cole as her baby daddy lol…and I don’t think Chelsea is gonna invite Jenelle…possibly Leah, but definitely not Jenelle…and the closer Chelsea’s wedding day gets here, I’m almost sure we’re gonna be seeing a lot more rants about her from Jenelle lol

  3. Yeah Chelsea is the best out of all of them for one reason. Loaded Daddy Randy. If she did have him I think her life would be a lot different. Plus, I don’t think she appreciates as much as she should. She is nice and all but she is a rich spoiled brat. Who uses Aubree as a pawn to get her way with her dad. Everytime he would try to lay down the law she would have some excuse or just literally shove Aubree in his face. There have been several occasions where he would try to talk to her about being an adult and she would go “oh look how cute Aubree is being”. I am curious to see how she would of been if she didn’t have her dad there. She just acts like a spoiled brat.

    1. I actually think you make several valid points. The reason Chelsea is as successful as she is becoming a teen mom is due to the support from her parents. There were times when she was younger when her immaturity was blatant- blowing off class, making excuses, taking her time to finish her GED and not working. And as much as Adam IS a d0uchelord, Chelsea has exhibited several PA moments where she blatantly discusses Adams faults in front of Aubree (several of the Teen moms on this show do that and it makes me cringe).

      However, she accomplished what she set out to do. She’s a good mom. She has a career (she might only work 2-3 days a week but that’s her business). Doesn’t do drugs. And she didn’t bring a ton of random hookups into Aubrees life. Which is more than some of the other teen moms have managed to do.

      1. I agree with you! I was always really bummed to hear frank discussions about the Dad in front of Aubrey that were not only critical of him (while deserved, it’s not for Aubrey to have to hear) as well as having a kid in that position of caretaking the Mom emotionally when she’s down/freaking out- because the kid knows that and feels that unspoken burden- let alone it’s a common codependency when there is no adult around for emotional support in the house.

    2. ‘Plus, I don’t think she appreciates as much as she should. She is nice and all but she is a rich spoiled brat.’

      THIS…I’ve always thought she takes her parents for granted..She never acknowledges the help she’s gotten. She acts like she did it all on her own but her parents were a great support system.

    3. You people kill me…Randy is not exactly Donald Trump. So he loves his daughter and takes care of her…oh yes, he is going straight to hell for that. is called being a caring parent..where you raised by wolves???

      1. Not at all! I just think that Chelsea was incredibly privledged and lucky, so to diminish her immature behavior is overlooking a lot.

      2. I wasn’t saying that. Yes he did help her I am not bashing that. I am bashing how she took complete advantage of it and didn’t appreciate it. The first season he said he would continue paying rent as long as she went to school. She didn’t go he brought it up and her attitude was “you wouldn’t throw your granddaughter out on the street”. I WOULD try to parent her and SHE would use Aubree as a pawn to justify not obeying his rules. THATS what I am taking about.

        1. Watching the way he constantly spoiled her made me wonder if he treats his other daughter the same way, or if he was harder on her. And I believe Chelsea’s sister also had a child, so if daddy dearest wasn’t paying rent for sissy dear I would be ticked off more than Leah is at MTV and Corey combined

  4. But Leah probably has so many ideas to share, seeing as how she’s been through this wedding-thing once or twice. Chelsea will be missing out on “rustic” things like edible cheese puff streamers and camo corsages. Think of how much Mary Kay she could sell there! The girlses would have lunchables for a month.

  5. I’m bummed that we won’t get to see her wedding because it sounds like it will be gorgeous and Aubey will have such adorable moments but… I’m glad she’s keeping it for themselves! She and Cole seem like the the ones who will last the longest.

  6. Aww they will make a lovely family! Would love to witness the addition of more kids to that household, this time around with a supportive husband. However on the other hand, I bet they can’t wait to move on from MTV once that happens and I’d be so happy for them to live their live more privately.
    One question though, how long have they been together no, 2 years or so? Does that really qualify as “longtime”?

    1. These girls are operating on a whole different scale to the rest of us. 2 years might not seem like “longtime” in real life but it’s 4x longer than Jenelle and Leah’s marriages lasted.

    2. I was thinking the same thing about the 2 years…is Cole older?… But I feel like this is one of the longer relationships in the Teen Mom franchise lol. They seempretty private, so I think they’re gonna last.

  7. Good for her. In any other circumstance it would be ridiculous to expect an Ex to be invited. Now we have to spell it out. Oh, well. Aubrey will be am adorable flower girl!

  8. Good for her. Chelsea is the one who showed the most progress throughout the seasons, and she keeps making mature decisions, such as not bringing random jerks around her daughter and not having babies with them, and now this. As much as I would like to see her wedding and hear their vows (even though they might be in silly baby voices) I also believe that a wedding should not be turned into a parade for the whole world to see.

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