EXCLUSIVE! How Jenelle Evans’ Boyfriend David Eason Creeped Everyone Out on Set of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dads Special

"Was it something I said?"
“Was it something I said?”

MTV aired the “Ask the Dads” special after last night’s Teen Mom 2 episode, and The Ashley has the exclusive scoop on one creepy moment from the taping that didn’t make the cut!

On the “Ask the Dads” special, ‘Teen Mom 2’ dads Corey SimmsJo RiveraAdam Lind and Jeremy Calvert appeared on stage, along with Jenelle Evans‘ boyfriend, David Eason. Fans immediately took to Twitter to question why David, who has no children with Jenelle and who has only been on a few episodes of the show, was participating in the taping, which took place last month.

While David said a few questionable things on the special, The Ashley can reveal the one thing that he said that made everyone on the panel cringe so much that the scene had to be refilmed!

According to a production source who was on-set while the guys taped the special, David “gave off a totally weird vibe and made the other guys uncomfortable.”

An audience member told The Ashley that things got downright creepy when guest host Chris Distefano was asking the dads how they would react to certain situations involving their kids. When he asked David what he would do if his young daughter were to drop his phone into the toilet, David says that he’d simply “pull it out” and dry it off, but that wasn’t his initial answer, according to multiple people who were on-set that day.

“Chris asked him what he would do if his daughter dropped his phone in the toilet and David said ‘I would beat her.'” one source tells The Ashley. “Everyone’s mouth just dropped open, like, ‘Did he really just say that?’ He was dead serious, too, and seemed to have no idea why anyone thought that was an inappropriate answer.”

"Who says that!?"
“Who says that!?”

The source tells The Ashley that host Chris Distefano had no idea how to react to Dave’s comment.

“The host finally told him that he can’t say that, and that MTV is going to edit that out,” the source said. “They eventually had to reshoot the scene so David could give a more appropriate answer. All the other dads were totally shocked.”

Jenelle’s actual baby-daddy, Nathan Griffith, was invited to attend the taping, but declined because MTV wouldn’t allow his girlfriend, Jessica Henry, to go with him on the trip, due to legal issues stemming from the assault charges she has pending against Jenelle.

David proved to be quite entertaining (but not on purpose). When asked what he would choose as his p0rnstar name, David selected “Uncle Dave.” Nope…nothing creepy about that at all! (Somebody call Chris Hanson!)

When asked to reveal something that’s on his Bucket List, Dave replied “Ice and beer.”


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  1. EXCLUSIVE! How Jenelle Evans’ Boyfriend David Eason Creeped Everyone Out on Set of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dads Special?????
    He’s not a dad to any of the teen mom kids, so why is he even there? Wtf is wrong with mtv!! Promoting teen pregnancy, then there’s dr enabler ( I mean drew) then there are idiots like David and Matt around innocent children a back ground check on these two is a must

  2. To all the idiots who have commented, if it was my phone is hit the kid too.

    One simple solution don’t leave your cell laying around then, if you do and it gets flushed then it’s your fault not the child’s, and no excuses for whooping or beating a kid! Your cell your responsibility your fault END OF

    1. hitting a child and beating a child are two different things. you’re an idiot for hitting a child for an accident in the first place.

  3. she always goes with creepes.he acted like it was killing him to answer questions. she lets these guys move in with her five minutes after she meets them and before you know it they are fighting and one or both end up in jail

    1. If they did it on purpose a spanking might be appropriate. But anyone who “beats” their children for any reason deserves to be buried beneath the prison. This David guy needs to GTFO.

  4. Ok people come on! Most of you are obviously not from the south! Just because David said, “He would beat her!” He didn’t mean it deliberately! In the South the phase , “Beat her/him!” Is slang for spanking! I say it at least a dozen times a day even to adults just being funny! And before everyone goes to acting like spanking is wrong, once again welcome to the South! When the majority of states still legally allow paddlings (with a big wooden paddle) IN SCHOOL! So you guys and go crazy and act like we abuse our kids but I promise you that is not the case! Thus the saying, “Spare the rod, spoil the child.” If any of the people with negative comments say that is their child purposely dropped their $800 phone in the toilet and fhey wouldn’t spank the kid…they are full of Shh-it! But honestly that is why the last few generations are arrogant entitled narcissist because the rod was spared! For the record I am proud of Janelle for picking her self up and moving on! I pray she stays strong and cleaniuy thru the haters!

    1. Lol Corey is from the South and he seemed pretty creeped out by David. Also I’m from the South and have no idea what you’re talking about. The South isn’t just one solid unit and you don’t speak for all of us. You sure as hell do not speak for me. People like you are why the rest of the country thinks we’re a bunch of racist, ignorant. backwards a-holes.

      Sorry but most of the world hears that someone’s going to “beat” a child and is horrified. So if it doesn’t mean actually “to beat” then maybe adjust your vocabulary appropriately when on national TV so you don’t make an ass of yourself.

      As for the “entitled generation” stuff you’re spewing, I find that pretty hilarious considering Jenelle Evans is the best example of a spoiled narcissistic piece of s$%# that I’ve ever seen and you’re defending her for…some reason. Considering she’s received few consequences for basically being a negligent mother and a violent, volatile, toxic person who does nothing but let cameras film her all day, not working, not improving, not contributing anything to herself, her sons, or society at all.

    2. I’m from the south and I’m appalled at the response he gave. Assuming he was totally serious in his response, that is not okay. Please don’t speak for all of us southerners ever again. Thanks!

    3. I would never harm my child. And not that saying has nothing to do with the South. People use it in the North, if anyone hurt my child. They would be beat. It’s only a phone replace it. Your child is for life.

    4. You Shannon are a grade A moron
      And shit like that will get you in to trouble abs you’ll end up getting your own ass beat

  5. Thanks again Jenelle! For making another dumb piece of $hit MFer quasi-famous! She’ll just Keep bringing pathetic losers onto the show, one after another.

  6. Am I the only one who saw the unbelievably disturbing “Uncle Dave” posted of Kaiser with his hand down his diaper calling him a grown man? What in the actual fuck is wrong with this douche nozzle?! If I cringed any harder I’d give myself a seizure. I’m so disgusted I can’t even deal. My pedo radar is always on point & the vibe I get from him is worse than Matt’s. As someone who witnessed & reported my disabled sister’s sexual abuse at the hands of a man who married into my family, these girls have no idea how it destroys a person to their very core, I still live with the trauma of it daily & I wasn’t even the victim. I just can’t with these idiots bringing abusive creepers around their innocent, defenseless children. Sorry for the rant but Jesus God, get a grip you thirsty idiots!

    1. That was a vile unnatural creepy thing he did, cps seriously need to get this child out of that dangerous in healthy atmosphere

  7. Wow you realllllly reach to find any chance to hate on Jenelle don’t you.. When you’re always looking for something to hate on somebody about and only focusing on the negative you’re always going to find something, much more difficult it seems for you to try and find something positive to say..ever

    1. “only focusing on the negative”

      Jenelle NEVER does anything positive, so we don’t have much choice.

  8. Wow Dave looks bad, like a hard night of partying.
    Jenelle must have demanded that he is on the show, how else can she get an engagement ring without that MTV money.

    Did anyone see the part where Dave thought the Eiffel tower was in New York? (Was in the Teen mom episode)…hopefully it was the drugs & hes not THAT stupid

    1. Re: the Eiffel Tower comment

      If that was a one off I would say drugs, but pretty much everything he says is so exceptionally dumb I wonder how he even manages to put his pants on the right way.

  9. I’m getting the same vibes from Dave that I do with Matt aka Grey Baker. These guys are predators. They prey on the weak and desperate. If you listen to the way Dave talks to Jenelle, you can tell he’s a master manipulator just like Matt. If he would BEAT his own daughter for dropping his phone in the toilet, then there’s no telling what he would do to a grown woman aka Jenelle.

    1. Oh but there are plenty of rumors they do have physical fights.
      Jenelle is trapped at the moment, she could loose Kaiser, Jace and go to jail when she would admit there is violence going on in her house.
      First thing Dave will say is that she hit him too and that will hurt all her legal cases.
      When she is very unlucky, he has some kind of proof.
      Can’t believe Dave is so arrogant to actually admit on TV he is abusing his child and think there will be no consequences. He’s disturbed or on drugs. Hope they take Kaiser and his bio kids away from him as far as possible.

  10. Anyone that watched the show heard him say that he thought the Eiffel tower was in New York.
    How can anyone be shocked at what he says after that.

    Btw…what is going on with his jaws/cheeks…and his complexion, looks like he has been up partying for days….perfect for Jenelle who moved his family in.

  11. If she did it on purpose I totally would too but if you did it on an accident then I pull it out Shake It Off and get a new phone if you have insurance or have your child wear in a lesson by making them pay for it

    1. What?! There is no statistical data that supports beating children as an effective tool for discipline or behavior modification. By accident, on purpose..doesn’t matter. It is never acceptable to use corporal punishment. It’s abusive and teaches them nothing other than to repeat the behavior when they are older, bigger and stronger. If they are particularly sensitive and have a predisposition for other issues such as trauma, anxiety, depression, etc. then I hope you will pay for the lifetime of therapy they will likely require. Take a break from reality television and educate yourself..

  12. Yes the show is edited, possibly very heavily. They may be able to make magic in the editing room, but the fact is, if you don’t give them douchey behaviors, then they don’t have douchey scenes to work with. That is what Adam doesn’t seem to understand. He actually did say that he didn’t see Aubree when she came over for Father’s Day because he needed time for him. He actually said she was a mistake on 16&P. He actually said he’s introduced Aubree to like 3 different girlfriends in a matter of months. This are all things he said; MTV didn’t have a voice over to make it seem like he said it. He said it! If you say crappy things and act like a crappy father, then yes editing can make you look like an even worse father than you already are!

    1. Wish I could upvote this more than once! This is also a concept Leah and Jenelle don’t seem to comprehend. MTV edits this swill, but they are not able to edit people to appear high on drugs, texting while driving with kids in the car,
      smoking with kids in the car, the asinine things Jenelle tells various lawyers, the trashing of Corey by Leah on every episode… These things happen in real life, not a vacuum, ffs.

  13. Off topic, but did anyone else totally mentally high five corey when he was asked what he would do if leah called him with a flat tire and she had the girls, and he responded go get the girls? I know it was petty but I think he is just sick of leah talking shit about him in front of the girls and is fighting back.

    1. that was HILARIOUS! Corey Tyler knew just what to say and did not want any drama when he got home to Miranda lol. Corey and Jeremy together are pretty funny. They have a common enemy that is Leah so I think it’s kinda natural that they get along so well. I also think some drama happened with Jeremy, his girlfriend and Leah, because he let everybody know that day that his feelings for Leah are dead and gone and he’s quite smitten with his new girlfriend.

    2. If it were a few years ago before she was on the pillses he might have helped her out too in that situation! But these days it would be “I’ll take the girls, BYIEE” I would have the same freaking answer Corey!

  14. The reaction Adam had when Jo said the editors liked him and when Corey got compliments on how great of a father he is. You could tell Adam was pissed, he’s always trying to blame everyone else for his problems. Adam says Aubree is forced to say things and it’s all MTV but the episode he took Aubree and Paislee to the jump place you saw Aubree’s face of sadness and hurt when he was just starring at his phone. She looked so sad. If I only got both my kids on rare occasions I’d buy them bikes and take them for bike rides, go to parks, have a picnic, etc. Whatever we would do would be US and no one else.

    1. oh Adam was LIVID! it was written ALLLL over his face! Just like Chelsea said on that episode before, Adam always has to blame somebody else, its never his fault. On the after show he thought by saying they edit all of them to look bad and that the guys were going to agree with him, but when no one did he just sat there with this stunned look on his face like NOBODY’S GONNA BACK ME?! It’s like no Adam…nobody is going to back you….Aubree is 6…she’s not going to lie on her dad and say you don’t play with her if you were actually playing with her.

      1. Adams a lousy dad, but Chelsea her mom and her dad manipulate that poor kid, and pump her for info.

        They’re as bad as Adam

  15. Am well consider who he’s been hanging with. He is known as “uncle Dave” I always thought a creeper t beluve his answe “beat name. And his answer to the bucket list??? Well seems like he’s been living under a rock not knowing what that answer “beat her”. Shows what a great guy he is when he opens his mouth n comes out in public…stupidity. Yeah that’ll help her custody case knowing she’s fighting Nathan. He shoulve just stayed home n watched on TV. Can’t wait to see more stupidity from this guy…unemployed “welder” riding JE coat tails. ?????

  16. Given that he’s with Jenelle, and she picks only the dregs of the dating pool; I think I’d be more surprised if he didn’t give a creepy/dodgy answer.
    It’s a shame she’d sooner hear wedding bells than alarm bells when it comes to these wrong’uns she scrapes from the barrel. Same with Amber.

    Ugh…Uncle Dave for his pornstar name…I’m sooo trying NOT to picture him in the buff with just a bow-tie, cowboy hat, boots and moustache saying ‘come to uncle Dave…’ in a total creepster voice ? shudder.

    1. Your description of”Uncle Dave” almost made me throw up. I can’t unread that, and it’s now going to be the only thing I’m going to be thinking of when I see him 🙁

      1. Sorry Thea ?…let’s try some damage control…every time the image of creepy uncle Dave (as described above) is forced into our heads; lets replace it with Corey and Jeremy in leotards doing the Single Ladies dance…it may not fully do the trick but I’m giggling ?

  17. Dave’s just way to dumb to understand anything an really needs to go back to school Janelle knows how to pick them lol.

  18. Wow!! everyone needs to keep an eye on David and I pray to God Jenell dose not have a child with him he seems so creepy….

  19. Maybe that’s why Jo made the comment about giving Isaac an ice cream and saying thanks. I thought it was a little extreme, but it was a very weird episode. David is an idiot, as is Adam. It was a little hard to read Jeremy and Cory’s real reactions besides them basically being over it.

    1. Corey and Jeremey are always the highlights of these things. You can tell just how done they all are. The Jenny Duggars of MTV.

  20. He beat up his son’s baby mama when she was 8 months pregnant and threw her down a flight of stairs. Is this really shocking? No. He should be in prison.

    1. True! Seriously she’d date a mutt from the local dog pound, if it treated her bad enough and made her feel sufficiently crap about herself. This girl?

      1. Where? I couldn’t find it it wasn’t before or after the most recent episode and it wasn’t in extras? Thanks

  21. in his defense, people in the south sometimes, like when listening to friends complain about their kids, will say, beat ’em! we don’t mean it, and if anything, it’s a pop on the butt with a hand. i’m not trying to get into a corporal punishment debate, i’m just sayin i think he was trying to be funny. the ice and beer thing was beyond stupid and he’s obviously never heard of how you get your porn name. i think he hasn’t been around much, maybe that’s what jenelle meant by ‘naive’. he stays in the woods so…

  22. His daughter is old enough to know better. Weird how there is no spanking of children on reality television. I don’t spank my kids, but I am the exception and not the rule.
    I am thinking I heard Leah giving some similar punishment in the back ground of one episode.

    1. Didn’t Maci take Bentley into a bathroom stall and spank him? I don’t recall Leah doing it, but that doesn’t mean too much, I usually fast forward through her annoying a$$

      1. Leah gave her daughter a spanking.
        A spanking is no big deal
        But there is a big difference between beating a kid (repeatedly hitting) & Spanking (hit on the rear).
        Jaws said he would “beat” the kid.

    2. I’ve dropped my phone phone in the toilet before (it was in my pocket). Accidents happen.

    3. Why is everyone up in a tissy about spanking? I don’t care for Maci but if she did spank Bentley I doubt it was her like hitting him so hard or beating him with something. There is a difference between spanking and beating your child. A pat on the butt when your child is misbehaving is NOT abuse. Now if your are whipping your child thats different. Come on we all got spanked as kids (a lot worse then kids do nowadays) and no one even questioned it cause it happened to all of us. Some kids nowadays could use a swift crack across the ass.
      Why is Janelle’s guy on this special? There is NO reason for him to be on this special. But yeah that whole “I’d beat her” is a southern thing. I have heard people say that and what it resorts to is a gentle tap on the hand or the butt over clothes and a diaper. But I could see how people wouldn’t understand that. It’s crazy how MTV will let main people like Leah burn for being a “lazy parent” or Amber too by airing some stuff but that comment they made him redo it. Do you ever think that these guys are using Janelle just to get their 15 min of fame?

    4. leah’s spanked gracie and maci’s has taken bentley in the bathroom to spank him. like i said, both from the south, alot of people here still believe in popping their butts. myself, if it’s a kid that breaks down if you tell them how disappointed u are and to sit in time out, no need to spank. some kids i do think need it. i know i’m in the minority and don’t give a fuck, i think if we’d seen it, it’d be obvious he was joking. his daughter’s mom lets him have frequent visits and the kid doesn’t act a bit scared of david. no one bothers with that though, it’s all about him pushing the pregnant gf. a horrible thing to do, and it’s another side of a coin.

  23. I think he was just trying to be funny but regardless, physically harming your children is nothing to joke about. It doesn’t surprise me though. He is Jenelle’s boyfriend. That’s their style.

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