‘Alaskan Bush People’ Stars Billy & Bam Bam Brown Begin Serving Jail Time Via Ankle Monitors

"I hope the ankle monitors come in flannel!"
“I hope the ankle monitors come in flannel!”

Alaskan Bush People stars Billy and Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown quietly began serving their 30-day jail sentences last week, but the reality stars aren’t spending any time behind bars! Instead, the father and son duo, who in January were sentenced to 30 days in jail after they were convicted of lying about their residency to receive yearly oil revenue checks from the state of Alaska, will serve their sentence via electronic monitoring.

Corey Allen-Young, a spokesman for Alaska’s Department of Corrections, told the Alaska Dispatch News that Billy and Bam Bam reported to Juneau last Wednesday to have their ankle monitors put on. He also stated that the Browns must “report to a probation officer in Juneau and provide urine samples at least once a week.”

The Browns were deemed eligible for serving their sentence via electronic monitoring (rather than in a physical jail) because they were considered “very low-risk,” according to the spokesman, who added that the Browns may not have any weapons or alcohol in their homes during the sentence, and must have a working telephone line at all times.

According to the Alaska Department of Corrections website, 63-year-old Billy and 31-year-old Bam Bam will be unshackled on May 12, provided they serve their sentence with no mishaps.

Billy and Bam Bam were also sentenced to 40 hours of community service each, in addition to their 30-day jail sentences. (The community service may not be filmed for ‘Alaskan Bush People.’) They must pay back the dividends they got, and give up their rights to ever get a dividend again.

As The Ashley previously reported, other members of the Brown family were also charged originally, including Billy’s wife, Amora “Ami” Brown and three of their other children (Solomon “Bear”, Noah and Gabriel). Those charges have since been dropped.

Despite Billy and Bam Bam’s legal problems, ‘Alaskan Bush People’ will remain on the air. The show’s next season begins May 6 on Discovery.

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7 Responses

  1. Free the browns, they are bloody great, I wish I could live with them, I think they are the loveliest realest people on TV.

  2. Disgusting!!!! They are getting away with this crime because they’re on TV!!!
    But from what I understand, the payment is for the damage done by getting oil. And to betray that turns my stomach. Surely the people of Alaska feel disgusted too

  3. To the Brows’s
    Look I have just Briefly finished reading a little about your off Camera Lives. I have Worked in the Film Industry Long enough not to get wrapped in the Day to Day Parts of Life’s that doesn’t to mesh with what people want to think it should be and believe It! Although I do know Living in a rural environment without Luxury is extremely though and not being close to Necessities as Physicians trust me family Bonds Are always! I hope all of you the Best!
    Thank you Thank you sharing your story well as much as possible as all of you do! It’s a great break from the Election and Mud Slinging!
    I Love Your Whole Family

  4. So glad they had the opportunity not to actually be in jail! Love this family and I think they deserve the dividend I will keep them in my prayers and wish them all the best?

  5. Emmy, why don’t you do everyone a favor and find something constructive to do because I don’t think anyone really gives a shit about your opinion. The Brown family are good ppl and very family oriented. This world needs more families like theirs…..good, honest and a family who keeps their word.

    1. So what makes you think people do give a shit about yours? Yet you had to write it down. Pot blaming kettle or narcissistic?
      Make sure you read what someone says before you respond.
      I do not dislike the Browns, I just dislike scripted or fake reality TV. It would be sad when the Browns are obliged by small print in their contracts to be a part of that.

  6. Think they are not really bad people. Just different and that’s okay.
    Think it is strange that only the father and one son were convicted. Did they just spend more time from home for their business?
    I do think the show is exaggerating things. Saw an episode last week where they claimed to have chased a bear away by throwing petrol on the ground followed by a match. Mythbusters has busted that myth, it is not possible to light a fire that way. It seemed to me the father didn’t feel good confirming that claim either. Maybe the producers fed them lines, as per asual in reality TV.
    I will loose intrest when the producers would choose to stay on that path.
    I’m interested to see how they live, eating, drinking, clothing, laundry, building and how they entertain and educate themselves.
    Self sufficient living is interesting, fake stories are not.

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