‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 7 Episode 6 Recap: Deployment Prep & the Divorcee Dinner Date

"So do you wanna do sex before or after we eat?"
“So do you wanna do sex before or after we eat?”

Howdy fellow bad TV lovers! The Ashley is still playing recap catch-up, and she’s disappointed to learn that she missed recapping a doozie of an episode last week! (She hopes to make it up at some point! It’s kind of like the tests you take in high school…you can always make it up. Except for pregnancy tests, of course.)

Anyway, this week promises a whole lot of fun, festivities and felonies as well, so let’s get started!

As you do.
As you do.

We kick things off in the exotic land of Puerto Rico, where Chelsea is getting some pickle-tickle time with Cole away from Aubree. They are in The ‘Rico to celebrate their recent engagement, which took place during last week’s episode. Cole and Chelsea talk about what it will be like to be married, and Chelsea expresses her worry that Cole’s going to turn into a great big ol’ drunk as soon as they say “I do.” He assures her that he will lay off the sauce, and says that he will love her even if she becomes a fat soccer mom with an unfortunate haircut.

Over in Delaware, Kail is preparing for Javi‘s deployment. Isaac isn’t handling Javi’s departure very well, so Kail encourages Javi to spend extra time with him before he heads off to fight the good fight overseas.

When you only have to deal with your Bitch of a Daughta when MTV comes to town...
When you only have to deal with your Bitch of a Daughta when MTV comes to town…

Speaking of fighting, it’s now time to check in with Jenelle, and since she’s having dinner with her “motha” Barbara, there’s bound to be some fighting going down. Usually mealtime with these people is like WrestleMania with onion rings.

“Oh, hi Kaisa!” Babs cackles as Jenelle and Kaiser arrive at the restaurant. Jace is there too, and Jenelle tries to sound concerned about the kid for at least one minute before she launches into her latest tirade about Nathan.

"Goodbye cruel world!"
“Goodbye cruel world!”

Meanwhile, Kaiser is trying to drown himself in a cup of Cola. When he’s unsuccessful, he throws the cup at Jenelle’s face, which gives Barb a case of the giggles. (“Usually it’s Juh-nelle who’s throwin’ stuff at her motha’s face!”)

Jenelle reveals that she and Lurch will be heading off to New York City to celebrate the day that Jenelle sprang from Barb’s loins. Yes, nothing says “Happy Birthday!” like a trip to the Big Apple with your new boooooyfriend…and an MTV camera crew!

"A perfect relationship! Haven't heard that one before, Juh-nelle!"
“A perfect relationship! Haven’t heard that one before, Juh-nelle!”

Barb asks how Jenelle’s relationship with Lurch is going. (Basically, she wants to know if she’s going to need bail money any time soon.) Jenelle says things are “pretty perfect” with her current soulmate because they don’t fight at all.

Is anyone else getting deja vu?

“Whatdya doin’ with the other one, the Nathan?” Barb asks. (He will now forever be known as “The Nathan” in The Ashley’s head, by the way.)

"But what about The Nathan!?"
“But what about The Nathan!?”

Jenelle says that she and “The Nathan” aren’t communicating at all, and that he doesn’t get to see The Kaiser until his “Bitch of a Girlfriend” drops the assault and battery charges she’s filed on Jenelle for throwing a glass at her head.

This whole thing is so confusing. We need to illustrate it with a Ven Diagram or something to keep all the white-trashiness straight, what with all the custody issues, glassware-chucking and court cases going on all at once!

"Dude. I'm so tired of people pressing charges on me when I hit them!"
“Dude. I’m so tired of people pressing charges on me when I hit them!”

Barb encourages Jenelle to get her charges dropped (and also suggests that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to stop throwing things at people’s heads). She tells her daughter that she should offer to let Nathan see his son if he’ll drop the “chaaaaaarges.”

Wait…hold up. This chick chucked a full mason jar of water at some girl for no reason. That girl has every right to file charges on her. What does custody of The Kaiser have to do with the assault charges? They’re two things that don’t go together….like Nathan and sleeves….or Leah and fidelity.

"At least let me take a can of raviolis with me if I have to go!"
“At least let me take a can of raviolis with me if I have to go! You’re sending me home with Chef Boy OD!”

Speaking of Leah, shes’s heading to the trusty side-of-the-road to pick up Addie from Jeremy. Addie’s not thrilled to be leaving the comfort of Jeremy’s home to go to Leah’s house. (Who can blame the kid for being upset? She’s staring down the barrel of a week full of eating sugar packets coated in cat fur and sleeping under a pile of used hair extensions!)

Addie’s wailing that she doesn’t want to go to Leah’s and when Jeremy asks her who she wants to go home with, Addie basically tells her Mama to hit the bricks. Leah yells at Addie for being a brat and tells her that, like it or not, she’s spending the next 3-7 days in Leah’s Castle of Cats.

Leah loads the kid into her car, which she warns Jeremy is packed with “a ton of stuff.” Jeremy, having traveled in Leah’s Trashmobile frequently during their marriage, isn’t even fazed by the mess. He just digs out a hole for his daughter and puts her in the car.

"Maybe next time it can be me sittin' on yer lap, Jeremy Lynn!"
“Maybe next time it can be me sittin’ on yer lap, Jeremy Lynn!”

After the kid’s been deposited into the car, Leah thanks Jeremy for attending one of Ali’s recent concerts. Leah mentions how much the twins enjoyed seeing him, and that Aleeah even sat on his lap the entire concert.

Out of nowhere (and by “nowhere” I mean, out of the producer’s mouth) Jeremy asks Leah if she’d like to meet up to “talk about some stuff.” You can see the smile spread across Leah’s face as she realizes that an ex-husband wants to spend time with her outside of a courthouse or the side of the road.

She gets all flirty and asks Jeremy what it is he wants to talk about. You can tell that she’s just dying to run on home to tell Chasity so they can start trying to figure out which dress Leah’s going to wear on the date (and which trash pile it’s in at Leah’s house).

Jeremy won’t tell Leah what he wants to discuss, but Leah’s flying HIGH! HIGH! anticipating the dinner date with Jeremy.

"Yeah, I think they're keeping him on Earth, but geography is hard."
“Yeah, I think they’re keeping him on Earth, but geography is hard.”

Back in Delaware, Jo tells Vee that Javi is getting deployed “somewhere, some place on this Earth.”

Wait. Hold the presses! You mean Javi isn’t being shipped to the moon?!

Jo isn’t happy that Isaac is in the same family as someone in the military because it’s hard. Um…Jo has no job (and apparently no other shirts except that one plain white t-shirt we see him in in every episode). He’s hardly at a place to be judging anyone else’s career.

"A dad should play with ya, dontcha know?"
“A dad should play with ya, dontcha know?”

In Puerto Rico, Cole and Chelsea are Facetiming with Aubree and South Dee-ko-tah Mary. After the phone call, Mary quizzes Aubree about her feelings on Chelsea’s engagement. Aubree confirms that she likes Cole because he plays games with her, unlike her real dad, Adam, who is too busy pumping iron (and pumping random girlfriends) to do that.

“I’m glad ya have someone to play with ya!” Mary tells Aubree.

Meanwhile, Jenelle and Lurch are soaring the friendly skies, on their way to New York City! They’re making out on the plane (and surely making everyone else around them feel queasy) before they finally make it to their destination.


During this time, The Nathan is hanging out with his friend Josh, discussing Jenelle’s latest hijinks. (Why is Nathan wearing what is surely Kaiser’s sweater? His arms are basically straight-jacketed to his sides because that thing is so tight!)

They try to do some weird Zack-and-Slater-from-Saved-by-the-Bell handshake thing (and Nate fails miserably at it, of course). Nathan tells his friend that his girlfriend has no plans of dropping the charges against Jenelle, because he’s tired of seeing Jenelle not pay for her ridiculous behavior. He states that he hasn’t seen his son for five weeks and that he “absolutely hates” Jenelle.

"Ever feel like all you do is listen to your sister talk about her ex-husbands?"
“Ever feel like all you do is listen to your sister talk about her ex-husbands?”

Back in West Virginia, Leah is visiting her sister Victoria to see how things are going in her sister’s life. Hahaha, just kidding. That would never happen. Leah is there to bitch about that ding-dang Corey Tyler and swoon over her upcoming “date” with Jeremy.

Also…it wouldn’t be a bad thing if both Leah and Victoria dyed their roots. Just sayin’…

Leah’s sister seems to get the impression that Leah thinks Jeremy stayed to watch Ali sing because he secretly wants to get back with Leah, get remarried, have her pop out more sugar-packet-eating babies and live happily ever after under a pile of fast food wrappers.

Or something.

"That Jeremy still gits my heart in a dingdang flutter, y'all!"
“That Jeremy still gits my heart in a dingdang flutter, y’all!”

Leah, of course, denies this, but admits that Jeremy has always flirted with her since their divorce. She admits that there are still feelings between them, but that right now she just wants to “co-parent” with him. (We all know that on this show, though, “co-parent” is code word for “bang the monkey out of my ex in the back of a pickup truck.”)

Even though she wasn’t fixin’ to cry over Jeremy Lynn, she can’t help but shed a few tears over him, because she knows he treated her well.

"For real, dude, all I said was, 'How's it going?'"
“For real, dude, all I said was, ‘How’s it going?'”

In South Dakota, Adam is chatting with his boss at the gym, Ned, who seems to have no clue who the hell “Chelsea” and “Aubree” and all the people Adam is talking about actually are. Poor Ned seems to be overwhelmed as Adam launches into a tirade about how Chelsea won’t give him more custody, and how Chelsea is trying to make some dude named Cole Aubree’s new dad.

Adam vows to try to “warm Chelsea up” by inviting her over to his new pad. The Ned-ster seems eager to get Adam out of his office so he can get back to pumping the iron.

Chelsea and Cole return from vacation and Chelsea learns that Aubree has said that Adam never plays with her. Chelsea starts crying and later goes over to South Dee-kot-ah Mary’s house to find out more about what Aubree said.

"I told ya not to let him diddle you!"
“I told ya not to let him diddle you!”

Mary, who’s busted out her finest fur-covered vest for the occasion, informs Chelsea how her conversation with Aubree went down. Chelsea worries that Adam’s lack of attention to Aubree will cause her problems down the road. She wishes she never let Adam put his banana in her hammock all those years ago!

In Delaware, Javi informs Isaac that he’ll have to take over man duties for him while he’s gone, and Isaac assures Javi that he’ll be a good boy. (I can’t imagine Isaac being a bad kid, ever! He’s the sweetest child alive!)

"I'm overcome with emotion. Can't you tell?"
“I’m overcome with emotion. Can’t you tell?”

Later, they all eat dinner in their home together for the last time before Javi is deployed. Isaac is still struggling with Javi leaving, and he cries into his pizza dinner. Kail is taking the deployment surprisingly well, but Javi is starting to get sad about leaving his family. Isaac, who again, is the SWEETEST KID EVER, goes over to Kail and promises to take care of her.

I want that kid.

"I hope this cake ain't made of Lunchables!"
“I hope this cake ain’t made of Lunchables!”

In West Virginia, it’s time to party! The twins are turning six, so Leah’s throwing them a fiesta to celebrate. The party takes place at one of those places with the blow-up slides (which is the only place these people ever throw birthday parties, honestly.) There’s cake, there’s presents but, unfortunately for Leah, there’s no Jeremy Lynn. He’s out working, so she won’t be able to seduce him in the ball pit as she’d hoped.

"I'm fixin' to fetch me a man!"
“I’m fixin’ to fetch me a man!”

At the party, Leah tells her friend that she’s a brand new person since treatment, y’all! After all, she actually got her kids to their own birthday party on time this year, unlike last year. Leah is eager to talk to anyone who will listen about Jeremy, so she tells her friend that she and Jeremy have a friendship…and maybe more.

Meanwhile, Jenelle & Co. are busy terrorizing the Big Apple. (Hasn’t that city suffered enough?!) They’re apparently staying at some sort of office building (with really bad wallpaper), but Jenelle can’t stop raving about how classy her accommodations are.

"A life-size cardboard cut-out of Nathan! Just what I always wanted!"
“A life-size cardboard cut-out of Nathan! Just what I always wanted!”

Her friends gather ’round to give her some birthday presents. (Why bother? Nothing will ever top the Fix-a-Flat and “jumpa cables” that Babs gave Jenelle a few years back!) They’re taking shots and heading out into the night to get into hijinks. They head to some place that we can assume is a drag bar/Studio 54.

The next morning, Lurch and Jenelle are lying in bed, contemplating the day. Lurch is eager to explore all that NYC has to offer. In particular, he is excited to go base jumping off the Eiffel Tower. In New York City.

I  CAN’T!!!! Oh, Lurch. You may be my most favorite “soulmate” ever! I just want to listen to 43 minutes of Lurch spewing wisdom each week, instead of watching ‘Teen Mom 2!’

"They didn't bring more breadsticks! Life is so hard, dude!"
“They didn’t bring more breadsticks! Life is so hard, dude!”

The drama with The Nathan is starting to ruin Jenelle’s trip to NYC. They go to the Buca de Beppo and Jenelle’s all dressed up like Diana Ross but she can’t even enjoy her family-sized fettuccine alfredo due to all the anxiety caused by The Nathan. This ding-dang anxiety is ruining everyone on this show!

The next morning, Jenelle’s anxiety is gone, which is good because it’s Jenelle’s actual birthday. To kick things off, Barb and Jace call Jenelle up to sing her happy birthday. (To be fair, that was actually a gift for The Ashley as well.) Jace is totally over it, but he knows the only way Grandma will give him any Coke is if he sings happy birthday to the crazy lady who comes by every once in a while. Sometimes you just have to make sacrifices.

"I did it, Grandma. Now show me where you hide the Coke!"
“I did it, Grandma. Now show me where you hide the Coke!”

Barb bids Jenelle farewell (but not before warning her not to drink too much so she doesn’t get “hungova.”)

Jenelle says she’s considering letting The Nathan see Kaiser, but only if his girlfriend drops the charges.

In West Virginia, it’s time for Leah’s big “date” with Jeremy. Leah’s trying to hide her excitement as she sits down to discuss where it all went wrong with Jeremy.

When you realize you need to leave but you have another drink on its way...
When you realize you need to leave but you have another drink on the way…

They are both looking around all weird, and Leah announces to their waiter that they are exes…but Leah makes sure to hint that they may or may not end up boning under the patio table, as long as the Mountain Dew mixed drinks keep on coming!

Leah is buzzing hard but she still works up the nerve to ask Jeremy if he regrets leaving her, now that she’s doing “good” thanks to her assorted treatments. Jeremy basically tells her hell no, and Leah tries to blame Jeremy for not sitting shotgun in her Trashmobile while she was “in a bad place.”

"Wait, so you mean you really did wanna talk about our kid? WTF? I wore my sexy time panties and everything!"
“Wait, so you mean you really did wanna talk about our kid? WTF? I wore my sexy time panties and everything!”

Leah says that they shouldn’t have given up on their marriage so fast, but Jeremy doesn’t seem to agree. The episode ends with Leah in tears.

Unfortunately, we never get to see David and Jenelle achieve their dream of visiting that world famous New York landmark, the Eiffel Tower. Maybe next time, Lurch!

Next week, Leah and Corey go to court, Jenelle goes to see The Nathan, Chelsea goes to get more money from Adam and Javi goes on deployment.

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53 Responses

  1. so was THIS the dinner that T.R tweeted about(i don’t remember the exact words but it was something about going to dinner with an ex or something)???

  2. Dear The Ashley, I love you. I think this was my favorite recap of all time, and that is saying something, since I’ve spent an embarrassing number of days reading pretty much every one you’ve written. Thanks for making trashy TV SO MUCH BETTER.

  3. I respectfully disagree about Javi being a bad person or showing his “true colors”. While I agree he was throwing a temper tantrum about the dinner/photoshoot thing, it’s REALLY hard having your spouses ex constantly in your life.

    I’ve had to go to my Stepdaughters events and plaster on a smile knowing what my husbands ex wife has said to my stepdaughter about me, my child and our family. She’s said abhorrent things. She has no qualms taking my husband to court over the tiniest things. Add in the fact she’s generally a negative and horrible person, she’s a drain to even be around.

    Step parenting is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Harder than being a mom to my toddler. Harder than enlisting in the army. It’s a constant emotional and financial drain. I’ve thrown the “she’s not really my child” card in my husbands face at my worst moment. People tell you “you knew what you were getting into when you married a man with a child”. Funny how nobody tells women with crazy MILs “you knew what you were getting into when you married a man with a mother!”

    As far as stepparents go, Javi seems like a damn good one. Seeing him and Issac tear up about his deployment slayed me 🙁

  4. Cole’s voice reminds me of Towlie’s voice from South Park. Every time he talks, I say “Oh man, I have no idea what’s going on”. If he sang “Funkytown”, it’d totally make my day 😀

  5. Is it just me or did Leah have yet another car? I honestly lost count already, she drives a different vehicle every episode, yet she doesn’t have the money to fix Ali’s wheelchair.

    1. She has 1 car. The white Trashmobile.
      The other car you have seen her drive is the school bus looking Chevy Suburban. That truck belongs to her boyfriend who she has been living with. Teen Mom producers are not showing him or his children. That’s why you hear one of the twins cry about lunchables she says “THEY didn’t get any”.
      That Chevy Suburban school bus things is full with her and her boyfriend’s kids.

  6. Jo if you’re going to insist on not getting a job then you could at least use that extra time to replace those hideous wood panel walls. Or at least paint over them, for the love of god.

  7. Last night we went out to dinner and my 2 year old was playing with the sugar packets and held one up and asked if he could have a treat (which is what we call candy at our house). LOL! I about died laughing imagining him secretly watching Teen Mom. 🙂

  8. Dear Ashley:

    You absolutely kill with your photo captions. KILL. They’re the best of any website out there.

    Can’t type anymore…because I can’t stop laughing. (Chef Boy OD LOL!) #youguysmurderit

  9. Is anyone else irritated by Chelsea’s fake ass baby voice she always does? I legit skip past her segments. I can’t take it.

    1. She irritates me all together. Not only her voice (it’s like nails on a chalkboard) but she reminds me of Kourtney Kardashian when she speaks – very slow, it literally sounds like she legit has 2 brain cells.

      Not to mention her hair, it’s like a rats nest. She has this whole emo hairstyle look to her that really needs to go.

      1. I have been wondering when she is going to give herself a make over. That red hair has got to go and all of the caked on make up and overly winged liner. She’d be so much cuter if she toned it down a bit. And that baby voice is ridiculous…I dunno who’s is worse…hers, Cole’s, or Farrah’s.

      1. Agree,
        I have begun fast forwarding through her parts specifically because of the way COLE talks. I can tolerate Chelsea I guess because she’s done it for so long but Cole is a full grown man and it’s become too cringey and not genuine to keep going on like that.
        It’s not just the way he talks, it’s what he says too. There’s no real conversation going on.

  10. How did the Ashley miss recapping the episode when Jenelle freaks out because her lawyer is talking about how Nathans girlfriend is a good person & Nathan is in a really good place now.
    Compared to Jenelle of course she is a good person, i doubt she has a calander full of mug shots (Ashley i want a cut of the proceeds, get your Jenelle mug shot calendar, different mug shot every month). Nathan is away from Jenelles crazy house of course he is in a good place.

  11. Wait a sec….wasnt Leah with her new boyfriend TR even before she left for “Treatment”
    Well if being married doesnt stop her from cheating why would a new boyfriend who makes a lot less then Jeremy.

    Isaac, amazing how such a sweet sensitive, caring boy can come from the ice queen herself.

    1. That’s what I was thinking the entire time….I wonder what TR is thinking watching this back…It seemed like if Jeremy said lets work it out and get back together, Leah would’ve kicked TR out faster than she could say monkey. Leah has a big problem when it comes to screwing over the men she’s with for her ex’s. When she was with Corey, she went back to Robbie. When she was with Jeremy she went back to Corey and now she’s with TR and she tried to get back with Jeremy, but Jeremy was not having it. Leah’s got some major issues.

  12. I honestly think Kail was a little relieved that Javi was getting deployed. Episode by episode Javi’s true colors are coming out. When he said he blamed her for that miscarriage last episode it was like WOAH…he can feel that way but you never ever ever say that to someone who miscarried. Kail probably blamed herself enough for that, she didn’t need her husband blaming her too. And the mere mention of Jo, Javi transforms and completely shuts down. There’s something going on behind the scenes when the cameras are turned off, I don’t think Javi is as great as he was when he first popped up on our screens. And Leah…she is hands down one of the most delusional girl in the franchise. She’s about to surpass Farrah in the land of delusion. I dunno how much more clearer Jeremy can make it that he does not want to be with her. He wants to be friendly for the sake of their daughter, but he will NEVER be with her EVER again…and it’s like every time he tells her that he doesn’t regret leaving, she acts like it’s the first time she’s hearing it and she cries her eyes out.

    1. I kind of agree with you about Kail being somewhat relieved he was going. He doesn’t seem like the nice guy he was protrayed to be before. Add on top of that him blaming her for the miscarriage and she may be happy to get space, given he isn’t (as far as they have lead on) going somewhere dangerous. People keep saying she’s a bad wife and a bitch for how she’s handling his deployment thus far, but I think that’s a bit harsh. Most of my family is military, and many of the women (post children) act similarly. They try to keep a sense of normality for the children and even if they are a puddle of mush on the inside, they don’t show it in front of the kids. She also keeps talking about positives, like being able to have phone calls and face time. To me that comes across as trying to approach his deployment rationally instead of letting emotions take over.

    2. Javi was totally out of line with that comment! If ever there was a time for Kail to turn into the hulk, this was it!

      Leah is just ugh….

    3. I honestly have never liked Javi. He seems really controlling and selfish sometimes. In the early seasons, I didn’t like Kail at all either. I thought she was a real bitch. However, I think she has matured and grown a lot and I actually really like her now. I don’t think she should stay with Javi. I think she would be happier without him. In Leah’s situation, it’s obvious she’s still in love with Jeremy and maybe he still has some feelings for her but he knows they would never work out. Leah is a cheater and she doesn’t take responsibility for anything she does wrong. That would be a nightmare to be married to.

      1. Right. I feel like Kail now picks and chooses the battles and doesn’t fly off the handles every time she gets mad. Plus she’s clearly doing something right since Isaac is such a good kid. But with Javi I just could not believe that he had the nerve to say something like that to his wife. That probably hit her in the chest like a sledge hammer. It was just the worst thing you could say to someone who had a miscarriage. If he said that on camera could you imagine what he says behind closed doors?? And I’ve gotta agree with the he’s controlling comment….the main incident that sticks out in my head was the whole concert thing last season. She asked him to watch Isaac and he said no, that’s YOUR son, I don’t have to watch him… I couldn’t believe that! Even this season with the whole photos thing he was like bring me MY son! I feel like he treats Isaac a lot differently than he does Lincoln when they should be treated the same…and he tries to control Kail if she wants to go out and have her own identity. I dunno…I think anyone would be a little relieved to have him out of the house for a few months, he probably makes life a pretty miserable.

  13. It looks like Leah found her hairbrush for this episode so kudos to her I guess. I wonder if that’s the change she keeps talking about.

    1. Oh no…if Leah keeps this up, and turns said hairbrush over to the girlses, then I probably gotsta change my username darn it! ?? I was really growing fond of it too LOL

  14. Between this episode and the “Dad Special” (please recap that, for the love of all things train wreck, The Ashley), I can declare with total certainty that “Uncle (herk) Dave” must be the stupidest person to ever grace the screen of Teen Mom 2.

    And this is quite a feat, considering the Messer clan alone.

    So much secondhand embarrassment. Can you imagine the producers filming him? I would love to be in the production car with them on the way to the hotel after a day of filming.

    Also this guy gives off the creepiest sicko vibe of anyone I have seen in any reality TV show.

  15. I love Chelsea but really wish she’d change up get hair and makeup a bit. She’s in the beauty industry, you’d think she’d want to expand her looks a bit.

  16. I disagree with the Jo thing. It’s not that Javi has a job, it’s that Isaac is a very sensitive kid who is very attached to Javi and now he’s leaving. Since he’s military, there’s going to be many times where Isaac will have to say this goodbye, and there is always that frightening possibility he may not come home (not that Isaac knows that now, but one day he will). I see Jo as hurting for Isaac because there’s nothing he can do in this situation to make it better for him.

  17. What the hell “the Ashley”! Did you change writers when you changed format? This was just not up to your usual standard of awesomeness.

  18. I really hope Leah didn’t drive herself home after getting soooo tipsy! I suspect she has some prescription drugs in her before that glass of wine because she was flying after only like a 1/3rd of the glass.

  19. You can totally tell loves the xanax. One glass of wine mixed with xanax, and boom….you got leah. It’s obvious she went to treatment to win jeremy back. I wonder how TR feels about that dinner after watching this episode.

    Jenelle, same storyline, different man. Court with the ex, custody, pending charges, and the new man is so perfect and they never fight.

    1. back when it happened, tr tweeted he thought it was disrespectful for a person to meet with their ex for dinner without their current. leah couldn’t hardly say shit cuz she’s insisted for years she should be able to meet with corey alone. and no one had a problem with it til they boned lol. randon, but i watched chelsea’s 16&Pregant yesterday and gd i forgot what an ass adam was! i remembered the fat stretch mark bitch, but not that he was gone for 3 weeks without coming by to see aubree, then accused chelsea of being a pos mom for a couple hours out one night!she should’ve taken him at his word and had him sign over his rights when she changed aubree’s last name

      1. Oh yeah, i remember that TR tweet
        She moved him & his kids into her trash heap home real quick, great idea especially when moving in kids. But just ask Jenelle, no big deal move in a guy his 1 kid he can see, his sister & her kid after knowing them for a few weeks, what the worst that could happen, Leah moves all the time & look at her

      2. That 16 & Pregnant episode is the reason why I still don’t fully believe Adam when he says he wants to be apart of Aubree’s life. To this day I think the only reason why he is in her life is because of 1. his parents and 2. that MTV check. I don’t think it’s because he genuinely wants to be in her life…because according to Aubree he doesn’t even play with her. When he said “tell me when and where to sign over for that mistake” that was it for me. I haven’t liked him since and never will. Aubree is going to see that he called her a mistake and that’s gonna HURT. Kids may tease her and say her dad didn’t even want her, it’s just awful that he said that. And he never even really apologized for it. I agree…Chelsea definitely should’ve had him sign over his rights, that way she wouldn’t have to deal with his crap now!

        1. According to Adam he only said that because he was mad about Chelsea sleeping with his brother or best friend. He’s a deadbeat though.

        2. nope. adam was not at all interested in her as a baby. he only started showing interest after chelsea got picked for teen mom. i so wish she’d have got his rights terminated first, he would’ve been kicking himself for years lol. i can’t believe after he laid into chelsea about going to homecoming (after he’d been mia for 3 weeks!) and the stretch mark bitch thing, she ever touched him again. shows how much people grow between 17 and 23, and why people should try and wait to have babies.

      3. I know. What kind of person says that about their own child? People say things out of anger that they don’t mean but taking your anger out on your child like that is almost unforgivable. Aubree’s going to see that one day and she’s going to be crushed. I feel bad for her.

        1. I guarantee if Chelsea refused to do another season, (no more MTV money) & tells Adam if he signs his rights away he wont have to pay support he would sign so quick. It would be so worth it.

    2. I was a little surprised (maybe I shouldn’t be) that Leah was drinking on her “date” with Jeremy. Not that I wouldn’t need a glass of wine to get through a meeting with my ex…but if I was trying to show I was responsible and turning over a new leaf with my ex and father of my kid I would stick to pop.

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